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    For whatever reason, Miki didn't catch Kou's very clearly-spoken query. He looked to the girl with great curiosity in his visage. What could have put her in such a state? The number of things happening, while being unsolvable for Kou, was becoming a bit of a bother here in Atlantis. Whatever the case, he didn't even have to repeat himself; Seriri took care of things in that department. She blamed Miki's recent waking for this odd behavior, and yet... Kou had been there during the blonde's waking hours many times over the course of their shared adventure. She'd been a bit out of sorts, but she was always quick to recover. Now shouldn't have been the time for such oddities.

    "H-... Hai. I think it'd be nice to participate. Nobody else here will have much going for that day, so maybe we could even get others involved. I was actually thinking to make something for Fiona, and a bit of outside influence would really help that as well."

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    Miki was out of sorts, and not even for reasons which she could possibly discuss. Right in the moment, she was happy her friend seemed to be capable of coming up with a passable excuse for why she was like this, but she could still see the very clear curiosity in the eyes of her partner. He was far too observant and had too much knowledge about her to fall for such things, but for now it would be enough unless he decided to think about it more. "Gomen gomen, I was focused, just... spaced out," she excused her own carelessness in the moment as it wasn't something that happened very often. It seemed Kou wanted to do something nice for the Filolial making something for it and potentially getting others involved with the creation or activity since their group of other world adventurers wouldn't have parents here to support their parent child day. "I'm all in, that would be pretty good and give most of us something to do on an otherwise dead day..." Miki agreed, switching her panic to something more easily manageable. "Do you know what you want to make for her?" she asked quietly, trying not to draw the attention of the bird, lest she figure out they were talking about her. Seriri watched as the lass switched focus almost instantly and seemed fine to play off the potential mix-up of her brain in the previous moments. 'I didn't know it was possible for her to panic so much... It's pretty cute actually. I didn't know Kimi did cute...' Seriri thought in the moment. Moving right along, she gave a casual shrug. "I wouldn't be opposed to contributing to something like that if you have something in mind," Seriri mentioned of her own potential participation in the Parent/Child creation for their shared pet. Still all the while there was the thing looming in the mind of Miki and festering in Seriri's own thoughts as well, she knew what the lass wanted to do, and also knew why she was having problems being decisive. A bit of alone time for them as a pair of girls was on the horizon, perhaps she'd take their solo time to encourage her best friend.

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