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    And so, the white-haired young man would rest for a moment. Kou shuffled himself about until his back pressed against the wall next to where Tamamo stood. It didn't seem like his heart would stop racing soon at all, but that was fine and... likely related to another matter entirely. After all, that strange sensation within him had yet to go anywhere. That could be worried about later; now was the time to recover from recent events, and enjoy the afterglow for what it was worth. His eyes shifted to observe the Kitsune's movements. Her hand was virtually painted white, and he wondered what would become of that. Ah, it seemed magic was the answer. Seeing that, he blinked a few times before leaning his head against the wall. His imagination had, interestingly enough, taken a different route. Too much media, it seemed. "I wonder if the others will take long to meet in the middle."

    As for some of those others, particularly Shuten and Ibaraki, they were at last stumbling upon the lair of spiders. There were several Youkai inhabiting this domain, but even though it may not have seemed to be most powerful, there was a small male with white hair. This particular figure boasted the eeriest aura, which radiated evenly throughout the entire forest atop Mt. Kurama when intruders were sensed by his subordinates. Did more pitiful Youkai have the audacity to invade his domain? They would learn, just as all the others who now hung from various spiderwebs did in their final moments.

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    Against the wall, the lass found herself sitting as well clothing still quite disheveled but it appeared she had a bit less modesty than most. As she found herself enjoying the afterglow she didn't have much to be worried about. The lad's look at her made her wonder if they'd shared the same initial thought. She'd originally had a mental image of doing something very different with what was left in her hand. Perhaps the look upon his face meant he'd like to watch such a thing? Definitely a thought for later as she let her eyes close gently. "Hm, I guess that mostly depends on how long spider slaying takes. I assume everyone else will make their way without much problem," she said giving a gentle idea of the time frame they might be faced with. Under many circumstances she'd be content to carry on until they were actually needed, but she wondered if that course of action was worth pursuing in the next few moments. She didn't want to seem crazed or overly demanding right? She'd just said she could wait so they couldn't do too much immediately afterwards. There was a certain amount of genuine awkwardness present in this pink haired woman, despite her rather flirty ways.

    "Eh? Does this place feel a bit weird to you?" Ibaraki asked of Shuten as they made their ascent. Shuten gave it a bit of thought and shrugged. "A little, I have a hard time thinking about such things right now," she said honestly. One might have thought this was a matter of all the alcohol she'd consumed before this moment, but it wasn't. Shuten-Doji was an interesting man in his previous incarnation and found little to nothing properly intimidating. He felt all powerful and as she was now, the lass behind this current iteration found it a bit difficult to properly separate herself from his feelings of superiority. "Care though, Ibaraki..." she mentioned holding a hand out she shifted her gaze upwards and saw swaying in the trees from lines of spider webs, several dozen other Youkai who'd obviously been captured by whatever spider inhabited this lair. "Fufu, it seems like the ones who made it up here before weren't very good off..." mentioned Shuten. Ibaraki looked up at Shuten's warning and her eyes quivered slightly. She was an Oni, barbaric and brutal but all of these creatures kept up in the tree as trophy or sport weren't something she could tolerate. Her blood boiled and her magic reverberated around them, as literal seem seemed to erupt with every footfall she made. "Oi oi. I didn't come here to look at this trash. Get your ass out here... coward!" she shouted.

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    In the midst of this relaxation period, many glances were stolen by Kou. His manhood was far from capable in terms of losing its stiffness, as the disheveled visage of his companion seemed to be keeping his arousal piqued for quite some time. At the very least, the male made an attempt to keep his mind from wandering too far... again. "If Shuten helps out, I doubt there's anything here that could last a few minutes. But... I doubt she'll actually do anything. It's just a test, and I don't think my sister could ever be the type to help keep someone else from coming into their own like that."

    Two intruders were present; none would leave. This was the decision of Rui, a young boy with the palest of skin and red dots upon said flesh. Light pink hair with a resemblance to spider legs flowed gently as the barefoot lad walked along a lengthy web toward his female targets, and pale blue irises set between red sclerae gazed down at them from above. One of those eyes was particularly strange, as it bore a tattoo-like marking at its center. That marking... was kanji, which read "Lower Rank 5" even in this world that did not make use of such characters. Whatever the case, that same eye was hidden behind his hair for the time being. "You're disturbing my family. I'll give you one chance to leave," he lied, knowing none would be allowed to take a single step outside of this forest. If these two did listen to the lad atop his web, though, they would at least be granted the reprieve of a less painful death.

