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    One should never have to imagine that the simple act of waiting could be a frightening thing. There was nothing but time, yet that time would eventually run out. He had the time until sunset, for more reasons than he even realized in this form. There was always the chance that Tamamo didn't even consider seeking him, but that was all part of the gamble. High risk, high reward─ that would be the way this game was played.

    While he waited, his senses remained open as well. The wind itself told the tale of many movements, made by many who currently inhabited Ryozanpaku. Among those movements, was Tamamo. He could smell her on the wind, even feel her divine presence caressing his skin through the gentle breeze. Only a small amount of focus was required for him to ignore everyone else he sensed. She was moving, but was she moving for the sake of locating him? If so, he would find out soon enough. Perhaps this lonely rooftop would be occupied by another in due time, or perhaps... a wish would not be made this festival.

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    This new face of Yugi's wondered if Tamamo was looking for him... and the answer to that was simply, yes. Even as she walked among the crowd and moved between the throngs of people she found herself searching every instance for a face that she recognized. How odd... she was fairly certain they intended to make these wishes together. And given the amount of time she had left she knew it was necessary to find him. Still, she didn't manage to look distraught at all. She'd waited much longer and much more passively for him before, actively searching for him was much less stressful. 'Hm, I know I don't like waiting... I am not sure if I prefer chasing though~' the lass spoke to herself words of encouragement. She had all the faith that she would see this lad but where would someone like him hide during something like this? As she crossed the path of several playing Youkai, children running hand in hand with lanterns and smiles she couldn't help but chuckle.

    Well, if she couldn't see him to pick him out of the crowd, perhaps she'd just remove the crowd from her senses instead? Every time her eyes shifted she marked away the signature of the person she saw. The buzzing of her senses alight within this realm of Youkai was eventually whittled down to one. She moved towards this sensation, so familiar and yet so different. And she'd eventually as the the sun neared its setting point find herself near the outer edges surrounded by buildings. Outside of the full movement of the bodies of people... she could feel the breeze again. 'Yare yare, even though these are meant for bathhouses it gets hot inside of these,' she thought enjoying the coolness against her skin she looked up and she saw someone new. A lad with black hair with teal undertones, dressed in traditional garbs sitting on top of a roof. In that same moment a gentle smile came to her face and she rather casually jumped floating up to the same level to stand before this lad. "Ara ara, if we're playing hide and seek, you should probably warn me that I'm it~" she teased ever so gently happy to have found him.

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