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    "Tell me about it," Karna said regarding the methods of the one labeled 'Geno Killer' by himself and the gaming community of their home world. He knew too well what it meant to fall into such a category, but instead of addressing that matter directly, he instead honed in on something said by Seriri. "Nani? Did you say she was erasing his scores for fun?" he questioned. When he was taken into this world, such a thing was unheard of. No one had even managed to come close, leaving Geno Killer as the only name appearing in the top 3, 5, 10, even 50 and beyond, of many leaderboards by himself. For one person to finally manage such a thing, and for that person to be someone of potential romantic interest in this case, was... was...

    "Now this is just annoying the hell out of me. I'm betting he doesn't even know what was going on. Did she use different names?"

    Akashi, in the meantime, received the answer he desired. There was a certain amount of a Dragon's cutthroat nature leaking out of this individual in his arms, and he could almost respect it. Though she showed little power, her boasts showed a level of fortitude he could at least take interest in watching. "Ah. That was the plan. You're clever." With that said, he looked toward the pillow which held the position of Miki's weapon, intending to place her upon it instead of the ground. She could at least be left to her own devices enough to move herself, even if not walking.

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    It seemed that Karna and Hikari were familiar with 'Geno Killer' on a personal basis, but Seriri knew Kimi on a personal level as well. And though the pair hadn't spoken at all in quite a while, she was at least able to keep up with the lass' coming and going within the city they lived in. When Karna seemed in disbelief about what Kimi had been up to Seriri just shrugged. "Hai, she apparently took up doing that for fun after her last major break from trying to do co-op. She apparently had a falling out with a bunch of people in GTA Online and went online silent..." she said in an absent way. "And my brother wouldn't lie about it, he said he spotted her wrecking one of the arcades after school," she mentioned. Beyond all of that Kimi's other handle had appeared in a couple of other random online leader boards To Karna's shock she could do nothing but nod. "Yeah, MisakiNeesan, like with the old kanji for fox... not the other one. It was apparently the one she uses when she isn't in a normal mood," she said, having this information allowed her to stalk Kimi's online activity a bit after the girl's Ookimichan account went cold for months. Kimi's alternate handle appeared on top leader boards in quite a few online games, mostly anything that let her play alone and let her have a bit of fun. "Miki-nee was trying to wipe Nii-san's scores... that's bold of her. I have even more respect for her," these were the words of Hikari.

    Miki found herself still being a bit abashed but perhaps this wasn't so bad. Soon enough she looked at the lad carrying her, and found herself being placed upon her weapon pillow, though not on the ground. This newfound freedom was about what she wanted out of her life, and even if walking wasn't necessarily an option floating along while she thought things over was good. "Sou ka... arigatou," the blonde managed looking a bit abashed, she was appreciative of his compliment even if she wasn't sure why she'd been given it. Soon enough she was floating along with an intense look on her face as she thought over the start of her plan for economic reform. As she floated along, she took a gander at the things going on in the alleyways and streets between this monument and the palace.

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    Karna had taken to rubbing the bridge of his nose betwixt his forefinger and thumb. This was becoming one annoyance after another, and quickly. "So... there are two Geno Killers. They're both right out there. They're both obviously interested. Neither of them is doing anything about it. Alright." It could almost be said that Karna was becoming enraged by this knowledge. What he knew now though, was that it would be just about imperative to ensure Geno Killer's Avatar knew about Miki's other online identity.

    After releasing the lass, Akashi floated along. In spite of his typical demeanor in this form, he seemed to follow behind her without issue. However, he still seemed skeptical. Perhaps he simply thought to test this individual's merit, as it were. "And how exactly do you intend to make this plan of yours work, Tatsuki?"