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    Tamamo had made no attempts to right her outward appearance, this was mostly due to the fact that she was also stealing glances and knew the lad to be looking in her direction. She stole a bit more than that and knew the state of his manhood even post their activities. As far as she was concerned this was a great discovery in the making, think of how much they could enjoy each other! She shot him a simple wink during one of his glances but for the most part left him to look and left herself exposed because of it. For all intents and purposes she considered this another form of teasing and couldn't help but find something about his continued state a bit amusing. She couldn't have explained why this was the case if asked, but she knew it somewhere deep within herself. What was more, the lad known as Kou seemed to be trying very hard to focus, and as such she'd comment only upon the current topic of conversation. "Hm, she does seem to be like that. It's for the best, my assessment of the situation said that any one of us with combat potential could handle it in a relatively short amount of time. But one of the natives might take a bit longer, especially not one of the leaders. After seeing Ibaraki I figure she should be able to handle it, especially if she wants to prove herself as one of the leaders. Even if it takes a bit longer than one of us would~" she said having thought through the entire situation. Though it probably wasn't as easy as the pair of them would have made such a thing, she figured it would be fine so long as no one underestimated the Spiders to be found in the area.

    In the forest, Ibaraki and Shuten were addressed directly by a small white haired boy, who gave off one of the most disturbing auras that Shuten had ever felt. It came with a certain amount of menace she'd only experienced once in her life before this. What was more he claimed that they were disturbing his family and that he'd grant them the opportunity to leave. Shuten was ready to talk a little smack knowing this to be a false claim, but to her surprise... Ibaraki spoke first. The blonde lass was standing with one foot planted firmly on the ground while the other was balanced against her calf. "Urusai. This mountain belongs to the Kitsune, you're just out here infesting the woods," she exclaimed seeming to take issue with this lad. "Besides, you and I both know you don't actually let anyone leave here. Half these people were obviously trying to run when their bodies were strung up. And that's unforgiveable..." she mentioned. Oni were honorable creatures, bound by their words. They wouldn't attack unarmed individuals and they certainly wouldn't sneak in and infest a place that was unguarded. No, they would have knocked on the front door and taken the whole place by force. These Spiders were deplorable creatures to Ibaraki and the longer she stood here, the more she wanted to wipe them out. A boney sword appeared in her hand and the temperature in the area began to swelter. Thinner leaves would begin to burn off the trees, and threads not magically enforced enough would begin to burn as well as heat permeated from her body. Shuten for her part in this nodded willing to sit out the fight to see what this blonde lass had to offer.

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    "That..." Kou was paused again. Was that a wink? Ah, she'd taken note of his current state of being. Well, surely the Kitsune understood that she was at fault for such a thing! Should he cover himself? No, that wouldn't make sense. All he could manage in the end was a blood-pooled face and an averted gaze, as he made another effort to tunnel-vision his way through the current topic. "That's um... hot─" he said, worsening his state due to the accidental mention of what entered his mind. "I mean! That Ibaraki is a pureblood, so it shouldn't be much of a problem with their... hot... blood and stuff. If it does end up being a huge problem, I think Shuten will be able to lend a hand without bruising somebody's development."

    These two Oni who dared invade his place of solitude, would not leave? Very well. He only cared to offer them so much as a chance to make peace with their current selves, but whether they took it or not, he would have his way. He, and his family, would live 'happily' in this place claimed as their own. "We haven't infested anything. My family only wants to live in peace and care for me, like families do. You'd like to be in my family too... wouldn't you?" This lad's aura was one thing, but his voice was another. It wasn't menace which drove him, but something far, far darker. Even his offer seemed to carry an air of foreboding as he spoke with the voice of a broken, yet devilish child. Saying such words with such a small body, there wasn't so much as a tremble in his eye. No, his gaze was fixed, his brow furrowed, and his eye wide with anticipation for these new members of his family. "It's fine if you're not like me. Okaa-san says... I can fix people when they want to join our family. . ."

