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Thread: Dragon Lagoon Beach

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    Miki followed behind Kou, she was quite sure of the placement of their pet within this dungeon. The confirmation that the chicken was probably in this place. Still there was commentary from Kou which caused Miki to raise her left brow. "I don't know anything about boy's rooms, but I am now infinitely glad I am a girl. I don't think this would work for me as somewhere I had to go at random..." she said in response as the only lightly sarcastic thing she had floating in her head. There were a couple of problems to be taken in a place like this, as such she began thinking about it. "It's a dungeon, right? I guess we should be on guard, for traps, puzzles and the like..." she said to herself. Still this was a strange place and she didn't know what kind of traps to expect from this place. Within a few moments they would be upon the first of such situations. There was a large cylinder on the side of this room, and several raised stones in the walkway between the start of the room and the end of the room. Across the room were several small hints, a glyph that looked like a serpent, a raised stone, and a death skull. Miki looked at this room and took from it a very simple truth, though she was more than a bit curious about the kind of death such a room could cause, she had no intention of finding out herself. "This seems really straight forward..."

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    "I'd be glad too. I hear the girls' room comes with a sofa," he said, recalling an old myth from school. Onward he went still, while Miki brought up the existence of traps and such within Dungeons like this one. Kou nodded as he sent the light sword out ahead by a meter or so, if only to better light the path before they went too far into any potential traps. "Yeah, for sure. Just like..." His sentence didn't need to reach conclusion. They were upon the first obstacle already. Miki commented on it being relatively straightforward, prompting Kou to have a look around the room from where he stood. "Sou ka," he said. True enough, it all seemed very simple at face value. "Let's go then."

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    Miki thought about this sofa rumor and wondered how such a thing spread to the boys in the first place. She couldn't deny such a thing of course, as it was probably the truest rumor that had ever been spread. "I mean it does, but I guess the rooms are set up with the convenience of the users in mind," she said thinking the reasoning behind such a thing was likely obvious. Moving right along their first puzzle did indeed seem easy enough. As such and with the extra light provided by Kou, she made her way through the room without much of a problem. Several other such puzzle rooms would follow until of course the inevitable happened and they came across a room filled with strange four legged lizards. These creatures crawled across the floors, walls and ceilings and were the size of average dogs with bodies low to the ground. "Do we fight them or try and find a way around them?" she asked of her companion. Obviously there was some sort of way to get around this particular room, as she was quite certain their Filolial wouldn't have been able to fight off such a room filled with potential problems.

    Meanwhile, their Filolial had found a way to cross the acid pool and was standing on the other end of it, looking rather proud of herself. Even so, there was something she was looking for and it stood beyond. On a pillar in this final room, just past where the two adventurers currently were, there was a podium and atop it, a large purple gem which emitted an energy most disturbing to the little chick. Having found it, her little face puffed up and her beak opened and she let out a small chirping sound which would echo through the entirety of this half of the cave. The lizards all turned and moved, tripping over the large number of bodies which populated the area, as the tried to find the source of the shrill chirping noise.

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    For years, Kou had been alongside numerous males in wondering if the rumors were true. Here in another world, at long last, he discovered the truth from the mouth of a girl. There was a sofa. If only he could share this discovery with the others, he'd be heralded as a champion of mankind. Alas, it was not to be here in the other world. "Huh. Cool," was all he said aloud. Moving on, the pair traversed the trapped room without encountering any issues, and they continued through numerous other traps and puzzles until encountering a creature-based threat. "They had to be somewhere, huh?" he commented with an unnecessary upward inflection. Since the threat was lizards, Kou figured it would be much more annoying to sneak past them than to eliminate them. Before he could even voice his opinion though, he heard the familiar chirp of a Filolial chick. Sadly, the lizards were also alerted, and began moving toward the chirp right away. "Shit!" Kou exclaimed in a hushed tone, immediately giving chase to the horde of lizards, sword at the ready.

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    Apparently Kou took knowing about the sofa in the girl's bathroom as a piece of information well. Miki still couldn't say she understood why such a thing was a matter of a rumor, and wondered if the guys simply didn't know the reasoning behind the girl's room needing such an object. Regardless, they were content to move right along, but before a proper plan on dealing with the lizards could be made, a shrill chirp caught the attention of every creature present. "Oh crap!" this was the only sentiment that Miki could express presently. As the room full of creatures took off towards the sound, they followed behind ready and willing to take out the creatures as they approached their pet.

