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    Kou's focus was just about unwavering, until Hikari grabbed his attention with a gesture. He followed along, still in thought. 'What's missing?' he wondered. Hikari's concern did not go unnoticed, but he did take a few moments to answer. In those moments, he viewed the path taken by Karna again, seeming a little spaced-out in his own right upon answering. "No. It's not okay, but... it will be, if I'm right." Surely he couldn't be wrong in his line of thought, though there was one vital piece of information missing for his conclusion. He would be getting it soon, it seemed. Their path behind Miki led to an interesting-looking monument at the city's center, ignored by the citizens, but focused on by the blonde Adventurer. Kou looked to this point of focus and opened his senses as well. He wondered why she could have been so entranced by it, but... there was only one other time he'd felt this sensation.

    "... Sou ka," he mumbled. There it was, the missing piece to the puzzle he'd been working on for the past minute or so. He nodded. Now he knew, everything would work out in the end, provided variables didn't ruin the entire situation at random.

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    Hikari followed along being a bit huffy that no one had anything proper to say about the nature of the thing happening before them. Miki to her credit found what she was looking for and was left standing in front of it for several uninterrupted seconds. She knew exactly what this monument was and though it had no reason to be here in the middle of such a place it was indeed. Hikari upon reaching the place had no idea what the older teens were doing but managed to look annoyed. Her brother had stated things would be fine, but also wasn't making any moves to do anything about it. "I don't get it, what is this statue and why is she fixated on it?" the girl said her own senses still closed to it so she had no idea what the big deal was. Miki would say something aloud for the first time since snapping. "This is one of the Lich King's Obelisks..." she commented, with Fiona in one hand she placed her hand against the statue even as the Merfolk continued to walk around. They thought the activities of the lass strange but if she wanted to pray to their statue they wouldn't stop her. "Sou ka, it's unclaimed," she said seeming to breath a sigh of relief. It would have been very problematic to come down here and find yet another Lich controlled player with access to the denizens of things connected to the greater dead of the sea. "I should take this one... I don't really want to deal with someone else having it," she said calmly. She knew where the other three of these things were located and knew they wouldn't be a direct problem for quite as long.

    "Lich King's Obelisk? The hell is that supposed to be... and why do you want it?" she asked the whole thing seemed a little far-fetched and Hikari herself didn't get why anyone would care if it was claimed and what it did. "The Obelisk are monuments containing fragments of the power which once belonged to the Lich King. They were spread out across the world to keep his power from coming back together. Certain kinds of mages can be called by this power and are able to use it to perform necromancy. But they have to deal with the Lich King's influence as a side-effect and from what we've seen of it. It will turn them into megalomaniac demons. This applies even to those who are players for some reason, and would be particularly bad coming out of here..." Miki gave a quick summary, she knew that given their previous experiences in Dwargon and the Marsh Kingdoms, Kou would also be of the same general idea about getting rid of it.

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    There was no explanation necessary on Kou's end. Miki gave the general summary of the monument, as well as the artifact within. Kou understood this to be a potential problem if left alone, but not a problem at all for Miki in particular. True enough, she should certainly be taking it.

    On the other hand, though, it was a monument acting as the centerpiece of a major city. They obviously couldn't just destroy the monument and take its secrets without creating an incident the likes of which would equate to war. "The people here can't know what it is. If we're going to take it, we have to find someone important and get them to understand why such an important thing needs to be broken by outsiders... unless we were very sneaky about it, but... this is the central plaza."

    In the meantime, Karna's journey came to an end. He reached the palace belonging to Atlantean royalty, bypassing the guards entirely. Once within the throne room, the ashen-haired male crossed his right arm over his chest and bared his fangs with a grin. "Hisashiburi, Paizuri-dono~"

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    Kou seemed to understand the seriousness of this situation, Hikari upon hearing out the entirety of Miki's speech was left a bit aghast. "So, like we should break it?" she asked seeming to not want to deal with undead Merfolk anymore than anyone else. But Kou's own explanation would come soon after, listing all of the supposed reasons they shouldn't do exactly just breaking it. Miki sighed. "It would be troublesome to randomly start an international incident just because I don't want to deal with a 'Flashpoint' Scenario. Not that the ones already backing us wouldn't agree with our decision..." she said a grin on her face. It was mentioned by the lad that they'd either have to consult the higher authority or try to take down the monument stealthily. "Flashpoint?" this was a question asked by Hikari as all of the references made by this nerdy duo didn't always stick within her mind. "I don't think I need to break it. In fact... I have Snatch and I am sure I could just take it while leaving the statue whole. Stealth is my primary expertise after all. It isn't absolutely necessary for us to involve any authority figure. Besides, every time we talk to someone in charge of something in this world it turns into an entire ordeal. Unless, of course, you're up for another ordeal... I don't really mind or anything. I was just really annoyed a minute ago..." she said simply. She wouldn't immediately try to remove the artifact though, as it was more than obvious she didn't plan on making any overly forceful moves when they could chat it out and come to the best overall conclusion for everyone present.

