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    According to Karna her plan was as good as any, and as such Hikari beamed with childish pride at her own ability to formulate this plan. His own words implied that they would have had an easier time, if the pair turned back into dragons and that they could work on their relationship from that point of view without any difficulty. "The plan works for now, but, I am not sure both of them becoming different people would be good for them," she said knowing how girls minds worked a bit. "I don't know how men think in this regard, but a girl who didn't feel implicitly like herself, might not feel alright with the decisions made in an alternate form... even if they are technically the decisions she could or would make under certain circumstances..." Hikari concluded. Someone like Miki might not count an effort as not this avatar as proper towards her advancing romance. Whether it was part of her or not.

    Miki hopped off her pillow which followed along behind her as she looked at the open slot and saw the egg which they'd been waiting for. "Sugoi!~" the girl chimed, her abilities as a druid let her know that this egg was full of life energy. Even if she could tell nothing else, she could tell the quality of the existence growing within the egg would be excellent. Around the same time as Kou, Miki also reached out to touch the egg, and was happy for doing it. "It's here and already amazing!~" chimed the blonde lass who was once more beyond excited. At the same time the farmer appeared from within the honeymoon suite. "Alright that didn't take so long, hope you two are ready for the long haul. Now... that egg'll take like 4 days to hatch, more if you don't keep it near ya'." the straw hat farmer mentioned. He also held out in front of him a small sack which contained several different capsules full of varieties of feed for the Filolial. "Here's the feed ya' paid the extra for. I gave ya' some of everything in decent quantities. More than enough for its entire childhood. And this card so you know the basic things the food'll do for ya'. There are some hidden things though, so don't forget to try them out for yourself!~" mentioned the farmer. "Any questions?"

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    Once again, Karna shrugged. "A guy probably isn't going to be something other than himself. It'd be more like... he's being more of himself than normal," he insisted. Whatever the case was with those of the female persuasion, it was apparently a different scenario entirely. Regardless, a look in the direction of the plan's targets confirmed that they would soon be departing from this farm, and not at all too soon for Karna.

    Two hands were upon the egg at once, by chance. Kou thought nothing of this. He was quite immersed already in the idea that the egg came out perfect in the end, and now the farmer was upon them with the additional items and information they needed for raising it. In no time at all, Kou was holding the sack of food and the information card. All that seemed to be left now was their trip to the beach, which he was more than ready for.

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    It was explained to Hikari that a man as a dragon was more of himself not necessarily different. She couldn't really say the same would be the truth of a girl, but she'd also not witnessed Miki's dragon form for herself. There was only one thing she was quite certain of, and it was that Miki was as much like the girl of their original world as one could get in a fantasy setting, because that was normal of female gamers. Especially the types who gave themselves normal body proportions. "Hai hai, I'll keep that in mind." Hikari chimed her understanding only to watch as both of the other two seemed to be quite enthused about their new egg.

    Soon enough Kou was holding both food and card with explanation of food on his person, and Miki was instead holding the egg, beaming like a new parent. The fact that the egg was now here and they could go was beyond relieving for the young girl, when asked if she had any questions she simply shook her head from left to right. "Iie, thanks a lot though," she mentioned as she kept the egg nestled in the relative safety under her bosom but tucked in close to her body. "Alright then, ya'll come back now, and show me how it turns out!~" mentioned the farmer who was content to see what would come of this little experiment by the pair. Moving right along, Miki turned to Kou. "Okay, this part is done, it's takes about a day to get from here to the beach. You wanna get started right now?" she asked content with whatever he decided.

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    Holding onto the important items, Kou awaited their departure. Karna had begun his approach to the others while the farmer said his farewells. With Kou slinging the sack he carried over his shoulder, Miki asked if he wished to get moving right away, to which he nodded. "Hai. It's probably best if we get there with some extra time on our hands to settle in. There's always a chance that we'll need all three extra days to make sure the Filolial grows properly," he said as he began taking steps away from the Filolial honeymoon suite. Karna tagged along with a simple glance and nod in Hikari's direction.

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