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    What a cheeky question asked during the heat of the moment. Tamamo knew what he meant, and he was well aware of that. He was hardly able to respond immediately through the inhale of the lass' nipple via his mouth, as well as the noises escaping Tamamo's own mouth. Among those noises, there was even a question. Was he trying to distract her? Such a thing would be the most foolish decision a man could make, as far as Kou was concerned at the time. Speaking of distractions, it seemed Tamamo was easily able to silence him before he started speaking. That gentle stroking of hers was done with such a dainty hand, the feeling of it was somewhat akin to a tickle while remaining a viable source of arousal that threatened to push him toward the edge with every movement. Kou's breath was caught in his throat the moment he retreated from Tamamo's breast to speak, but in what could almost be considered an act of vengeance, his tongue lashed out against her nipple before he responded. "Why would I do that? It's not like I want you to stop," he proclaimed before his tongue flicked once again.

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    There was a bit of playful yet sensually appropriate banter taking place between them. Tamamo found this whole situation to be going to various extremes, both with her actions and with the actions being taken against her. That gentle stroking she kept up seemed to be doing its work, the lad's breath caught at least once. And she could be at least relatively certain that she was doing her fair share of the work in this interaction. That wasn't to say it was easy on her though. In retaliation for the remarks and cheeky commentary she had her nipple almost visciously assaulted by this lad's tongue. It even came with cheeky speech of his own between them. "Ssssss~" a sharp inhale of breath came from this lass, as her nipple was most viciously assaulted by the lad before her. Her knees finally buckled but since she was leaning against the wall it was hardly a disturbance at all. Even so, she found a rather characteristic clinching sensation taking place in her loins behind her dampened panties. Surely something this simple couldn't do what it was threatening to do? Surely some other stimulation would be needed? Well, she'd keep acting as if this wasn't possible until it was proven otherwise. She once again found herself wondering why exactly she was compelled to go so far, but now that she was so far in, not completing this act in a satisfactory manner would be a crime of massive intent to her. Those gentle movements of her hands continued gaining just a little extra motion where her fingers flicked over the tip of his manhood between those same light strokes she always seemed to manage. "Mmm~ Because you know I won't stop," she mused as she continued each movement. "At least not for long..." the move she moved her hand, the more familiar she became with the sensation of her fingertips slipping over that beaded wetness, what a lovely sensation when combined with the lad's rather obvious reactions.

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    How very true. Kou did, indeed, know she would not stop; it wasn't in this Avatar's nature at all. If this one even hesitated, it was likely for the purpose of teasing in a very interesting way. Stopping entirely, though? Impossible. Kou remembered their time spent in that trapped temple earlier, when he felt as if any attempt at retreat may have led to an outright sexual assault on his person. Actually, part of him had even given consideration to feigning a withdrawal to bait out such a reaction... but alas, there was always the chance he was wrong, and he wouldn't be taking that when he could undoubtedly have his desires answered instead. "Then I guess I can't either. That's fine, right?" he said regarding Tamamo's refusal to stop. That bead of moisture at his tip, which the Kitsune repeatedly swiped away with her fingers, would sadly not be remaining some simple bead for very long─ not with those increased efforts. Kou remained unawares, but in fact, he was beginning to let loose a slow, albeit outright trickle of clear, sticky, slightly thick fluid against the pink-haired young woman's hand. He'd soon be feeling the effects of this one way or another. Regardless though, his own efforts had to continue. A flick here and there did not suffice for long; this realization resulted in Kou latching on with his mouth once more. In the meantime, there was a second nipple upon Tamamo's chest receiving a circular rubbing-over from Kou's forefinger, performed in unison with preexisting groping maneuvers upon her full breast.

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    He knew she wouldn't stop but she wondered if he fully understood what that meant. It wasn't simply Tamamo who wouldn't stop, any face this lass wore was likely to go very far after reaching a certain point. Without interruption she had no problem taking each and every interaction as far as she could. Though internally she freaked herself out quite a bit, she'd definitely still take whatever was offered, whenever wit was offered. "You definitely can't stop either... that'd be so unfair~" the girl mused in her teasing tone, hinting at her closeness to eruption. Even so, the lad's hands and mouth seemed to be working wonders against her bosom. She didn't remember them feeling this sensitive before. Was it the size increase? Was it the fact that this wasn't something she was pursuing alone? Was it some strange combination that made the internally pulse in gentle waves which were only just barely shy of what she needed to feel that rushing wave of relief? It was there, right on the cusp with that confusing mix of wet and dry, anything more could have set her off.

