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    "Hmph!" he scoffed, turning up his nose before the blonde he conversed with. He rested his right hand on his hip, and raised his left arm. The faux Dragon flying above the streets of Atlantis was immediately converted to pure Mana, which collected in his open hand in the shape of a card. A flip of said card, and a flick of his wrist, caused the card to slide into an open slot on the device he wore on his left arm. "Head of finance? KaibaCorp isn't that silly little company I inherited years ago. I'm in need of a way to keep pushing the product, overtake Industrial Illusions, and make sure KaibaCorp stays on top. Somebody has to turn the concepts and experiments into something that will reach everyone," he clarified.

    As the older male rambled on, Kou watched with his usual amount of intent, while keeping an ear open for Hikari. The thing that she viewed as strange here was, of course, the type of interaction had between Miki, and one such as Kaiba Seto. Kou didn't find this strange at all; however, he also knew who both of these people were in their original lives. Hikari's confusion was something he thought answerable with only a simple name. "Ashikaga Kimiko."

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    Kaiba turned up his nose at Miki, but such a thing was normal between them. He went on to state with clear intentions exactly what it was he intended to do in joining forces with her. Apparently the lad had no intentions of starting from the same point he'd been living at when he'd first come to her about taking a job with him. No his current dreams were much bigger than that, and he intended to overtake another company and place his at the absolute top of this world too. Such ambition made a grin come to Miki's face. His dragon disappeared from the skies and he put away his card, but the name of the business he planned to take down. "Hoh? You have a target already, and a plan..." she thought it over. There were lots of things in the mind of this lass right now. There were plenty of bonuses involved with cooperation with Kaiba Seto. Perks of the job, that included early access merchandise, large payouts and plenty to keep her busy as far as the business aspects of her life were concerned. And had she been alone in this world when she'd stumbled upon him, she might have even negotiated those terms immediately, in her own favor. But, she wasn't alone, and her own favor wasn't all that mattered, a small smile crept across her face as she gave a sideways glance to those she was currently grouped up with. "That's a pretty good opening speech. Very tempting... Definitely better than the first one you ever gave me," she said knowing she needed to have a quick chat with the others to see what all they might have wanted out of such a deal.

    Miki's given name was spoken by Kou and much like he thought that tiny bit of knowledge made all the lights within Hikari's head turn on at once. Her eyes practically shining as several things made sense all at once and not just about the girl's own actions either. Miki not thinking herself lesser to Kaiba made sense, even beyond that her brother's resistance to the idea that the girl liked him now also made sense. It was as if the entirety of Atlantis could have been lit by this girl's thoughts. But aloud she only had something a bit snarky to say. "So, we just get to sit in on what is basically the most tense board room meeting of an entire generation. Yep... that's cool," she said but obviously it wasn't cool. her tail and ears twitched with more than mild irritation. She couldn't believe the amount of luck that had to have gone into producing such a showing of people in one place. Nor the amount of luck that her brother needed to possess to have the affections of a girl like Ashikaga Kimiko whether he was willing to see them for what they were or not.

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    "Of course I have a plan. There's always a plan." True enough, Kaiba Seto hadn't been entirely forward with his intentions, at least aloud. He'd always intended to take over the company named Industrial Illusions, but in the past, it was his plan to avoid having one such as Ashikaga Kimiko in a high enough position to potentially usurp him. Now, though, things were entirely different. He was confident no one could usurp him, now that his creations had already taken flight, so to speak. "Are you taking the offer, or not? KaibaCorp will rule both worlds, and that's with or without the likes of you."

    Kou's gaze wandered. He looked to Seto, to Miki, and to the blue-haired woman as well. It was well beyond the most tense board meeting of a generation; it was an entire uprising waiting to happen, if not something far greater in magnitude. There was one other name here, and it was no less obvious - by the appearance of this avatar - than Kaiba Seto himself. As he looked to the blue-haired woman, he spoke that name. "Hisakawa Hiromi."

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    Kaiba claimed to have always had a plan, and Miki could see that being exactly the case. Industrial Illusions was one of the most prolific companies to ever exist, if he intended to wipe it from both worlds, it was the best possible thing he could do to try and recruit her to his cause. She respected the tactic, though not necessarily the approach, such was the same problem she had with ones like Karna. Still his words struck Miki the wrong way, so wrong in fact that she seemed to lose all tension in the moment. Her body relaxed and her weapon in the form of a pillow came to her and she sat, legs crossed at the ankle and exhaled a slightly held breath. "I don't know if I am or not Kaiba. Contracts made under duress are never fair and though KaibaCorp stands a pretty good chance of doing what it wants whether I join it or not... that only really works if I remain neutral, right?" she paused and looked at him. "If I make a decision, just one little decision then I become a problem for you..." she said that and knew it to be fact, if for no other reason than she knew her own ability to garner resources including people. In fact, the addition of a singular extra person would make it possible for Miki to shift the tides of this conversation and said person knew it.

