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    "Fair," Kou said with a sigh. In all honesty, he knew it was best to at least investigate the situation below. He simply didn't want to do another thing here this day, but... surely one more task couldn't hurt, and he was fine with anything so long as the others were interested. Tamamo raised an excellent point as well; the Avatar Miki could easily deal with any problematic undead. If the wyrm happened to be a problem as well, there was nothing to fear. They had, after all, just defeated the thing which kept these creatures captive for whatever unknown amount of time.

    And so, a consensus was reached. The trio would be inspecting the disturbance below the temple, to whatever end, so Kou decided to take the initiative. He stepped forward, skipping the middle and choosing to unsheathe his blade, funnel his mana through it, and carve a large enough hole in the floor for the entire trio to hop through. Of course, he then checked said hole for depth. It was dark; he couldn't see the bottom. All he could see, was something glowing and golden in the distance. Magic Gold? No, it couldn't have been that; there was even a slight movement to it that said otherwise. From what he understood, he could only assume this was the gaze of the undead... a vampire, specifically.

    Now then, they still had to descend. After sheathing his sword, Kou extended his left arm to conjure a gust of wind via magic. This maneuver created something of a corridor to allow a gradual descent into the darkness, and an orb of light was created to hover near Kou and illuminate the nearby space while they moved. Kou, without further hesitation, hopped into the wind corridor. "Down the hatch, right? Whether we're eliminating or collecting, I guess we'll find out in just a minute~" the lad spoke to both girls in his company, all while making an accidentally, unnecessarily majestic descent toward their two targets.

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    It seemed they were all in agreement about at least checking out the situation below. And so Kou took the initiative to open up a way down for them, once it was open a wind tunnel was created into a deep and piercing darkness. The only thing visible a pair of shining golden eyes. The whole into that place was looked up to as Kou began his descent with the other two in tow. An orb of light and the descent of a lad with an angelic face, an Oni with flesh horns and a Kitsune. The brightness of those golden eyes flickered as they looked up and this particular creature blinked. As they came closer and closer they would find that those large eyes belonged to a small body. Smaller even than the body of Shuten-doji. Long blonde hair would be found ruffled at the ends below a cap held tight by a pair of aviator goggles. The majestic descent made the lass bow her head slightly though they couldn't look away. "Sugoi, he looks like a real hero... and they don't look bad either. Maybe..." there was a pause from the small girl she wasn't sure how this was going to work out. She was already small and unintimidating.

    Shuten for her part in this looked surprised as this girl came into view on the small island in the middle of a lake of holy water. The wrym chained up to the left shook against the wall. "Eh? Tama-nee are you sure this kid is undead. She looks younger than I do!" she managed seeming surprised. Tamamo for her part in this never touched the ground and had taken the path offered her. But all the while she stared into the darkness at that small child with discontent. "I am very certain. It is obvious enough. Though there is something more pressing at hand. Mikon, did you see..." she asked of the lad. She'd scanned this girl under her Nexus vision and found a couple of problems with what she saw. The first of which, was that this small girl was a player with the username 'Serene_Aviator'. That name itself wasn't one that was recognized but that much didn't really matter. There was one other thing she could tell by looking at this child and that was the ominous feeling around her which was cemented in red by Nexus vision. 1:0 was in red by her name, making that her Kill to Death Ratio. This lass had killed at least one person, one player by this worlds established mechanics. And she was imprisoned, she saw the glint in the eyes of the young pink haired woman. "Wait! I can explain. It really isn't what you think... I just don't want to be down here anymore. I won't hurt anyone, I promise." she mentioned. She darted her own eyes away so they wouldn't think she was being aggressive. The snake chose to speak now. "Please give her a chance to explain. My Mistress isn't bad." What neither of these two could know, was that the people here at least the two young women were withholding judgement in the moment.

