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    Akashi found this throne... acceptable. That was about all he could call it, but he had the seat of power; the seat he deserved. Interestingly enough, one of the lesser beings approached him directly. He viewed this girl who had such audacity, and with his eye, he was able to see even the slightest, slightest movements. It wasn't fear that compelled her to make such a rash decision. No, it was something else entirely. This was also the one who referred to him in terms that implied a familial relation. Yes, she did actually seem to have a slightly similar Mana to his own.

    "..." He had nothing to say. It could almost be said that he respected the fortitude of this person, but he could at least sense the relation to him. With his left forefinger, he beckoned her to his side. He would then choose to shift his attention to Miki, whom he could sense another type of familiarity from. The other Dragon he knew... she was there. Looking to the blonde, Akashi held out his right hand. He didn't beckon her. He simply... waited. "You..."

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    Akashi in his current disposition seemed to be less disagreeable overall. Even so, there was the matter of the tirade which came from the sibling of Kou and Akashi's avatar holder. Miki held her breath for several seconds, no attack came and there was no need to immediately defend the younger sibling of the lad she was partnered with. A sigh of relief even managed to escape the lass in this moment, as Hikari was beckoned toward the lad. The little raccoon girl for all of her talents made her way back to her brother's left hand side content to stand there with the nerve to look baseline satisfied by the reaction. "Damn right!" she said with a curt nod. 'Yare yare, that kid almost gave me a heart attack. Nice to know I won't have to defend her while he's like that...' thought Miki for a moment. 'Probably for the best, now I can go and do what I need...' her thought paused as a single word of addressing was spoken. It seemed after a few moments of being awake, the Dragonoid seemed to recognize Miki as the person who housed the other Dragon. She paused for a moment looking at his outstretched hand.

    She wasn't being beckoned, at this point she could at least assume she wouldn't be directly set aflame for making any other movements. As such she moved the pillow she'd been prepping to use as a weapon under her rear and took a seat before his outstretched hand. The small bird Fiona found herself shaking against the back of Miki's neck, she'd almost forgotten about the creature. Almost. She floated up just a bit closer but didn't aim to take it initially. She found herself thinking about the nature of her abilities currently and wondered if she'd be burned. Reaching for the hand of this Dragon would be risky, but would it be worth it to aim to touch him, knowing that she didn't possess the same amount of power she did in her Dragonoid form. Was she about to play chicken even in a form which could be properly damaged by the lad? She condensed the magical energy of the air within her control around her hand and reached for the lad's hand with her own. Her aim to gently brush across the center of his outstretched palm with the tips of her own fingers. And when she touched it, though she wasn't immediately set aflame, it was way too hot for her to hold onto even while concentrating all of her magical resistance on that one hand in particular. "Sou ka... that's about what I thought... you are way too hot for me," she said as she aimed to take back her hand. "Still at least it isn't a fever... I'm glad you're okay." Her words would leave her mouth for the Queen of this land to peek from around a pillar. 'What is this? Kimi is in here being close to an elemental Dragon while not being one herself... is she fucking crazy?!'

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    He could certainly respect the attitude of the one named Hikari. She had the makings of a Dragon in her indeed. His focus now though, was Miki. The girl approached atop her pillow, aiming to make contact with Akashi's offered hand. She didn't seem quite capable of doing so with her current abilities. How shameful. Either way, Akashi had chosen this one. His burning veil lost its effect as he took the hand that touched his. He would see Miki pulled inward, specifically into his lap as he sat upon the throne. "With me, Tatsuki. We're not finished yet." His tone was flat, but his intentions were certain. He would have this lesser form of the Dragonoid Tatsuki under his protection, until she came to be what he accepted as her true self again. As for the queen of this land, who showed the most concern of all in this room whilst hiding behind a pillar...

    "You, Mer. You're not accomplishing anything like that."

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    When Miki tried to pull her hand away from Akashi something strange took place, the lad ended the ability which allowed him a constant burning veil, apparently making the decision to have Miki with him regardless of her ability to defend herself. Instead of mentioning this as a normal being did, he simply pulled the lass into his lap from her pillow. Such an action took place because Miki was far too surprised by it happening to be able to do anything about it. Her entire face became a brilliant shade of red which beamed all the way to her ears as she tried to get herself together and talk herself out of the lad's lap though she wasn't technically uncomfortable there. "Oi oi, I'm not Tatsuki. I'm Miki..." she stated not knowing what to do with her current level of embarrassment. In the meantime the Filolial they'd been keeping fell to the floor in front of Hikari looking left right and left again, between Miki and Akashi trying to figure out what was going on between her parent figures. She wanted to chirp angrily but her ability to look into the situation told her she couldn't simply win an interaction here. Hikari herself seemed utterly shocked by this taking place too, 'What the actual hell!?' the lass mentally questioned her eyes wide, her ears and tail twitching as she reached for the little Filolial to help keep it safe for the time being. 'If he was half that straight forward normally we wouldn't be trying to set him up... Still I suppose even she can't really ignore this being a sign that he likes her,' she thought a bright and devious light in those pinkish eyes of hers.

    Beyond all of this, it seemed that Seriri had been found out and called from her spot behind the pillar. Not one to seem too fearful she appeared before her own throne in a very strange turn of events. "Uh, well I can't really accomplish anything to begin with... also Seri-chan desu," she managed which was about what Miki expected from her. She tried her best to gather her own wits. While she did this, Seriri addressed her directly. "Kimi, how do you know him exactly?" she asked, because while the girl's face was red she didn't seem terribly out of place being seated in such a way. That being said, Miki never really seemed out of sorts to start with. "He's my partner... I thought I mentioned. We've been travelling together since level one. What I need to know now is... how the air pods around these different places are being maintained? I need to claim the fragment of the Lich King from the Obelisk among some other things, but... I need to make sure I won't kill every person here while doing it," she said to the girl who tried to be about the business end of this but found Miki's positioning to be strangely accepting given what she knew of the lass. "Partner... huh? Uh, I am keeping them up. Or rather my weapon does. If you need to do anything to the Obelisk you don't have to worry about it having a negative effect here..." she said, finding Miki's choice in descriptor and her current positioning to make the term mean something beyond its original intention. "Do you want me to go with you to the Obelisk?" she asked of the lass, wanting the freedom to properly question the relationship between Miki and Kou. Miki thought about trying to move directly, and figured instead of taking the long route of trying to get up and failing she'd just ask. "Are you going to freak out if I try to leave?" she asked of Akashi, she'd rather not deal with any potential problems, and it wasn't as if she needed to move to claim the piece she was thinking about. Beyond that she'd rather avoid any other embarrassing moments, like the one she'd experienced in the Fairy Forest, which she shook her head trying to clear from her mind as she waited for the lads answer.

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