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Thread: Dragon Lagoon Beach

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    Hikari's suggestion seemed to be taken with no malice by her brother and came with agreement from Miki. When he mentioned the shop which was pretty close to them only a few minutes back her eyes widened. "Hai, I love that shop. In-game the lady there made all kinds of custom clothing items... I spent way too much time picking through her supplies... totally worth it though," said Miki as she looked to Hikari. "You'll probably love it, she's totally into coming up with aesthetics for cute little girls!~ It'll be awesome!~" finished the lass as she turned about to head back towards the shop she'd taken notice of at the start but had avoided suggesting for reasons known only to her. Hikari's eyes widened, it appeared her soft suggestion was more than enough to get them on a new path. "Sugoi! You know all about this part huh? I can trust a girl's fashion opinion. You get to lead the way and help me pick something cute!" Hikari claimed with a bit of forcefulness in those eyes of hers. Miki looked at the lass and chuckled. "Hai hai, you help me pick out something pretty cute too, then it will be fair!~" she offered the young raccoon girl's eyes lit up in the moment as if she'd been given the world. "HAI!~" And with that she fell in step with Miki to walk along with her waving back to her brother. "Come on Nii-san, we're going shopping!~" she mentioned as she turned back around she gave the most discreet of winks to Karna and carried on in her merry little way.

    A short trip later would lead to the pair entering a little shop off the road. Inside was a woman in a striped shirt with needles and pins sticking out of her hair which was long, straight and dark green in color. The light from the sun glinted off of large round frame glasses and her tiny face looked up at the entry of the new ones. "KAWAII!! A cute blonde with a great figure and.... a demi-human raccoon girl, just as cute as a button! It must be my lucky day!!" she exclaimed as she immediately approached the girl's with undo fascination, and a tape measure having both of their measurements as they walked around the shop. There were all kinds of things here. Swim trunks, capes, jackets, tops, blankets and bikinis, but for these girls she had something special in mind custom fit items for their beach trip. Everything here was for sale and surprisingly this was one of the few places which had the standard NPC in it... "Take it you two are planning to spend time at the beach?" she asked of them. "Yeah us and the other two..." she mentioned to draw attention to the males if they'd managed to catch up.

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    A brief exchange took place between Miki and Hikari about the shop, which the group would apparently be going to for the sake of gaining swimwear. The pair of girls were quick to get a move on, with Hikari beckoning for Kou to come along as well. "H-hai..." he said, only slightly weirded out by the amount of excitement shared between these two girls about swimsuit shopping. However, he was always happy to see his sister enjoying herself, so he walked along behind them without any issues. Karna, on the other hand, turned away from the group and waved his hand around in the air. He apparently had nothing to gain from making the trip.

    Only a few minutes later, Miki and Hikari were entering the shop, and interacting with an apparent seamstress who boasted a lot of... personality. Kou was several paces behind, though he walked in alone shortly after Miki gestured toward the entrance to draw attention his way. "Uhh... Other one. Karna stayed back," he mentioned, rubbing the back of his head.

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    By the time they reached the shop and were being measured, Kou showed up behind them to mention that they'd apparently lost a member of their party for this little shopping trip. Miki turned and noted that Karna wasn't there and shrugged it off, knowing the lad would turn up at the most inopportune moment to do something she'd find annoying. "Alright then, the other one... I guess~" said Miki without missing beat. The lass in the glasses looked Kou up and down, and though she didn't enjoy making clothes for men, she'd be the first to admit he was rather pretty. "This man is pretty as well!! I won't design you anything special, but feel free to take a 10 percent discount on any of the swimwear you require sir!~" mentioned the lady as she looked over both Miki and Hikari trying to decide how to dress them. "And you two what do you like to wear, I want to come up with looks for you both, something that screams 'You' at the beach..." she mentioned having some kind of note of the type of things this pair was already wearing and drawing ideas. "Isn't she great? I loved this place so much before!~" Miki mentioned to Kou and Hikari. Hikari nodded her agreement her little ears twitching. "Hm, I don't know what would look cute for me... but I have an idea!" she said about the kinds of things she liked or disliked and to Miki and the seamstress. "You can take your ideas for my swimsuit from her... and I'll give you my ideas about a swimsuit for her. And then you make them the way you want and we'll try them on... that sounds like the best right?!" she offered. Miki looked at the lass for a few seconds hanging on to the egg and keeping it close. "Hm, that doesn't really sound like a bad idea. I'll tell her what I want for you... and you tell her what you want for me. And then we can try them on and show each other. I only have one other thing I need. A cover for outside of the water... I don't want to sunburn or anything... and I'm pretty pale now. You can design that to match however you like..." she mentioned to the seamstress.

