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    "Rengoku?" the blonde questioned without so much as a moment of hesitation. What was this lack of formality? Had it been determined that he, the greatest Oni to live for generations, no longer carried the power to rule this land? There was still so much for him to do─ so much victory on the horizon in this seemingly endless faction war. Being questioned by Shuten as if she were his commanding officer was... strange. In truth, she always should have been, and he knew that. How could he even think to accept her, though, given the negative connotations applied to her final moments in the past? Such weakness could not be tolerated in this era. "I said what I said. You come back from the grave looking like a little girl, and for what? Just to uproot my rule and try your hand at success again? Your time is over, and nobody wants it back."

    "I'm sure you will," said Akashi when Tamamo spoke of doing her best. With that said, he released his hold on her wrist, as if granting her full clearance to do as she pleased. What would she do with such freedom? Well, her following statement gave the implication that there would be an unknown passage of time prior to an action being taken. "Another wait, is it? Dragons aren't made of patience. What good will it do me to avoid having what I want right now, and burning anything that gets in my way?"

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    The immediate questioning of Tomoe's use of Rengoku's given name was met with a sigh. It was as if he never listened to anything the young woman said to him, unless it somehow suited him. In this moment she repeated herself if only to help him remember their earliest discussion. "I told you upon meeting you, I only call one person 'taishou'. I would however defer to you all respect of your current position. That is what we agreed upon. It is clear now that your current position, affords you no extra respect..." she concluded. Tomoe never minced words and was very specific in how she chose to speak to Rengoku to begin with, he had to realize her specific way of speaking would eventually come back to haunt him. "Fufu, are you sure you aren't a lawyer. That's splitting hairs... not that I disagree or anything," mentioned Shuten who found the entire exchange to be funny. Tomoe's specific references being what they were she was sure he'd get the point. What was more, it seemed he was having trouble reconciling his current position with whatever he thought of the past. His words made Shuten scoff. "Your idiocy is making my sake taste bad," she murmured only to look up at the man with a hand resting on her hip.

    "You don't know enough about my death to make any claims about it. Only what you were told and obviously what you were complacent enough to accept. But if keeping pissant kids away from battlefields and getting myself killed in the process results in my death again. I'll gladly accept it." said Shuten knowing that their previous self died in a sham of peace talks undertaken without the already slain Daiji who'd been their advisor. "Success is assured now, more so than ever, because none are missing here and now. So long as the rest of you know your place," she said with full use of the memories she had. Her previous death was after all something of a sham something that happened under the pretense of keeping the young out of an endless war, something someone as young as Rengoku couldn't understand. "Besides, one could say your time was over as soon as you died, there were witnesses to that and everything. No rule is without critics but history has been far kinder to me than it would be to you if you'd been left dead," she said knowing full well the lad had nothing to show for his time as ruler than the extreme decline of Oni Kind. "You can't choose to accept and dispute logic only when it suits you. Especially not when a continued faction war, and the decline of Oni-Kind is all you have to show for your time as leader, Ren-chan." Shuten spoke those words and then took her sweetest sip of sake yet.

    In the meantime, Tamamo's wrist was released and she'd be allowed to do as she pleased. As such she'd hook her index finger into the lad's belt and pull herself into him, bringing them closer together. "Ara ara, I didn't expect to see the Red Dragon of Purgatory pouting..." she said with deviance in her eyes. "There is nothing to stop you, but behaving tends to yield better rewards and more uninterrupted time. I'm sure you remember how much extra alone time we were afforded between activities in Atlantis," she mentioned as she leaned a bit closer. "Besides, set up and presentation are important and some things are worth waiting for~" she mentioned while giving her most devious look yet and in typical Kimiko fashion with so much freedom she took a little more and leaned her lips into his own. All the while, Shuten got to be woefully ignorant to the goings on, as she was facing a completely different direction.

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    His current position? How incredibly low the mighty Rengoku had fallen, to be without the respect of his most trusted follower. Worse yet, there was Shuten to deal with. This flimsy-looking little girl had the ability to kill him, all because she was a reincarnation of an Oni from a bygone era. She was sickening to look at for multiple reasons, not the least of which was the fact that his raw might and blood strength had not outgrown the power of that era. Perhaps there was another way to get around this ridiculous gap in ability. Could he develop magic of his own? Was it worthwhile to forego his own ideals for the sake of power? No. In fact, he wasn't even allowed to think about it for very long, as any reality he had left was quickly torn asunder by mention of his rule resulting in the Oni's decline. Was that what he'd done? Had he entered this era of physically overpowering Oni, just to weaken them in the end? Oni were no longer the mighty force they once were, but surely that could be blamed on the factions not cooperating. It had always been Rengoku's goal to lead Oni into an absolute rule over Ryozanpaku, but... there had yet to be success. "Tch. . ."

