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    A large open mountain pass which holds the Youkai factions. In four directions each is held by a different kind of Youkai all battling for control of the entirety of the area. Floating lanterns light the always dark area and rivers flow off the sides of the mountains into the lands beyond. The whole of the area seems to have an old era Japanese feel. Everyone within seems to dress in traditional Japanese garb and Japanese traditions and lore directly influence the area. The area used to be a Dragon's Nest and is considered a port to the sky. After it was abandoned by the Dragons it was taken over by various factions of Youkai, as they were the only ones with bodies strong enough to withstand the extreme pressure of the Mana Rich Zone left behind by the Dragons who used to live there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apollymi View Post
    It seemed that Kou also took in the look of this new place. Miki could appreciate it to, as a Japanese native. Imagine the food to be found in a place like this! It was as if thinking about food alone was enough to make the blonde lass' stomach growl expectantly. Miki managed to look a bit embarrassed but settled into floating atop her pillow after hearing the words of both Kou and Bulma. "Hisakawa let me know if you need anything for the repairs..." she said to that young woman who gave a quick nod. "Hai hai. This might be as high as you can go right now... I'll let you know if I figure anything out," Bulma responded. She looked at where they landed and it seemed to be a small island stranded in the middle of a lake with a large bridge leading into something which looked a bit more like a city.

    In the meantime, Kou's words to Miki registered in her ear and she began floating towards the downed ramp of the ship, only to eventually take up on foot. Knowing that, as a Druid a connection to the land could potentially help in diagnosing this area. "Hai, sounds like a great idea. Besides... if the ship is a TARDIS we probably need to do something while we're here. We can at least get some breakfast before work~" she mentioned in a jokingly sarcastic way. A new bit of adventuring together couldn't really count as a date without downtime. And she didn't expect to get any downtime really until whatever was going on here was resolved. Still there was no reason for them not to enjoy the time here while they had it. Actually, there was something kind of exciting about this new place. Or maybe she was just still left over a bit pleased from the night before and it was spilling over into her proper wakefulness.
    As if Miki's growling stomach wasn't enough on its own, Kou thought he could be satisfied with a bite or two as well. In fact, the rumbling in Miki's stomach managed to mask the lighter gurgle of his own. In the privacy of his own mind, Kou laughed at this coincidence upon seeing Miki's embarrassment. Hopefully, none had heard his in addition to hers. "I'm hungry too," he said, if only to not leave the blonde hanging as the only obviously-ravenous individual here. Besides... he saw this as an opportunity on multiple fronts. They could continue their time away from others, do something for the group as a whole, and even satisfy the needs of their stomachs the way their stomachs new best. "We could scout ahead, be proper good captains for everyone's sake? It'd be easy to bring back a bunch of groceries to have some quality Japanese food and..." He paused. There was a Japanese dish he needed to exist in these lands, as he needed it to be tasted by another. One could only hope, even pray, that it could be found.

    Meanwhile, there was another set of individuals near the landing sight of the Grandcypher. One seemed to be inhuman... or rather, it was. A small, blue Slime was in the care of another. This odd ship was a curiosity worth addressing, he thought, so he had it in mind to be present when its approach ended. After only a short while spent watching the vessel, the Slime spoke. "What do you think they are? More members for Rengoku's Night Parade?"

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    Though Miki was quite embarrassed about her growling stomach, but according to Kou he could also go for something to eat. The crisis was averted as it always was, and Miki relaxed quite a bit as they took their first few steps away from the ship. She laughed it off and managed to smile genuinely, as they walked along. According to Kou, it would be easy for them to scout ahead and have some breakfast in this new place. He even suggested bringing back some groceries for what seemed to be home cooking. "That sounds excellent. Japanese food would be amazing right now... I haven't had anything from home in what feels like ages... I feel like it'd be so nostalgic!~" she said happily. "We can get anything!" she said excitedly agreeing to the purchase of groceries. Admittedly the girl known as Ashikaga Kimiko didn't cook her own food under normal circumstances. And when she did, there were very few dishes she had any reasonable understanding of cooking. Even so, she figured she could trust someone else to either talk her through it, or do the cooking if it came down to that. Meanwhile she took in the first view of the land and her left brow rose. "Actually, this place looks like Kyoto. I haven't been to Kyoto in ages..." she murmured, as they crossed the bridge and headed into town.