    All the while, a gentle moan escaped her, while her hand became more slick and sticky as it worked along his shaft. Added friction came with this extra lubrication but she didn't allow it to stop her at all. This didn't seem like the 'normal' amount. Was something going on for him as well, was he close? She was, and with her own closeness came the steady quickening of her pace. "It's..." she started trying to explain what was happening to her, but could she get it out in time. Each stroke coming faster and easier by the lad's own anatomy helping her along. "Soooo~" it became a moan but could communicate the fox's feelings nonetheless. Her grip was still the same but those slick, speedy motions along with the gentle flick of her fingers over the tip of him wouldn't stop at all. They'd only take a pace which was meant to help him along, building more and more as her own body felt compelled to seek a pace closer to what her own body would have demanded. "Close..." she managed. As her stomach tightened and the gentle push of her hips as if she could feel the grinding between her legs took place. They'd basically agreed already right? They were certain this wasn't too much for them. This event would end in satisfaction for both of them... they might as well work towards it properly.

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    Kou was being given every implication that the pink-haired lass had nearly reached the peak of the proverbial mountain, but... why? Surely this wasn't enough to be considered sufficient. He wasn't nearly as capable as males in scenes he read and watched; he certainly wouldn't be capable of massaging a woman to orgasm... right? Perhaps he was thinking too simply; perhaps this was a matter of Tamamo's own sensitivity. Either way, the time was near, and the Kitsune seemed keen on hastening Kou toward an explosive finish as well. This natural lubrication, the increased speed, and the voice of Tamamo in a sensual setting were a combination of things that rendered his family jewels tightened and anticipating a release of their content.

    Was this proper, though? After all that build-up, were they to stop here, with this? That would likely be the case if Tamamo's hand continued moving at that pace for much longer, but the stimulation Kou felt so directly was not convincing him to even attempt restraint. "Is this─" was all he managed to mutter as his knees threatened to fail beneath him. His heartrate surely couldn't have increased more than it had done already; action was required immediately. What action would he take? Well, things seemed to be working as they were, so he decided to go for the 'suggested' technique. His mouth, his hand, both returned to their former places. Tongue and finger flicked in unison, though not at all sharing the same pattern. It was his understanding that an upkeep of the same pace would function quite nicely, despite his own body's demand to hasten. The lad would soon find out if his gatherings were correct. . .

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    Kou might not have thought himself capable of creating satisfaction with something so simple, but the feeling of the girl's body made it very obvious that this was something well within his grasp. This body of hers seemed to be way more sensitive than she would have remembered her own being, and beyond that the lad seemed to understand very well what she needed to reach that proverbial peak. What was more, the quickening pace of her own hand seemed to be doing wonders for the lad before her. His heart was beating faster than she'd heard it in quite a while. There was tension in his body as her hand sped up even faster. Every piece of smut she'd ever consumed said that men and women were very opposite in what they needed to reach flourish in moments like these. Girls required a steady pace unless otherwise instructed, her own body was like this. The speed of her hand steadily increased even as a feeling of overwhelming excess hit her own body. A flush reached her face and a break occurred. Like a dam releasing the flood gates the girl's entire body broke out in gooseflesh and the feeling of her body reached supreme relaxation. "Ooooh!~" there it was just like that, she was all but done, and the increasing speed of her hand reached its absolute maximum, she didn't dare stop that speedy stroking until she knew for certain the lad had reached the same kind of finish.

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    Well, there was the answer to his curiosity. His efforts were sufficient enough, it seemed, as confirmed by the audible cue of Tamamo herself. He could have been in question still, but a simple glance up at her face spoke all the words that needed to be said. She was apparently willing to bring about his end here and now as well, which registered as a curiosity to the lad. Through panting, he spoke: "Tama─" he started, before a hitch in his throat paused him again. "If you keep doing that, I'll─" And another. Simply put, he was not fated to last this encounter. He was, in fact, presently reduced to a state that had almost become kneeling. Knees were buckled, nearly giving out as his upper body collapsed against the Kitsune's. He panted and groaned, heat welling up in his core and choosing his groin as its outlet. Still, that curiosity remained. Was this truly the plan? A quick foreplay experience was surely more than one could ask for, but Tamamo gave every implication of desiring more. Perhaps he was slightly mistaken, and this was fine. Either way, he resisted that building sensation in his loins... just in case.