    The lead into the next room was a rather easy one, and the lizards themselves seemed to lack a bit of intelligence. Initially they tried to reach the other side of the acid pond simply by swimming across it, when a few dozen of them became shrieking piles of flesh in the pool Miki's eyes widened. "Ano, this seems like it won't require us to do much..." she mentioned as she watched several start crawling up the walls to cross the acidic pond with more relative ease on their search for the Filolial. Still the small chicks screeching didn't stop as she was infuriated by the gem atop the podium but couldn't reach it to get rid of it. Still there was much determination in her little face. "Sugoi! She's alright," Miki said aloud taking the time to begin targeting all the creatures crawling across the ceiling. She threw her spear sweeping a wide area and causing them to fall directly into the acid to keep them from reaching the other side. Admittedly a bit less worried knowing that their pet was nearby.

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    There wasn't much required to keep the pace with the lizards, but Kou made an effort to avoid running into the group before the time was right. Soon enough, he could see the glowing acid pool that many lizards were falling into at the head of the group, and even farther ahead was Fiona at the center of the Dungeon. Miki used her lance to attack the lizards crawling along the ceiling, and at the same time, Kou continued his forward movement along the left wall with a quick run, in which he slashed at every lizard within his range on the way to the pool's opposite side. Once he reached the floor at the other end, Kou turned around and began slashing and stabbing with elaborate twisting motions to slay any stragglers among the wall and ceiling-crawling lizards, bar some which had gone ahead after initially crawling on the right wall. "Alright, let's clear up and clear out!"

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    While Miki initially took care of the ones crawling along the ceiling, Kou took care of the left side, and all of the stragglers. In the meantime, the rest of the right side would be handled, by a simple whistle, which caused the spear the lass carried to travel along the right wall lancing all of the creatures that crawled along and even flying past Kou to the ones which had gone ahead. All the while, stood on one end wondering how the little chick had managed to cross the gap. Eventually she found that along the middle of the pool there were tiny stones which seemed to be appropriately sized for one foot hopping to the other side at Miki's adult size. "Yare yare, that's a bit too risky for me..." she commented absently. A second later she was whistling once more, causing the spear to double back and she would eventually use it to carry her across the open acid pool by hanging on to it as it hovered over the rather dangerous obstacle. Once on the other side and sure all the stragglers had been dealt with she turned her attention to the podium.

    Fiona was still chirping very angrily at the gem atop the podium. But soon she looked up to notice the two adventurers she thought of as her parents joining her on this side. An excited chirp escaped her instead as she moved her tiny body towards them seeming to recognize them both. She did a small motion around them before them as if she wanted their attention and was rather demanding in this entire situation. From all that they could see, it appeared that she was unharmed and not at all bothered by her dungeon adventure. "Awww.... we were really worried about you, Fiona." she managed reaching down for the little bird and bringing it up to eye level for the both of them to greet their pet properly.

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    The remaining lizards were eliminated by Miki while Kou continued to move. The blonde then found her own way across the acid pool, using her almost telekinetic control over the lance she wielded. Once they were on the same side, there was nothing between them and the black Filolial chick they'd come to find. In fact, Fiona abandoned her angry chirping at whatever she'd been looking at previously, and approached the pair. Miki took the chick in hand while Kou extended the usual finger, having a look at the Filolial's stats. It seemed her Discernment stat had been affected very nicely by her adventure, but Kou was becoming interested in the gem at the center of the Dungeon. 'Hmm. Is that...?'

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    Kou petted the creature at eye level and Miki doted upon it. But after the necessary attention was given to Fiona she went back to her angry chirping now at the right level she hopped from Miki's hands onto the podium and pecked the stone there as if upset with it. This would bring further attention to it, and make the blonde lass rather curious about it. Her own senses let her know that it was indeed brimming with Dragon energy, but she didn't recognize the object as anything she'd come across before. "Sou ka, that's what's upsetting you," she said. Miki averted her gaze to Kou for a second and found him also looking in the direction of the stone. She approached the podium at this point looking upon it with a raised brow. "Uh... I've never seen this before. Do you know what it is?" she asked the lad. It was a rather strange object as it didn't register in her mind as something she could possess, which was rather odd considering.

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    Kou was quite certain he knew what he was seeing, and if he needed confirmation, Fiona's anger at the gem's presence was it. Miki noted never seeing the item before, and went on to question if Kou knew what it was. Indeed, he did. Stepping forward, he extended his left hand to the gem, and the mask fragment he'd entered this world with appeared. One could note that upon this golden fragment was a black indent between two symmetrical holes in the forehead region. At the center of this black space was a slot which called the gem into it for a perfect fit. The ethereal glow around the gem then spread throughout the mask. Kou seemed transfixed as he briefly pressed the partial mask onto his face, sending a wave of Dragon Mana through his body before it was removed. "Sou ka. Two of five. I might actually be able to finish this thing. Good find, Fiona," he said, apparently still under the effect - at least mentally - of the energy he'd just experienced.

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