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Thread: Dragon Lagoon Beach

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    Did Hikari know exactly what her brother was referencing? Yes. Had she seen these things at home? No. Did she intend to let him off the hook for bringing it up in so casual a manner? Absolutely not. Her stare continued even as her brother made up some half-hearted excuse about their father perhaps leaving such things around, and being irresponsible. "Well, Tou-san never left anything around I saw in a way that would make me consider something irresponsible," she said sticking her tongue out at the lad as he backed away, strangely making his way towards Miki. This would occur as Miki began processing the necessary information of the Dragon Pond. She looked over to Kou with all new excitement in her eyes. "Everything is pretty cool, there might be a lead on something new or exciting..." she said ready to share the information she was so recently given. "According to the seamstress, there is something at the top of the falls called the 'Dragon Pond' and it only fills at night. She says if you bathe in it, it will reward you with good fortune and vigor!~" she exclaimed only to lower her voice just a bit. "I never got this conversation in game so I don't know what it leads to, but it sounds like it might be one of those EXP or Luck Pools that are randomly generated sometimes. It might be worth looking into to help hatch the egg with better stats or even get some bonus EXP for Hikari-chan!~" she whispered excitedly more than willing to help grow the team as a whole. And figuring a hike up the falls and a night swim in warmer waters might be worth while. Besides that a warm water pond might be a great place to hatch the egg considering where it was created.

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    Hikari had a few more words to share, but even with that, it seemed Kou was free of the discussion. His opening to Miki was met by an explanation of the seamstress' news. It seemed there was something else to this area, which even Miki previously knew nothing about. Whatever the case, many things about this secret location sounded appealing. They could certainly benefit from a boost to luck, and Hikari could use quite a bit more experience. Most importantly, the Filolial egg would benefit without a doubt. Even aside from the area sharing traits with the egg's place of conception, extra Luck could only help the chances of it being a rarer version of the creature. "Oh? That sounds pretty legit. Whether it's Luck or EXP, or whatever else... it's a new place to go, at the very least. Let's do it."

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    It seemed that Kou was also a bit excited about the secret location. Miki honestly thought it was a good idea, as well, but there was more information to share just in case there were some misgivings to have. "She did say the path was treacherous, but she told me where it starts so we can check it out a bit first if you want," she said calmly about the whole of the situation. "I mean, for the most part it can only be so bad, and it could be very good for training and what we're doing to keep this trip legitimate in nature," she said she didn't want to mislead him in his decision and she had no idea what the seamstress thought classified as treacherous but she supposed they'd be finding out soon enough. "Thank you very much, " she managed to the seamstress with no problem heading out with the egg still clutched in front of her person. Hikari noting they were leaving kept the bag of goods thrown over her shoulder and headed out as well. "Bai bai. Thanks for all your hard work!" she mentioned as she was content to walk beside Miki beaming with pride and seeing many an opening for this blossoming relationship and wondering how her brother managed to miss it.

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    "Treacherous, huh? I wonder if that means MOBs, traps, or environmental hazards," Kou said, expressing his curiosities aloud. He still shrugged. No matter what sort of dangers lay ahead, there was hardly anything to worry too much about, at least as far as Kou was concerned. "I think we may as well just go for it. If it's somehow too much to deal with, we can always turn around and let the egg hatch at the beach. Best not waste too much time otherwise, yeah?" he inquired. With that, Kou was off behind the others to exit the shop, apparently going toward the eventual destination of this Dragon Pond.

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    "Any... all three, I suppose long term it doesn't really matter much," Miki mentioned. Kou was on the same page, stating that if anything went too wrong, they could always just turn back. Knowing this, it wasn't much of a task for Miki to lead them up towards the top of the falls. At this space, before one could start on the proper upturn of the hills, the trees began to burn away revealing an open space bubbling with magma and a narrow path. The heat of this area was down right oppressive and it did brim with natural magics all around. Such a place could be considered excellent for training as it gave one a magical presence to try and resist, Miki because of this place shrank her own magical influence down around herself. "Oooh, that kind of treacherous... huh. This is like the exact opposite of the beach itself," she casually mentioned still carrying the egg as if it was nothing much to her.

    Hikari looked at this place and her eyes went wide. "Whoa. It's like hell out here... why?" she said seemingly not as okay with this rather sudden change in climate. Still, she'd look to her brother for guidance or his reasoning for coming here, while she tried to get over the oppressive heat.

