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Thread: Dragon Lagoon Beach

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    "Mana Zone..." Hikari repeated. She also took note even as she struggled to move forward that her brother seemed to appreciate Miki's build choices. Whatever else was or wasn't going on between them, she recognized the amount of respect the lad was showing to her by stating such information about her skills usage. "Sou ka..." she muttered. If it was an important skill for Casters she'd likely consider it. She hadn't gotten far enough in her build to even need to choose such a skill yet, so it was nice to know of a couple of the options. Beyond that, Miki wasn't a Caster by nature, so it was good to see that it was possible to choose skills that didn't necessarily align to the type and class previously chosen. 'That's a lot of respect about her build choice. Damn near a nerd winning endorsement. Chikuso! This is almost a jackpot style situation.' she thought absently. The more she walked the more normal her steps were becoming. Her breathing was labored and it still felt like a lot of strain, but over time she was learning to control her output a bit, tapering it down to the bare minimum required to combat the magical heat of the place. "So, ah, Miki-nee, why did you choose Mana Zone, wouldn't a Rogue type choose something stealthier for early game ease?" she asked of the lass. Miki was surprised she was mentioned so directly. She'd been content simply to lead the group up and let the pair of people who obviously knew each other continue their conversation uninterrupted. "Ah, well a couple of things actually. I wanted to be able to control my magical weapon from a distance. Mana Zone added that ability passively. I use a Rogue type of Support Magic and it has better range if I have Mana Zone. And... when I ran this character in-game, I played with a Pets Build and I wanted to share the passive effects of my Mana with my pets..." she said with careful shrug. "Sugoi! Those are great reasons. All skills are like that yeah, they can layer and stuff... so I shouldn't just choose something just to do it?" she asked of her brother, gaining build advice in a manner different than most tended to. Miki heard this follow up question but since it wasn't addressed to her, she went back to leading the group at large, at the very least, she respected this lass for trying to figure out what skills would be good for her, instead of ending up with a completely crappy build.

    A decent ways up the path though there was something stirring beneath the surface of the lava. Or rather rising from it. "Uh, minor problem ahead..." she mentioned knowing they were just out of range for discovery but didn't want to lead them into a potential ambush. Up ahead, free magic creatures formed of the residual magical energy stirred below the surface of the lava. They acted like Golems and seemed to be about level 10 to 15. They had humanoid shapes and glowing rocks for eyes, but as their heads rose from the lava they seemed to harden quite a bit, leading Miki to pause and think about whether or not they'd actually be aggressive creatures or not.

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    Hikari's curiosity led to her questioning why, exactly, Miki had chosen such a Support Skill over others more naturally suited to her character type. Miki's answer was innovative, to such an extent that Kou believed, in another scenario, he would have given the same type of explanation. The difference was that in their original world, he was the gamer known as Geno Killer. The title he bore signified his very existence as a gamer who took unthinkable approaches to overthrow the general perception of video games... A genocide of meta players far and wide. If Kou himself wasn't the Geno Killer of video games, he would likely be assuming Miki bore the title. This train of thought left Kou distracted and staring at the blonde he followed behind, resulting in a bit of a late response to Hikari's query. "... Yeah. You should always put thought into your builds. If you put yourself into every decision you make... then every game can be fun, and you'll never lose to anyone else."

    Soon enough, an obstacle was ahead. It was Miki who discovered this, and when she brought attention to it, Kou stopped in his tracks. "Not much choice, huh? There's no way a Mana-dense place like this won't have something spawning in. What do you think? Is it the Talk no Jutsu type, or is this the start of the training montage?"

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    Hikari was walking and waiting for a reply from her brother, and when she looked at him she found the lad distracted staring at Miki. 'Ugh, you couldn't be more obvious... but oh, 'people having stuff in common doesn't mean they should be forced together'. Planetary understatement,' she thought to herself. Her brother's lack of acknowledgement for how much he obviously liked the blonde lass bordered upon annoying to Hikari, she was beginning to understand a bit more why Karna held the sort of disposition he did with this pair in normal conversation. Still there was some insight in his words which made her smile when he finally spoke again. "Ah, alright. Though I'd lost you for a second there. I will!~" she chimed, a knowing and devious light in her eyes.