    The seamstress looked wide eyed at the pair. This idea they had was so novel she could do nothing but agree. "I love this. Friends sharing responsibility for looking nice. And giving me a wide bit of freedom with design. Come on then, I'll take your opinions separately and then I'll get to work alright?" she said to both of them. Miki went first to give the lady some ideas for the kind of thing that the lass would likely look good in. Complete with instructions about proper coverage due to her age. In the meantime, Hikari took a moment to talk to her brother. "Ya' know Nii-san, I know the kind of things ya' like looking at, I got your back~" the girl teased her brother mercilessly. "Alternatively, you could go back to being an excited nerd and not giving your partner the cold shoulder. Just saying... you are not doing a good job of increasing my chances to have access to an awesome Nee-san...~" she whispered.

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    Upon entering the shop, Kou was greeted by the seamstress appraising his appearance. In spite of her positive review, she offered no amount of personalization to whatever he bought, bringing up only a small discount to items of his choice. 'Well... that's a bummer,' he thought, though this was nothing new. "Eto... yeah, alright. Thanks," he spoke casually, deciding it was probably best that he simply have a look around the existing wares. In the meantime, Miki and Hikari continued conversing with the seamstress, until they reached a consensus that left Hikari behind in the aftermath, placing her next to Kou of her own volition. It seemed she had things to say, though her opening statement was odder than he would have preferred. "Ugh! Do you enjoy being this weird around other girls?" he asked. There was more to come from Hikari, involving Kou's apparent coldness toward Miki, and how it ruined her chances of having an 'awesome sister' as it were. Once again, Kou was in shock by the nerve Hikari had to say such a thing. "Eh!? I'm not giving anyone the cold anything, and you definitely can't just go around assigning people to my life like that!"

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    As time progressed Miki stayed talking to the seamstress, after the full conversation about her ideas about what Hikari would look nice in and the drawings offered made her smile, she looked at them and nodded. "Hai hai, just like that... and," Miki looked up and found the brother and sister pair in deep conversation for a second or two longer than she'd needed but to give them space for their conversation and do something she thought would be nice. "You said you wouldn't design anything special for him, but... if I gave most of the input for that would you make the pieces I think he'd like too?" she asked of the seamstress. The woman looked at the girl's face and then back at the boy and then back at her, egg in her arms and had a thought. A small smile came to her face as the glasses on the tip of her nose shined with light. "Well, I suppose I could do something like that... what kind of thing did you have in mind." she asked pulling out a male body sketch and beginning to draw a basic outfit for it, which Miki immediately went about making the kind of adjustments in color and design she thought the lad might enjoy.

    In the meantime, Kou and Hikari were having a sibling related conversation which made the small raccoon girl chuckle at his response. "Eh? Other girls don't think I am weird. They think I am an adoring younger sister, doing her best for her idiot big brother. Very common knowledge..." she said her tone still as light-hearted as it always was but she looked at her brother with intensity. Moving right along, he claimed he hadn't been cold at all to anyone and that she couldn't just assign anyone to his life. As she walked around she looked at him with a raised brow. "Uh-huh, well that look you gave Karna-san earlier could have murdered someone... and you haven't said more than three sentences to your partner at a time since yesterday. After all that built up excitement you two had about your egg. So... cold. Lie to someone who can't see what you're doing..." she said with a firm nod of her child sized head. As she turned she looked him dead in the eye with those large pinkish irises of hers shining in the light. "Nii-san, this isn't about me at all, I told ya' I wanted to help take care of you too. You're sabotaging yourself and I don't know why..." she said and she held up a finger. "And before you say anything, yesterday at the farm you definitely could have just sat with her. She left ya enough space... and you both looked so out of sorts for like the whole day. I don't know her well enough to force the issue yet. But... I know you." she said with a sigh. "You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to... but I'm not a dumb kid anymore. I just want you to trust me with stuff a little." the raccoon girl said a bit forcefully.

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    "Well then, those other girls you're talking about are also weird," was Kou's rebuttal. Hikari was set on being persistent in her points, though, leading to a bit of back-and-forth between her and Kou. "First, Karna's a jackass who just ended up tagging along with us after we killed his Avatar. Second, people are quiet sometimes! Third, how is you pestering me supposed to be 'taking care' of me at all?" he asked with a sigh that seemed just a little annoyed. He wasn't sure why Hikari was so hung up on his association with Miki, when as far as he was concerned, there was nothing she needed to be bothered with. "Why would I do that? We weren't even about to go anywhere, and I was fine where I was. Besides, that was fresh off an awkward situation. Those things happen, it's no big deal. Now, are you done pulling at straws? There's nothing going on here; whatever you think is happening wouldn't work outside of your head."