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    "Seems like it..." Hikari said. Her understanding of her brother's reasoning behind doing things the way he did, and those random goals presented by Miki seemed to align in a very strange way. It was almost stunning that two people had come to such similar conclusions from different ends. "Still it's weird though, for both of them to be so similar and to have ended up partnered up from level one here..." she said, with a curious look on her face. Knowing the way her brother thought, and finding out Miki was similar, they probably both initially planned to get to a reasonable level and sever their connection when they could both take care of themselves. But at the end of the day, they were still together and struggling to maintain that kind of balance in their relationship. 'Hm, Kimi found someone like her and doesn't want to jinx it... that sounds about right,' Seriri thought to herself, having it become clear over time why the girl she'd grown up with wasn't pursuing what was her apparent love interest.

    While Miki moved forward atop her pillow, Akashi was content to float along beside her. She found this strange because she figured she was still well below the level of notice the Dragonoid would normally care about. But there was something extremely comforting about his presence in this moment and she didn't mind him staying at her side in such a way as she headed back to the palace. When asked what she intended to do about the problems as she understood them here, Miki's eyes shifted across the various people she saw moving about. She took in information, as money exchanged hands and people traded items for their money. Even so, there were some very interesting things to be noted of kinds of interactions taking place. This was no normal market place, there wasn't haggling, and the only people who looked happy to be making purchases appeared to be more fish like. The more human people appeared to be, the less they seemed to enjoy the exchange. There were also bunches of listless adults, people who didn't seem to have much but didn't seem weak by any means. "There are quite a few steps. Building an economy from scratch is a bit of a huge undertaking. Also, Miki desu," the lass said stating the very bold thing she intended to do here. "The first thing I need to do, is find out the going rates on cash. How the exchanges work and why some people look so much less pleased by spending than others. After that I need to figure out why there are so many people who aren't working in the middle of what should be prime hours for such things. And then I have to make it possible for proper trade to take place outside of this Kingdom, expand the markets and increase production. After all of that... I have to return the market to the hands of the makers and merchants. To keep it from stagnating... Basically, I have to make sure those who are here to make money are making money, and that it stays flowing and not just in the pockets of certain individuals. Everyone should be eating and everyone should be spending, that will fix the basics and create a working class without the obvious divisions," she mentioned. She didn't know how the politics of people worked but she knew money was a great motivator. People were less inclined to let their prejudices get in the way of their ability to make money and she could very easily persuade them to see things her way. And while they moved forward, Miki compartmentalized, separating each of her potential goals into a different part of her mind to work through each problem towards her greater goal on the way to a stable economy. Much like a flow chart, each piece had to be properly done for the overall picture to work out at the end.

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    There were far too many serious issues surrounding the idea of pairing these two individuals, but at least two out of the three associates present were fully dedicated to seeing the plan through. The third, Seriri, didn't seem fully sold on the idea, but Karna figured she could be in due time. Indeed though, the spawn point of those two was something of a mystery. "I arrived at the level I was when I played. I can't imagine why they would show up with a restart."

    Miki pointed out numerous issues with the exchange taking place in Atlantis. She also took a moment to, again, correct him with her proper name. That wasn't happening. The fix she had in mind seemed functional enough for a kingdom that had become progressive enough, but to Akashi, that wasn't the case. For everyone to spend money and make money was one thing, but that would certainly only further feed into the other major issue of Atlantis. "Your trade system will crumble. Look at the classes of people here. The lesser humans are barely able to exist in this age, because they are weak. They will stay divided so long as there is a difference in ability. Merfolk have no need for human crafts, or human servitude. There will be a civil war even quicker than the one already in progress," he said, closing with a point of realization he had before even taking this Dragonoid form.

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    Hikari heard out Karna and that lad also claimed to have arrived at the level he was at when he was outside in their world. Seriri considered this as well, and she too had arrived at the level she'd been adventuring at. "Hm, that is weird, I also arrived at my level of play..." she said calmly. "Eh, I wasn't very far in and I arrived at my own level as well. I was a bit stunned when Nii-san mentioned he'd come in at level one and run into her... but that allowed them to level together," Hikari clarified. Of course, there was a lot to be considered about their future endeavors with matching this pair up, but it was almost as if the universe itself was aiming to do so as well...

