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    If only the pair of Adventurers knew what they were signing up for when agreeing to Seriri's celebration idea. No matter; they would do eventually.

    Elsewhere in the very same palace, Karna stepped even closer to a strange woman. This one wielded a technology rivaling, perhaps even surpassing, that of Atlantis itself. It seemed a bit more rustic, lacking in magic, though impressive nonetheless when considering her ability to track down a pair of Dragonoids from wherever she'd come from. Typically, only the senses of the magically-inclined could trace a Dragonoid from a distance, yet this woman managed to follow two of them simultaneously. "It's because they're Players, like us," Karna said simply. A simple beckoning gesture of his right forefinger would lay claim to the cigarette this girl smoked, bringing it to Karna's mouth for a quick drag. "Huu~. You're interesting, though. You could serve me, instead of following through with that stupid plan of collecting Wish Gems in this era."

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    "Shush..." this was the only thing said by the blue haired lass for a moment. She didn't need to be told about what was going on here, she'd already figured out that the pair was players, she'd just hoped they were the type to have those as their main characters. What was more this lad managed to steal a cigarette out of her mouth without her consent. The magically-inclined beings in this world were rather annoying, as were player characters with high opinions of themselves, as judging by this white haired lad's general disposition he was. "Ugh, I don't serve people," she said with a casual roll of her eyes. "You sound like one of those internet pervs from the dark corners... I don't need that shit..." she mentioned rather firmly. "I don't even work for people who could pay me. So, unless you happen to have the blueprints for my bike's upgrade... or scrap parts you have nothing to say to me," she said with a bit of acknowledgement. There wasn't anyone bonded so magically with this world that she could talk tech with... because of this, she had absolutely no interest in conversing further with this lad. "Keep the smoke... I don't expect you to get what I'm doing anyways..." she finished speaking and tinkering with her radar, making only minor adjustments to it, so it could more directly tell the difference between Dragonoids and True Dragons. She couldn't have direct contact with the Dragonoids, but she could always just follow this pair until they turned back and acquire her Wish Balls then. Until then, she'd go plunder the Library of Atlantis since it was now open to the public, with that in mind she situated herself on her bike and started the engine once more, content to leave this place and find what she was looking for.

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    "Nobody serves people, until they change their mind about servitude," Karna said prior to dragging more smoke into his lungs. Oddly, his existence outside of this world never partook of a cigarette. This Avatar, however, inhaled as if smoking were a long-term habit of his. "It looks like that bike needs more than some upgrades," he quipped ever so casually. This woman offered him the remainder of the cigarette, not that it mattered; he was going to keep it regardless. The woman claimed that she didn't expect him to know what she was doing... though he had his ways to know what anyone happened to be doing, at just about any time. Another puff of smoke, and he was speaking again. "You're not going to be able to differentiate those Dragonoids from their ancestors. Those two are Emperor Class."

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    "Not happening..." she said of choosing servitude, this was quite true. This girl had the same job she always had, and refused to work for the corporate machine. She wanted to tinker, so she tinkered. She wanted to invent so she invented. She wanted to see this games mechanics from the inside, she ended up in this world. Simple. As for what her bike needed or didn't need she could only chuckle. "Looks like, but I've been building it for years. I know exactly what it needs..." This lass stated facts. She knew exactly the type of upgrade she was looking for, and knew what would take her creations to the next level. As for the last bit after her bike started up, there was a claim made by this male that the Dragonoids found here were Emperor Class. He apparently had some idea of what she'd been doing, but she still didn't trust him. "Uh-huh? Hardcore PvP players couldn't even end up with Emperor Class Dragonoids. Two random kids ended up with it that happen to both be in Atlantis? Sitting beside each other even? The odds on that are cosmically unrealistic," said the lass. This world was magical, but even magic had limits, surely he was joking. He was lying? Trying to be impressive? Just a jackass? Didn't really matter, his words made her think and adjust the specs on her radar again. Because strangely those two hadn't stopped beeping on her screen. Should that even really be possible if they weren't currently in form as he claimed?

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    "The words of most people." With this simple response given, Karna let the cigarette hang from his lips while holding his hands against his sides. The matters of her strange, self-crafted motorcycle, were of no importance to him. He was more concerned with the matter of her seeking Dragons to collect the Wish Balls. He crossed his arms, and rolled his eyes. Her commentary about the people capable of becoming Emperor Class Dragonoids made him scoff. It was obvious that she didn't believe him, and he didn't even have to peer into her mind to learn this. Well, there was a simple way to clarify the possibility for this odd woman. One of the two Players may have been less recognizable to the general public, but the other...

    "Geno Killer?"

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    Apparently, this white haired lad thought that her words were the same as those of most people. She supposed unless he knew who she actually was, he'd have no reason to believe her when she said she had no intention of servitude. Perhaps he thought that this world changed her or would do? It wouldn't, there was a nary a thing that could make her do anything besides what she felt like doing. She had no sense of duty, no sense of obligation. She was a maker, so she'd make. That was all. "Hmphf. Whatever..." she didn't bother justifying her thoughts here. It was becoming obvious to her that this lad didn't understand how much she'd already proved herself of that point. 'Still, it's weird. This is perfectly calibrated, and adjusted for leaving and entering high density Mana Zones. It is completely unrealistic for a pair of not currently Dragonoid Avatars to be enough to still be blinking,' she thought to herself. She continued looking at her screen and thought of the extra research potential. Though not magically inclined a bit more research on the mechanics of magic as an energy source was necessary to create her source. While she thought this over there was a name drop which made her brow raise. "Geno Killer? Is here? The fuck!?" that was it, instant recognition and understanding. The lad responsible for breaking game mechanics was a bit more understandable as one who should be able to obtain the almost sacred Emperor Class Dragon. Beyond that, she was still yet more annoyed. When that lad had started dominating leaderboards in various games she'd looked into him quite a bit. He wasn't a cheater. He didn't use meta builds in anything. He didn't even use builds that were possible for other people to play logistically so it couldn't be copied and turned into the meta. No bots, no rolling of clocks... whoever that person was, they were one of the most earnest gamers in the history of gaming. Also worth having a look at for research purposes, it seemed like for the time being Atlantis was the place to be. There was still the other Emperor Class Dragonoid though... and that presented a different problem, was it someone who just got carried by the Geno Killer up to that mark? Or was it an individual who earned it? Would they also be capable of impossible feats... This was beginning to smell like a mystery equal to the fun of her bike building.