    As this boy spoke, the webs around the forest began to move. Mangled bodies of fallen Youkai had their heads exposed beneath what appeared to be egg sacs. Were they egg sacs? No, not quite. Those thin webs which didn't seem affected by the same heat which immolated leaves and branches in the area, unleashed droplets of blood into the mouths of those below them. As a result of this, that same aura which radiated from the small boy appeared in greater potency from various places throughout the forest. This was why the feeling of him was spread so thin; all members of this 'family' shared the same aura. As live flowed through so many bodies, the boy's power rose. The slightest shift lifted his hair, revealing that strangely-marked eye of his beneath. "We're such a large family; see? You can come play with me, and the other kids. Okaa-san and Otou-san will look after us."

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    Kou's pause let Tamamo know he'd indeed seen the gesture she'd made at him. She found it interesting how easy it seemed to be to distract this train of thought. So, the short answer was yes. She knew she was at fault for his present state, but still she couldn't help but tease him a bit. What would he do in response though? He didn't go for immediately covering himself. That was indeed progress on his part. Though that didn't stop all the blood from pooling in his face. How cute. His next words caused her left brow to rise as she understood them. "Aww, Mikon, you flatter me~" she teased as she watched him try and plow his way into a regular conversation. He claimed he'd meant that Ibaraki would be fine because of the 'hot blood' type of element she had going on. And that he figured his younger sister could probably help out while preserving the lass dignity and ascension to the throne. "Hai hai, of course that's what you meant!~" she couldn't help herself as she leaned in and pressed her lips against his warm cheek. "I still like compliments though~"

    This child was next level creepy. In fact... Ibaraki shivered but it wasn't from cold. Her body was overwhelmingly hot, there was a certain creepiness involved with this child, the likes of which she couldn't possible understand. "Yes, you have. That is the definition of taking over a place that doesn't belong to you and creeping all over it," said ibaraki. This lad was quite strange, did he really not understand what he was doing was wrong. What was more he claimed he'd invite her into his family, how weird. "Ew, no. No more family bullshit. I already got one dumbass older brother. I am not adding crazy little brother to the list... and I'm an Oni... I'm not changing for your or anyone else," said the young woman. She was indeed hitting all of the marks necessary on the list which Shuten was using in her head to decide if she was a worthwhile leader to the Oni. This list, didn't just belong to the purple haired girl she was now, but also to the looming presence which was the original Shuten-Doji. Whatever the case, the things falling from the trees were full of something icky and Ibaraki was about to find out just how gross this entire situation was.

    Egg sacs? No, there was blood in them. Shuten's eyes widened at the realization that this lad had simply been infecting and spreading himself through other people and this land by association. He was literally patient zero for this Spider Infestation. 'Ugh, when Nee-san said it was spider killing... I expected literal bug squishing. Maybe even giant bug squishing. Not gross kid with spider powers and mommy issues in the wilderness,' thought Shuten. Still she took in the sight of that lad's eye, whatever the case she didn't appear to be worried. She was too busy thinking about this lad and his placement and where she'd felt such a strange aura before now. Actual flames began to seep from Ibaraki, from her mouth as she clicked her tongue, but that face of hers looked smug and a bit menacing. She drew back her weapon, and it gained intense flames along the blade, she wasn't about to stand here and wait to be strung up or infected with whatever this lad had going on. Swift strikes were necessary. She jumped forward immediately aiming a spinning flaming slash at this young lad's body from his left shoulder down to his right hip with Oni levels of force, enough that it would cut a regular person in half if they'd been hit by it.

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    For all his bumbling, Kou was strangely rewarded with a kiss on the cheek. Well, he supposed it had to be worth something to have such a colossal screw-up. Why did he even think he could save that sentence with more words? No matter. What was done, was done, and it seemed there wasn't much of an issue at all. "Eheh~ yeah... well, that too," he spoke while rubbing the back of his head.

