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    Monstrous was just about the description of whatever was coming from Kou, at least temporarily. A massive accumulation of white fur encompassed his body, only to shrink to the size of a lapdog as it took proper form. White, fluffy, long ears, and a tail like a cloud with matching hair under its long ears. These were the features that could describe this purple-eyed... squirrel? Dog? Even Kou wouldn't be able to tell for certain. Either way, the creature became solid with a tiny cape around its neck, kept in place by a similar purple rope to what bound Kou's clothes.

    "Fou fou!" the creature yipped, as the cosmic Mana encompassing Kou flowed into it, and back into Kou himself in a continuous cycle. Eventually, the visible Mana would fade, even though the link remained. Kou regained full consciousness moments later. In that moment, he blinked numerous times, staring down into a tiny face that stared back into his before nuzzling his torso. "You're... me?"

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    The fluffy creature which took shape from the center of Miki's being turned white and seemed to spin around in a ball. There was no telling which way was up for the creature in question. Until of course, one of its very large eyes opened then another. It was a large purple eyed creature with little round purple eye brows. It seemed a bit curious and the fluff of its body unraveled, becoming nine individual tails which took up more mass than the entirety of the creatures body. The sage green glow it had, began to burn purple like the flames of its eyes as it solidified. And once it did it sat in the lap of Miki staring into her face and she found herself looking down at it as if curious.

    At the same time the creature looked up to her rolling around in her lap, belly exposed as if demanding her personal attention. "Sou ka... I guess... that makes sense," she said softly. She reached for the creature her hand petting its belly as it demanded. It was rather interesting that this universe seemed to think the girl as an attention-seeking fox. Miki's eyes shifted slightly as energy seemed to be passed back and forth between her and this creature to see the creature created by Kou and she was also quite amazed at the level of cuteness it possessed. "Kawaii!~" she chimed. In the meantime Seriri and Hikari looked at each other and back at the creatures seemingly surprised. "They are the cutest things I've ever seen..." said Seriri. Hikari on the other hand seemed to be silently celebrating. "Yosh! I knew it. Both of them made the most adorable creatures ever!~" she chimed. She felt like she'd completed her job to the best of her ability.

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    Kou reached out with his right hand, tapping his new Familiar on its button-like nose. Immediately afterwards, the creature sniffed about until it saw Miki. Kou was abandoned without hesitation, much to his surprise, and the Familiar hopped onto the blonde's shoulder. "Right. It's supposed to be me, and it abandons me. Fair enough." These words were spoken by Kou along with a sigh. Once settled on Miki's shoulder, Kou's Familiar nestled itself against the girl's neck, interestingly facing Hikari while doing so. "Fou! Fou fou!" the creature verbalized again. "Yeah yeah, we heard you the first time."

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    Soon Miki found herself the center of animal attention, if only for a fleeting moment. Kou's familiar would be seen hopping up to her shoulder and nestling into her neck while still making the little yapping like noise that it seemed to enjoy vocalizing. A smirk came to the lass' face as she looked at the creature on her shoulder. "Oh? Hello there..." she said softly, reaching for the creature intending to give it a gentle pet beneath its chin as it had settled so close to her. Her own Familiar decided it didn't like her belly rubs and nipped at her fingers causing the lass to pull back her hand. It would further bound out of her lap and into Kou's only to roll over and begin pawing at the air above itself begging for attention. "Ku. Ku." the slight noise was made before purrs followed. That was right, the noises of a cat, instead of anything resembling a bark. "Oh, but you weren't going to speak to me though... okay. I see how it is..." she observed seeming to see nothing wrong with this and innately being a bit more than pleased for reasons she couldn't begin to explain.

    While this exchange took place, Hikari turned to Seriri and the Queen turned to her and both of them were holding out their hands in front of them seemingly on the exact same wavelength. How on earth could this pair of individuals not see that they were made to be together after seeing something like this kind of exchange of the embodiment of their souls. Both were incredulous, so much so that they couldn't even say anything.

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    Suddenly, Kou's lack of Familiar was filled with one not even his own. The kitsune of Miki hopped into the lad's lap, just as his had gone to her. He looked down upon the other Familiar in his lap, finding it seeking his attention in particular. Once again, he'd make use of his right forefinger. He stroked the belly of the small creature with said finger, doting on it just a bit. "You won't run off on me, right? You're not a total jerk," he said to the Familiar of Miki, glancing toward his own and rolling his eyes in the aftermath. Moments later, his mind returned to the matters of Atlantis. He looked to Seriri, totally missing the gesture shared between her and Hikari. "How's the kingdom today?"

