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    "Yep," he said plainly. More and more, he chipped away segments of each blade. This continued until both swords were jagged from base to tip, made for shredding that which it cut through. Even though he seemed satisfied with the blades, he wasn't done with the rock. He placed the object beneath the fur worn around his hip, stood with both weapons in hand, and turned to face Tamamo again. With the boar's head resting on his right shoulder, there were two pairs of eyes looking in the Kitsune's direction. There was a question... What did he call himself? Well, there was a very simple answer to that. "Inosuke," he stated. By now, he was prepared to move on. In fact, he seemed ready to engage in combat if necessary; his physical energy was plentiful enough that he felt it needed to be utilized whenever possible. "Let's get going!"

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    Clear speech from this lad was hilarious, and very much appreciated. She had no problem with this lad's previous silence, but at the same time, having someone to talk to on adventures like this was nice. Given this she waited patiently for the lad to finish his work and he did, when he did she looked over the two blades now made extremely jagged by his work. What was more, he tucked away the rock he used to create them. She stared aimlessly but her eyes soon found the creature over his shoulder. Those bright blue eyes were a little on the haunting side, but Tamamo, or rather Kimiko was quite used to the pig species of this world, making her unbothered by this extension of the lad. She understood a lot about the spirituality of this land and of the lad himself, so she didn't bother pushing for information about the Avatar he'd created. No, she supposed she'd be fine to figure it out as they went. And soon enough they'd be off again. She began moving forward, at the lad's urging and received from him in response to her question, a name to call him. "Inosuke? Nice name!~" the lass mentioned thinking about it, she may not have introduced herself properly yet either. "Tamamo desu," she finished up before her movements began again.

    As they walked the elevation of the land began to shift. Paths started going up hill and the mountains building around them shaded the area. The scenery was nice, and the air felt clear, abnormally so. A marked look of confusion passed over the girl's eyes, as if she could recognize the wrongness of this situation but couldn't really understand it. "There is something very strange about this place," mentioned the Kitsune. She should have known and understood it but she didn't and it was bothersome. Her ears twitched in frustration, even so on the horizon A large tea house came into view. It seemed to be something like the center of a small town. Several lights began to glow in the yard and a large tea pot marked the front of the building. It was a very classically built Japanese style building with stacking roofs and dim lighting. "Sou ka, tea house is a good cover for a Kitsune I guess..." she said noting that this building was directly in the shadow of Mount Kurama and was thus the place they were meant to go. Little did she know, in the shadow of one of these windows a body moved quickly, not giving itself away completely as it shuffled around making an approach towards the front of the building about the newcomers to the area.

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    The two were moving again, and Tamamo offered an interesting choice of words. Hearing praise of his name, the male called Inosuke had little clue how to react. Was this lad, with his already abrasive personality traits, blushing? He was indeed; there was even a low grumble escaping him during this moment of confusion. "Uh. . ." He said nothing else. As they walked along, the boar head found itself atop Inosuke's head. It seemed he could see clearly through the boar's eyes, and this felt far more natural to him.

    Their brief journey led the pair to a... tea house? Strange, but Inosuke didn't care. The trip had given him ample time to stabilize, both physically in this new form, and mentally from receiving a compliment he apparently didn't know how to deal with. Something was odd here, according to Tamamo. In fact, Inosuke could agree, whether the reasons were similar or not. The boar lad's senses were unnaturally high. Someone was here. Where? Close, he thought. Inosuke's demeanor was somewhat... unstable, by his natural wiring. Whatever this strange presence was, he could be certain as to what they wanted. His swords were at the ready within moments of smelling a foreign entity, and he yelled through the boar head as if it were the thing producing a voice. "Come on then! Fight me like a man!"

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    The embarrassed reaction of the lad made Tamamo chuckle. "Ara ara, that's a little one, you'll need to get used to much worse!~" she mentioned of her own teasing nature. That being said, no one received the brunt of her teasing more than the object of her affections. Even so, no one was truly off limits either... given that this version of herself was just more friendly in an open way. As they walked along, the lad eventually had the head of the boar atop his own and he seemed to be more comfortable that way. 'Yep, just walking side by side with a pretty boy hidden beneath a pig head. Totally a normal afternoon for me!~' thought the Kitsune as she continued to make her way forward.

    Upon reaching the tea house the movements inside were met with rather obvious animosity from Inosuke. What was more, a woman clad in a blue dress of the mainland eventually made her way to the door. Around this pair, several balls of blue fire rose from the ground as if she was planning to launch an attack upon this pair. The words of the boy with the pigs head didn't go unnoticed. "I am not a man. This is fox fire, you'll burn before you move. I cannot afford to waste this kind of energy on... you?" there was a pause in this woman's speech. She'd been addressing Inosuke so much so that she'd not looked in Tamamo's direction until of course, her eyes came across the tails on her back. "Impossible. You can't exist here!" she exclaimed the magic of this area seemed to become more dense suddenly and that was when Tamamo felt it properly, the pull of the Leylines directly into this other Kitsune's body. She was frightened obviously and now each of her tails flashed with several different weapons. It was all show though, she was draining the energy she was using from the surrounding land. The feeling of the very life force of the land exiting made the animals across the nearby lands scream drove them crazy as they aimed to run away from this unnatural display of power. "Sou ka, that's what it is."