    "No one lives in this forest. This is the perfect place for a family to grow," the boy said with certainty. The lack of interest this blonde had in joining them was clear, but that didn't matter one bit. In time, both of these girls would be his adoring sisters. They would nurture and protect this darling little boy, just like all the others. Speaking of the others, they were quickly being reborn as his family members. White, red-dotted skin, various spider limbs, and many other arachnid features grew on the bodies of many Youkai in the forest as they hatched fully. By the time Ibaraki reached the lad she wished to harm, there was a multi-eyed Kodama Nezumi on the spiderweb between them. Ibaraki's burning blade cleaved through the mouse demon and torched it in one fell swoop, but the initial target remained unscathed. In fact, he seemed unperturbed even before one of his relatives intercepted. "See? If you would be my favorite sister, they might protect you like this too."

    Next up, came a Houkou that had more recently fallen prey to the forest. Black fur, the body of a dog sans its tail, and a human face were its normal features... yet this one possessed four additional, hairy legs. It used the legs of a spider to crawl quickly along the web, encroaching upon Ibaraki from the rear in the aftermath of her attack. "Don't you love me, Onee-san? I don't like it when you hurt the others." These words were spoken head-on by the ringleader himself, while the transformed Youkai targeting Ibaraki lunged at her from behind, aiming to ensnare her in its newfound legs. With reckless abandon, the former Houkou had every intention of ensnaring the Oni in a rapidly-formed web durable enough to be used as a shield against even the flames she'd shown. It wasn't quite to the standard of this Youkai's 'brother', but... it could do well enough to please the lad.

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    Tamamo did indeed reward this lad with a kiss on the cheek. She found his bumbling nature a bit charming if she was being honest. It was nice to know he didn't think himself infallible and that he normally chose his words more carefully. This was in part one of many reasons she chose to say and do things around him that threw him off a bit. Strange, she really was beginning to think she was a lot like those characters from the media she took in. Doing multiple things just to get reactions out of the lad she fancied. Whatever the case, his shy face was one she could look upon with adoration. "Hai!~" she finally managed. A few more minutes would pass before the lass would finally get herself together enough to begin getting dressed more properly so they could continue on their journey.

    The things taking place in that eerily quiet forest only got creepier by the moment. "This whole mountain is part of the Kitsune's territory, it should be teeming with lesser Youkai. So, does no one else live here, or did you kill and cannibalize everyone who was already here?" these were the words Shuten said aloud while watching this entire thing. Ibaraki heard her and couldn't help but voice her agreement. "That!" White and red dotted creatures fully began appearing from the falling corpses and Shuten almost wanted to throw up. Ibaraki's attack didn't meet her target, instead the rotational slice was met by a small creature who throw itself between them. That was a shame, but she doubted she could have done anything to restore it to its right mind anyways. She was in a bit of trouble though. For all intents and purposes the lad seemed to want to keep her as his sister, claiming he didn't like her hurting his siblings. "Then don't throw them in front of yourself. You're deluded if you think this is how families are supposed to work! I have no desire or intention of joining you and I barely know you I definitely don't love you!" she exclaimed. Her own brother wasn't even this level of disgusting. Even so the legs of this creature found themselves around her. "Gross!" she exclaimed. What would she do about this spider rapidly spinning new webs around her. The easier answer would be to burn it, but she soon found that she could not just burn her way out of it with the passive use of her 'heated' blood. No she'd have to resort to something much more brutal. Her arm began to grow to a massive size beneath this web and the legs of this creature, growing and growing until it was the size of one that should belong to a giant and she used sheer physical force to break free along with an open-handed swat at the creature which would align with enough force to break the neck of a creature with its size. Shapeshifting like this was one of her lesser known abilities, even so she didn't enjoy using such a skill very often, as it made her seem monstrous and affected her battle tactics too much.

    All the while Shuten remained quiet. She watched the ongoing trial passively. But just the same there was some form of light moving behind those eyes. She considered several possibilities in the moment and wondered if the most recent action of Ibaraki would be the thing to snap this lad's play at having them join him. Would enough violence against his family spark his rage? Or maybe it would be Ibaraki's words which set him off instead?