    Hisakawa Hiromi was just mentioned by name. With the dragon created gone, she was left to watch as the two would be heads of business argued the semantics of their points. One trying to force some sort of merger and the other content with her independence. She respected and knew both of these individuals and she knew the sort of interactions they had often ended in stalemates. "Yare yare, this kind of high stress situation is exactly why I wanted nothing to do with boardrooms. These two revel in this sort of shit. I'd rather tinker..." she said lighting a cigarette because the tension of the moment was getting to her as well and she hadn't gotten all the way through her previous one before it was stolen by Karna. To be fair, if it came down to a choose or die moment, right now, siding with the two Geno Killers over Kaiba was a pretty good bet. If one added to that fact that they had Dragons within their bodies they were excellently aligned for her own desires. The choice should be made based on all open facts, and as Hiromi stared down at her radar she looked back to the two who made the blips and sighed. Letting this take place without all knowledge being available was probably misleading, as such she did the one thing she should do without directly involving herself right now. She turned on the sound for the Dragon Radar. And the gentle double bleeping would echo throughout this place. "A man with a plan, a merchant to finance everything and a creator to make both of their ideas come to life. That's too much right? I'm not crazy, that is way too much potentially..." she said assuming the egos of all involved didn't get in the way of a proper agreement being reached. The sound of the bleeping though started interfering with Hikari's thought processes. "The hell is that bleeping?!"

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    So, she simply refused to make her decision at the moment. Typical. What's more, Miki went on to note what a hindrance it would be to the man if she were to instead side with one of the other companies. His eyes narrowed, and his gaze fixated on her. She wouldn't dare, would she? "Are you going to threaten me with that? Those other companies would do you no good; you'd be doing it only to spite me. You know where the best opportunity is," he said with a snarky undertone.

    The tinkerer of Capsule Corporation spoke at last, commenting on her lack of interest in boardrooms and the like. Kou could understand this. If he had a mind to, he'd have interjected to find the proper middle-ground, but... it seemed things would work out just fine in the end. "It would become a problem if you weren't like that," he said, seeming to have blurted it out accidentally as he watched the other two have their discussion. True enough, it would. Two participants was riding the line, but the moment the third member of the 'Big Three' as they were called entered the scene properly, there would be a very big issue at hand, potentially.

    "It doesn't seem like it'll be too mu-" Kou's response to Hikari was cut short by the sound of the blue-haired woman's device. Clearly, she'd activated it on purpose. What was it, though? Kou had missed the discussion of Dragons and the like shared between this woman and Karna, but he felt a strange heat in his chest, as if Akashi were reacting to the item. "It's that thing, but... why?"

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    Would she dare? The answer was an emphatic, yes. Miki or rather Kimiko was exactly the sort of person who would under any circumstance choose the best opportunity. That being said, she also wasn't going to be bullied into anything and would indeed choose a different company to side with to spite Kaiba for his arrogance and insolence, and topple him because it would be best for business. Whether she possessed those traits herself, or not. The narrowing of his eyes let her know all she needed to about his mental process in the moment, he knew what she was. "Spite? I don't think I know the meaning of it... I am something else entirely Kaiba and the best op-por...." there was a pause from Miki. As the bleeping of Hiromi's machine came into her ears. A swirling of water like rushing tides filled her head and numbed her body down to an almost tempered nature. Her head tilted towards the object and its holder.

    Kou's words about the Tinkerer of the Big Three made her chuckle. "Hai, it would. But there are scarier things out there, than my tinkering self..." she mentioned as she took a long drag from her cigarette. All necessary attention was on her soon after, as the effect of her machine in the moment seemed to cause a break in both of the people who maintained Dragonoid Avatars attention. "Sou ka... it effects you both directly. I did use the resonance of a Wish Gem to make it. I've also been modifying it to try and exclude you two since I arrived. It didn't work though, so I amp'ed up the resonance instead. You're too advanced for it to ignore you, so I made it acknowledge you more..." she mentioned casually. "Kaiba, Ashikaga..." she said calling to both of the ones in the way she often referenced them. "I made a Dragon Radar. It acknowledges Ashikaga and Kou..." she flicked her eyes over the lad's information to get the name of his avatar. "As Dragons... Emperor Class Dragons," she said, among the changes she'd made, was a bit of extra scaling to show the difference in Dragons by color on screen. "That means its time for a normal chat, yeah?" she said exhaling the final hit of her cigarette before putting it out underneath her booted foot. At the end, she flicked the sound off her device, she didn't want to incidentally raise true Dragons just by resonating them with her Wish Ball. She'd just done the equivalent of throwing a bucket of ice water on two kids in a fist fight.

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    Kaiba would have scoffed. He would have grimaced. He would have carried on about opportunism. He actively did none of these things, mostly due to the fact that Miki left her clause unfinished. His attention was also brought to the Dragon Radar, and by association, its holder. That's when the scoff and grimace came into play. Who did this woman think she was? Whatever. She'd managed to rip the topic away from business, to Dragons and their connections, and Kaiba was frankly fine with either. "Emperor-Class Dragons don't even exist in the game's files as anything but a name," he said plainly, skipping on the useless dribble about her little radar creation.