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    A shake of Hikari's head would go along with the idea that girls who associated themselves with her were also weird because of how they thought of their sibling bond. "You don't get it, and never will with that kind of attitude," she said in her usual way. As they moved right along, Kou came with an itemized list of things to rebut the points brought to his fore by Hikari. His words made her look at him for quite a few minutes and he seemed rather annoyed but this didn't seem to bother the lass in the least. "You killed his Avatar and he's still hanging out with you, must have made a good impression. And sure people are quiet sometimes, but all day... not unless they have to be," she said seemingly annoyed herself but she only smiled after a second choosing to save her last bit for later. "Because that girl is as big a nerd as you are, and there is no reason you wouldn't. And people tend to ease each others awkwardness, that is the point of being in social groups. And if it will make you happy for the moment I'll be done 'pulling at straws' I guess," she said playfully nudging her brother only to look up at him for one more jab. "If I didn't pester you, I couldn't know what kind of stuff you got going on in your head ya' know? And I haven't seen you in ages, I have a lot of this built up..." the lass mentioned with happy and devious light shining in her eyes.

    In the time they had the last of their hurried discussing, Miki had finished the design of a couple of custom pieces for Kou. At which point she stood clutching her egg as those two drawings were turned over and pulled out another blank female canvas for her work with the little raccoon girl. "Hikari-chan, it's your turn!~ Make sure I'm super cute, alright?" she said offering the girl a playful wink which she accepted as she bounded off but only after nudging her brother one more time. "Hai hai!~ I'll do my best!~" she said as she ran off to talk to the other woman. In this moment, Hikari reminded Miki of another friend of hers, one of the only people she'd ever called such in her life. It brought a small smile to her face as she began to wander the small shop thinking about incidentals while carrying the egg. Only to feel the smallest of pulses from the creature within. "Sugoi! You growing up in there?" she asked of the creature not expecting an answer but having fun holding on to it just the same.

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    Kou sighed upon having the thought that his sister would continue behaving in such a way. Allegedly, there was just something he didn't understand, and never would while having the attitude he exemplified. She claimed she would be done pulling at straws, as Kou put it earlier, but he felt this wasn't truly the end of it. "Just because people have something in common, doesn't mean it's alright to try and push them together," was the only thing he had left to say in this exchange. Much to his satisfaction, this conversation came to an end when Miki announced that it was Hikari's turn to speak with the seamstress. While she was walking away, Kou looked toward the selection of swim trunks in the shop. It was during this time that Miki browsed as well. Kou found himself looking in the girl's direction, and as he did, he saw her addressing the egg she carried. Sighing within his mind, Kou decided to approach and reach out to the egg. "Might be an early hatch. It feels pretty strong in there."

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    As the conversation between brother and sister came to an end, Hikari got all the information she needed about where her brother's mind was, she didn't technically know what to do with this information on the whole, 'Dick-sensei will know what to do about him. I don't really at this point since he doesn't even acknowledge that she likes him,' the girl thought to herself as she went back to designing the swimsuit she thought would best accentuate the figure of the blonde lass while leaving enough to the imagination of her brother. Even though she'd said she was joking, she did really have a decent idea of the type of thing he actually enjoyed looking at and would help him out in that regard. Even if he claimed he didn't want the help. In the meantime, Miki's speech to the egg was answered, strangely enough by Kou who spoke about the nature of the egg and even touched it while she carried it. "It does feel strong. It's exciting... I've been wracking my brain wondering what it will look like..." Miki mentioned knowing she was far too excited about the prospect of hatching this egg, even in spite of the random annoyances that seemed to keep popping up around them. She was content to go back to regular nerd level conversation. She expected some changes to the group dynamics but not to the extent they seemed to be, but she supposed this was bound to happen regardless.

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    Miki had curiosities about the Filolial's appearance when it hatched. Though he still felt things were fated to be a bit awkward, especially after conversing with Hikari on her topic of choice, Kou found this to be a fine topic he had a bit of insight to. "Well, I did a bit of digging when I played..." he said as he rose and ceased touching the egg. "With the precautions we took, it'll be one of two tiers. It'll either be the top tier and be gold or silver, or... it'll be the secret Superior Class Filolial. Those start off looking like one of the lower tiers, unless it's gone completely wrong somehow. That's the best-case scenario, though it'll be a little bit harder to figure out."

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