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    Down they went, along a path which made clear their target(s) over time. They drew closer not only to a wyrm, but primarily to... a small, blonde girl? One should almost consider it ridiculous that she managed to be smaller than Kou's 'Loli Bait' sister in her current form, but there was indeed something interesting about this undead girl. Was she truly undead? There was hardly room to question such a thing in Kou's mind; she even smelled different when compared to the normal humanoids of any sort. More pressing though, was a thing that went beyond the race and type of this... Avatar. 'H'oh? Player Killer?' Kou thought as he, too, inspected the girl more thoroughly. "Sou ka."

    How laughable. She wanted to explain herself for her kill/death ratio? Clearly then, it wasn't something that simply carried over to this world from her video game experience. Now that Kou thought about it, his own would have been ridiculous if that were possible. Regardless, even the wyrm in this girl's company desired an opportunity for her situation to be explained. Kou seemed just slightly bothered as his boots finally made contact with the floor of this little island, and his sword was unsheathed once more. His expression was deadpan while viewing the little vampire. Silence fell, and silence lingered. That brief look of confusion became one of contemplation, leading to one grand conclusion on the behalf of Kou, and for the sake of all present. "Don't care," he said, and with a single swing of his sword, he... unleashed a crescent of mana upon the chain keeping the wyrm hostage. Frankly, he wondered if such a thing would even be capable of breaking it. If it wasn't, he would simply try something else, but everyone presently beneath the temple had obviously been here far too long; Kou was clearly no exception to this.

    No more.

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    Tamamo watched the look over Kou's face shift as he thought over what was being said. It was enough for her that they wished to explain, it wasn't likely that either had a terrible reason for the killing of another player. As far as Tamamo was concerned she didn't actually know if she had such a rating to other players given the fact that one of her Avatars slayed the player Rook. Shuten thought about it as well, and figured that a girl this small had a good reason to kill someone. She'd spent her 'childhood' in this world and knew it wasn't always a kind place, and respected anyone who had the firmness to kill another player.

    All the while the small girl looked a bit scared. There was so much silence, and she couldn't really tell what anyone here was thinking. She fidgeted her fingers dancing over the bottom of her dress as she tried to find the right words to express herself. That anxious movement only became more so as the sound of the lad unsheathing his weapon was heard. Her head dropped in the moment. 'He doesn't care.' she frowned deeply, bloody tears welling up in her eyes. She hadn't fed in a long time. She didn't have the strength to fight, nor the strength to cross the holy water. She wouldn't play the game of their captors. There was nothing she could do. She resigned herself to the idea someone might come kill them eventually, but she had hoped... "Sou ka... I understand... I am a monster after all," she mumbled closing her eyes tight, waiting for the coming blow. Nothing happened though. What she heard in the moment was the chains rattling as the lad tried to cut them with a crescent of energy. She was surprised he'd tried, but it still didn't work. "Na-ni?" she questioned softly surprised by what was going on. "Baka-nii, for a guy with a younger sister, you're terrible at reading the room. You could have explained better!~" mentioned Shuten. "What he meant was, he doesn't really care if you killed a player or not. I'm pretty sure none of us do, but we're tired of being here and Nii-san is annoyed so he's just trying to leave, but we won't leave you down here or anything..." she said softly, while looking back at Tamamo trying to comfort the lass, which made the fox lass nod.

    A soft hiss would come from the snake creature in the moment but it was much more laugh-like than one might expect. "Shshshshshshshsh~ That's pretty funny. They are good people after all, Mistress. Your powers haven't failed you yet!" mentioned the snake. The small girl looked up with so much hope in her eyes and nodded. "Sekris..." the happiness of the snake put the lass at ease, just a little. "The Orochi put us here, because he couldn't trust us. We failed his test for us. I wouldn't kill her and she wouldn't kill me and he wouldn't accept us both. I said both of us or neither and he placed us here and said he'd give us an out in case we changed our minds..." she explained the situation. "I have to walk off this island, but I can't cross holy water, nor over it, it burns my skin. The only way I can walk off this island is if the water is defiled, and the only way to defile it is to..." she deeply frowned. it would be Tamamo who filled in this information with knowledge she stole from her other self. "Eh, you'd have to sacrifice your wyrm here. The death of an innocent could taint Holy water enough for it to be crossed, right?" she said which made the small girl nod her head. "Mistress didn't like that option and I won't act on the other either. These chains can't be broken and I am locked in my current size so I can't slip out... they can only be unlocked by the blood of one who has killed another..." said the snake. Shuten looked at this pair and sighed, her brother was going to have a fit. She knew what he'd think of this situation, but what could they do about it?

