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    The poor, misguided soul that was his sister could bask in her ignorance for the time being; Kou didn't seem to pay her any further mind. It was true that Tatsuki's very existence commanded attention, but well beyond that simple factoid, he realized he hardly cared to offer his attention elsewhere regardless. Moreover, the reward previously mentioned by the Dragonoid was something he would soon be discovering while she explained why his clothes had even been irreparably damaged. Everything made sense in the end. Those garments were made by a Dragonoid of extreme power, and even without effort from their creator, something like the Orochi should never have been capable of destroying them for good. The fault for the destruction was an alteration within Kou himself. Could it have been because he became a Witcher? No, that didn't make sense; they had regenerated since then. Maybe it had something to do with that strange feeling he suffered from earlier. Well, that was going to be something worth later consideration.

    For now, though, it was time for the young Holy Knight to stand at attention while the Dragonoid's hand fell upon his recently-restored torso. An oddly cooling sensation spread from that hand across his bare flesh, and then came the appearance of an all new outfit. Had she put a bit more effort into this one? It certainly seemed true to Kou as he finally tore his gaze away from Tatsuki, watching as a very 'knightly' ensemble formed itself around his person. It was a shame he would be losing that cape he enjoyed, but in its place came a few other things he greatly appreciated instead. A hood was upon his garments, alongside short sleeves and a long, tailed coat. The color scheme was right up his alley as well─ not too over the top, but far from bland. There was... something else as well, worth noting with a bit of shock when he saw the finer intricacies of the clothes. "Is this... Magic Gold?!"

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    It seemed that Kou understood that there was something else at work for his clothes to miss their timing as far as regeneration was concerned. Even so, this was of little concern to Tatsuki, she was working on the lad's outfit now and she cared little what happened to his previous garments. Kou's eyes finally moved from Tatsuki's as he took in his new ensemble. She could assume that the lad enjoyed his clothing, but as he looked at the new materials it seemed he was more than a bit shocked. He seemed to take note of the Magic Gold that was now used as part of his outfit, there was nothing present in the Dragonoid's face which said she understood his surprise. "Yes. It is Magic Gold. It isn't as if I would give you less..." she mentioned as if it really meant nothing to her to do this. If one would question if she put extra effort into this design the answer would be no. She simply made something different from what he had, while making it suit the needs of his new and future form. It was the least she could do in this situation as she could hardly allow him to exist in a state lesser than her own. Now her gaze was back upon him and she was satisfied with his look, he fit her understanding of him now. "Do you like it?" she asked of the lad, as she was more than willing to take his opinion into account and make a modification or two if she'd not managed to meet his preferences well enough.

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    At present, Kou could hardly stop appraising his new outfit. Every time he looked at it, there was something else about it which he found appealing. And yes, that truly was Magic Gold she had woven into his ensemble. There were many things he could think of this, but all looped back to the week of celebration in Atlantis. This was why he had been content to wear himself down when creating the girl's Artifact. Even as inconsequential as her offerings were in her own mind, there was enough consideration offered to be worth a fortune in both labor and monetary value. The simple statement that she wouldn't give him less than such quality cemented his thoughts about everything. Such offerings without thought, in addition to so many other factors he'd been realizing one by one since their adventure started... all made the one called Ashikaga Kimiko more than worthwhile. Kou, in all forms, would have to ensure he was able to reciprocate at every viable opportunity.

    Now, the question was, did he like the outfit? That hardly needed saying, but since Tatsuki decided to ask, there was only one thing to do. His expression was a gentle one, featuring a smile that carried unusual quantities of warmth and satisfaction. He was elated, plain and simple. "This one won't get a scratch, and I'll never change it. Arigatou gozaimasu!"

