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    The Grasslands are home to several large farms and a merchant outpost. Here one can interact directly with this branch of the merchants guild, as well as have a direct interaction with the Filolial farms. This entire land is lush and teeming with growing life.

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    After having quite the fiasco in the Kingdom of Eonis, the group of Adventurers from another world walked their way out into the grasslands, where they hoped to acquire a new means of general transportation across the lands. Karna walked out ahead of the others in the group, carrying his usual attitude with him. Meanwhile, Kou allowed himself to fall behind in an effort to draw Hikari's attention away from the others. "Oi... There's something I've been meaning to ask," he said to the girl while Karna blabbered incoherent complaints about the trip as a whole.

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    As the party undertook their first trip as a whole, Miki floated along on her pillow. Though leaving first thing in the morning had been an idea she'd put forward, she'd not slept as good as she would have liked. As such she seemed to be a bit out of sorts rubbing her eyes with one hand on the side of her neck as if annoyed. That being said, she wasn't actually upset, instead she was in deep thought about the kind of Filolial she wished to raise. While she concentrated on her own thoughts, Karna's complaints could be heard but would go without direct acknowledgement for quite a while to come.

    In the meantime, Kou hung back and began a conversation with Hikari, who was initially about to ask to join Miki on her pillow only to become distracted. "Huh? Are you finally willing to accept my awesome advice about women?" the girl asked in her general teasing tone. It seemed she'd slept well enough the night before, to be back to her usual antics. She looked at her brother with wide eyed deviousness but fell in line beside him so they could talk more.

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    Pleasantly for Kou, Hikari fell behind a bit alongside him, leaving them the ability to converse with some amount of privacy. When she replied to him, her words threw him off momentarily. His retort came with clear surprise to what she'd blurted out. "What!? No!" he said, keeping in mind that he needed to regain his composure before the others had their attention pulled his way. He rubbed his face before sighing, and continued with his original clause. "I just meant... well, how? You're here in this world with us, and I couldn't be any happier about that than I am, but... how?"

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    The demi-human girl was completely unsurprised by the lad's reaction to her first bit of speech. She laughed in response and managed to look a bit haughty. "Your loss..." she said with a casual eye roll. With the ice broken and her brother getting himself together a bit, it seemed he had a question to ask. It seemed that though he was happy she was here, he had no idea how she'd come to be here, to be honest she really didn't know either. "To be honest, I don't really know. I was really excited for the game to come out. I'd been doing a ton of research on it... I even got myself into one of the closed betas..." she said thinking back on the moments that lead up to her finding herself here. "I was really excited to be able to finally play a game with you, I thought if I had some good ideas for character builds to work with yours, we could just play the whole thing together..." she claimed her tail swishing in the breeze. "But before the beta was even over, I found myself here... Just woke up here out of the blue, I don't really remember what I was up to before then, I remembered trying to play... and asking you to go out and get me some snacks and then.... nothing really," she said thinking about a day Kou had mentioned previously. She couldn't know how such a moment had actually played out, but she'd died of her own illness at home that day while he'd been out getting her snacks, but she'd simply woken up in this world as a demi-human and been working up to becoming a Knights Apprentice to look for him potentially. "Anyways, I'm happy I found you!~ I remembered everything you told me about these online communities and didn't attach myself to anyone sketchy while I looked for you... I did want to become a Knight's Apprentice though, to be ready for when I found you!~" she commented happily. She didn't have the complications of her former life affecting her. And with her brother here, she was pleased beyond reason to live this life out with him. She gave a summary of her life up to this point and thought about it for just a second. "How did you end up here though? It seems really weird for a bunch of players to basically end up in a game world for no reason," she said thinking the whole situation was weird, there was also the matter that she couldn't say her own name, but she'd leave that alone for now.

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    Kou only had an ear for Hikari as she explained the circumstances of her arrival here. It was a very different experience to his own arrival, but... that much could be expected, considering what he'd seen with his own eyes the day Hikari left their home world. Hikari mentioned the last things she remembered from her previous life, and even noted simply waking up in this realm with nothing between his departure to the store and her transportation. The truth of this matter, however, was far sadder in Kou's memory. Fallen and crushed bags of various snack foods lay on the floor of their home for days after he discovered the corpse of the girl who now walked beside him as a new being. Still, since she had no memory of her own departure, Kou chose a path of strength which forced a smile onto his face as he looked to the girl again. "Well, we're back together again, and you seem to be doing well. That's the important thing now," he said, moving quickly onto the next topic: his own arrival to this realm of reality. "I was just playing the game. It was months after you came here. I had just hit max level when the game started showing me all these weird, hidden traits and classes. I picked one, and boom! Here I was at level 1." That was all there was to Kou's story. It really was as simple as him making a selection in the game, then suddenly having to start his life anew in the world he'd become immersed in. Still having the previous topic on his mind, though, Kou took an unnecessarily-long pause before addressing Hikari again. "Oi. I'll take care of you here, alright?" he said in a way that seemed to lack the upbeat nature he held previously.