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    The girl said something about being a monster after Kou's claim of not caring for the situation. What was this? Well, leave it to Shuten to point out her brother's lack of delicacy. He was simply tired of the long quest series they had let themselves be dragged into, and would rather move to a more lax venue before any amount of discussion happened. Alas, this would not be allowed. Kou's slash did nothing to sever the wyrm's binding chain, and it seemed no simple maneuver would be able to do the trick in general. "Urusai, Loli Bait. I read the room just fine, but I'd rather act now and talk later."

    Sadly, talking later was not an option either. This entire chamber was a trap designed to pit the undead and wyrm against one another, allowing only one of them to leave by the Orochi's design. Either one killed the other to remove their own constraints, or both would be bound for a virtual eternity; it was a repulsive notion. Kou couldn't see the Holy Water being much of an issue at all, but the wyrm's shackles were a different problem entirely. It was locked by a blood seal? That could have been fine, if not for the specific requirement on said seal. Worse yet, the blonde girl seemed so utterly defeated in moments prior... there was no way she had the strength, whether physical or mental, to even draw the blood of another at this point. "Fuck. Of course there's something dumb like that going on here. I should have just stayed as Giyu at this rate," he commented. Apparently, his answer to everything was simply to seethe. Outrage removed itself as an option before this information was even revealed; there was nothing more the Orochi could do here.

    The specifications on the lock were still just a bit too vague. By the blood of one who killed another, did it require one's life blood? Surely the Orochi couldn't have come up with something that sought the blood of a Player Killer while being of this world himself, so only the single curiosity remained. Ah, but what an important curiosity it was. Time and time again while Kou thought this over, he glanced in the blonde's direction. "The blood of a killer, huh? That's a little... convenient. Anyone else think so?" the lad questioned, fixing his gaze fully on the blonde thereafter. "You were given an easy out ages ago. If you wanted your friend here freed, you could have offered your own blood to the chains. Did he make sure you were too starved to even damage yourself before putting you here?"

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    "Urusai, Nii-san I'm not a Loli!" the purple haired girl whined. What strange people these were but obviously good. Apparently she'd simply misunderstood, he didn't intend to kill her. What was more everyone in the room seemed to be quite capable of thinking through the entire situation. There was an utterance from the lad about how he should have stayed as a certain other face, if he was going to be this annoyed. This gained a bit of a chuckle from the pink haired lass who seemed to be in deep thought about something. She didn't have a problem with any face this lad chose to present, even so, this current face had the most people skills. Not that it mattered, so far one of two things needed to happen, either the snake's seal needed to be broken by someone with the blood of a killer or holy water needed to be tainted.

    Kou seemed to be thinking rather well about the situation, and what he said was indeed true, the paradox was a bit convenient to be such a hassle. "Hai hai, that applies to her she could have freed the wyrm and the wyrm could free her in return," Tamamo mentioned. "Yeah, I mean no going up through the ceiling but they could have figured out a way to get by the Holy Water at least..." said Shuten thinking about it logically. The blonde lass looked up with those golden eyes of hers and thought about how best to answer his inquiry. She wasn't starved specifically by Orochi, that was something which had happened incidentally. "I... felt guilty about the last time... so I hadn't eaten since I wound up here..." the lass said still managing to look fidgety. "I... also don't want to bite anyone who doesn't taste good so..." the girl's face had a light flush upon it. She was probably the same of a lot of vampires given her pickiness and her inability to feed. She didn't have much to show for being a vampire at all, and she'd been captured in such a rudimentary trap she could hardly argue with anyone. She was still in quite a bad way mentally and her childish body was proof of this. This lead to a strange conclusion or two in the mind of Tamamo, who made the assumption the lass had last fed upon whomever it was she killed.

