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    "Heh," the Dragonoid chuckled as his form completed itself, his tail, wings and horns erupting from his body in a blaze of fire. In his time spent napping, he had almost missed the 'bite' possessed by this lass in her previous form. Currently, she seemed a bit closer to Dragon kin than before, as difficult as that was. While he had many, many quips to offer the Oni of fire struggling to move about before them, there was a bit of an itch in his mind. Someone in the distance was aware of his presence, and he knew just who it was... though this one was quite different to the senses. "H'oh? You're free to come watch, if you want," he said, eyes glazed over, and his energy pulsating, all with the knowledge within that his intentions could be felt from afar by this one. Damned be the fate of the Oni who brought him out, if he could find out the nuances to this one that his other selves failed to bring forth.

    In the meantime, Rengoku's attention was brought to the Dragonoid. His shock was clear, but his attention was required elsewhere. Shuten, what was she saying? The next life? Did she think herself capable of actually killing him? Well, he would be remiss to discover that she could do exactly that. Of course, he was far too stubborn to make it a simple task. His flames were consciously intensified to their maximum output to force against the gasses. Even as bones were being repeatedly and agonizingly torn from his body from toe to head, even as his flesh began feeling the effects still taking place from her earlier use of that damned gourd, the fire produced solely from his blood burned true. "You think it's going to be so easy, Shuten-doji?! Rengoku-sama will never fall to a shadow like you! I a─" What was the matter here? Well, it just so happened that he was without a jaw to speak with. In that very moment, at least his tirade was brought to an end. That was it, wasn't it? It was all over, even if he managed to burn her away as well.

    ... That is, it was almost over. As if experiencing salt applied to an open gash, there was one final thing Rengoku saw before he could no longer produce flames. That thing, was it... a skull? It was a skull. It was his skull, made obvious enough by the strange form of its horns. Jellified and melting away, what remained of his body for the time being had this to behold in its final moments. Akashi viewed this even while distracted, and could feel nothing but disappointment. "Yare yare. I expected more bark for the bite; that was just boring. Consider that beckoning more than just an offer," he said, clicking his fingers and conjuring flames of unknown purpose around the bones of Rengoku.

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    The Dragonoid known to Shuten-doji as Akashi seemed amused by her antics. This wasn't really surprising, even when they'd first been introduced he seemed to be less annoyed by the sort of things she did. Whatever sentence he uttered next, the words didn't appear to be for her. She didn't even feel the pulse of his energy aside from knowing that it happened so she couldn't know what he was doing or rather, who he was talking to. That being said she did hear the last words of Rengoku and they came off just as whiney as his first ones. Still there was much amusement to be taken from the lad's inability to finish his sentence. "Fufufu, I need... a drink after all of that. I'm parched," the lass mused. This statement and the gentle sheen of sweat upon her person, the only inclination that Rengoku had managed to get under her skin, even a little. His power was great by comparison to some of the weaker people she'd come across, even so it seemed to pale in comparison to her own. She wondered in the moment how he'd gotten so weak, and how he'd been allowed to believe he was strong while players existed in this world.

    Ah, but there was still the matter of who Akashi had been speaking to. In the teahouse across the city the fox lass with her pink hair still looked over the rim of her cup with those golden eyes of hers alight. "Oh? Well isn't that enticing?" she mused to herself. The woman with her seemed to find these words spoken not to her very strange. Still a subtle pulse of energy would leave the lass as she considered the offer presented to her. Of course there were issues with going to the lad immediately, not the least of which was the idea that being too close to him could raise her own dragon. Of course, a few short moments after this the energy and the words which seemed to be transmitted changed a bit. It went from something inviting to a demand for her presence. "Ara ara, I guess you refuse to be ignored even for a short while..." she said excusing herself from this spot. "It seems I have a date!~" she teased before taking a few casual steps which weren't casual at all and would put her before the Dragonoid Akashi in a matter of seconds even across the whole of the city. "You called, Mikon?!~" she asked in a manner most teasing, seeming to have no problem with this lad's shift in being. Her body floated gently off the ground in her flowing blue robes with long pink strands of hair trailing behind her. Each of the three tails seeming to wag in excited unison as she greeted the Dragon before her, not even bothering to be upset about the pile of bones and whatever magic the lad had going on.

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    A drink? Something alcoholic, surely. Perhaps Yugi would have had some issue with this coming from his sister, at least in their original world. In this world however, and especially in the form of Akashi, he didn't particularly care if she had a drink or twelve. In fact, his other selves had partaken quite a few times by now. If she wanted to drink, he had no concerns at all. Perhaps she would rather wait, though. Those flames of Akashi which enshrouded the Oni's bones were, in fact, akin to the Fire of Creation in this world. Rengoku's body was being restored over time, due to his Origin being reignited by the fire. Akashi didn't speak of this; no, his attention was elsewhere already.