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    Kou indeed, seemed to be in a state of constant elation. She watched with a marked bit of satisfaction as the boy before her looked over all of her designs and seemed quite happy with them. And seeing his happiness made even this Dragonoid quite pleased. A small smirk crossed her lips as she waited for the answer to her question and when she received it, it didn't come in the form of simple words. No, there was much conviction in this lad's face. Such warmth and happiness in that smile. She could honestly say she'd never seen one like it. Ashikaga Kimiko wasn't used to thanks for things she gave, and beyond this point she wasn't used to people taking so seriously the things she did, especially when it was simply her standard behavior. This level of content could not have been reached without the lad before her, and this was why she was willing to give him any and everything he desired. Perhaps one day it would be obvious that these feelings were what she chased, but for today, she took solace in knowing that this was exactly what she'd been going for when she'd designed his attire. "I am glad... it suits you," she didn't openly accept his thanks, at least not with words. Instead, in her typical fashion she leaned into the lad pressing her lips against his. These actions were gentle, less forceful than the Dragonoid normally was, but where did this softness come from? Perhaps, she wished to give him this as a reward for offering himself as a shield against danger or maybe it was something entirely different? Time would only tell, but this kiss however brief would eventually be interrupted by the words of Shuten.

    The purple haired lass had finally finished her bottle of sake and a satisfied utterance left her as she emptied her cup for the last time. "Sugoi-na. The sake is even sweeter after trapping Orochi~ Like pure plum blossoms and sugar~" she mused happily. Those purple eyes of hers would turn towards this pair only after they were separated again by whatever happenstance was managed. "Fufufu~ Looks like we're all dressed and don't look like we got murdered anymore..." there was a pause in Shuten as she appraised this boy's attire. It very much suited him by her own standards, both in style, color and taste. And as a girl who understood fashion she also knew of the high quality such an outfit possessed. "Eh, uh.... Nee-san this one is really awesome, I'm a little jealous!~" she managed which only made the Dragonoid smile. This one was always strange, but she knew and respected this lass, she had no problem entertaining her. "Tatsuki, is what I am called. I am glad you approve..." she said though Dragons didn't need approval deep down Tatsuki felt the desire to make sure both of these people knew happiness. This alternate personality was sort of intimidating, and Shuten wasn't sure why. There was an aura coming off of her that reeked of power to an extreme. 'Yare yare... these Dragonoid Avatars feel super dangerous, no wonder Tsu-nee didn't want to wake her up. She's so serious like this...' the girl thought.

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    Following the lad's offering of thanks, Tatsuki claimed the new outfit suited him. He seemed somewhat contemplative after hearing this, though instead of having another look at himself, he was approached by the Dragonoid a second time. Once again, their lips were brought together by the lass' will. Kou certainly couldn't raise any complaints, bar the single issue in his mind about how short-lived the exchange was. Surely he couldn't make any demands, especially while experiencing mild shock at how unusually tame this version of Kimiko was being at the time. Once they were separated, he decided to forego his self-appraisal regardless. He knew what he thought of the look himself, but at this point in time, he thought there was a more important opinion at hand. "I look alright then?" he questioned, twisting and rotating just enough to focus on the feeling of the outfit instead of simply the visuals.

    In the meantime, Shuten reached a satisfying level in her activity of choice: drinking herself into a greater stupor than she managed whilst sober. Kou sighed upon hearing the first utterance from the girl after an extended silence. Was that really how she was going to reinsert herself into the goings-on? Fine, fine. "I guess there's that too," he said regarding the fact that his visage was no longer that of one who'd actually lost the fight. "But, I'm going on record by blaming you for all the damage I took. You're more than capable in melee range too, so I ain't having your excuses."

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    The lad's open question while he moved about a bit gave the Dragonoid pause. 'Alright' was not enough of a descriptor for the look he currently had. He was quite dapper. No, that wasn't quite it. Handsome didn't describe him properly either as his face retained a soft beauty which wouldn't allow for such hard adjectives. How to describe him, in his present state? He maintained a level of appeal which left little to nothing for the girl's mind to process. And as her thoughts began to drift, what returned was a certain level of her Dragonic Instinct, "You look..." there was a pause as she approached her tail constricting him just a bit. She needed him to look at her, very directly in this moment and see the meaning of her words. There was a certain intensity he needed to understand in this very moment. "Good enough to eat!" those eyes of hers held a certain glowering devastation. And in turn it would be her degeneracy acting up. But at the same time, a gentle flash of golden light in those eyes would hint that her time here would not be allowed to continue for much longer.

