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Thread: Dragon Lagoon Beach

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    Dragon Lagoon Beach

    Dragon Lagoon Beach is a hotbed of activity as far as the locals are concerned. The area is full of mana and has beaches which flow with riptides and numerous water falls that lead down into the depths. The water levels seem to rise and fall of their own accord but no one seems to mind this very much. The waters here are said to have a mysterious healing property and there are several different legends surrounding mermaids and healing dragons around the area.

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    Roughly one day of travel from the Filolial farm in the Grasslands, a group of four Adventurers relatively new to this world approached the beach called Dragon Lagoon. Kou led the way, while Karna made the interesting decision of walking to the side of Miki, who held the Filolial egg they intended to hatch here. In what could be considered more his normal fashion, he began speaking to the blonde. "So, Oujo-san~! What's it like finally being a mommy? Dad hasn't been talking much; maybe you didn't listen when he suggested the abortion!?" Again, this was Karna's approach when dealing with Miki and Kou. There was method to his madness, but in addition to that simple matter... he found this approach quite fun.

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    A day of travel later and Miki was walking along pillow at her back, still carrying the Filolial egg. She didn't really think much about this, and was content to do this regardless of everything else. That being said early as they walked she found Karna at her side and he was full of quips which quite frankly annoyed her to no end. She cut her eyes in the lad's direction and put on the biggest and most obvious fake smile of the century. "So great of you to ask. Totally the best thing that ever happened to me. Nothing to worry about, it was totally his idea and everything, I'm sure he's just quietly shocked!~" there was so much sarcasm in her statement that she could have choked on it, and just as easily as that fake smile had come to her face it fell away leaving her normal soured expression. 'Why is he so annoying? If he wanted to talk fine... but why about something he obviously doesn't care too much about?' the girl wondered to herself. Karna was a bit of a hard read for her, he truly came off as something of a troll and nothing she wanted to constantly deal with, though she had no problems with him directly. She sighed in this moment, knowing she was just in a bit of a mood, thought it wasn't necessarily unpleasant for her, she was just generally more annoyed than normal. "Whew, is there something I can help you with Karna?" she asked of the white haired lad, figuring he wouldn't simply waste his time to chat with her, just because he could.

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    Miki's sarcastic smile was met by one of Karna's own. He continued wearing his long after Miki's faded away, and there was a certain air of mischief about his in the long-run. "Of course, of course! Who wouldn't be? You two haven't even gotten down to business yet, but now there's all this responsibility of parenthood on your plates! How is it alright to skip the fun part, right? Whatever, I'm sure you'll handle that soon!" he said. When Miki sighed and asked if there was something she could help him with, he was already prepared to respond while staring directly into the blonde's face. "Of course there isn't. You know me, just being a good friend, checking up on you... having a chat about something I care so much about~"

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    After her smile faded, it seemed that Karna's was still in full swing. She didn't know what about being annoying always put him in such a good humor, but she was beginning to wonder if such things were good for her own health considering. Moreover the words of the lad seemed to be aimed at the idea he had of the imagined extra relationship between herself and Kou. She cut her eyes at him again and sighed. "It's a chicken. Fun is relative. You're annoying." Her comeback of three concise sentences was far from witty and implied a tiredness which couldn't be faked. Regardless of this, more words from Karna who claimed to be chatting it up because he cared so much. She knew for a fact he didn't care very much about their excursion into Filolial breeding, he'd made that pretty obvious the day before, though he'd been quite chummy with Hikari since then so she figured he'd be less annoying. Apparently she was wrong in this thought, but maybe there would be some way to make up for it in time. She had nothing of substance to offer this shot at conversation, and she knew this lad probably actually thought himself a 'good friend' while being so annoying so she didn't bother trying to dissuade him from his actions, figuring nothing good would come from it. "Uh-huh, well if it makes you happy..." the girl shrugged her shoulders keeping a firm grip of her precious cargo of choice.

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    "It's a baby. Fun is fun. You're a virgin mother," was Karna's retort. While he hadn't expected to hop any metaphorical fences with this approach, the responses he got from Miki were less than acceptable for the end goal. As such, he heaved a great sigh and skipped out ahead of the girl with the egg in tow. "Yare yare~ Oujo-san's so boooring! Hey Friend, don't you think--" Karna had been making his approach toward Kou, but the moment he began speaking with the lad, Kou turned around. His gaze met Karna, and while there was nothing inherently malicious about said gaze, Karna was taken aback the moment eye contact was made. Something about this look, or some applied power within it, had brought Karna to silence and stillness immediately. He was quite confused by this occurrence, while Kou moved on by ignoring Karna and continuing toward the shore... where he immediately began taking in the rather stunning view of an incredible arcing waterfall surrounding the largest lake-like clearing of water he'd ever seen. "Sugoi..." the lad muttered under his breath.