    Tamamo made quick work of the trip between her starting point, and here. Akashi expected to be standing in wait, tapping his foot until the Kitsune's arrival, but lo, there she was standing before him. "Fast. Enthusiastic?" he questioned. With such haste being made in the approach, he could only poke at the sudden arrival of Tamamo. That wasn't too far from his expectation, though; he figured she would hardly take time to remove herself from wherever she was at the time. "This place is boring. There's nothing here, other than a lighter trying to be a flamethrower."

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    In a moment or two it seemed whatever Akashi was doing had spread to the fallen bones of Rengoku. So much so that Shuten walked over to the pile and casually dropped his skull upon it. "I don't know what you're doing, but I don't really care..." she stated only to have her eyes widened by the rather sudden appearance of Tamamo?! Is that who the Dragonoid form of her brother had been speaking with this entire time. She did indeed show up rather suddenly, and also didn't seem to really be thinking about the other people in the vicinity.

    "Hai hai, fast and enthusiastic. I wouldn't have wanted to keep you waiting.~ Unless of course, you'd rather wait..." Tamamo said with her usual teasing quality. Still, the man's words about this entire situation seemed to make the pink haired Kitsune's eyes shift around quite a bit. He claimed to be bored and that there was a lighter trying to be a flamethrower. She could assume taking charge of the Oni had gone well, though at least one act of violence had been committed here, it wasn't by the hand of Akashi himself. "Ara ara, if you're bored why did you bother waking?" she asked of the Dragonoid, this whole situation didn't seem to require him in any immediacy. "Not that I'm not always happy to see you, Mikon!~" she added in that same quality. Strangely, the Kitsune had no problem shifting herself to the Dragonoid's attention. Maybe it was because her other self had a decent bit of interaction with him, or maybe it was simply because he was more forceful to begin with that she could be the amount of soft and flirty she seemed to be in this moment. Still, there was a certain amount of magnetism to be found here, as her floating brought her ever closer to the lad before her, and she wasn't that far away to begin with.

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    Bit by bit, the pieces of Rengoku were coming together. With the return of his skull, meat could begin materializing around his bones, flesh could return properly where it belonged. He would soon be born anew, with even the memory of his death intact. By Akashi's plan, the Oni would be brought back to life repeatedly, until something amusing happened. Ah, but there was more amusement to be had without the involvement of any Oni. Interest at present could only be found in the pink-haired fox girl who so urgently answered his call.

    "I planned on waiting, but since you're here─" he started, eyes glancing over the Kitsune as his arms remained crossed over his chest. "I woke because that thing over there wouldn't be silent. I thought I had a chance to stretch my legs, but it isn't worth it. That's why I called you here; I need something else to do, and we have unfinished business." He imagined it was very clear what he meant by those final words. He'd said something similar to Miki, and would say the same to any other Avatar belonging to Kimiko. He had business with the other Dragon living within her, and thus, he had business with every form she took. This one, especially, was appealing. "The dance is waiting. You seem more prepared for it than the last one would have been."

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    "Fufufu, you're bringing him back?!" there was a decent bit of shock in the purple haired lass who was now standing with a large sake cup in hand and pouring herself a drink from another Sake Gourd she had on her person. She couldn't help but seem a bit upset, but still, she'd drink without thinking too much about it. Whatever the case, the Dragonoid form of her brother, was at present having a conversation with the newest incarnation of Ashikaga Kimiko. 'Hm, he is bringing this guy back to life and brought his not girlfriend here. I suppose the Dragon one is a bit more upfront about what he wants. I don't know if I should count this as a win or a loss...' Shuten thought with deviousness in her eyes as she sipped from the large cup in her hand. All the while the white haired archer watched in stoic disbelief. "So, are we just not talking about him becoming a completely different Avatar and bringing Rengoku-sama back to life after letting you kill him, horrifically?" she asked of the girl who seemed to only shrug at the information. "If we talk about it, we have to deal with it. We should probably wait and see where it goes. Don't get too attached to him though, if he..." she gestured to the pile becoming Rengoku. "Interrupts that conversation he's going to have a bad time," she said of Rengoku and his potential rebirth and the outcomes of it.