    Tatsuki's sentence, spoken so close to the lad's face would be missed because of the outburst by Shuten, though she noted the pair looked chummy enough for her to not prod them too much in the moment. 'Eh, I guess that's progress...' Oh, how stunned she'd be if she actually figured out what was going on between them. In the meantime, her brother seemed to want to place blame on her for taking so much damage during this fight. No, Shuten-Doji wouldn't be allowing that. "Oi oi, don't go blaming me for that. You're the moving around like you thought we'd fall to pieces if we took a hit. No one told you to play meat shield," she quipped, while Tatsuki stared on. Her body didn't lower, but her tail loosened as the ends of her hair gained a pink hue. "Besides, it's your honor to play protector don't make it seem like you aren't proud of yourself... Baka-nii!" the lass went on a proverbial tirade as the Dragonoid was being overtaken by one of her other Avatars.

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    One question lingered in Kou's mind, and only Tatsuki and other versions of Kimiko had the answer. Was this visage acceptable to the lass? As he considered it, he supposed there was a single opinion that counted more than all others. He had to be appealing, right? Dealing with Tatsuki, he found himself uncertain as to what sort of answer would be given. What she gave was... menacing, in a way. It was the sort of answer he would have expected of Tamamo, albeit with a certain fierceness in place of the usual flirtatious vibes. Kou felt a single extreme pounding of his heartbeat, almost as if he feared being literally eaten. Did he, though? Not at all. His reaction was, simply put, one of anxiousness. He wondered what would come of this forward speech, if anything at all, but alas... it seemed Tatsuki's time was coming to an end. What a shame; he was actually warming up to the Dragonoid. "Arigatou. I won't forget hearing that, or that you were the one saying it. Ja ne," he said to bid the Dragon form of Kimiko farewell, welcoming the return of Tamamo.

    Of course, a private discussion was never an option. Shuten had more to say yet. Though her words were true about the pride he felt in successfully performing as a 'tank' of sorts, she remained a thorn in his side for speaking them. "Sure, I'm pretty satisfied with what I was doing, but I'd hardly call it an honor. You could have taken a few clean hits without suffering much from it. If that happened, I'd have called this a perfect victory. Maybe next time~" he quipped, choosing once again to address his sister in such a way for the sake of... well, merely venting frustration he hardly even realized he had at the time.

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    Tatsuki was an interesting creature indeed. On the one hand she could practically smell the anxiousness oozing from this lad's pores at her statement, and on the other, he seemed genuinely pleased by what she had said. It truly was a shame that her time here was limited, if not, she might have found a proper outlet for her feelings. But alas, she'd been given a bit of leeway to rise here and now for only a couple of reasons, the first of which was to bestow this lad with garments which suited him and the other, well... She took a moment of pause and reached up to the side of the lad's face, which she'd hold and caress gently. His words moved her quite a bit, causing her eyes to flicker back to red once more. If only so she could speak fully for herself, holding off the shift back into Tamamo. "It's good that you won't forget... I won't always be bound by my own agreements, and then I'll prove it," she stated, with a strange quality in her eyes. "There is something undead and a wyrm beneath us, caught by paradox. They're trying to get our attention..." she murmured, while sniffing the air to confirm her statements. At the same time in absolute silence a gentle clanging and splashing could be heard along with a small muffled voice. And after giving this information everything continued and the hard visage of the Dragonoid fell away in a splash of water, leaving Tamamo standing there looking a little dazed. "Ara ara, I didn't expect so much from her... though," she gave a bit of pause. Much like her other selves she didn't have free access to the Dragonoid's memories. She remembered turning over control but not much else. Except the sound the Kitsune's ears were now picking up.