    In the meantime as Miki traveled alongside Akashi, the lad heard out her major plan and he had a bit of input. His main idea being that it was apparently not going to pan out because of the lack of progression in the Atlantean Kingdom to start with. She'd already considered this, of course not to as great an extent as Akashi or Kou... or the person behind them had. The lass gave a gentle sigh. "Yeah yeah, I've already considered that. The will of the people isn't really my thing, but I know for a fact the Atlanteans need the humans here," she said with a curt nod. "If they didn't, this entire Kingdom wouldn't be underwater and unrecognized as one of importance by the five. At this point even the Lizardfolk are better acclimated to modern politics," she said very calmly. "Besides, what the weak tend to bring to the table in this situation is innovation, the ability to figure out problems that don't necessarily involve muscle or just being strong. It only really takes a single moment of progress to level the playing field or cause the revolution... either works theoretically. One such moment is probably how one like Tsu-chan ended up in charge of this place..." she mentioned though thinking about this mildly was why she'd taken her first set of actions. "But knowing that just trying to shift this would likely cause some sort of outright war is at least part of the reason I claimed the Lich King's Obelisk... It would likely be the first place anyone with old knowledge turned to when things started going south. With that off the table I can prolong the inevitable, while someone else figures out what to do with the remaining people. I did mention a great number of listless adults being a problem, and it seems like you are more suited to dealing with that aspect. The people problem." she said calmly. Even now in this moment with him as a completely different person, Miki had made the assumption the lad would do what was necessary to calm the rest of the people and stop the rebellion brewing, in the same way they had in Eonis while such a thing was doable.

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    "Hmm. It might be something worth figuring out. With that kind of issue being exclusive to them of the people we know, it might mean our little princess is gonna get the Devouring next. Though, she'll probably be fine for now..." As a former Dragonewt, Karna had a bit of interesting insight. He knew what it felt like to be a Dragon in the presence of another Dragon. If Miki was destined to contract the Devouring as well, he imagined it would come at a later time...

    Akashi could agree that humans were necessary to the structure of an ideal Atlantis, but he also understood that humanity was both the bane and boon of all civilization. However, the Merfolk of Atlantis would not see things that way as a whole. "The humans will be killed off by war before they can bring their innovation to Atlantis. Mankind excels as a developmental species, but never when the world around them is above their current comprehension. That takes time, and an especially clever person even among humans. Atlantis is too far gone." Fair enough, Miki had removed the Lich King's potential influence over any individual in Atlantis. Sadly, there was a very real possibility that, if in the right hands, it could have turned the tides for the sake of good in this kingdom. Still, it wasn't worth the gamble at all. Even as he was, Akashi was likely to do something about this issue... albeit in a very different way, and only under the condition that nothing more suited to his personal interests occurred. "They're all pathetic. If power is what breaks them down like this, power will be what brings order. Rise of the humans, fall of the mer."

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    Karna made an interesting point about the nature of the pair's entrance into the world and their potentially shared sickness. Seriri thought about it for a few seconds and though she'd never heard of anything like this happening simply because of a reason like that, it might be something which needed handling in a more direct fashion. "If you think she'll be fine for now, I am alright with that, though I am unsure why you say that..." Seriri said. "But the devouring has no real cure and I can force the shift between existing avatars but there is no telling if constantly doing so will cause issues with those other avatars as well. It might be good to try and consult some others... I knew of a 'witch' who was trying to treat the Devouring, before I settled here. She might be able to give them a more solid solution than I can currently offer," the Queen of the Merfolk offered such information. As far as she knew this pair would be fine thus they could be emissaries in this part, and the other two could stay close by in case of a relapse. "Whatever, I'll go do it. I can't have my brother dying on me after I went through all the trouble of finding him here and I finally have the chance to attach him to a proper Nee-san. Nope, opportunity has come knocking I can't let them down. And I haven't felt sick at all since I ended up here," said Hikari with a decent bit of spunk. At her current level she wasn't exactly a huge threat, but she had been taking care of herself decently since she first arrived in this world. A simple fetching quest couldn't be too much for her potentially.