    And what a conversation it was, from not very far away a discussion was taking place between the Kitsune and the Dragon. She received the answers to her questions about the nature of his waking and in return was given a rather open stare. A grin came to her face as she had something rather cheeky to say in light of his statements. "Hoh? I am pretty sure I felt you a bit before now and it wasn't your legs you were trying to stretch~" the fox girl mused only to giggle soon after, thinking about the fact that she'd felt this Dragonoid's eyes open when she'd sat in the lap of his previous visage. He claimed that they had unfinished business, which could only be taken as one thing, given his reference to a 'dance'. She found this amusing along with the mention that she was more readily capable of it than the first face that this man encountered. True enough she had way fewer problems interacting with this man than her other self did, but she still didn't intend to hand herself over to her Dragonoid either. "Ara ara, you can't say that literally every time you see me, Mikon... I mean our business will always be unfinished," the fox said, speaking of her own desires as well as those of all faces known and unknown. She reached out in the moment, aiming to lay a hand against him, whether his flame cloak was active or not, she'd rest the skin of her palm against his exposed torso without recoiling. This Avatar possessed a high tier Divinity as well as an affinity with a flame related deity, there were fewer things for her to worry about in this interaction. "But, I can't say I wouldn't like to repay the favor and spoil Mikon too~" she mentioned with a casual roll of her eyes and a gentle flick of her tongue over her lips. It went without saying that she had no intention of becoming a dragon for this moment. But there was a sense of fairness that meant that neither of these individuals would likely allow the other to show them up for very long. Combine this with the rather servile nature the lass currently had and it was becoming very easy to say that she would indeed do just as her words implied.

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    Indeed, Akashi had made the decision to restore Rengoku's life. He would only suffer the fate of a repeated, potentially more agonizing death if he did not show improvement of some sort, but that was all part of the potential amusement. Consciousness returned to the Oni before his body finished its regeneration cycle, and he was plagued with the sensation of muscles threading together and flesh stretching itself out. It felt as if he were growing from infancy all in the span of a few moments, and it was quite the ordeal. "Hngh─ how... You. . ."

    While Rengoku struggled his way back into existence, far more entertaining things were on the horizon from Akashi's standpoint. He found it interesting how much more complacent, even forward with her perverse nature. She was right as well; there was something very different he intended to 'stretch' as it were. "Well, anything I have the desire to stretch isn't attached to me at all, is it?" he questioned. Indeed, he would stretch his legs as necessity. Other things, however... may have been a different purpose entirely. As for their unfinished business, yes, it would forever remain unfinished. Alas, they had yet to get started, and that was tantamount to a grave sin. The little tongue-lashing over the Kitsune's lip after mentioning the return of a favor, happened to be a point of great interest to the Dragonoid. Surely she could mean only one thing, and if he was right about what it was, then he was also certain about one thing. "Ho─ spoiling is the plan, is it?" he asked while tapping the side of his head, reaching into the memories of his other selves regarding this Avatar. "If that's the case, where's the rest of that outfit list? If this is the whole memory, I think maid service is missing from what you mentioned before. Mindful where you set the bar, though."

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    "Oi oi, at least wait until you can formulate complete sentences. We're busy here..." said Shuten as she took another sip of her drink. It seemed she had no patience left at all for the newly rising Rengoku, not when there was this new aspect of her brother and his not girlfriend to observe. In the meantime, Tomoe looked at the reforming Rengoku with something resembling pity. She could only hope he gained some form of humility since his death, or else he'd be experiencing it again with haste. Regardlless, there was indeed a new element in the area, and that was the fox known as Tamamo. She'd not been introduced yet, and given the intensity of the conversation happening between the Dragonoid and the Kitsune it would probably be quite a while yet. Though something about that lass' visage seemed familiar. "Hai, I'll keep it in mind. I am seeking new employment anyways and it seems we are under new management," she said casually. "Yeah, yeah, all of that. Does that look like flirting to you, too? I need to make sure he's not crashing and burning..." the lass said of the heated discussion taking place between the Dragonoid and the Kitsune.

    In the meantime, Tamamo was able to have a particularly frank and open discussion with Akashi which hinted at the man realizing the true depth of her current nature. What was more, the Dragonoid was much more open about what he wished in these moments and about his thoughts, leaving her able to respond to his suggestions with greater ease. Not only was she simply making offers of herself and interpreting this man's reactions. She was being given much more direct commentary she could herself react to. Not the least of which was his statement about stretching which came with a level of perversity which should have made the lass blush. She didn't. Instead that same wicked grin spread across her face as she considered his words. "Oh? I suppose it wouldn't be. Still, I can't say it isn't flattering. All this trouble over little old me~" she mentioned seemingly in jest, but there was a certain level of deviousness present in those golden eyes of hers, which made it obvious that her words were anything other than joking. On the matter of potentially spoiling the Dragonoid before her, the desires presented by Tamamo were simple enough to be interpreted. "Of course, I won't be shown up for long. Even if it benefits me directly..." she said, and such was her attitude about all things. In this case though it was simply a matter of getting to act out a fantasy or two which would be reward enough.