    In the throne room of the Mer-Kingdom's palace atop a high back throne sat a young woman with large pinkish eyes and very pale skin. She seemed to be wrapped in fish scales, though she had two functional legs, the scales were open about her top like a wide v-necked shirt almost to the point of exposing her chest. That being said there was a crown atop her golden locks which framed her face. "Seri-chan desu. I thought you were bringing friends with you Karna-kun. Didn't you say you had something important to that the whole group of you had to tell me?" she asked, though the Nexus had changed what she'd tried to call herself. When they'd parted ways last he'd claimed to help her out with a problem she didn't have yet but would have soon. But he'd returned alone this time, she didn't really understand it at all. The large necklace shifted about her exposed midsection but she didn't seem to have any care in the world about it.

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    Kou had already given thought to how they could go about breaking the monument. Now, he thought of what could happen if Miki used her Snatch ability to retrieve the artifact without destroying anything. His train of thought led to the consideration that there may be more importance to the monument, or rather, the artifact inside. It wasn't the most probable thing, but... it was quite possible. "I don't know if that would be a good idea. Same goes for breaking it, actually. The thing is... How are we breathing down here? This is the Sunken City, but what's making the air domes around the city itself? That's the kind of thing an Artifact could do, but there's no telling what Artifact is making it happen. The location of this piece makes it seem really important, so it's probably worth checking out for information before deciding. It would at least be better than the chance of killing the people here who don't have gills."

    Karna removed his hand from his chest, placing it on his hip instead. The woman atop the throne may have insisted that he call her something specific, but there was little to no chance of that happening for anyone when it came to him. "Oppai-chan? I said I would bring the people I travel with. I did. They're outside, letting the whole plan go to shit because they won't listen to poor little Karna. Whatever~. I could have always told you myself, but there's nothing I'm going to do about the problem. Your kingdom is going to become more of an aquarium soon."

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    Miki listened to what Kou had to say and his comments about the nature of this being a sunken city and the likelihood of the magic powering the artifact being connected to why this place was able to exist as it was made Miki scoff. Hikari's face managed to look childishly pouty as the easy fix proposed by Miki was basically shot down by her brother's rather casual appraisal of the potential futures, and she knew him well enough to know what this sort of thing meant."Of course, because simple would likely be way too much to ask..." she commented, looking at the other lass. Still, if there was even the possibility of her taking the piece out and causing the massive sinking of the place, then she couldn't really do it in good conscience. Hikari looked back and forth between this pair and wondered what they would do about this problem. It was obviously a double layered issue. They couldn't allow anyone to be controlled by the Lich but they also couldn't rightly allow the Merfolk who didn't have gills to drown. "These Lich puzzles are annoying tests of alignment... can't go too hard for chaotic because you'll have to kill a bunch of people, though that would make it easier to use Lich Powers. If you want to be nice about it, you have to do like hours and hours worth of work, deal with tyrannical rulers, or go through ridiculous puzzles or dungeons " commented Miki. Her senses still open she searched for the greatest power in the area and found it to be near one she also found to be familiar. "Fine, fine... let's go find out why Karna didn't just take this for himself while he was down here the first time..." she said with the same kind of displeased expression she always had. She was already thinking about the logistics of having to figure out how to maintain the already established barriers around this place without having to spend days and days establishing them herself and making sure the pillar itself remained unclaimed to avoid an Atlantean vs the Land-dwellers kind of interaction. With that in mind and seeing no course of action to take otherwise, she intended to keep walking in the direction Karna had gone until she made her way into the throne room.

    In the meantime Karna was having a conversation with the Queen of this place and it seemed to be one about the nature of his companions. His shift in speech wasn't to what she wanted it to be, but he seemed to be the type to nickname people to start with so she supposed she could take his shift in suffix as a sign of proper alignment. "I guess that is better. It's sad your friends won't listen to you..." she said truly meaning it in the moment. Beyond this point there was the fact that he wanted to tell her about something but he went on to explain that he had no intention of fixing it himself. According to him this would end in the Kingdom becoming more of an aquarium. "What? I don't really get it. Why bother telling me about it if you don't plan to do anything about whatever problem there is?" she questioned, all of this sounded really confusing and she didn't really get his motivations.

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    "That tends to be how it works," was Kou's response to Hikari. At the very least, provided Atlantis had an understanding monarch, there was a very real chance they could go through with this while avoiding maximum difficulty. Much to Kou's expectation as well, the direction of that monarch was the same direction Karna had taken, and Miki seemed to have latched onto that fact as well. "Hmm. Yeah... let's go," he said. Kou was quite perturbed by something, but he moved forward nonetheless. There was a lot to take from today's interactions thus far, and a lot more to infer from what was taken. This was shaping up to be an... interesting journey.

    Karna raised his left forefinger, meaning to interrupt the queen. "Aht aht! People I travel with." With his point made again, he was able to move on to the queen's confusion, and why he very much didn't care to be directly involved in the fall of her kingdom. "You're the queen, aren't you? It's not your place to be worried about why a random traveler, who's giving you a warning, doesn't plan to help you out directly. Besides... that's what the other schmucks I hang out with are for. They're a little weak for this job, but I guess they've got some skill. They're the ones you should have help you with your stupid problems. You don't have enough to give me, to make me even think of helping."