    Akashi seemed to have quite a bit to say on the necessity of humans, and even the type of humans needed to fix the problems of Atlantis. And he did all of this while stating the largest negatives, the main ones being that the humans would be killed off by war, long before their innovations could take hold. This was fair enough unless there was something in their possession already which would allow them to deal with the Atlanteans which obviously there wasn't because they were still being treated as lesser than their peers. "Fair... that is pretty problematic. I'll be the first to admit it... but I am under the impression that there at at least a few clever people here," she said with a chuckle. "And a dragon... that's important~" she said in a manner most sarcastic and a tiny bit cheeky. They arrived at the palace and were casually moving up the inclined steps while neither of them touched the ground. "Down with the Mer and up with the Humans. I can back that financially and even structure the economy that way. If you think it works, I can support it..." she mused, something about her agreement with this statement made her head feel strange. There was the gentle rushing sound in her ears like running water and it felt like something was pushing at her from inside. The hand beneath her chin moved up the right side of her face as she suppressed what felt like water pressure within her head.

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    "Because it's accurate. Haven't you heard anything I've ever said?" Karna replied to the curiosity of Seriri. As far as he was concerned, it was only a matter of time now. Actually, he could be colored surprised that his gatherings hadn't come to fruition already. Alas, there were more important matters. An emissary would be necessary to find a potential cure for the Devouring, and Hikari volunteered to be just that. Surely she was overestimating herself just a bit, right? Karna couldn't be having that. "I'm not going to stick around and play nurse while someone else gets to go do real Adventurer work. I'm in."

    Following Miki's mention of there being a Dragon present, Akashi floated out ahead, and turned to face the girl. By the time she reached mention of supporting his clause, he'd felt it. The one he knew was there, reaching out to meet him as a proper Dragon should. In response, Akashi reached out with his right hand, which would carve a path toward Miki's chest, where it intended to lay as he made his point known. "Two Dragons. You also have the power of influence... Tatsuki," he said while retaining a very direct amount of eye contact, as if he intended to peer through Miki and view the Dragon within.

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    "Yes yes, we've heard you say things, it doesn't mean skepticism isn't healthy," these were the words of Seriri. Of course they had more distinct matters to get to of course and this included the apparent volunteering of both of these individuals to go off and find a more reliable source of saving for their companions. "Well if both of you are going there isn't anything to worry about..." she said calmly. "The 'Witch' you are looking for is the Witch of the Black Forest, her name is Lilura. She's a sorceress and the closest thing this world knows to a proper Doctor. She's been alive for a long time, so she's a bit strange to talk to... but the last time I saw her she was developing magical objects to stave off the fevers and looking for a potential cure for the Devouring," she said calmly. "She's probably somewhere in the Black Forest... so I'd say be careful, that starts at the edge of the Dragon Lagoon and goes pretty far inland," she offered. This was about all the information which she could give about what they were looking for. "Hai hai, come on... Dick-sensei. We've gotta keep our targets alive, we can worry more directly about hooking them up after~"

    In the meantime, Akashi moved in front of Miki stopping ahead and facing her in such a way that she had to stop herself from running into his chest again rather abruptly. But it seemed she was destined not to be able to avoid physical contact with this Dragonoid today. In fact, he reached out for her, carving a line towards her chest which he made contact with simply by virtue of her not being able to move past him or around him fast enough to avoid it. When this happened she felt it again, like a pulse of power washing over her skin, or the swirling of a riptide beneath her flesh. Such power would be seen briefly in her very eyes. "Power of Influence? I'm Miki... not..." she paused it was like she wasn't allowed to mention not being Tatsuki at this moment while staring at the lad before her. 'What the hell is going on with me...' she wondered. That being said she couldn't really stop herself from looking at the lad. He was way too close, and something about this staring felt challenging and as such she couldn't look away, it seemed like she'd be losing if she did.

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