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    Having his hand pushed aside didn't seem to bother Rengoku much at all. He still wore that same grin as he looked to Gozen through the corner of his eye. "As always. I like that about you, Gozen. If you just agreed without hassle, you'd be boring rubbish like all the others," the male said, being without a shadow of a doubt that he would consider Gozen riffraff as well, if she were to actually throw herself at him. He couldn't trust that sort of reaction at all. What he could trust, was the attitude being presented by a particular, seemingly-lesser Oni with purple hair. "I think I am the most powerful Oni to exist since Shuten-doji himself. If he were still alive, I'd even prove I'm superior."

    This one claimed to be no servant, but the same could be said of his other servants. She wanted him to offer a genuine apology? What would he apologize for? If anything, he owed an apology to the divines in the near future, for sending such a petulant creature to them before its mental maturation. Though... looking at this one, he could see many uses, should he keep her alive. "You'll make no form of leader here, I assure you. Or is that your way of proposing to me? You're pretty small, but that might actually be more fun than I give it credit for. I'll test you out when we're done, if you live~" he proclaimed. With that, he drew one of the katana he wielded from its sheath, holding onto it with a reverse grip as the crimson blade was unveiled. The smell of fruit struck his nose while a small amount of fire encased his blade. He didn't appear willing to assault the girl at all, whether it was an effect of her ability or not, though he also made no steps toward her. No, he was far more willing to stare her up and down, as if viewing a fine meal presented to him. "I'm in a good mood. One more chance, we can test you out and see if you're concubine material."

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    Gozen, as she was being called was indeed always different from the others. But she also wasn't of this world, she had no intention of binding herself to one with a personality like Rengoku's in such a personal way. No, her own preferences were too much of a difference. But of course, like all men of his type, he seemed to take her lack of interest as some sort of challenge instead of as the rejection it was meant as. This was both positive and negative given that her continued existence without having to fight and assume control of this place was dependent upon this oni's graces currently. "I am sure you think so, whatever the case... one step at a time," mentioned the white haired young woman. In the meantime, it seemed that Rengoku was content to explain who he thought he was, claiming to be the strongest Oni since the famed Shuten-Doji. He claimed to he'd prove himself superior even to that person which made a look of surprise cross the purple haired lass' face. She giggled in response to this assertion. "Fufu, that's funny, you're talking a lot for someone who doesn't know what my name is," she mentioned in an off-handed kind of way.

    "I am a better leader than you..." she said firmly with no doubts in her skills whatsoever. It could be noted that this man hadn't actually made the move to attack her, and that his words came with more passes made at her person. These were so obvious she couldn't ignore them and what was more there was an extreme malice which developed from her person. Was it because she was a girl and found such things disgusting coming from complete strangers? Or was it instead because she was Shuten-doji and found any pass made by this runt to be offensive? The answer was simply... yes. And for this exact reason she moved forward. Whether he would attack her himself or not no longer mattered. She wouldn't give him anymore chances because he no longer deserved them, her aim would be to immediately remove the bone from his left knee, the small plate to be flipped around in her fingers if he was without the proper equality in existence to resist. If she succeeded in this he'd be brought to his knees before her and she'd look at him with outright disgust. "Never in a million years will someone like you, lay a hand on me."

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    Some very interesting words were shared with Shuten. Of course, by interesting, Giyu would mean something more along the lines of... atrocious. He just about regretted not assaulting Rengoku himself, but alas, he knew the demeanor of his own sister. When capable, whatever she did in response to such an approach would be far worse than any beating the lad himself could deliver those deserving punishment. As such, Giyu was content to continue playing the role of an observer.