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    The heat that flashed through Tamamo was indeed exactly the thing she sought, and also still the thing she sought to give. Kou for his part in this, did a very nice job resisting the continued efforts of her hand, but she had no intention of stopping at all. Her body was a bit more used to such attention now and she could carry on without pause, even though the lad stumbling through trying to say her name. "Ara ara, you can't do something like that to a girl and say her name like that, Mikon~" she teased the lad lightly. His body leaned against hers gave a new amount of feeling to her person, and a sense of power she couldn't quite be done with. A wicked grin came to her face. But why hold out? Did he want more, was there something he desired? Surely he could finish now nothing stopped about her motions as she teased him lightly through heavily lidded eyes. "I know... let it out~" she mused. "It's not like it's the last time or the only time~" she explained. Though she was indeed the type to take and take more, she still didn't really want to rush. Was this a left over thought from her other self, an insecurity of her perverted teen persona? Was this a future more mature version, waiting on a more appropriate venue for their first exploration of each other? Was it something else entirely? What if it caused strain? What if the moment wasn't right? She wouldn't want to put either of them in the position to regret the time they spent together and she was happy enough with this... for now. As such her hands continued that ever quickening pace, her full intention to give this lad release. Only when this was achieved would she stop. The entire time he face held that flirty little smile but her eyes held a certain amount of adoration for the lad for managing for so long against what had to be torturous amounts of stimulation.

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    Great truths were spoken. This was not their only shared experience of this nature, nor would it be the last if either involved party had any input. Why then, would it matter if he held out? Timing and placement were, indeed, important factors. If he'd been of a right mind, Kou would have also surmised that a more suitable location would be not only ideal, but also mandatory in a way. He didn't want his first experience to be in broad daylight in some foreign land, especially given the fact that they were already in a strange world. Clarity struck him in the wake of Tamamo's words, and with that, he heaved a sigh with two purposes. What were those purposes? First, there was the matter of his mental strain disappearing. He didn't need to be so worried about any ability to continue, even though he was likely to be capable of doing so with this particular incarnation regardless. As for the second reason, well... it was another type of relief─ the type which accompanied release of that pent-up fluid that demanded exit from his body through his member. Out went the spurt, and out went the rest of Kou's ability to stand as he slid down onto his knees. The torture of holding back against that singular hand was over, and in came a clarity of mind the likes of which he had in the temple previously. "Sou ka. I think I get it. . ."

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    It seemed that the lad she was with took her words in stride, and soon enough heaved a heavy sigh. What came along with this sigh the release of tension clear over his face and the twitching of his member as he released that pent up fluid in a burst. His knees lost their ability to hold him and he slipped down to them, in the meantime, Tamamo lost her gentle grip upon his manhood but managed to feel the warm stickiness which was his release with her palm. How interesting. What would this feel like later? Under different circumstances she might have wanted to try that immediately, but here and now she was pleased with only a minor use of magic it disappeared from within her grasp. She lowered herself as well, hearing the lad's words that same little smile appeared on her face. "Good~" she pecked him on the lips after this and would be content to remain this way a few moments longer as they both regained their calm and redressed properly with no mess to speak of.

    What was happening in the rest of the land while these two had such a tryst? Well, Shuten and Ibaraki were walking along until they found themselves at the western base of Mt. Kurama. They'd become fast friends and were having an interesting time, joking and laughing about the life of having a stupid big brother. "Iia, Nii-san's the best. Stupid and shut-in but a heart of gold. That's worth looking after~" Shuten said of the lad who'd bore three different faces this day. "Ha'ah! Must be nice, my brother's a dumbass... but he's kinda still my dumbass. I definitely let this go on way longer than I meant to. Making up for it now~~" she mused knowing that her work here would begin to fix the wrongs she'd let her older brother perpetrate. "Yosh! Just make sure you give off big energy from now on. He's gotta know you're the boss!~" Shuten mentioned happily, this was most definitely just part of the girl's personality obviously. All the while thin strings and spider webs peppered the lands. Her senses were quite intense and she expected a bit more of a forward greeting, perhaps it was on its way, as they delved deeper into a 'Spider' territory.

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