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    There was a mention of three important facts by Karna, about the current nature of Miki's existence. Whether she cared or not about them would go unknown because to be perfectly honest, she was done talking to the lad anyways. He went on to claim that given her previous responses she was boring and was apparently content to go and pester Kou. But... that didn't exactly turn into an actual bit of pestering. Instead Kou simply looked at the lad, and he backed off for some reason or another... maybe later Miki would have to ask how he managed that because she needed such a skill to survive the constant pestering of Karna. Soon enough though she caught up to the group as Kou had a look around the Dragon Lagoon Beach. Miki herself visited this place often in game, but there were quite a few reasons for that. "Sugoi! It's even better in person!~" Miki chimed. She'd visited this beach a lot and while she enjoyed the views in game, she found them even more breath-taking in person. She stood beside Kou with the giddiness of the moment returning to her person. "What do you think, will it make a good spot?" she asked as far as she was concerned she could live here, but for the purposes of raising their Egg and being a relaxing place for the group as a whole to hang out for a while, that was still up to them.

    Hikari was making her way up to the pair wondering why both of them were still so stiff. Even so, she had to admit that this place was absolutely stunning. This had come up as a place offered by Miki for potential raising of the egg, but it actually looked like a nice romantic vacation spot to her. 'Hm, I wonder if this is one of those moments of open availability she presents. This is a nice beach, just raising a Filolial here seems like a bit of an understated use...' the girl thought to herself. She'd never made it out to this side of the country though and even her own mind started to wonder about the beaches and the potential fun to be had here.

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    Kou had never been to this location in the video game version of this world, but even he had to agree that no game could do justice to such a place as this. Furthermore, as he looked out at the water and saw the various, seemingly randomly-generated riptides not very far from the shore, he gathered that it was just as amazing as the Filolial's birthplace. He even thought he would be made better by traversing the sands of the shore, the thickets of grass farther out, and the waters in front of them. "Yeah... There's no doubt, this is a great spot..." he said.

    Karna was privy to the thoughts had by Hikari. Indeed, this place would be completely wasted as just a training grounds for some chicken pet. Whether Miki had ulterior motives with this suggestion or not, there was much use to be had. He moved a little closer to Hikari, if only to be sure the words he shared were received only by her. "Sounds to me like it's bikini season. But, that should probably be your idea~"

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    Miki waited on the verdict about her favorite in game spot as she took in the view, and soon enough, it was mentioned that it was a great spot by Kou himself. A large grin spread across the girl's face, and unlike her earlier sarcastic smile, it was quite genuine. "Hai!" she managed finally seeming pleased after the last day's awkwardness. In this place, she always felt pretty relaxed and as such she was more than ready to settle into some more relaxed things for the next couple of days.

    Strangely, more words were being spoken between Karna and Hikari. He mentioned that it seemed like bikini season and that the idea should be hers. She thought about this for a second or two and smiled. "Hai, Dick-sensei. Taking one for the team and mentioning the need for swimwear because you've already annoyed them today and they won't take the advice from you. Got it!~" she mentioned in a hushed whisper. Soon after this she gave a small salute and bounded up beside the pair, taking it in stride and opening the conversation. "Oooh, Nii-san... you didn't say the beach would be so nice!~ Excellent spot, Miki-nee!~" the girl said with a gleeful smile and a delightful hint of deviousness. "Shame on you, Nii-san, I wanna go swimming and play while you two train your chicken. I don't have a swimsuit though, and won't you two need them too... for ya' know all of your training and stuff?" she asked, as if she wanted something while also making it sound like a good idea for the pair of them as well. Upon hearing this Miki nodded her head realizing she did need a bikini for the duration of her stay here maybe a few given her own personality.

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    As Kou appreciated the view of this beach, Hikari approached and presented the notion of swimsuits. He looked at the girl curiously, considering her opening in this conversation, but nothing seemed too odd to him. Not only did she note wanting to go swimming, but she mentioned the usefulness of swimsuits for his and Miki's training of the Filolial. "Ah... yeah, that'd be pretty useful. We've got a lot of money, so I don't think there's any harm in it." With that, he looked away from the waters, viewing instead the path they'd taken to get here. "Actually, I think there were a few shops on the path, not too far from here. One of them was only a few minutes away."

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