    Kou's commentary would go unanswered by Shuten. Instead she exhaled that deeply intoxicating breath of hers to begin following the mist towards the sound. "Urusai! No one is trying to take any hits! Flawless victories are what we are here for! And obviously we aren't done yet, because what the hell is that noise!?" she mentioned having not really heard the words shared by the Dragonoid for some reason or another. That likely wouldn't be getting an explanation anytime soon. But what of the noise the wyrm and the undead? Below the Ryuchi Temple in a stagnant pool there was a small child in the middle of the tiny island. The water around her was clear but she couldn't touch it, it was holy. Instead she sat there frowning, unable to cross the water, unable to free her pet. Her golden eyes glowing even in the legitimate darkness. She had on a strange little helmet and a pair of aviator goggles and the smallest possible dress. The rattling chains, those belonged to a large wyrm, who had a collar around her neck, her size, stuck at that of a massive beast and unable to free itself. This pair was stuck. And required a bit of assistance.

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    And so, there was an agreement to be made. Tatsuki spoke of her proof when the time came that she had no restraints, and if he were being honest, Kou strangely looked forward to that day. There was something else, though... something itching in the back of his mind, yet something he could not consciously access. Perhaps it would strike him soon. Whatever the case with his inner musings, Tatsuki brought his attention to a paradox trapping a special pair of beings somewhere beneath the temple. Some attempts were being made to acquire freedom by an undead, as well as a wyrm? How strange. Though, one could draw a few assumptions regarding why a wyrm of any sort would have been sealed beneath the Orochi's place of residence.

    "Hmm. An undead, huh─" he thought aloud as Tamamo no Mae fully regained control of Kimiko's form. It would remain strange to see a Dragonoid parting so quickly after its appearance, but the quality of Tamamo's own existence spoke for itself when rationalizing that. "Weird. I couldn't even hear anything before," Kou said about the resonating sound of chains beneath the floor. Now that he could hear it, he could also make an effort to open his senses and get a feel for the culprit(s). There was no mistaking the wyrm after knowing what Dragons felt like, but there was something oddly familiar about that undead. Kou was eventually able to place a finger on the similarity he felt; it struck his senses in a similar way to Karna. No matter; it was probably worthwhile to do something about these trapped individuals. "Constraints is what the noise is. I do feel two very different sources under us, so... what do you two think? Worth checking them out while we're still here?"

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    When asked if the situation was worth checking out Tamamo gave it a little bit of consideration. Though it would be technically even more of a hassle than this already ardrous adventure was, it was also very likely to become more of a problem if they left it alone. "Proactivity is necessary in these moments, Mikon. Besides if what is down there is undead and problematic the other me can take care of it..." Tamamo mentioned. For some strange reason, Tamamo seemed to be a great facilitator within this particular place, and had no issue being the focal point of the switch of her other selves. She considered many possible scenarios and one of them said that Orochi was keeping a wyrm simply to avoid having another Dragonic creature roaming its land. Whatever this undead was, it was likely kept for similar reasons. "Eh? I can't tell if you two are talking about killing someone or picking up another pet!" these were the words of Shuten, but if she was being considered here as well she had little to say. "Either way, it sounds like it's decided. Adventure Extension!~" mumbled the purple haired lass and with that they were all in agreement about investigating the potential problem below them.

    All the while the thrashing of the snake like wyrm continued. The glowing eyed blonde child in the middle of that lake of holy water murmured to calm her friend. "Shush, Sekris. It's alright. I am pretty sure they heard us... I hope we can convince them to let us out," the girl mentioned softly. Of course, the snake creature replied with a light tone and stopped splashing around so much. "In truth, the first bit was fear... The Dragon above was frightening enough that I wanted to move away," the words spoken came with a slight lisp but her point was made. How unusual, Sekris was a creature who wasn't afraid of Dragons even as a snake. The Orochi hadn't scared her, so what was this creature above that she was fearful of?

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