    Ah, the name of this young maiden was a mystery indeed. Rengoku couldn't fathom why her name mattered after his reference of Shuten-doji, but he didn't seem to care either. Her claim of being a superior leader to himself was laughable, but one thing he would soon experience was just the opposite. Rengoku's eyes widened as the purple-haired Oni became... taller? No, she wasn't getting taller; he was getting lower. Not only that, but Rengoku's angle was shifting at the same time. His left leg had given out? Rather, a very important piece of his knee was missing, and being toyed with by the girl in front of him. As quickly as possible, he had to support himself using his right leg, all to remain standing. Given his positioning at the time, he actually needed to jab his sword into the ground for added support. "Kisama! What the hell sort of magic do you think you're bringing to the land of Oni?" he asked as the flames on his blade grew in intensity. At present, the flames themselves would swarm around both Rengoku and Shuten, aiming to burn her to a crisp with heat boasting great intensity even for Oni who retained an affinity to fire.

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    Gozen watched with wide eyes as Rengoku was brought to one knee before the coming Oni. Her words, though slightly cryptic were very clear. It was obvious enough to Gozen that this lass was the current incarnation of the once legendary Oni, Shuten-doji. But apparently this wasn't as obvious to Rengoku. The man was reduced to stabbing his sword into the ground holding himself up, she chuckled aloud only to turn her head and cough quickly to cover it. 'That's a girl I can get behind, actually...' she gave a gentle pause and viewed this lass under her Nexus vision, alas she wasn't the individual she was reminded of, but that was fine too. Whatever the case, the pink eyed Oni stood at her side in awe, her eyes shining in this moment. She'd not seen anyone actually stand up to this man, it only further cemented her ideas about this new duo. She moved closer to Giyu gesturing at him as the flames increased around the pair in front of him, wondering if he would defend the lass.

    A smile came to Shuten's face even as this man aimed to burn her to a crisp while asking her a question. She waved her hand about through the flames aiming to slap the man hard with her right hand across his face, which he definitely deserved at this point. If nothing else, he'd stop speaking to her like the boorish brute he was presenting himself as, this attitude was absolutely unacceptable. Unlike many others, his flames weren't nearly as effective against her. If only because she maintained a certain state of being known as Divinity, increasing her magical resistance by a great deal. An Oni without Divinity, could barely make her uncomfortable, much less deal any real damage to her physically. "Fufufu, is that all you have?!" she asked of him disgusted by his current showing. The entire time the look on this lass' face hadn't changed, there was something devious in her eyes, and menacing. She was now making an example of him, if only because he'd spoken so rudely to her in the first place. "I am bringing nothing new, this is something old... older than you. No other Oni past or present possesses this skill, I'm sure you've heard of it, Bone Collector~" she said as she aimed to rip the bones from the hand which held his sword, not bothering with the precision of her previous use of the skill, her aim this time was to make him rue his behavior and extract that genuine apology. If she succeeded in taking these from him, she'd ask a very simple question. "Who am I?"

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    Impassive as ever, Giyu sighed while observing the interaction between his sister, and the head Oni of this region. He knew where this was going, and he knew about how long it would take to reach climax. At most, it was going to be an annoyance... but there was something else amiss. Shuten had an interesting bonus to her ability, and he could feel one welling up within himself as well. They weren't the only ones this applied to, though. Rengoku seemed just connected enough to this plane to receive a similar shift, greater in magnitude than the two Adventurers, yet only in application to his lesser existence.

    Speaking of lesser existence, the blonde Oni was finally beginning to realize what sort of difference existed between this outsider and himself. She possessed a quality unseen in these lands for generations, and he could hardly rationalize what it was beyond thinking it could only be one thing. Had she achieved deification? No, that wasn't possible, even if the leylines of the land had clearly been made more open. She was a deity in some respect already, and only now could he sense it. Perhaps it was the fault of her buff, or perhaps his own increase in potential had made him more aware of this presence. There was also that name, belonging to the strange magic used by this girl. Indeed, it was a skill whose infamy knew no limits among those versed in the history of Ryozanpaku, and deeper yet... Mount Ooe. As he felt the dislodging and shredding of bones from his sword hand, the trusted tool fell, and so too did his hopes of maintaining rule over the Oni here. Rengoku was shaken in a way he'd never thought possible, yet he still didn't seem to fully grasp the goings-on. "That's... not possible. You're a descendant of his? I should be the only remnant of that era; that power should be mine!"