    The next commentary from Akashi was about her clothing list, technically the ones previously discussed between herself and Kou. Yet, he seemed to remember enough of it, to know that things were missing from it. She paused as that extended hand of hers brushed against this skin until meeting the line of his belt only to look up at his address of her offered clothing choices. "Ara ara, I can't really be blamed for that, Mikon. I only meant to tease a little and the given list alone had that version of you almost fainted," she teased gently, knowing she'd fully pushed several limits with Kou and that lad had been utterly distracted by her. So much so that his immediate next incarnation was made as if he wasn't meant to react at all. "But this version of you is more prepared too. So... just the apron or would you prefer layers?" she said leaning just a bit closer. "Your pleasure is mine, Goshujinsama!~"

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    "Che─" was all Rengoku managed to muttered as his physical state returned to something resembling... normal. His eyes darted around the vicinity. Who was the cause of this? The only answer coming to mind was that blasted Dragonoid who took some offense to his earlier claims. Should he eliminate said Dragon? No; that wasn't possible. This individual had the power to restore his Origin at what seemed like a whim, and it appeared there was nary a thing he could accomplish, bar annoyance, against the one known as Shuten either. What could he do? Returned to proper form, he stood with a firm grip upon the hilt of his sword, and an equally firm grip around his pipe. "What the hell... are you things even doing here?"

    Who would answer? It wouldn't be Akashi; his attention was focused, and he didn't intend to rip it away. Tamamo claimed she wouldn't be shown up for long, regardless of the benefits that would present to her. "By all means then, try not to let me show you up," he said as his clawed hand rose, taking hold of the Kitsune's wrist as that same hand reached his beltline. What to do? The promiscuous nature of this fox was unrivaled by any other identity belonging to Ashikaga Kimiko, and of all the faces this male wore thus far, Akashi was most keen on taking advantage of that fact. The others were, simply put, a waste of what this lass had to offer. "That one isn't here anymore. Never hold back against a Dragon," he insisted. As for the options offered, the Dragonoid found himself just slightly indecisive. "It doesn't matter which; that isn't even the important part. What really matters, is what you're going to do with it. So... dealer's choice. Be one with the Dragon, and take the presentation of yourself into your own hands."

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    To answer Shuten's previous question, Tomoe looked to the pair and watched subtly the way they spoke her eyes widened and then closed. "Ah, flirting... yeah that is a good way to phrase it," she said aloud in a quiet but perfectly correct manner. What she actually meant to say was something more like. 'We should hide the kids cause they might start doing something inappropriate where everyone, rather anyone can see...' but that simply wasn't her way. "Good good, I can stop looking now..." she said turning her back on this whole situation, feeling that the awkward teens above didn't need her staring at them in the moment. Tomoe would continue having a look or two in the direction of this pair, as the female who'd recently shown up looked familiar to her. Shuten would empty her cup and pour herself another only to have her ears assaulted by the voice of Rengoku who thought to pose a question. Luckily enough it went unheard by the Dragonoid and the Kitsune, it would be Tomoe to speak again before Shuten could finish her next sip. "Perhaps, Rengoku, it would be better to think of a more polite way to address people who have already proven themselves capable of killing you at their own discretion," she said softly, very easily shifting herself from referring to this man as the one in charge. "You should also be more specific and less annoying. And nicer, before you draw the wrong kind of attention. Unless you have a secondary death wish," Shuten also gave a light warning. "Do you mean us as a group in general, the Dragon, or the San Dai Youkai?" Until he pushed the wrong buttons she was at least willing to be cordial.

    Ah the challenging nature of Dragons appeared in this moment as he claimed she should then try not to be shown up by him. Luckily enough, even this version of Ashikaga Kimiko was enough herself to rise to such an occasion. "Hai hai, I'll do my best~" she said knowing she meant it. Soon enough, the Dragonoid's hand met her wrist and she found herself meeting his eyes in a challenging fashion. She'd once been told not to play chicken with Dragons but what happened with a Dragon played chicken with a fox? "Ara ara, I wouldn't dream of holding back when facing you, Mikon. It was simply about your preference," she said softly a teasing quality in her voice as she gave consideration to how best to appeal to this lad. She had plenty of material to work with, given the kinds of media they both ingested, she had a pretty reasonable set of ideas. "I have a good idea of what to do~ I'm a fast learner after all!~" the girl mused not at all worried about anything resembling chemistry between the pair of them. As for her presentation, well, that would require a bit more preparation. "Though to take care of the presentation, I might have to keep you waiting just a little. Though that is probably for the best, I'd hate to be interrupted, again..." she said with the softest pout crossing her lips, her desires in this moment rather obvious.

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