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    "Stuff like this is why I didn't do a lot of leveling before... I can't really imagine trying to think through all this stuff on my own," Hikari said, this was already really heavy content and though she wasn't stupid, she couldn't begin to think about things the way her brother and apparently Miki did. Miki herself was still rather annoyed, she didn't really mind so much doing the things necessary to make sure they didn't sink Atlantis any further. Even so, she didn't like the amount of work being forced upon her. Atlantis itself wasn't even a Kingdom with pull in-game, knowing this she knew that this place wasn't high on the priority list for the completion of their Guild goal. And as she walked towards the palace she could see that they didn't use money for trade, so much like the Marshes, this place wouldn't be good for the kind of grinding she most enjoyed.

    Karna felt the need to interrupt what the Queen of this land as saying, in clearing up his apparent relationship to those he brought along. "Weird point to argue, but whatever you say..." she pointed out as it seemed unnecessarily almost comically hostile. His message to her was that, her being Queen meant it wasn't really her place to worry about the message he planned to deliver without helping for whatever reason he planned it. "I am Queen but that seems pretty sketchy. For all I know you're the reason I have a problem now... and you telling me something and bringing in other people could be an invasion. But, if you really thought the problem was stupid, you don't seem like the type to interfere..." she mentioned with a casual shoulder shrug. At the end of this leg of the conversation, she found herself looking out of the throne room towards the opening doors as the trio of other Adventurers entered the palace. 'Please don't be a pain in the ass. Please don't be a pain in the ass...' Miki whispered in her own mind as she approached with a markedly neutral look on her face. This was the face which caused the eyes of the Queen to widen and she slid forward on her seat in absolute disbelief. "WHY DO YOU HAVE THAT FACE?!" she outright demanded to know, much to Miki's outright surprise, she was literally unable to speak immediately because the question was so confounding.

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    When Hikari spoke again, Kou shook his head. "You can make it. You've got the skill," he said. It seemed they weren't incredibly far from the palace, so Kou chose to leave his rebuttal at that. Meanwhile, Karna still faced the queen. "If I were the reason you had a problem, this ocean would be red by now, and you would either be eye candy... or food. I wouldn't need to bring anybody else for that. That's your problem here, by the way. Too many people."

    Upon entering the palace, the Adventurer group would initially be bombarded by a sudden yelled question from the queen. Kou first thought such a question would be aimed at him by someone who saw his username, and somehow made the connection to his appearance in the other world. When he looked at the queen, though, her attention was instead on Miki. This had to be someone she knew in their past lives, so Kou took a moment to view the queen through his Nexus vision. 'Ootsukichan?' he thought. "Close friend, huh..." he muttered afterwards, failing to even realize he spoke these words aloud.

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    "Hai!" Hikari affirmed trying to believe in herself but still figuring her brother being along would be a boon to all present, even Miki who seemed more than capable in her own right. Upon arriving in the Throne Room the trio was immediately accosted by a question which seemed to be aimed at Miki exclusively. Hikari's eyes widened and she looked to Miki who seemed to be a bit stunned, while looking back at the Queen of Atlantis who seemed to be upset by Miki's presence. The words of her brother would be heard by her and she'd look between them again, she trusted his knowledge of the situation and if Miki had a good friend here this was something worth looking into. Devious light played in the eyes of the lass. 'A friend eh? This is great!' she thought excitedly.

    After a moment of recovery Miki's face went sour. She was in a bit of a foul mood to start with but was in the process of putting herself back together for the purpose of meeting with the potential ruler. All of this had put her back into the same foul mood she'd had before. Her expression immediately soured as she snapped back at the lass before her. "This face is mine. I scanned it in myself..." she said flippantly. The eyes of the lass on the throne lit up and she moved down and ever closer. With each step came the clarity of this face, and given its current look she was more certain about it than ever. "KIMI!!! You're here too!~" she said excitedly as she aimed to hug the lass excited by the prospect of knowing her. Miki's eyes widened, no one called her Kimi. Her own parents didn't call her Kimi. The only person who'd ever gotten familiar enough with her to feel comfortable with it, she hadn't seen in years. This was something easy to confirm, so as she was being hugged she had a look at the lass in the Nexus view as well. She was a bit amazed to see the one username that mirrored her own, because they'd created them together. Beyond that, she was a bit surprised by niceness of this young woman's introduction, considering the less than happy way they'd parted.

    "Ah... sou ka. Hasashiburidana, Tsu-chan," She greeted in return, only to have the lass look at the group and be utterly confused by the idea of Miki travelling with other people. "Yay! You said it. I figured you might not because you were upset, but... you did it. I knew it, we're still friends." she said seemingly excited about the prospect. "But you're travelling with people, Kimi?" she asked seeming to forget all about her potential problems to catch up with her friend. "Who are they?" she asked willing to not call these people Miki's friends because she actually knew Miki and given the girl's general disposition didn't figure she'd properly made any. "Uh, well yeah. This is Kou and Hikari, and you've already met Karna."

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