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    "Nobody lives here but us. Okaa-san takes care of us all here while Otou-san works outside." The words of the spider boy were, in fact, true. His 'mother' was the inhabitant of the singular house atop this mountain, and all who called this forest home were part of his... family. These two didn't understand; no one ever understood until their minds changed about being his relatives. Two examples were the Youkai who threw themselves at Ibaraki, which the Oni herself was content to comment on as if this lad had anything to do with their decisions. He actually seemed confused. "I didn't make them do anything. They're my older siblings. They protect me when they want to... like you should, Onee-san." True enough, this blonde was undoubtedly one fit to offer her 'protection' as his older sister. That massive, hulking form of hers reminded him of their father. Oh, how that would look when she leapt out in front of the next intruders... and embraced the even newer members of their happy family the way that Houkou aimed to embrace her moments prior. "Don't be mean, Onee-san. Look... I have a game we can play."

    Was he enraged by her outburst? Had he had enough, and decided to slay these Oni here and now? No. He looked on with childlike wonder, albeit diluted by the sickness of corrupt blood, as his aura manifested properly at last. His energy was akin to a thick smog that threatened to infect the lungs of all who filled the forest, and its density only increased closer to his body. His very cells were used to produce webs─ webs which cut the blades of demon slayers across the land, and now formed a lattice in the area immediately surrounding Ibaraki. The threads were all inches away from her body, and all only inches apart from one another as well. They were mighty, yet malleable enough to continuously sway to the breath of the Oni so close to them. "Look. We can play this game, where we figure out how many loving sisters you can be by the end. That's better, right? Instead of two new sisters... I can have so many to comfort me."

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    This 'boy' had some strange ideas about his... family. He claimed that they acted like any normal nuclear family would, but both Shuten and Ibaraki knew that families were much more complicated than this. Sure older siblings might protect you, but they'd likely also piss you off or fight with you. Parents were far from perfect beings who existed in such limited spheres and no one who was a legitimate family member of anyone would allow their younger sibling to run amok the way this lad was. "You forced them into these forms, you took over a land they used to exist in freely." she stated. "And no, I don't protect people who are obviously wrong. Not even my actual idiot brother..." she said frowning intently and this was absolute fact. She'd done nothing to save her brother nor was she really concerned upon hearing he died. Even someone who was willing to die for their siblings wouldn't be blind to their shortcomings and this she knew as fact. Surely someone among his siblings were they a true family would have stopped this rampage of his. Ibaraki's large arm shrank back down in size as she opened and closed her fist planting her sword in the ground before her and exhaling a long sigh. There was really no talking to this deranged kid. Everything about him gave her the creeps and it only got worse when the true nature of his aura appeared. Ibaraki couldn't quite name it, but something about it seemed directly opposed to her existence. She could sense the threads all around her and knew that one false move could mean the loss of a limb or worse. But there was something even more sinister than this kids words afoot.

    Ibaraki may not have been able to place the feeling of what was wrong with this lad's aura but Shuten could, her own resistances were high enough that she wasn't worried but what about Ibaraki? Her combined memories across her Avatars finally allowed her to classify this feeling. 'There's no way there is one of those here right? It's really problematic if he's that kind of creature. But my senses don't lie. Ibaraki might have a harder time with this than I imagined. What to do?' she gave it some more moments of thought. She could probably step in at any point and put forth enough effort to make this child disappear, but if Ibaraki didn't overcome this challenge in her own way she'd likely no feel like she properly won her place as the leader of the Oni. As such something much more delicate than simply taking over this fight had to be done. "This isn't a game, you're killing people for sport and trying to justify it!" this was a sentence spoken by Ibaraki as her arm raised before her once more. The flames of her blood reached their highest potential they were sinking her in to the ground a little with their weight, all the while she thought these wires would likely cut her, she didn't care as she raised her sword in one hand she'd aim to repeated slash at the strings while running forward. This sword had a strange property of being enforced by Oni bones, as such they would hold some resistance while she aimed a large flaming fist towards the face of this lad, should she be able to clear the threads in time, her fist would aim to make contact with his left cheek aiming to hit him hard enough that she could knock his head from his shoulders. Though her movements were a bit sluggish and her breathing more labored the closer she got to this lad, there was something going on here that she didn't quite understand.

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