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    Worse? How could things get even worse than what had just fallen from the Kitsune's mouth? At this rate, he would certainly revert to a nature he understood when receiving any sort of praise... and the only one happened to be one of violence. Speaking of violence, he luckily had a distraction from Tamamo's nature mere moments after arriving at this teahouse. Who was it? What did they want, and why was it to fight someone as incredible as him? The only result would be him showcasing his superior genes, his unrivaled ability in combat, and his overwhelming strength! "Hah! Hah?!" he grunted as he held out both swords, constantly shifting left and right at the drop of a dime, as if searching for his target.

    It wasn't a man? Whatever; surely they could fight like one, and fall to him all the same. This woman's light show was nothing that seemed to concern Inosuke, but her claiming it would be a waste to use energy on him was infuriating. Without hesitation, he threw an absolute fit, pointing an accusatory finger with a shaking arm at the fox. "HAH!? Out of my way, Yamado! I'm gonna put that thing in the dirt before you get the chance!"

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    The lad now known as Inosuke seemed to be of a variable temperament. Whatever the case, he was soon distracted by the coming of a certain Kyuubi who seemed to be in charge of the Tea House as an establishment. Her words to the lad, apparently didn't sit right with him, and Tamamo got to watch as he seemed to be aggitated beyond what would be normal. The Kyuubi to her credit seemed to be exceedingly confused by the little boy with the Boar Spirit attached to him. That confusion played easily across her face, but still she prepared for battle, a tachi of incredible length materialized in her hand and she held it at her fore blade end facing upwards. In the meantime, Tamamo couldn't help but notice she'd been called by the wrong name and though confusion passed her face as well, it quickly disappeared behind amusement as she corrected her companion. "Tamamo. And do what you want. It would be better if I didn't do anything too scary right now," she mentioned casually.

    The Kyuubi here didn't seem to think much of the statement made by the lass, but the name Tamamo was quite confusing, it was a known alias for a certain fox creature. But the girl couldn't be the same one right? That woman had died many years ago, and everything about her had been lost in the interim. "Tamamo? You mean like Daji? You can't be Daji!" exclaimed the golden furred fox. She couldn't trust the motivations of anyone showing up to her place, now she'd have to turn them away, apparently with force but she'd tried once more to get them to back down. "Last chance. Leave!" she exclaimed. Tamamo couldn't help but look at this woman. She seemed quite desperate. When the slime mentioned that the Kitsune were standoffish she didn't think that it'd be so bad. "Uh, well yes and no. My origins are a bit complicated... you shouldn't be tapping into the leylines like that, you'll ravage the land," she mentioned in an offhanded manner.

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    What? Tamamo? Oh, he'd gotten the name wrong. No worries; he would easily fix that when his posture was righted. "Komero," he said in the most casual manner, as if there was no chance of him being even remotely wrong this time. Now, he could address the more voluptuous of the two foxes in the vicinity─ the one he intended to bury. Sadly, his target seemed more interested in Tamamo, and warning both of them to leave. "Hah?!" he grunted again, seemingly aghast after his threatening nature was so brazenly ignored. Who did she think she was?! Oh, he'd put her in her place... after he finished throwing a tantrum for the sake of preserving his ego. "She can see me standing here, right, Jiijuumo?! She knows we should be fighting, right?"

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    Tamamo's commentary about tapping the land made the enemy Kitsune's eyes widen. If she knew that much then it should be assumable she knew why it was necessary. She didn't have a real bluff to make now. It was obvious by looking at this young woman that her spiritual presence was unhampered even here. And though she might win a fight of pure battle skill and weaponry, once magic or spirituality were introduced, she'd lose without question. What was she to do, well? Initially she'd keep holding her weapon high all while some sort of strange conversation was taking place between the two individuals who showed here. "What?! That sounded nothing like what I said, Tamamo!" she exclaimed seemingly exasperated. She knew for a fact that new avatars were dice rolls as far as personalities were concerned, still she didn't really expect this lad to go so very off of his base personality. Unless of course, it was that his last avatar was the one which was off, and this was more normal. That would make things rather interesting but it still wasn't a thought she could give much time to.