    In the meantime, another pair of people had landed near the Grandcypher, and were coincidentally, headed off in the same direction as this pair of teens. The blue slime ball was being carried in the arms of a rather busty young woman with long black hair and a body dressed in dark feathers. On her back a large pair of wings and around her neck, a golden necklace with a strange symbol like an eye upon it. "They look like adventurers, maybe a young couple. Not quite official by the distance between them... but they show obvious signs of favoritism..." the lass' eyes narrowed only slightly as she looked towards the pair. Only with her gaze locked in such a way, did her eyes soon widen. She almost didn't recognize that blonde lass, due to two factors. The first of which being, the color of her hair, which was quite unusual for her, and the other being the smile upon her visage. The light of recognition passed through the gaze of this dark haired lass. She knew who this girl was, but alas, how she knew her was something which couldn't be discussed. As such she couldn't be too forward with what she knew, but still... watching this girl interact with this white haired boy was rather surprising. "They don't seem dangerous at the very least. You could probably speak with them, if you wanted to find out their plans..." she stated. Knowing this girl meant she had a bit more knowledge than she needed to. She could give advice but also had to maintain a certain level of distance. Even here, she didn't wish to break her code.

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    "Yeah, definitely. I could really go for some nikuman... and onigiri... and soba... and─" Kou felt a sudden need to stop himself, as the hunger was quickly becoming ridiculous. Moreover, he didn't want to hype himself up over something that may or may not even exist in this region. It had the look, sure, but given places like Eonis... appearances didn't exactly match up to culinary selection. Maybe they would at least have something close enough to the foods he desired. If there was only one, and he could select it by some randomly-acquired mental ability... that would be perfect. "It does look a bit like Kyoto. I've only been a few times between school trips and family stuff, but... yeah."

    The Slime, carried by this buxom and winged woman, seemed perturbed by the appearance of these newcomers. To call them Adventurers was fitting enough by their appearance, but his companion seemed a bit hung-up on their relationship to one another for a moment. If nothing else, they did seem approachable... and so, he'd approach by dropping into the winged woman's shadow, and reappearing through the shadow of... Miki. He was just a Slime; he could afford to be a bit devious. With that in mind, his ascension led him high, that he might land atop the blonde's head for the sake of grabbing attention.

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    "ONIGIRI!!" That was a sole excited utterance. Actually, Miki or rather Kimiko truly enjoyed that food, and it was one of few she knew how to make herself. She could enjoy some any day, and it was such a great snack. One of the few allowed by her many dietary restrictions. The idea of it making her mouth water for a second too long. Food was so important and had been at the forefront of her brain too long. She didn't want to set herself up for disappointment but she really was excited. It seemed, that Kou also thought this place looked a bit like Kyoto he mentioned a few trips in his life with family and for school. "I used to go there a lot... lots of old building and fun places to go. The school trips are always so boring because of the planned places they want to visit I've seen too many times..." she mentioned. She would have preferred wandering off on her own. Not in a travel group full of girls, who only wanted her in their group to keep her away from all of the guys who they liked.

    Whatever the case, this world was exciting and new and they could explore and.... "Is there something on my head?" she said reaching tentatively up. A strange weight had interrupted her thoughts. It wasn't heavy, but she didn't expect it or anything. She'd reach up to poke it and find its texture to be odd. "Uhh... I'm kinda freaking out here!" she exclaimed unable to see the thing on top of her head, and that making it far scarier a situation than she would have imagined. All the while the winged raven-haired lass walked along shaking her head. "Not exactly what I meant when I said he should introduce himself," she mentioned, still she was a ways off.

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    Among the things listed, onigiri apparently resonated with Miki the most. As they made their way, she showed her excitement over that particular choice. She also delved into the frequency at which she visited Kyoto, and why. It was interesting to note the differences between their lifestyles each time they rose, but this seemed less of an odd situation than most differences between them thus far. What was more odd than anything, though, was the girl's sudden freak-out. He turned to face her, walking sideways until stopping due to the realization of... exactly what she was referencing. He stared at the Slime, who did not yet reveal its ability to talk. After a few moments of looking, Kou's excitement began to build. "Fuck, it's a Slime! But... if one of those is in the city, and this place is like Japan... We must be in Youkai territory!"

    How incredible, yet suddenly... how slightly frightening. What he knew of Youkai, implied that anything so far-flung from a spiritual being of their ilk did not receive very warm welcomes to their midst. If he was right about the type of place they were in, things could get dangerous rather quickly.

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