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    Miki's new familiar was being petted and lavishing in the attention. It even seemed to be responding to the words spoken to it. "Ku, ku ku..." chimed the little creature as it aimed to hold onto the lad's finger and keep it next to its body. It was obviously not going anywhere so long as Kou was within its radius. The shared gesture between Hikari and Seriri was also missed by Miki who was contentedly looking at the little creature on her shoulder and having a good time petting it. "It's alright. You won't up and change sides on me right?~" she questioned the little thing doting on it as well.

    Eventually though they'd be brought back to a more normal set of conversations which included what was going on in the Kingdom at present. Seriri looked up and smiled. "Everything is going really well. Thanks to you two of course. I have a pretty good sitting Parliament and we're organizing a week of celebrations for everyone. You know, something good to follow up all of that craziness from before. Giving the whole of the Kingdom a chance to celebrate on even terms for the first time," she said happily. "The only thing I really need right now is an opinion from you... Kimi...." she said looking to the lass. "What kind of things should I look for in someone to head the treasury and what kind of percentages should I use for it?" she asked which gave the lass a bit of pause though she didn't really stop petting the creature on her shoulder. "Oh is that all, pick a moderate to lead it. Not too old, they are misers who won't spend. Not too young, they spend stupidly, a few exceptions apply. You should pick the person who's got the best idea to grow funding while also being willing to invest in new ideas," she said as a function of the kind of government that was created a moderate money manager was best. "As for Treasury Taxes. The same 10 percent I am charging them right now would be fine, more than enough to grow the economy. With a special exemptions for apprentices and former slaves, applied to the first few taxable seasons of their working. Can't have them starting behind and staying behind. But I am sure a person with a moderate stance on finances will tell you the same thing..." Miki explained carefully. Seriri looked at the lass and blinked three times consecutively. "Alright... that's pretty solid I guess. I had a guy pitch that kind of idea to me already... I was just making sure he was the right choice. Arigatou na~" she said happily. This made Miki quite happy as her friend had obviously come along way from her inaction. "Hai hai... vetting processes are important. I am glad you found someone," she said happily. "Well you didn't give me much choice in the matter or anything..." she said of Kimi who'd basically not giving her much to go on as Tatsuki and who'd already claimed she didn't want any part of rebuilding for the most part. Hikari managed to stare at Miki for the entirety of her speech, she'd obviously missed something important about the lass given the amount of financial advice she was handing out at this junction. What all had she done here? Why did she speak with such authority on matters of money? The raccoon girls' ears and tails twitched as her face got pouty. She gone to get them medicine but she definitely hadn't contributed much to the overall status of Atlantis.

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    The small... whatever it was on Miki's shoulder, would brush itself against the girl's hand as she petted it. "Fou!" it yipped again. Meanwhile, Kou continued attending to Miki's Familiar... mostly due to the fact that it wasn't letting his finger go, though he didn't mind at all. He found it somewhat cute, the little thing. As such, he'd continue petting it as the others had their discussion about funds and the like in Atlantis.

    As for the status of Parliament, Kou decided to chime in once the other discussion reached a pause. "Celebrations are good for bringing a new nation together. You might even want to consider instating some national holidays exclusive to Atlantis. Now that you have the bridge to the outside world, it would be great for tourists to get involved with the community. Keep that in mind, and run it by your Parliament for a little brainstorming. You'll do just fine."

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    Hikari watched as this pair of individuals basically sat around giving comfort to their partners souls. She was near the point of exploding due to this entire situation, but it seemed like it was progressing a fair bit. She was left more than a bit curious as to what happened while they were alone together. Between them and their Dragonoids it seemed she was about to get her 'Big Sis' figure. There was one final push that was needed though. Strangely, Seriri was on the page, and when Kou piped up, claiming that Celebrations were good for bringing together a nation she could only smile widely. "Yep bringing together the nation is what this whole thing is about... it's gonna be pretty fun. Make sure you all participate..." she mentioned. "I'm going to have Diva help me make a bit of an announcement about it. I'm sure the people will be ready for it," she said seemingly pleased by the input. But that wasn't it, Seriri was up to something very specific with her week long celebration and it was for her Kingdom, but it was also for this pair of individuals before her. "Hm, Hikari-chan, could I get your help for a bit?" she asked of the lass, clearly she meant to scheme a bit, and the girl would be her point in this activity. "Hai hai, Seri-nee!" she said before looking to both of the people on the bed she scooted a bit further up and placed a hand on each of their heads. "I'm glad you're both okay. Don't scare me anymore okay?" she said to the pair. Such a sentiment caused an embarrassed blush to appear on Miki's face. "Gomen, I didn't mean to worry you at all... Arigatou," she said softly. She was technically very thankful for the girl's apparent desire to save the both of them, even without knowing or really being attached to Miki in anyway.

