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Thread: Dragon Lagoon Beach

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    "Of course not, exploring caves is pretty fun..." Miki said and strangely she meant this. One of her favorite parts of adventuring in game had been cave exploration, likely because of how she'd started the game. Soon enough she'd gathered everything she thought would be useful to her in a small bag for herself, and in her large one she gathered up anything that showed a reasonable worth for future transactions and trade fodder. Karna's words to Hikari weren't missed, she thought about what had been happening two days prior to this since Karna claimed to have been waiting since the last time he was here. "Sou ka, when they were hatching the chicken, we climbed up the falls and visited a hidden hot spring. That was amazing..." she said of the hot spring, though she still had no real interest in chicken raising, even with the cute little bird right in front of her.

    Moving right along, Kou's words to her, had to do with one particular piece of loot. He claimed it was the highest tier weapon one could get as a lootable and that she could take it to a blacksmith to have its true potential revealed. She had a look at the weapon and then took it, strapping it to her back so it didn't get mixed up with anything else. "Hai hai, if you say so, we can look it into whenever," she said. "Arigatou gouzaimasu..." she said in thanks of the good loot gifted to her by her brother. "Miki-nee did you get anything good?" she asked of the blonde haired lass. "Eh, I picked up some things I'll need in the near-ish future. I'm pretty good on actual need of things at this point, since we did the quests that gave me my weapon pretty early on..." she said remembering their trip to the fairy forest and all. She had some pretty fond memories of that place, but as it stood it seemed like it was about time to be leaving. As such Miki headed towards what should have been the exit but something about it seemed strange. "Hm?" she muttered looking down a path that was clearly only going deeper. The little bird on her shoulder fluttered but seemed to settle down after a minute with a small chirp, she looked to Karna with those beady black eyes, and her head turned to the side. Miki supposed this reaction was normal given she'd never laid eyes on the lad before.

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    "The Dragon Pond? Must've been an interesting night," Karna said in response to Hikari, speaking while briefly glancing at the other two. Kou didn't notice this since he was watching Hikari claim her potential future weapon, and after that, he finished gathering things and approached Miki. He also found it strange that the exit path led deeper into the caverns, but these Dungeons always had such an exit past the Treasure Room. It didn't necessarily follow such a route often, but that also wasn't something totally unheard of. "Hm. Weird. Geronimo?" he asked. Meanwhile, Karna captured the attention of the Filolial, Fiona. He returned this gaze with eyes sharper than any blade, with a naturally sinister gleam behind them, though he bore the chick no ill will. Without ever breaking eye contact with the Filolial, he spoke to the others. "Today would probably be a good time to get moving. Ya' know, disappearing Dungeons and all."

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    Karna's commentary about the interesting sight of the falls was also missed for its extra intent by Miki who was too busy considering the depths of the descent from this room. Hikari thought as she finished gathering the materials she was going to take, found herself looking at Karna with the most exasperated stare she had in her arsenal. This stare came with the full weight of her now properly teen body and her cynicism. "You have no idea," she said only to finally catch up towards them and head towards their apparent destination. In the meantime the little chick on Miki's shoulder was now making eye contact with Karna and she seemed to be thinking over her first impression of the man. His gaze was intense and unwavering and maybe even sinister. That being said, the small black bird would simply chirp in response to this look, along with an added flutter before she went back to minding her own business. Miki thought over this particular exit and though she didn't necessarily think it a good thing to just go further underground she figured there were worse things and at least their full party was now together. "Hai hai, no time like the present. Come on then~" she said she gave a gentle rub to the little bird on her shoulder and then began the descent into the deeper recesses of the cave which was marked as the exit, all in the hope of figuring out where they'd end up. Hikari would also follow along. "Come on now, we're burning daylight and I'm up now~" she said content to follow the group wherever this cave would lead.

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    When Hikari claimed he had "no idea" how interesting the hot springs trip, Karna looked to the girl with a great deal of curiosity as to what he'd missed. He would surely have to go about getting more details at a later time, but for the moment, the group was on the move. Karna trailed behind the others as if he was more concerned with them moving on than progressing himself, but such was his nature anyway. Kou fell somewhere in the middle of the group after taking the time to pick up the other Ancient item. With that, the entire group was on their way to whatever awaited them at the end of the tunnel.

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