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    Kou's sad memories of Hikari's former life made the lass look up at him with confusion in her eyes. It was obvious to her, he was hiding something, he so quickly switched to the question she'd asked him, that she was all but sure she was missing something. Whatever the case, it seemed that her brother had actually gotten to play the full release version of AoE and had even gotten all the way up to level 50 before he ended up here. But he wasn't level 50 now so that seemed odd to her. "Level 1 huh? That's weird, I got here at the level I'd gotten up to before, it was 4. I'm level 10 now though... it's hard grinding up alone and traveling and whatnot, but it should be fine now. And you obviously still don't know when to quit, you got all the way back up to level 30 and I assume you haven't been here too long..." the girl mused happy to be able to go on such an adventure with her brother. It seemed though that he was content to try and take care of her in this adventure and she found herself looking at him and frowning deeply. "Nope!" she said shaking her head from left to right, those small ears on her head twitching. "I've been here for ages by myself, you don't get to swoop in and take care of me again," she said before turning her gaze back to her brother. "This time, we take care of each other. I'm definitely not sick and I've been super careful, and I know bunches about this place, so we can take care of each other... deal?" she asked extending her right pinky to the lad in the way of their former selves. She knew she'd been more than a bit of a burden to him before, and now that she was physically fit enough to look after herself, she had no intention of letting the lad take on the full brunt of her care again. Being in this new world, leveled the playing field for them quite a bit and gave them a fresh start, and she was willing to fully accept this.

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    "Yeah, I'll admit the leveling here is nothing to take lightly. I wouldn't have even gotten as far as I did without help. Now that you're with us though, we'll all grind out tons of XP." Kou said this as a matter of fact, knowing the group dynamic thus far had been more than sufficient for leveling in this world. His claim of taking care of the young teen was rejected without hesitation, much to Kou's displeasure. He had no intentions of letting the past repeat itself, yet Hikari was fixated on the idea that they take care of one another instead. Most notably, she mentioned no longer being sickly. This was at least a massive step in a positive direction, and with that confirmed, Kou stared at the girl's extended pinky finger and sighed. "... Hai hai. There's no arguing with you when you're like this," he said, extending the same finger to meet hers in a lock.

    Interestingly, Karna had begun walking backwards and keeping a displeased eye on the others who walked behind him. During the exchange of siblings, he scoffed and yelled at the group. "Oi, maybe we could keep the focus here? We're at the shitty farm now!"

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    It seemed that even Kou had a bit of a problem leveling when he got to this world. The fact that he mentioned the goodness of having help was also quite odd. Hikari knew her brother from before, was all about his ability to do things in a solo environment especially if people were just going to hold him back or try and get carried. This present outlook was very different from the lad, and made her wonder what had changed his mind... though, as her gaze shifted forward she had an idea. Moving right along it seemed her brother was initially displeased by her counteroffer but was sensible enough to accept it given she wasn't going to allow it to be any other way. Their fingers meeting in the old sign of agreement was enough to bring a smile to the young girl's face. "Hai hai!~" she managed but before anything else could be said, Karna's displeased words and expression reached the girl and she in turn stuck her tongue out at the other lad. She didn't know what had occurred to make him so cranky but she was far from being too worried about it.

    Miki on the other hand, had her eyes on the farm to begin with and saw it coming into view with extreme wonder. 'Sugoi! It's here!~' she mused happily. Of course this line of thinking was soon interrupted by Karna who sounded no more pleased than he usually did. "Yare yare, you're loud this morning... relax, we can all see the farm..." mentioned the blonde lass, who though her face had initially showed discontent was actually simply in deep thought about the coming moment. Speaking of the coming moment, there was a young man in a straw hat approaching. He had wide eyes and a small scar under one of them. "Howdy!~ You folks here for a Filolial? We have all types around here if you are just looking to buy. Or, if you're looking for something more specific and you've got the time, you can try your luck at breedin' 'em..." mentioned the farmer. Miki knew for a fact that she wished to breed the Filolial of her own accord and nothing would detour her from it, but they'd not discussed it yet between the two of them, so she waited to see what Kou would say.

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    Karna's attitude aside, it seemed they were actually stepping onto the farm by the time Kou and Hikari reached their agreement. Kou steeled himself to prepare for whatever exchange needed to be made here at said farm, but the farmer who met them bore a familiar visage. "Hmm..." Kou muttered. It took him a few moments, but eventually, he managed to pinpoint where he'd seen this particular face before. "Sou ka. That's the weird guy from the Black Bulls squad," he said. Onto important matters, though, there was the matter of how they would approach the Filolial situation. Kou knew there was virtually no point in purchasing one outright. Their personalities were a gamble, and their natural-born abilities were even more influx. "I say we breed. If we're going to be keeping it long-term, it may as well be as good as it can get," said Kou, warranting a reaction of disgust from Karna. "Right. Now we're all about the breeding."

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