    Speaking of the bridge into the Kingdom, the sounds of a motorcycle could be heard. The humming of an engine and a fast moving blur with blue hair was heading down the bridge of Atlantis. She was baring down on her engine at maximum speed, flying all the way into the city square. Strangely though she didn't hit anyone her eyes were glued not to the road, but instead to a radar seemingly mounted to the gas tank of her vehicle. There was a double blip. Such a thing was unheard of, on top of the fact that Atlantis would likely contain some technological advancements she was looking for. She stared her eyes hidden by the reflective surface of her goggles. 'TWO!' she exclaimed seemingly excited for reasons unknown. She pulled up to the palace a screeching donut to be performed right in front of the throne room. She came to a stop and parked her bike. The beeping still being heard. "OI! I am here for the Dragons. Where are they?" demanded the lass as she pulled out a single cigarette and lit it. Obviously she was looking for something here and she intended to find it.

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    "Hai. I'm willing to participate in whatever you have planned," Kou said. Little did he know what the celebration would be for the following week. Whatever the case, he'd given his word to participate. That may have been a mistake, but he'd find out eventually. Moving on, there were some parting words from Hikari, involving her worried state due to the pair of Kou and Miki contracting the Devouring. "Hai hai. You know me; I won't do anything you'll worry over... on purpose," he said, letting his tongue protrude from his mouth toward the lass. With that out of the way, and Hikari and Seriri leaving the room, Kou continued to offer his attention to Miki's Familiar.

    Meanwhile, Karna happened to be on his way out of the palace when... someone very new arrived via motorcycle. It was a 'sweet bike' as Karna would have called it, but more importantly, the blue-haired female atop it caught his attention. "Good luck finding Dragons here," he said plainly as he stepped closer to the young woman. "They're back in the bodies they belong in. I'm sure you know what I mean..."

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    "Hai hai, I'll do my best..." these were Miki's words to Seriri. The Queen of the Merfolk had a wide grin at the agreed participation of both of these individuals. Knowing by how they acted that they'd keep their words. Granted there were platonic activities set up for the next week, her overall push was for love declarations and she already figured out the order they needed to happen in, and as such she'd have a very easy time manipulating the kind of outcome she wanted. And with that the pair of females left to join the group within the throne room, Hikari more than satisfied by what both of them had to say. While Miki and Kou continued to pay attention to their inverted familiars. Miki giving the most of her attention to the little squirrel? Dog? Fox-thing? That belonged to Kou. In the meantime the Direwolf spoke again for the first time in a while. He'd been content to watch the girl interact with her friends. "I... still have things that belong to you. I assume you want them back..." he mentioned standing up on his hind legs he revealed a pouch tied to his forepaws which held within them, two other pieces of the Lich King's Obelisks as well as a couple of legendary creature drops which could be used for different forms of Necromancy. Miki to her credit, pulled at everything with the use of Mana Zone keeping her hands to pet the little creature only to have her eyes widen when she saw them. Then an almost sinister grin spread across her face and she began laughing almost hysterically. Today had been a very good day for the half-Druid, "Youko!~ You're such a good boy. Keeping these for me!~" she praised the Direwolf and watching as his tail wagged furiously.

    Meanwhile outside in the Throne Room the smoking female was approached by Karna who made the claim that the Dragons she'd sought were back where they were supposed to be. "Goddamnit. I am in this for Wish Gems how did I miss both of them..." she griped. She supposed it was fine, since her trip wouldn't be wasted regardless, she still had time to research the objects of Atlantis while she aimed to advance her tech. "No, better question why are they both Dragonoids reading on my radar so hard?" she asked herself. She picked up the little console and began tinkering with it, cigarette hanging from her mouth. In the meantime, Seriri and Hikari were coming out and having a conversation which needed to be had among them. "So, I'm setting up a Valentine's Day and White Day festival with random other stuff in between so they can't feel like it was made for them..." she said to Hikari. The raccoon girl's eyes widened. "That's a great fucking idea! In that order right?" she asked of the plan. "Yep. Kimi first... him second. That seems to be better off for the both of them... and I ship it so I need to see this happen." she explained in hushed whispers as they looked up to find Karna in the Throne Room with a random woman on a motorcycle.

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