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    Having eaten, the flirty behavior of the Kitsune returned full force, and what did she have to show for it? A shift in the gaze of the Oni she physically occupied, this was all. He spoke, but it was nothing of great substance, instead it seemed to be acknowledgement. 'Ah, that clears things up doesn't it...' the pink haired lass thought. Whatever the case was with this lad's current Avatar, he definitely was less responsive overall. Still, she was quite certain that he wasn't simply ignoring her. Actually, this more stoic personality reminded her of Akashi, someone whose face didn't shift much but was still working beneath the surface. As such she'd remain content, happy to be around him, very easily wrapped around the lad's shoulders, even as they approached their ship. What was more this approach would lead them to seeing the pair of individuals they'd met upon first entering the area.

    Kuroka looked up and saw the pair approaching, her left brow raising. She expected more than a bit of impatience from the Slime atop her head. After all, he had no desire to approach their ship without them. Strangely, Kuroka recognized both of these individuals with great ease, mostly because the lad now an Oni, looked enough like his physical younger self now to be readily identified by the lass. "Ohayou!~" chimed the Kitsune as she greeted the pair from her current perch, this raised the brow of Kuroka as such a development was well beyond what she expected given the amount of time they'd been gone. "Hello, I see you found what you were looking for..." she said absently, she left open her statement for introductions.

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    Whatever clarity Tamamo got out of his retort, he had no clear understanding of. At least, he wouldn't be showing any. Any message he meant to confer, he trusted to be received properly without the necessity of words. They had already shared many moments in which verbalization wasn't an actual necessity, and in this state, he seemed to be relying on that. As an interesting note, Giyu wasn't quite sure what he looked like in this form yet; he'd simply gone with the flow when changing. Did he look like the Oni from which he drew his source? No, that couldn't quite be right. There was a light of recognition in Kuroka's eye, and that could mean only one thing; Avatar creation did work like regeneration. Indeed, Kou had been in a state of comfort, and had let loose enough of Aiba Yugi for the latter to influence the shift. The way he looked now, could have easily been the way he looked in life around this point in time.

    "We have breakfast," the young man said as he continued moving forward. They did find what they were looking for, and so, so much more. Now though, the time had come to eat properly. Giyu met Kuroka's gaze for only a moment, before stepping past her on his way aboard the Grandcypher. In that very moment, Rimuru's impatience seemed to become something resembling annoyance. "Oh yeah, that's perfectly fine," the Slime said in a sarcastic tone. "Leave us waiting, come back in full emo mode, mention breakfast and keep moving~"

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    Tamamo found herself feeling a bit warm inside. What was this feeling? Acceptance. There was a certain amount of comfort which came with the idea that the lad understood and accepted her, even without using his words to convey that information. What was more, she found it amusing that she could say what she wanted just because she wanted to. With or without a reaction from the lad, she was quite sure he knew and understood what she meant, and because of this, she felt particularly giddy. Giyu for his part after her minor flirtation mentioned to the other two, that they'd brought breakfast. Kuroka seemed to take this information without any great outward sign to show that she cared one way or another. Of course, the moment of eye contact between her and Giyu was strange, she found the look to be worthy of a small upturn of her lips. 'Well, if we don't want to be recognized we shouldn't run around wearing our own faces,' she thought to herself. Of course, there was something rather strange about Kuroka, but perhaps that wouldn't be explained until later.

    Tamamo had nothing of substance to say in the moment. "Leave him alone, he's super cute this way!~" Tamamo said in Giyu's defense and as a matter of light flirtation. In particular to the commentary directed at his 'emo' state. If she was being honest, she found this state just as appealing as any of his others, perhaps a bit more because of the 'realness' of it. Though she did enjoy looking at the otherworldly beauty that came from Kou. What was more she had a bit more biting commentary for the young slime. "If you're going to be like that you definitely need some breakfast, you're obviously cranky..." Tamamo said teasing lightly as was her way. This was basically an invitation to breakfast and to meet with the rest of the crew as promised. Of course, there were many reasons for this, but the small ones first. All the while Kuroka noted this new found closeness and decided further observation was necessary so she'd follow Giyu as he carried the Kitsune towards the ship, obviously it was fine if they went aboard in tow with this group.

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    "Yes. Just like I'll liberate his head from the rest of him," Giyu said, managing to let a bit of spite leak through from his source. With that, he was off in the company of his (now in two ways) sister. They would go East in satisfaction for having each other's company again, and their journey would be... quite the epic one indeed.