    There was a long pause from the male as he attempted to process everything going on, as well as any options he had left. Who failed to be privy to this? Akashi. "Ara?" he questioned with a smug grin when addressed by Tamamo. Was he pouting? No, that would be nonsense! "Are you telling a Dragon to behave? I could create an eternity right here, right now if I wanted to lift a finger, but I'll hold you to the notion of making it worth the extra wait," the Dragonoid spoke with confidence, extending a hand coated with flames that seemed nothing but warm, even inviting. "A contract. Give me a time frame, and be ready when it's over."

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    Was Rengoku without the respect of his most trusted follower? Yes, but this was simply because he often chose not to listen to her, this time leading to his untimely demise and resurrection. Of course, it went without saying that Shuten was enjoying her sake to the highest extent by the time the man before her went completely silent. He seemed to be weighing his options. This was good, a bit of quiet reflection often came with the territory. The Princess in Eonis didn't speak for almost 24 hours after she was slapped but when she finally did, her words finally made sense. "Anytime you're ready by the way. I mean, I have sake so I'm pretty patient... Nii-san and Nee-san probably won't be whenever they're done nerd-flirting," said Shuten with an obligatory eye roll. In her current form, she wanted nothing more than the rise of the Oni, and to right the wrongs of Ryozanpaku, at the same time, she'd rather be having a meeting with the rest of her group about the 'situation' between their leaders.

    In the meantime, the 'situation' she was thinking was being held up, was actually progressing quite rapidly given the personalities of the currently present Avatar stats. The current faces of Kimiko and Yugi were indeed flirting. They were actually making some very indecent plans if anyone would have heard them speaking. "Of course I am, who besides me could get away with such a thing?" the fox lass teased, knowing she took several liberties with this Dragon that others wouldn't survive. "Besides, behaving will be rewarding for you, Mikon!~" mused Tamamo as if she hadn't done a thing wrong. Those words specifically could be taken many ways, but Tamamo had innate knowledge of her other selves, she knew of the boldness of her other personalities, and though she was outright less demanding than her Dragon's face, she was still a good 'wife' and happy wife, happy life, was a pretty accurate saying after all. "Of course it will be," she said after backing away from him a tad. Strangely she found his hand extended towards her warm flames inviting her touch and offering a contract. "Hoh?! A contract you say, now you're talking my language, Mikon... let's see," she thought for several moments. What did she need in order to present herself properly to this Dragon by the methods he'd mentioned and his own apparent like of her current disposition. A secluded space, she could get easily, a maid outfit, also fairly easy she was already setting up her connections. There were still the smaller matters of Ryozanpaku as a whole to deal with, but she could be ready for her alone time with Akashi bar any major hinderances in the world. Tasks such as quelling the war and fixing a seated council should take a week, but she had a specific goal in mind and she planned to meet it, with her own hands even. They'd still need to set this place straight overall, but assuming nothing went abhorrently wrong she knew the amount of time it would take. "No more than three days. And I'll be ready for you~" she said placing her own hand within the warm flames presented by him. "Anything specific you require of me between now and then as part of this contract?" she asked, negotiations were important after all, she wouldn't want to miss any important clauses in her excitement.

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    And lo, it seemed sake was all it took for this beast of a girl to remain patient. Time to think was one matter, but there was a separate mention of the other two in the vicinity. Shuten may have killed him previously... but that Dragonoid in the distance had brought him back from a pile of bones; there was no arguing with the power of a Dragon there. The third one as well, was something to be concerned about; she was clearly something beyond the Kitsune he knew. Those three couldn't have been what he thought they were, could they? The Dragonoid was previously Oni kind, at least somehow. Two Oni... and a Kitsune. As he thought this over, Rengoku realized the phrase had already been spoken. They were the three of legend, of history even. Whatever he thought he could accomplish against one, he certainly could not even dream of if all three were alive again. Defeated, he hung his head and ground his teeth. "Do what you want. If Ryozanpaku falls, leave me out of it."

    "H'oh? What about the other versions, then?" Akashi questioned, almost to spite the fox's alternate personas. The lass spoke further, carrying in her tone the amount of promiscuity he'd come to expect from this incarnation. It seemed she was keen to accept the idea of a contract formed for their arranged degeneracy, much to his expectation, and the time limit was to be three days. Akashi absorbed these words, and a glow overtook his eyes. She was confident in the amount of time she'd offered; not an ounce of untruth filled her voice. That part of the deal would be set in the agreement, then. "Seventy-two hours maximum. If the time comes sooner, make the call. Present yourself, and have no doubts or withdrawals before Ascension takes place. Your requirements?"