    At the current junction there was apparently some sort of a problem. According to her brother, these dense magical zones were bound to spawn some sort of creature, when he asked Miki if this would be the kind of situation they could talk their way out of, she shrugged for a just a moment deciding to test the waters first. "Let's check..." she said. A moment thereafter she used her 'Snatch' ability to draw towards her a small pebble in the middle of the walkway. Doing so caused a magical disturbance which she used to test the reaction of the creatures within the lava. Almost immediately one rose up from lava and aimed a still cooling molten fist down upon the rock to stop its motion. Miki let go of the rock in this moment which she'd moved using just her index finger. "It's gonna be a montage!!~" she chimed, knowing that if creatures responded that way to rocks, they would definitely attack them. The tone of her voice and how she spoke that sentence was a reference to a certain cult movie she enjoyed a bit.

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    "Good," Kou said when Hikari agreed to grow as an Avatar in her own way. There were then important things to address, namely the free magic creatures having their aggression tested by Miki at the time. Her little pebble test confirmed that they were, indeed, very aggressive toward anything nearby. Such a thing brought a grin to Kou's face, and that was only widened by Miki's reference. "Oooh, it takes a montage~!" he sang to continue the reference, all while pointing toward their enemies in a very overly-exaggerated way. "Fuck 'em up, Hikari!"

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    "Montage~" Miki continued. Her little test and use of a pretty obscure reference was met in a way so obvious that she knew Kou got it. Though if she was being honest at this point she'd be more surprised if he didn't know something she was talking about. In the meantime, Hikari stood there dumbfounded, how could such a thing even be possible. Her cheeks puffed up and she chewed on the inside of her left cheek. 'Dumb Nii-san. This girl was nerd crafted for you and she's hot! What else do you fucking want?! And you... Missy. What the hell happened to make you afraid of taking a bit of charge in this? Relationships don't build themselves!' she thought becoming more and more aggravated by this pairs lack of coupling as she spent more time with them. At the call to arms so to speak, Hikari went into action, but not simply because she was asked to now she needed a proper outlet for her frustrations. "Aye Sir!~" she chimed in her own reference. "Kawaii!~" Miki mentioned after such a thing happened. She loved that series too and admittedly it was one of a few which wasn't directly as bad as the others created by her favorites.

    Hikari dashed forward drawing her sword, and as she made her way past Miki and into the opening, the lava creatures all rose up. She turned her body quickly making use of her Alpha Skill and preparing to respond given it was one of the ones which would require an immediate follow-up. "Illusion Sword!" a quick forward thrust of the blade would cause a duplicate magical one to hit the creature and its mana began to jumble, and then it moved to swing but instead of aiming for Hikari as she backed away from it, it swung at another lava creature behind her. "Huh?!" she was confused by this, not realizing her own stats had increased. "That's confusion. I never get confusion," she said as one lava creature pummeled another causing yet another to rise. Miki watched the entirety of this and spoke to Kou analyzing the situation rather casually as she watched the fight progress. "Eh, she got a passive stats boost by becoming your apprentice. That's nice."

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    Though she had her own additional reason for doing so, Hikari went along with Kou's go-ahead and charged forward. In doing so, she showcased her first Skill: Illusion Sword. To her credit, she chose an Alpha Skill that would prove very useful in most direct combat situations she could be found in, and in this case, she managed to use it to the effect of handling two Golems. Still, she seemed surprised by the status effect triggered by her technique. "Well, now you do get Confusion! Don't be confused about it!" he said in a lighthearted fashion. While the pair of Kou and Miki stood behind, the latter proved herself privy to the stat alteration of Hikari, and even attributed it to her position as Holy Knight Apprentice to Kou. "Ou. If I rank up as a Holy Knight, it'll get even better... and permanent. I spent a day or so in-game as an Apprentice to a Sapphire Holy Knight, and my stats were insane even when I wasn't doing missions for him."