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    For probably the twenty-seventh time this day, Karna scoffed. He was quite sure he didn't stutter when he spoke the name, yet this blue-haired girl questioned it regardless. "Yes, Geno Killer. Both of them," he stated plainly. He couldn't be sure who knew of Kimiko's identity, but surely the rumors had spread far enough to get across to most, that there was another supposed Geno Killer roaming the arcades. Considering who he knew this person to be, he had an inkling that she'd have the information. After all, this individual before him now was involved very directly with one of three organizations, who all had every reason to be well-invested in Age of Eternity.

    In the meantime, Kou and his familiar were stepping out into the throne room next to Hikari and Queen Seriri, also looking out to see the woman at her bike. Upon witnessing her, his eyes widened slightly. He knew that face, that hair, that... literally everything. "Sou ka... Capsule Corp developed that sort of technology as well," he muttered.

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    The blue haired young woman's eyes widened at Karna's words. She was more than a little aware of the secondary Geno Killer. The one whose name started appearing, on several different gaming boards. She'd taken similar actions and tracked the behavior of that one as well, and she knew that to be a rather earnest player as well. No cheating, all game times legitimate, using builds that made no sense on paper but somehow hitting top spaces in leader boards as well. The only name besides Geno Killer that appeared was MisakiNeesan. "WHAT?! They are together?!" the lass said seemingly more excited and surprised than anything else. These were two of gaming's most elusive individual players, in an alternate game world together. No wonder they both managed Emperor Class Dragons.

    Queen Seriri and Hikari were still plotting their ultimate conspiracy when the door behind them opened and Kou stepped out with his own familiar. Their eyes widened and both stopped their hushed whispers. "Oh, right. Capsule Corp... Nii-san would be excited to meet her..." mentioned Seriri who simply shrugged. She didn't seem like a bad person so it wasn't worth looking into much. Miki also stepped out of the room lounged over her giant pillow with a white wolf along side her and a little kitsune seated in her lap, swatting at the Bones of Rathma as if it was its personal play thing. "I think you don't know the right meaning of excited... Tsu-chan..." Miki said. Still the knowledge that the greatest female technician of their Age was within the Kingdom of Atlantis made her chuckle. "Oi oi, you should be trying to make friends Tsu-chan... that girl is the foundation of human innovation," she mentioned. She knew that Tsukiko was a shut in so she hadn't gotten a chance to meet the girl who Kimiko knew in life as Hisakawa Hiromi. All the while blue haired lass pushed her goggles up from her neck and activated them while holding her Dragon Radar. She got confirmation of the identity of Geno Killer and then she looked to the secondary avatar that bleeped as Dragon and saw a username she didn't recognize but a face she did. "Ookimichan? What the bloody fuck is that username?"

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    "Not in the way they should be." Ah, another absolute zinger from Karna, surely. Whatever the case, he had become just bored and/or annoyed enough to give up from there, walking deeper into Atlantis with his claimed cigarette giving him an occasional, peaceful inhale.

    Kou was perplexed. What could have been happening in their original world, if the tinkerer of Capsule Corp had come here? "That's going to be strange back home. If she's here... the end of Kaiba Seto's vacation is going to turn Kaiba Corps into a monopoly, and quickly." Little did Kou know, the brother of the one called Tsukiko didn't simply take vacations. He was lost to their world, as they all were. In fact, that very man may have been stumbling upon the start of Atlantis's entry bridge as the group spoke.

    At the gate, there was talk of a True Dragon...

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    There was a word from Karna which let the lass know that apparently the two versions of Geno Killer weren't exactly a couple. Maybe that was up for negotiation, whatever the case, Karna seemed content to exit this place and be done speaking to her, much to her own general happiness. "Uh-huh..." perhaps she'd have more fun observing the workings of this pair than she thought. She sat on her bike, goggles on observing the other group with wide eyes. She had much work to do but first she had to make sure the operating player of this realm knew she wasn't here to do anything bad to her Kingdom. This was simple courtesy among players, still she'd let them complete their conversation before interrupting.

    In the meantime, Kou mentioned the likelihood of the domination of Kaiba Corp upon the return of its CEO from a vacation. This made Seriri sigh but she supposed she was among friends here, so she'd share a bit of news. "Ano, Seto-niisan, doesn't take vacations..." she said with her head tilted to the side as she rubbed her face with a single finger. "That was a cover story made up by my parents, Seto-niisan... went missing doing one of his experiments, a while before I did. They didn't want the investors to worry, so they told everyone he was taking a vacation, while they very quietly searched for him," she mentioned which made Miki's eyes light up. "Uh-huh... Well if Kaiba is missing the proper adults won't make that kind of decision. No monopolies. Both companies will hold their current positions until an upstart pops up," she said remembering the last time she'd spoken to Seto directly it had been him handing over the programming various prototypes for her VR system a few weeks before her exams. She hadn't gotten around to testing it until afterwards for the lack of her own free time. 'I want that to be a coincidence... but I feel like it's not...' she thought to herself. Little did she know, it wasn't a coincidence.

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