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    Another sip of sake passed the lips of Shuten-doji and she couldn't have been more pleased. Unlike their earliest meeting it seemed that Rengoku was ready to at least think through is behavior a bit before making anything resembling a decision. This time, it seemed he took in all the necessary information to make this decision. And the conclusion he came to, while still disappointing was far better than his previous actions. "Huh? Going that route then Ren-chan... that's still a bit disappointing. Good on you for not wanting to fight all of us, but you can do better," she said with a knowing smirk. She'd keep talking and perhaps he'd come to understand, "It's a bit lackluster for you to talk all that shit and not actually try and do anything helpful... " she mentioned with casual deviousness in her eyes. "It makes me wonder, if you'll want credit when it rises?" the purple haired lass questioned. After all, they couldn't do all they planned to set this place right, to come back and have it on the decline again later. If he really wanted what was best for his people, he needed to learn how to work with others, whether he wanted to or not. Shuten considered this a lesson in humility for this particular man, unless of course, he was simply willing to admit he wasn't up to the task, in which case, they could always try and find someone more suitable.

    In the meantime, the conversation between Tamamo and Akashi seemed to be growing in depth, gaining even a teasing quality as he jabbed at her other faces with his words. A smirk came to this Kitsune's face as she chuckled seeming to find this statement amusing. Still there was the gentlest flash of red in her eyes, as if her faces wanted to merge for just a moment. But this disappeared as soon as it happened and the golden supremacy of the Kitsune remained. "Yare yare, Mikon, you know better than most that even the softest version of me will do what she wants when it comes to you," she said unable to keep the amusement out of her voice. She knew what even the least open version of herself had managed in the company of this Dragonoid, but his teasing wasn't unwelcome "You need only allow it," she said with a knowing smirk. "Besides I, or rather we have all been very sure of ourselves for quite some time," she stated with reckless abandon. Tamamo was a version of Kimiko with only as much restraint as was presented by the male counterpart she was with, here and now she had little to hide because she knew this one wouldn't withdraw from her at all. Akashi's words came with glowing eyes and a deeper understanding of her words. The upturn of her lips remained as they negotiated their terms. "Hai hai, that all sounds fine. Ascension makes it sound like there are hidden extras here, but in your case I mind that less than I should," she said without knowledge of the terms but knowing the male before her would only give her positives she had no fear of their agreement. "As for what I want, it is very simple. My name, you'll call me that. I've missed it since I last heard you say it~" she said with light in her eyes that was both seductive and innocent, and knowing that her statement was absolutely what she wanted.

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    A lackluster retort was the last of Rengoku's worries. It could even be said that he, at present, didn't care. That cursed trio of old had returned, and if they sought to rule these lands once more, there was hardly a person above himself who could stop them. Shuten did have a point, though; he could technically do better. Alas, doing better was exactly his intention. He would step away, but he would not run away. Among Oni kind, he believed his was the only power capable of reaching the infamous Shuten-doji's caliber. As such, he would have to strengthen himself while not functioning as ruler of their people. Shuten's era resulted in failure, and if his own was to do the same before the old era's mistakes were repeated, he would take it upon himself to reign in a newer generation greater than all of its predecessors... even his own. "We're done here," was all he said the moment he turned away from the lass.

    That spark in Tamamo's eye could not go unseen by Akashi. He saw, even felt the versions within the Kitsune, yet watched as she maintained her own presence over theirs. This was good; even the Dragonoid Tatsuki remained at rest. Titillated, Akashi let loose a flame to engulf the pair of them while this contract began the forging process to bind their very Origins to every word agreed upon. This maneuver was a simple effort to keep others from approaching, or even seeing the two within a sphere of hellfire. "There can be whatever extras you like. I'm as willing to experiment as you clearly are," he stated factually, managing to return the flirtatious nature of the fox. Another 'line' was formed in the contract the moment he spoke, and then... another when his mouth opened again to follow Tamamo's request. "Your wish is granted... Ashikaga Kimiko. One more term; make it a good one."

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    It seemed at the outset that Shuten's words didn't reach the man known as Rengoku, but still, there was nothing but light amusement in her eyes. "Fufu~ Whatever you say, Ren-chan!~" she mentioned as she finished her cup of sake. The white haired lass seemed to take in all of this conversation in stride as well. While she'd initially been certain that these people had better temperaments than Rengoku, she was quite surprised at exactly how different they were. "Hm, I have to wonder though what is the main plan here. You've done part of it now what?" she asked of Shuten who seemed to give it a moment of thought. "Nii-san and Nee-san will eventually explain the rest of this. Given how quickly she got here, I'd say Nee-san is done with the Kitsune, whichever way she went about that. Two of four factions brought to heel before lunch so, for now the rest of the alliance has to do their parts," she said in a general manner. There were still a couple of others who had their individual prospects to handle. Shuten looked back for the first time in quite a while in time to see a ball of flames in the space her brother and his not girlfriend once occupied. Her left brow rose, "What the actual hell?! Here I am rushing through a battle and they are just having more nerd time..." she quipped, but the more relaxed nature of the original Shuten made the lass simply pour herself another drink, if she was to wait, she might as well enjoy it right?