    Ah, but there was another epic journey beginning between two members of this growing group, even if they didn't realize they would be embarking on it together. Tamamo took a moment to react to Diva's approach, but she seemed accepting of his request in the end. He was resolved to find whatever reached out to him. Luckily, Tamamo had a method for him to follow along without attracting undue attention to himself, at least according to her. He could do as she asked; he could easily keep the pace without straying too far. "A...rigatou─" he managed to say. What was ahead of them, though? They would both be finding out soon after departing. Just along the path Tamamo herself needed to travel toward her chosen faction, there was... what appeared to be a simple boar with fur of ash, was struggling itself to death in an alley just within the city. This creature was exactly the one Diva sought, and exactly the thing that sought him.
    "Fufufufu~" A gentle laughter would be all that was heard from the female oni in response to her twice brother's snarky behavior. Somehow, everything about this situation felt perfectly right and she knew she had much to look forward to on her next adventure.

    Even so, it wouldn't just be that pair of individuals on an adventure. Tamamo, found herself in the company of Diva through his own volition. She couldn't help but chuckle at this offered thanks, because even with this face, she held no animosity towards this lad. In fact, she liked the fact that he was making his needs known and doing things for himself, even if he was still more than a bit apprehensive about speaking all the time. Actually, he reminded the girl beneath of a character she enjoyed, not for shipping purposes but that she liked because of his broken nature. "Iie!~ You definitely don't need to thank me for something like this. We've been through a bit together, I consider us friends..." the lass said in a passing manner. Oh? This version of herself was indeed without the filters and sense of self-preservation that her base self created. And she had plenty of time to consider this as they walked. Of course, she would only pause this line of thought when Diva stopped to examine something, obviously it had been whatever had called out to him. Much to her surprise it was... a boar? 'Ugh, it's always fucking pigs!' was the thought that passed her mind. Though her face showed no outward sign of disapproval. She wondered what question she'd answered that had ended with her seeing so many of this kind of creature at every turn throughout her adventures. Hell, even after coming here, she'd done a boar killing quest it was how she'd met the Geno Killer. She'd wait nearby as the lad handled this knowing that if he needed her, he had only but to ask.

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    Friends. That word was so interesting, and so very foreign to one such as Diva. Even so, it struck his ear and warmed his heart when delivered. Sadly, there would be no acknowledgement of the clause. The dying boar called to him for a reason, and he needed to know what it was. Diva was soon enough on his knees before the creature, reaching out to glide his open hand along its hide. Blue eyes stared up at the lad in the creature's final moments, and it seemed... he understood what they wanted. This lowly beast was at the precipice of spirituality. He understood its plight without more than a moment of eye contact, and deep within himself, he even understood how he could help it. "I...need some...blades," he said, his voice trembling at every word, even more than normal. He had to finish the job of killing this innocent creature, but it was not as sad a thought as what it had already been through. Besides... killing by Diva would not be the end of its existence; not by a long shot. Something new would come of this, and the young Atlantean could just about feel exactly what it was.

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    Tamamo received no verbal response to her speech. Even so, it seemed this was something she was quite used to, she'd said what needed to be said. And that knowledge was comforting to her. Beyond this point the lad stroked this dying creature, and Tamamo even had it within her to feel a bit of pity for it. Her own annoyance at her adventure surrounded by pigs, would not cloud her general humanity nor her good nature. She quietly considered a great many things, when Diva's voice hit her ears. His general speech seemed to be working quite a bit better than before, even when long pauses between words he very clearly asked her for something. Rather, it was two somethings, blades. "Sou ka, hai hai..." she said with a gentle thought. She opened up one of those shimmering portals and from it emerged a matched pair of blades. These were a perfect set of katana fitting in with the theme of the place they currently within the shirasaya style mounting as they were being stored and not yet for use. Still the blades were in perfect condition and held a great gleaming quality. And with that she'd go on to watch the lad commit to his decision to put this sad creature out of his misery. Of course, she had no doubt that he had other motives in doing this, as she'd already seen him take similar action before.

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    One task was all he had here. After mere moments of deliberation within his own mind, Diva was ready to commit to said task. Tamamo agreed to his request for blades, producing from her storage space a twin pair of katana not quite ready for use. Diva had never brandished a weapon, not once in his life... but he would not refrain from helping the poor creature beneath him. He took up a blade in each hand, and leaned down until his forehead met that of the boar. "Xekourasteíte mésa mou," he whispered to the beast. With that, he pushed the tips of each blade into its body, pulling them apart until the boar was split from nape to chops. It may have seemed a bit brutal, but the boar didn't feel a thing beyond the original penetration of its flesh. In fact, there was a gentle warmth traveling both ways through its body as its very soul transferred into Diva. Just then, something incredibly strange occurred. Diva, who for all intents and purposes belonged to this world, was enveloped in the Nexus' light along with the boar.