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    "A lying loli who baits the masses," Kou retorted without so much as a second of hesitation. He was never going to stop referring to his sister as the loli she was, especially since doing so clearly got under her skin. Banter and insults aside, there was so much to consider here and now. The vampire and wyrm had to be freed before they moved on, and Kou's mind was procedurally thinning the list of options down to only those he could consider viable. In the end, there were very few that didn't involve too great a sacrifice.

    Luckily, there was a single beacon of hope. The blonde claimed she had not fed as a vampire for quite some time, even before the Orochi trapped her here. After fighting the Orochi, he had a good measure for its intelligence. A vampire that was significantly weakened could normally only gather enough strength for a feeding via frenzy. If that clause remained true here, there was a very simple solution to everything. All he had to do was...

    "Sou ka," he said while tugging on his left glove, removing it during an approach made to the vampire. Once the glove was off, Kou rubbed his forefinger against the edge of his blade to create a small cut. Out went his hand thereafter, with Kou offering the scent of his blood to this vampire girl. For the time being, he only wondered if she would find his blood appealing enough to try. If she did desire the blood of a half-Celestial Witcher, he knew exactly which plan to enact right away. "What do you think, then? Good enough to pass for an entrée?"

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    "Says the NEET! Baka-nii!!" was the immediate retort of Shuten. Aside from their sibling spat, it seemed to her the best possible answer would be to feed the small vampire and let the rest take care of itself. Of course, this would mean someone had to offer up a bit of blood, and it was most likely going to be her brother. A sigh left the lass as she knew of this move even before the white haired lad removed his glove and cut his finger. 'Oi oi, you can't just offer yourself as food to a random stranger in front of the girl you like...' though the lass, she was practically palming her face. If Tamamo took that whole thing the wrong way, there could be dire consequences. And by dire, the purple haired lass thought about her brother losing standing with the young woman as the worst possible outcome.

    In the meantime Tamamo was sorting through her inventory, looking for potential methods of tainting the Holy Water in case the lass turned down the feeding. And preparing to offer herself as well. She'd already thought through the idea of having to feed the little vampire and committed it to mind. She supposed it would have also be possible technically to offer her own blood to the chains as she'd killed another player under her name as well. Only she didn't remember whether or not she actually showed having a kill streak or not. 'I don't remember getting any odd looks upon meeting players. I guess I should assume I don't have one. Or maybe it doesn't count because there is no penalty for killing monstrous races? Or it could be different because Rook hacked the game and was considered at the time as an NPC and that doesn't seem to count for us either...' there were plenty of possibilities and none of them seemed particularly farfetched. She'd confirm that shortly as well.

    And then there was the vampire child who tilted her head gently to the side as if confused by this lad's approach. And it would remain that way until the slice of his finger which was held in front of her face. In that moment a blood red tint filled her eyes and her stomach growled audibly. She was quite surprised by the reaction as she hadn't had such a thing in quite a while and turned abruptly to hide her embarrassed face. That being said her fangs had already extended and she was practically salivating. This man's blood smelled beyond good... she could only imagine how good he would taste. Still, she wasn't a rude person by her nature and she was still quite shy so she tried to play it a bit cooler than that. When she turned back around she was looking down her fingers slipping around each other multiple times in rapid succession. It took her a moment and a slight lisp was created because of the extension of the fangs within her mouth. "It ssseems like you would make a pretty good meal. But I ah... wouldn't want to impose or anything..." she said. There was another audible growl of her stomach, the poor thing truly was starving but trying hard not to be too strange about it. She was also avoiding attacking anyone standing almost frozen in place. "Ara ara, that's a lot of self-control..." she mentioned, knowing that if this child was this hungry and not in a frenzy then, she was of no real threat to the masses either.

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    Indeed, the small vampire's restraint while fresh blood hung in front of her face was a sign of how easily she could be trusted. For her to claim his blood would be satisfactory without losing herself to instinct, Kou could confidently make a proper offering. On the other hand, his plan had a great potential for requiring two stages. Without donning his glove again just yet, the young male lowered his sword and took a knee before the vampire. Before releasing his weapon, however, the hand which held it produced a glowing dust which lingered on the handle. Only when that was in place, did he look to the blonde again while tugging his shirt's collar away.