    The flames which came from Akashi and surrounded them both seemed to be no bother at all to Tamamo. This appeared to happen soon after she'd quieted her otherselves who'd tried to rise in the moments of her teasing. But she'd put them at ease, as they'd all come to realize what was important here, simply that all of them were the same and would do similar enough things if they were here now to remain unbothered by any of her personal actions. Beyond this point, Akashi's words were quite tantalizing, he seemed to grasp exactly what this face of hers was about, perhaps he even realized that it wasn't simply this face, or maybe... he'd learn that bit later. "Hoh? That's good news, I do love extras after all!~ Feel free to surprise me," she said with the same amount of snark and promiscuity she'd maintained. It seemed the last choice the last term or condition applied to their contract was hers to chose, how... strange. Such a statement was accompanied by the lass' name and beyond that a statement that her wish was granted. "Ara ara, if you start granting wishes so earnestly I might make more. Or rather, I might not let you stop..." she teased. Usually at the offer of a contract, the ideals of it were in mind long before the actual negotiations took place. Hm, what kind of condition would one such as Ashikaga Kimiko put on their endeavor. "Letting me chose the last term is a bit much Mikon, but I can't turn it down at all..." she mused as she drew closer. Was there something else she needed out of this exchange? Not really... she would be satisfied with the indulgences she'd been lacking alone. Was there instead, something else she wanted?

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    The annoying tone in which his name was spoken by Shuten was not something Rengoku would allow to irk him, though each time it struck his ear, there was a rise to the heat in his body. No matter; there were other matters to attend to. It was high time he found solitude to train, and perhaps to even try a more magical approach to strengthening himself for future events. From what he'd seen thus far, there was no fending off that power with might alone, after all. As such, he was off. This quarter of Ryozanpaku was not his place at present, though he certainly believed his time would be coming when the return of an old era reached its end again.

    "I'm sure you do. I'll have to keep that in mind," said Akashi. As they continued speaking, existing 'lines' of the contract continued expanding themselves in greater detail. Each agreement was not necessarily made more specific, but became more solidified over time whenever addressed. One part in particular opened up a bit when Tamamo teased that she wouldn't let him stop 'granting wishes' as it were, lining up with Akashi's own follow-up query. "Oh? Will you make more? I'll take that as your word, but will you refuse to let me stop?" Ah, something he was compelled to ask. He felt as if this contract needed to be as firm as possible, and even he didn't know the precise reason. When Tamamo drew closer, there seemed to be an amber glow overtaking his gaze. She claimed she couldn't turn down selecting the last term, yet she hadn't spoken it into existence just yet. That couldn't stand. "So, the term?"

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    It seemed that Rengoku was at least a little bothered by the way Shuten said his name. Though it wasn't something physically obvious, she knew this well enough having lived with her older brother for so long. He had a similar amount of annoyance whenever she greeted a group of people the way she liked to. "Fufufu~ My days are going to be entertaining at least..." she mused knowing full well she could get a kick out of at least annoying Rengoku whenever he popped up again.

    In the meantime within the the flame veil of privacy created by Akashi, Tamamo and the Dragonoid in question were discussing the details of a very specific kind of contract. The more they discussed the more solid the contract became. There were several points of agreeance between the pair, with Akashi even offering to keep her desire for extras and surprises in mind. His questioning of a specific line of teasing made the fox lass' left brow raise, a chuckle ensued but she had no issue clarifying her meaning, "I will only make as many wishes as I am willing to give in return. I am not so selfish as to make such demands unfairly," she said with surety. In the case of the rest of his clause she had only one more thing to add. "I would refuse. There no need to downgrade in comfort or pleasure," she stated noting the change in his eyes. Her existence was beyond that of any of her other incarnations, she knew to a greater extent the kind of thing she was actively doing. Perhaps beyond that, she was a bit closer to someone else farther ahead. The last term she sought was going to be something simple, something she'd liked and had an idea about in her other forms but something she couldn't or rather wouldn't have readily asked for in the time period they'd initially had such dealings. "A shared bath," she mentioned as a casual extra term. Of course, something as simple as sharing a bath wasn't her intention, but it was exactly something she wished to share with him again.

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