    Kou, on the other hand, took great interest in the radar. Not only had this woman managed to create a device to find things that weren't meant to just be discovered, but she'd tweaked it to be more specific in classification. More importantly though, the claim of Emperor applied to a Dragonoid was... unheard of. "Emperors? That's not normal. Emperors should be exclusive to proper Dragons, not some hybrid. Even without game files as references, that doesn't seem like it should be possible..."

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    There was no response given to Miki, and instead it was directed at the Avatar of Hisakawa Hiromi, which she hadn't told anyone what her name was here. It seemed Kaiba took issue with the fact that she claimed the pair to be Emperor Class Dragons as such things only existed in name within the games files. "Uh-huh, well this isn't a game, this is a growing and expansive world. I wouldn't exaggerate such a thing and you know it..." she said frowning deeply. This lad was always argumentative about things, but she wouldn't be having it in this lifetime. She knew her creations better than anyone else and she knew she wasn't wrong. Kou seemed to take a bit more interest in the whole of the creation, but his claim was one which also showed openness to the idea. "Except for the fact that this world is constantly evolving to accommodate those within it. For all we know, those Dragonoids because of their existence have the ability to become True Dragons..." she said with a gentle shrug. "At the very least, they probably contain Wish Gems, which is what the Radar is meant to track. And I doubt the pair of you is walking around with them in your inventory currently," she said staring at both of them.

    Miki had been quiet for a few moments while Hiromi spoke. She knew that Kaiba would be a bit skeptical, Kou's statements made her think back to her own interactions with the Dragonoid Akashi. "Iie, I don't have that in my inventory, a few other things of interest one of which is Dragon related but not a Wish Gem. But... Akashi mentioned something he called the Power of Influence, explaining to me that Dragons were walking artifacts capable of bringing calamity at any point they wished, to extremes. He referred to me as a Dragon, even while I wasn't in the form of my Dragonoid Avatar... does this Wish Gem have that sort of power?" she asked of Hiromi. The blue haired lass looked up and grinned. "When they are all together they can rewrite everything, according to the legend. It's why I am looking for them. Individually they are said to have different powers and abilities depending on the type of Dragon they are attached to..." she explained, changing the whole of the world, or finding the ultimate power source in this world for her inventions was her ultimate goal. She'd be able to tinker eternally with such a thing, not that it was totally necessary for anyone to know that. This was a lot of information but it didn't really connect to anything. Seriri stood off to the side, as the only person who'd experienced both of the Dragonoids directly aside from Karna she had a pretty decent amount of experience.

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    "You don't have to be exaggerating. You should still bring more evidence to the table before you make such a ridiculous claim of Emperor Dragonoids." In no way had Kaiba been arguing against the idea of the two Dragonoids belonging to the Emperor Class. In fact, the very prospect of it was something exciting; he could use that experience. Without proper reason to believe, though, he would remain skeptical to no ends. Kou could see this beyond the hard exterior of the older male, but had nothing to say of it.

    Between Kou and Miki, there were two Artifacts related to Dragons and their powers, but neither had these 'Wish Gems' the woman - originally named Hiromi - spoke of. What they did have, though, was the influence of their Dragonoid selves, even while being other Avatars. Could that have been it? Perhaps. More to the point, Kou knew of these 'Wish Gems' that were so recently mentioned, and equated them to something he'd seen in Age of Eternity's lore. "Dracolite. Something found inside the bodies of True Dragons, equivalent to a heart or soul. Emperor Dragons have a special version of these, though there are only meant to be seven Emperors at once, all intended to be released as Max Raids in the game. Those seven are supposed to have capabilities far beyond any of the other crystals. Are those the Wish Gems you're talking about?"

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    A sigh left Hiromi as she began fiddling with the Dragon Radar she'd created. She began pressing buttons in random sequence but it wasn't random at all. She was unlocking the casing to reveal that which was inside. "Of course I have evidence... I just needed to know potential outcomes before revealing it..." she said to Kaiba directly. She kept pressing buttons while listening to what Kou had to say. Miki was silent in the moment but she too recognized Kaiba's softer notions. Though she had a great deal of fun poking at the lad due to her own personality quirks, she respected Kaiba Seto and knew him to be a better person than most, even if she thought the amount of arrogance he possessed was outlandishly in contrast to that. "Hai, those are the exact Wish Gems I speak of," she said calmly. "And I know you possess them and I know they actually exist because... I have this one..." she said as the back of her Dragon Radar opened and revealed from within a red glowing crystal like gem full of power which had been hidden within the shell of her device and quieted by the mechanisms she'd created around them. Here and now it would give off a pulse of energy which returned the rushing sound of water to Miki's ears and made her clutch her chest. "Ugh, that definitely feels like something found in a Dragon. It definitely calls to her... " she said knowing this sensation from when she'd fought it off before, when Akashi had called to Tatsuki within her person. She looked to Kou for confirmation of him feeling the same thing, and secretly hoped the other lass would close the object up again, lest she be forced to take her Dragon's form again so soon after finally breaking free of it.

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