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    "Urusai, Baka-nii," she snapped a tad, wondering how he managed to be so relaxed in such a situation. Still the lass seemed to be having a bit of fun. With two of the Lava Golems fighting each other, she was given ample time to use her actual blade to finish the job of taking them out. It took her a few moments, but her skill as a Saber was very obvious in this moment. Several slashes seemed to force themselves first through the Golem being attacked and then through its attacker. After a moment both seemed to dissipate into rock formations that fell back into the lava. She landed soon after and took a couple more tentative steps forward, willing to scope out the area a bit more for the pair of them. She found a few yards further up, a trio of Golems popped up. "Oi oi! I was just trying to have a nice day. Damn! Stay down will ya'!" the girl yelled at the creatures as she aimed to make the next assault.

    "Sou ka, that's a mutually beneficial. Gives her a reason to choose to partner with someone strong and who will get stronger. And gives the Knight of choice the reason to keep aiming higher. Positive permanent stats boosts are also good for the general party. Very nice..." the blonde lass said. She had to admit above a lot of things, it was nice having another girl around, and Hikari was full of fun little quips and kept things interesting. At the very least, these five creatures would be an easy EXP grind for the lesser leveled lass. Who was pretty close to her next level at the start. This time, Hikari aimed a slash horizontally across the fore of these creatures, in doing so she created haloing affect with her Illusion blade technique so that even as they tried to dodge each of them was hit by something. One immediately began flailing around as if it didn't know where it was. The one in the center immediately attacked the other two one with each hand. And the one on the very end was frozen in place unable to do anything, as Hikari pounced once more aiming to finish each individual with a trio of slashes starting at their heads. AS she'd noticed they were hardening from there and thus it would be easier to damage with her legitimate weapon. At the end she landed and sighed as the group at large crumbled and fell away. "Alright... it's fine guys. Don't need to worry yourselves about me..." she said exhaling a bit winded, only to be enveloped in a flash of golden light as her level increased and this area marked itself as clear.

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    Kou watched intently as Hikari battled the Golems. He was prepared to step in if it ever became necessary, though he had faith that she would be fine on her own. In the meantime, he continued speaking with Miki about the demi-human's status, and the mutual benefits of the situation. "Yep. It's actually pretty broken in this situation," he said as he viewed the stats and experience of the entire party nearby. "Since we're sharing EXP, we all benefit from each other's gains. She gets bonus EXP, so basically... we all got a leveling cheat the second she joined the Party." If this clause of Kou's needed any confirmation, it would come the moment Hikari completed the area by slaying the final Golem. Her experience shot up even more than what should be expected of a player in this world, and that was spread even to Karna. "Just about Level 13. Nice!" he said to Hikari while moving forward, holding his right hand high.

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    As Kou spoke to Miki he explained the brokeness of the leveling system in the situation they'd created by adding Hikari to the party. Given the way EXP was shared and spread among the party, by virtue of the lass getting a boost they all got a boost. This meant that when they started leveling again it would be possible for all of them to get a major boost to the area. "Sou ka. That's pretty janky. I like it though..." she said. Soon after the light cleared Hikari would be standing in front of Kou a little bit taller with her features slightly more mature. "Yeah yeah... I'm super excited and all..." she said raising her hand to meet his high five. "You didn't seem like you needed any help. Nice job out there, Hikari-chan!~" Miki said congratulating the girl. "I forgive you because you're carrying the egg and all, can't have you doing anything risky, but him... he's just being mean to me!~" the girl exaggerated. And with this she smiled stuck her tongue out at her brother and moved right along.

    Such an adventure and getting up to the top of the mountain would take them straight through to twilight. But upon getting to the top they reached an empty basin of a place, which as the moon rose up above them filled from below with steaming magically enhanced water. The whole of the place began to look like the best hidden hotspring that Miki or Hikari had ever seen. "Sugoi! This place is gonna be awesome after all that work," Hikari said, sounding a bit more mature having raised quite a few levels and having her body grow to accompany that a bit, so she was closer to her natural age.

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    "Right? So do I." This was the last thing Kou said to Miki before approaching Hikari, at which point his high-five was met by a slightly older version of the demi-human. He'd nearly forgotten that demi-humans and the like determined age by their power, but he supposed he would be made very familiar with that over time spent grinding. Eventually, the 'treacherous' journey uphill led the group to a magical hot spring-like plateau under the rising moon. It was yet another incredible sight to behold for Kou, but what Kou found most interesting was the tone of Hikari's voice when she spoke. "Right, so... I'm gonna need you to max out your level so you can stop getting older after every fight."

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