Did Hikari know exactly what her brother was referencing? Yes. Had she seen these things at home? No. Did she intend to let him off the hook for bringing it up in so casual a manner? Absolutely not. Her stare continued even as her brother made up some half-hearted excuse about their father perhaps leaving such things around, and being irresponsible. "Well, Tou-san never left anything around I saw in a way that would make me consider something irresponsible," she said sticking her tongue out at the lad as he backed away, strangely making his way towards Miki. This would occur as Miki began processing the necessary information of the Dragon Pond. She looked over to Kou with all new excitement in her eyes. "Everything is pretty cool, there might be a lead on something new or exciting..." she said ready to share the information she was so recently given. "According to the seamstress, there is something at the top of the falls called the 'Dragon Pond' and it only fills at night. She says if you bathe in it, it will reward you with good fortune and vigor!~" she exclaimed only to lower her voice just a bit. "I never got this conversation in game so I don't know what it leads to, but it sounds like it might be one of those EXP or Luck Pools that are randomly generated sometimes. It might be worth looking into to help hatch the egg with better stats or even get some bonus EXP for Hikari-chan!~" she whispered excitedly more than willing to help grow the team as a whole. And figuring a hike up the falls and a night swim in warmer waters might be worth while. Besides that a warm water pond might be a great place to hatch the egg considering where it was created.