    He developed a pale complexion with an extremely toned and muscular build, possessing large, defined muscles most notably over his stomach and arms. In sharp contrast to this, he boasted an incredibly pretty and feminine face, with large, wide eyes that were framed by an array of long eyelashes, their irises a dark to soft pale green, thin eyebrows and what could be a small, well-mannered mouth. His thick, black hair reached just past his shoulders, fading into blue at the tips and forming an unruly and uneven fringe that fell just above his eyes, puffing out before curving and thinning towards his forehead. His outfit in this form consisted only of baggy hakama pants, tinted a dark gray-blue, which he wore fastened around his hips with a thick belt of fluffy brown animal fur. In place of leg wraps, he wore what appeared to be knee-high socks of a furry hide which exposed his heels and toes, which also appeared to be what fastened the sandal-bases he wore on his feet. His most defining feature however, was the gray, hollowed-out boar's head and pelt presently worn as a shawl.

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    It seemed that Diva had no problem doing about his task. He used the blades he was provided to put the small creature out of its misery. It looked to be a rather brutal slaying, but Tamamo knew better. Or rather in this case, the lass behind those eyes knew for a fact that this lad was nothing but gentle with the deaths of others. The words he spoke, hit the pink haired lass' ears wrong. It was strange for her because she knew that part of her knew these words, but at present all she could do was know that it was warm and reassuring. But she didn't have time to consider this because the thing happening before her eyes was quite strange to behold. "Nani?!" slipped from between her lips. The light of the Nexus consumed this lad and he became someone else. Such a thing was outlandish to Tamamo, as all information she had previously led her to believe that Diva was born in this world as an Atlantean.

    All known information said that people of this world, didn't maintain this sort of evolution. They couldn't make new faces, but here he was becoming a new sort of boy. A grew boar over his shoulders his hair bluish green. He was actually quite attractive, well muscled and all but why? How? How was this actually possible?! Tamamo's mouth opened and closed numerous times but she couldn't find it in herself to question this aloud. If he was from this world and this was completely normal than there was something amiss. If he wasn't from this world and he'd simply gone through the Atlantean storyline then he'd gotten the bad ending? Right that was the only way it made sense. Maybe that was it, he became too immersed and he forgot. She had to think this, because the alternatives were frightening, and inconceivable. "I... didn't know you could do that too. I guess there isn't any reason to hide you anymore," she mused as she dispelled the perception filter around him. She filed away her other questions as something to discuss with Giyu. Instead in this moment she'd ask the lad a different question. "Would you like to come with me? To meet the leader of the Kitsune at Mt. Kurama?"

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    This new form felt... strange. It felt as if he could retain the energy of a well-rested warrior for consecutive decades without rest, though this was certainly untrue. That pair of katana remained in his hands as he looked around. Was that a stone on the ground nearby? Indeed, it was. Luckily, he needed such a thing to deal with a very specific issue. "Sure. One sec," he said in an oddly clear manner, albeit with a very grungy voice. He placed each katana on the ground in front of him, held one by the hilt, and picked up the rock he'd noticed. Repeatedly and with great force, he slammed this rock against the blade until he began chipping it away. This was a process he fully intended to make each blade jagged, more dangerous, and very... very... him. "Swords suck. Gotta have tusks," he announced. He'd definitely be joining on a path to this mountain Tamamo spoke of, but he wouldn't do it until everything about this form felt natural.

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    This new form was a strange one indeed, but Tamamo's offer was openly given to him. But Tamamo was in for even more surprises, as her offer was accepted. Out of this lad's mouth came the most coherent sentence she'd ever heard from him. Well, that wasn't entirely true, he was very comfortable speaking in the mother tongue of Diva. But this voice aside from its tone and audible texture came with the colloquialism of youth. Tamamo's response to this was a laugh, uncontrolled and very happy. "What? That's your first sentence!?" she exclaimed seeming to find this situation to be rather hilarious. She also got to watch the lad begin breaking apart his weapon, leaving chips along the edges of it. She could hear the blacksmith crying in her head at such destruction. Still, to her in this moment it was amusing. "Tusks huh? Alright, take your time then... though, what are you calling yourself?" she asked if only to pass the time that was required for him to finish the massacre of this pair of blades.

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