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    The bonus to Shuten's abilities was indeed noted by the girl, even so, she figured it had something to do with their fellow adventurer. Regardless she trusted in herself and knew her dominance over the head Oni here was something which was inevitable. She found herself floating more bones, these from his hand while he obviously had just enough power to note what she'd done. It seemed that Shuten's legend was indeed famous, as he recognized her for what she was, at least to some extent. But as was always going to be the case, he denied a bit of the truth that was right in front of him. He claimed her to be a descendant of Shuten-doji and exclaimed that he should be the one with such a power as the last relic of that bygone era. Shuten reached out in this moment and aimed to slap this man with her left hand right across the face, this was an action taken by the lass underneath as her general way of dealing with this level of potential whining from individuals, she'd done the same thing to the princess in Eonis. "You are owed no power just for existing. We're Oni prove your might with blood and sweat. Don't fucking whine about it..." she said seeming to find something annoying about this man's disposition and disbelief. The look on Shuten's face shifted, why should he be the only remnant of that era? What had he done or not done to make him have such a belief? "I am no descendant of anyone. My name is one you and everyone else should know and I am the only one. Now then, my name and that sincere apology..." she said, her smile slightly evil and with a smug superiority which could only belong to a powerful individual. She wouldn't utter another threat, it should be obvious by now that she was serious. She'd kill this man for disrespecting her if he continued, but she was also kind enough to forgive his ignorance if he admitted it.

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    As his irritation at the situation before him grew, Rengoku was forcibly reduced to a lesser state than some simple loss of his bones could manage alone. She dared slap him? His head turned with haste in response to the movement, and he sat in shock for several moments thereafter. Even a descendant of Shuten-doji could not have the gall to do this! Ah, but this was no descendant, according to the girl herself. He didn't want to believe this, clearly, but the evidence spoke for itself. That beast of an Oni had reincarnated? Madness, yet so very real. "Shuten-doji, demanding an apology from me. . ." He was without a kneecap, without bones in one hand, and brought low before the height-challenged lass. She had overcome his flames and outclassed him in a very succinct manner, though Rengoku did not seem to have given in just yet.

    "I am Rengoku Kyojuro. Even against you, I will not kneel," he said while forcing himself to rise using the strength of one leg alone. The fire previously encasing his blade erupted from the pipe he held in his functional hand, and from his very pores after a matter of moments. The intensity of these flames was much greater, and growing still. The ground beneath him went beyond scorching, stones melting and boiling under his feet as his fire spread outward. "I don't need your fucking bone-ripper skill. I am a true Oni! I am the unquestionable ruler! My blood burns hotter than any, and even you won't stop the flame that knows no equal!"

    Giyu had no intention of interrupting this moment; he was content to stand at the sideline and be annoyed by the wait. Deep within his core, however, there was another who took exception to the words of Rengoku. He felt an immense heat, but it was not the heat of the Oni's flames─ it was something far, far more furious building up within his soul. Claws scratched at his mind, and a roar filled his subconscious. It seemed the Dragonoid Akashi was not pleased by these claims to the strength of another's fire.