    "Don't think about it too much. My blood should be pretty potent by now. Take what you need, and..." He paused, looking toward the chained wyrm and considering the rest of his plan. There was more to be said, but the remainder of his words were spoken as a whisper. "If it takes all you've got to free your friend, take more without thinking about it. I'll be fine," he added with a cheeky wink. With all that said and done, Kou leaned forward and offered his nape. Judging by the extension of this girl's fangs, she would have no problem breaking his flesh even while she resisted the frenzy. Additionally, if she happened to go a bit too far after she began drinking... Well, it seemed he wasn't worried at all about the outcome. "Go on; drink your fill."

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    It seemed that Kou was preparing something and planted his sword in the ground while having a hushed conversation with the little vampire. He went on to undo his collar and offer the lass a drink directly from the nape of his neck. The blonde lass took in his words and her eyes widened just a bit. He knew she might take too much and was still offering anyways? He knew it was possible she might need more afterwards and didn't tell her to fend for herself but said she could take it from him. The young lass' eyes sparkled at their normal golden color and for the first time in a long time, her empathy kicked in fully. She knew and understood this lad in the moment and they were on the same wavelength. She'd accept his gift then and help her friend. "H-hai. Itadakimasu!~" said the child vampire as she cuddled into the lad's neck and after finding the right spot pierced the flesh with her fangs. In so doing she opened the tap for herself and began to drink. Her body gaining color and her eyes gaining more power. This lad was indeed the best meal she'd had in quite a while, better than even her first meal in this world. It was sweet, and powerful and a bit aromatic like it was spiced. And she was content to drink her fill in the moment.

    All the while Shuten scoffed having a minor heart-attack multiple times over for several different reasons. 'Oi oi, I know she's a kid, but did you have to let her drink directly from your neck?! That's hella intimate Baka-nii. Nee-san's gonna abandon us! I'm going back to being stuck with you and only you... just out here giving away the goods to strange children. Lolicon. Baka. NEET!!!' there was a breakdown in the mind of Shuten that she couldn't even begin to process properly. How much damage control was going to be necessary? She was going to need to host another meeting, make sure this little vampire knew she wasn't to try and put the moves on her brother. 'Ugh, what if she's a lolihag? We've been making the assumption she's a kid, but she could be 1600 or something and trying to use my brother for his idiot blood!' she thought unfavorably of the lad's potential outcomes. All the while, the opinion of Tamamo on this wasn't unfavorable. She saw this act as one of chivalry and beyond that nothing that she wouldn't have done herself if confronted with a similar child. Beyond this she saw such thinking and offerings as strictly apart of who the lad was by his nature, and as such wasn't upset about this at all. Beyond all of that, the lass known as Ashikaga Kimiko was insecure about many things, but that didn't include her dealings with this lad. And she wasn't insecure at all in thinking about how she stacked up to other girls so even his free offering of his blood to this child wasn't something which concerned her a great deal.

    Though it might have seemed like it lasted quite a long time, the blonde lass eventually pulled back and a gentle flick of the bite sealed it well enough. She'd managed at the last interval a calming effect to keep it from being too much of a wound for the lad. And now with all the power back in her body and a bit more than that she felt pretty good. Well, that wasn't exactly true, this lad's blood was exceedingly potent. She felt stronger than she had in quite a while and she hadn't really had more to drink than she normally took from victims even in her starved state. The lad probably would barely notice the blood loss, though her little belly extended like she'd eaten a full course meal. "Gochisosamadeshita!" she exclaimed before walking towards her chained snake. Now she could manipulate her body, she could easily offer blood to the locking mechanism to free her. And of course, she would. She ran her hand over her wrist cutting it length wise so that the blood would freely run down her palm and onto the chains. As it did, the blood filled the chains groves causing them to begin lighting up link by link as they filled. Given the length of the chain it would take most of the blood in the girl's body to get them all alight, but it didn't matter to her. She was going to free her friend. The wyrm for her part in this, seemed a little confused about the entire ordeal but if they were to be free and no one had to die, she was accepting of this outcome.

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