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    Some time later, the group reached the start to their destined path. Treacherous was undoubtedly one way to view the path ahead, and mysterious would be another. The air was dense and filled with both steam and energy, and the heat was higher than any Kou could have expected from anything other than a volcano. On the positive side, Kou was able to use his magical ability to force Mana from his body to stave off the magic-spawned heat. Miki seemed to be doing alright as well, but Hikari had an issue that forced her to look to Kou. "It's not natural heat, that's for sure. It's magical... and I think it's from an actual Dragon, whether that Dragon still exists or not. That spot in the Marsh Kingdom would probably be like this if Sharrkan's body had been left behind. Actually... other stuff is probably going to take it down the same path. Anyway, you're good at using your Mage trait by now, right? Separate your magical sense from what your body feels, and use your Mana. You should be able to negate or reduce the heat you're feeling, the same way you would resist magical attacks against you by being a Mage."

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    Hikari was staring at her brother as he explained that she should be using her magical senses to balance out the heat of this place. He claimed that she should be pretty decent at using such a sense by now and that it would be a pretty simple task for her to use her mana to balance out the temperature for the area. "Sou ka... you always make things sound so easy. Just... give me a minute," she mentioned, the pack on her back as she tried to calm herself down and concentrate. First she used her magical senses and in getting a direct feel for them separated them from her normal senses. Doing this allowed her to build a barrier of magical energy within herself negating the extra oppressive sensation the heat gave her. But doing so required an extreme amount of concentration from the girl. It was like she was constantly expelling a massive amount of mana to keep her temperature right. "Ano, I think I can do it, but I also think... this is gonna wear me out," she said with a frown even so, she seemed ready to continue and aimed to take the first step towards Miki in a rather exaggerated manner, but this was simply to allow her to keep concentrating on using her mana all around her body. 'Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot.' Each step she took was painful but she'd managed it a bit. She also wouldn't be complaining, though she wondered how Miki managed it while not being a mage in the traditional sense. Normally she only tried for magical defense in a split second and it didn't require constant concentration, here she was working on her stamina for this sort of thing. Miki smiled noting the girl taking her lesson and casually talking to the lad. She found their relationship interesting since they'd joined up.

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    "Its definitely not as easy as it sounds. Well... it is, but only after you've gotten used to it. We've had a lot of training in a short amount of time," he explained to the girl. She made use of her Mana after a short time attempting to do so, even if she admitted that it would probably wear her out. Kou could easily understand how draining such a thing would be so early in a Mage's training, but he was sure it would be imperative to her quick development in the near future. "Just stick with it, yeah? Let me know if it ends up being too much," Just in case something were to go wrong, Kou took his place in line just behind Hikari, assuming Miki would be leading the charge to the top. He spared a simple glance and nod to Miki, only to confirm his readiness.

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    Kou after explaining to Hikari how to use her magical abilities moved to the back of their little procession. In the meantime, Miki was left at the front carrying their egg, which jumped just a little bit as they entered the area. 'Sugoi! This must be a great idea!~' she mused about the Filolial's response to its current surroundings. Hikari on the other hand, was taking slow and measured steps and after Miki confirmed that all was in line, she began walking again. She used her own magical abilities to properly navigate this path, with the desire to get to the stop of the winding path at the top of her priorities.

    Hikari in the mean time was taking those same slow and measured steps. Her brother was a mage, he was likely doing the same kind of thing she was right now to keep up his own magical resistances. But Miki seemed to be not doing much of anything. Her own magical senses let her know that the lass wasn't really expending any extra magical energy to keep herself up. "How come..." she started as she took a step. "Miki-nee..." she said as briefly. "Isn't expelling..." the words left her mouth. "So much," she paused again. "Extra energy?!" she questioned finally. Mostly she didn't want to move along quietly but she was curious about the difference between their skills that allowed the lass not to have to waste any extra energy.

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    Whilst keeping his own Mana skill active, Kou was focused primarily on the incredible density of the magical energy in this area. He'd yet to feel a legitimate Dragon in person, though if Miki's other Avatar was anything close to a good example, he could almost be convinced there was a living Dragon nearby. Of course, there was realistically no chance of this. Whatever Dragon was the cause of this area had to be something incredible in its time, whenever that was. As Hikari pressed onward with what appeared to be some difficulty, she brought attention to the lack of energy being expelled by Miki. Kou raised a brow as he looked at the blonde, remembering a skill she'd made use of a couple of times before. "Mana Zone. It's a Support Skill used to manipulate the Mana in the atmosphere, instead of wasting your own. It's something that a late-game Caster wouldn't be caught dead without having equipped, but most people who play other Classes never think of how useful it could be. It's probably the best utility skill for anyone who uses any kind of spells, and it's especially true for anyone with less Mana than others."

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