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    "Step one," said the lass at the mention of the fact that he'd named her properly. It seemed the slap she'd delivered to the Oni had done what she intended and reoriented his brain. But there was much more that needed to happen in this moment. The abject smug on one such as Shuten-doji wouldn't be stopped for one such as Rengoku. In this particular moment, she stood with hands on her hips as she watched this man get his life together before her. "Fufu, a true Oni?" she questioned this man as if he was a child standing before her throwing a tantrum. Still, the look in his eye and the feeling of his power was much better than it had been before. Though she stood high above most things, she could admit to the improvement in quality of this man's flames. Though she was quite sure it wasn't enough. "At least your attitude has improved, I can't stand whining..." said Shuten that smug smile on her face. In her hand she produced a gourd, blue and jeweled which seemed to be quite large. As she clasped her hand around it, it produced an intense noxious gas of poison that aimed to smother the flames and infect. Instead of burning things to nothing, it would melt the flesh that it touched that it seeped into leaving only bones behind for those without the ability to withstand it. It seemed the child gloves were off in the face of these supposed flames. Strangely both the white haired Oni and the girl with the aggressive pink eyes seemed fine in the wake of all they were witnessing. "Blood and sweat, remember. Keep it moving... regardless of what you say I'm in charge here," mentioned Shuten as she calmly looked over this man. She'd still be receiving her apology or at least that was her aim.

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    If it was an apology she was truly waiting for, Shuten would be seeing the end of her days once again before receiving it, even if he could not prove himself the superior Oni in this encounter. She could at least keep trying. More than anything else, Rengoku offered credit to the Oni of old for being able to injure him. Alas, the power this one presented still did not match what he would have expected from the original. She was not quite a shell; that cutthroat attitude remained just under the surface in a way. As far as application was concerned, however, there was something... lacking. Sure, her Divinity kept her safer than any other could even imagine being against his fire, but her own output was lacking in the strength he would have truly feared. Flames were smothered by the gases of Shuten's gourd, only to continue pushing against those gases and igniting the air around Rengoku, burning gas away before it reached his flesh. "You'll never be in charge while I live. Blood and sweat? Wasn't it your own that you had spilled at the fall of your era? I won't meet that fate, ever. Magic has no place here; Oni will be strong, or be gone!"

    "You heard the funny little man," spoke the voice of... not Giyu at all. The male Oni was still physically there, but those dead, blue eyes had become a blend of gold and crimson. His hair was becoming red over time as well, and small tongues of flames were emerging from his body to burn away his clothes while the ensemble of Akashi replaced them. "Cull the weak, before I take your moment just to prove a point."

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    Shuten was content to fight this 'boy' of an Oni into submission. Much to her own surprise, he went on to claim she couldn't be in charge while he lived. She didn't like having her hand forced in such a way, and she intended at least initially to keep him alive. But there would be more than one male in Ryozanpaku forcing her hand this day. At present, her stoic brother became his less stoic self. Her eyes narrowed slightly and his words hit her ear causing a slight amount of annoyance. "Fufu, now you've woken a Dragon. That's a problem and a half," she laughed but it came off as bitter. "Urusai! I'll do as I please," she said to the Dragonoid, knowing full well she would have to kill this man now or he'd suffer a worse fate yet. Perhaps he'd take the moment to rethink it, whatever the case, with the gases she created being 'outburned' she took a casual set of steps forward. Power pulsated beneath the surface of her person, and the gases created by her interacted with the fires creating a rainbow of colors surrounding this pair of individuals. "Fine, if you wish to die so badly, go and take your regrets with you. Maybe next life time, you'll behave yourself like a good little subordinate," she mused. When she did this, the gourd in her hand shifted downward in size becoming a short blade which became an extension of her power and the mark of 'Bone Collector' ability. She'd use it now, pushing the blade forward, but in multiple pointed strikes, extracting Rengoku's bones from his body, from the bottom up. Each one would allow the man to feel himself melting under her power and as it was an assassination technique it was made with enough precision to slip past the senses, until of course, she'd inevitably claim his skull. If successful what was left of the bones in his body would be left at her feet and she'd sigh while throwing the blade over her shoulder, with the horned skull of the Oni upon it.

    All the while as Akashi made his appearance, the lass known as Tamamo paused mid-conversation. Those golden eyes of hers looked up from her tea cup and her tails all shifted in the breeze. Ever so softly in the back of her mind, she felt a rush of water like a riptide occurring. "Ara ara, someone woke other other Mikon," she mused gently knowing that the Dragonoid Akashi was awake.

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