    Still the tantrum being thrown by Inosuke was just enough, even the older Kitsune couldn't help but chuckle at his antics, even as she tried to maintain some semblance of her threatening demanor. Once again, Tamamo was left to correct this lad's use of her name, which she'd do while explaining the nature of this situation. "That sounded closer but still wrong, Tamamo," she softly explained. "And yes, she should be fighting and she knows that. But as strong as she is, she hasn't simply attacked. Meaning she's bluffing," mentioned Tamamo which shocked the Kitsune across from them, but never one to simply jab one person she tossed another. "But I'm sure you realized that too!~" she teased happily. "And it's why you didn't attack either, Inosuke was bluffing to call your bluff," she gently prodded the lad giving him the brightest of smiles she could manage. Handing off credit for this de-escalation. In the meantime the Kitsune before them showed such outright confusion on her visage that she was unsure of what to say. The motivations of this pair were different, but their aura's didn't come off as menacing. Besides, it isn't as if the Orochi would work with a fox, so there was a good chance Tamamo could be convinced to join her side right? A Kitsune so strong would be able to help with the problem she had, potentially. The weapon she brandished slowly lowered and then shifted from her tail to her hand, and the pull on the land's leylines stopped as well. "I know I shouldn't pull on the Leylines so much. But I don't really have a choice anymore. I have to protect this place," she spoke softly, still skeptical. Tamamo knew what this was and shrugged. "I do apologize I didn't mean to ignore you so directly but I couldn't know what you intended. I have no doubt you're among the strongest to be found here~" she said directly to Inosuke, also flashing the lad a bright smile. It became obvious that the flirty nature of Kitsune's was a species thing and not just specific to Tamamo.

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    "Yamero!" Inosuke said, taking it as the Kitsune's name instead of the request, or rather demand, that it was. Surely, he had it right this time... but who really cared anyway? It wasn't about names; it was about ability, and he would soon prove his to be supreme. What was the pink-haired one saying now? The other fox was bluffing? Well, of course she was; there was no way she could actually do as she implied without being felled in an instant by the boar lad. And, of course he realized she was bluffing! The only thing he could not agree with, was that he, too, offered only a bluff. "I wasn't bluffing! I'll bury both of you twice, right here!" he proclaimed. He still hadn't made a move to actually attack anyone, but something was wrong. Why was no one matching his energy? It should only be natural to be this hyper about fighting, right? Everyone else spoke so softly, so... disgustingly calm about everything.

    The older Kitsune spoke of not knowing his intentions when she ignored him. That didn't make sense. The entire time, he'd made his intentions abundantly clear. He was the best of the best, and he was going to prove it in glorious combat, even if the only witnesses were corpses with furry tails! Little did he know, he'd be bested by the same ego which spawned such a demeanor. Suddenly, the ire he displayed became sheer arrogance. It seemed there was one sort of compliment he knew how to accept. "HAHAHA! That's more like it! I'm pretty amazing, aren't I? I'm pretty amazing, aren't I?!" he replied, pressing his fists against his own sides as his chest inflated.

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    Apparently this shift in personality in Inosuke came with some very interesting habits. One of which was apparently the lack of ability to call Tamamo's name as she'd told it to him. This time it came out as a command to cease which only made the pink haired Kitsune slap her hand over her face. "TA! MA! MO!" she emphasized each syllable separately. Maybe she'd just been talking to fast. Not really likely, but the lore about Orcs made her realize that such things might not be important enough to the lad she was currently traveling with. Ah, no matter, he also seemed incapable of more than standard reasoning. Claiming that he wasn't bluffing at all. A laugh escaped her, she knew well how such a fight would have ended for him, and couldn't help but find his attitude to be quite funny. Perhaps it really was more of this personality specifically, as Diva was definitely much more cautious but reasonable about his power. Whatever the case, the only thing the lad seemed to notice was that there was obviously not going to be a fight here. Instead he seemed confused until a compliment was sent his way, which he responded to in a way that made more laughter erupt from the pink haired lass.

    "Ara ara, if you respond like that, there won't be any room for anyone else to compliment you, Inosuke!~" she chimed only to make the other Kitsune chuckle. "Iie, he really is great. Look at him!~" she said seeming to find the entire display cute. Regardless of Inosuke's intentions, he'd succeeded in diffusing the tension and easing them out of a fight against the Kitsune who owned this Tea House. "Why don't you both come in. I'll play good host and I'll serve tea while we talk..." she mused. "And you can be my guest of honor!~" she said specifically to Inosuke. The lad didn't know, but this particular fox had his number now and she'd likely continue paying him flirty compliments while she tested the waters with Tamamo. She motioned for the pair to follow inside and Tamamo could only shrug. "I guess I can't stop anyone from being a guest of honor or anything, and tea would be nice..." she mused seeming not to care, though she honestly didn't need to consume anything, she wouldn't turn down kindness now that it was being offered. They would be lead inside a slightly darkened building, lit by ghostly lanterns with soft glowing flames which floated aimlessly in the air. The entire place gave off the gentle hum of a barrier but seemed to be welcoming and warm blocking magical interference from the outside and keeping out any but the invited. She'd lead the group the grandest palor, with a low sitting old style Japanese table. In the middle a warming set of coals for a tea pot and on the back wall an alignment of tea and the related accessories.

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