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    Having his hand pushed aside didn't seem to bother Rengoku much at all. He still wore that same grin as he looked to Gozen through the corner of his eye. "As always. I like that about you, Gozen. If you just agreed without hassle, you'd be boring rubbish like all the others," the male said, being without a shadow of a doubt that he would consider Gozen riffraff as well, if she were to actually throw herself at him. He couldn't trust that sort of reaction at all. What he could trust, was the attitude being presented by a particular, seemingly-lesser Oni with purple hair. "I think I am the most powerful Oni to exist since Shuten-doji himself. If he were still alive, I'd even prove I'm superior."

    This one claimed to be no servant, but the same could be said of his other servants. She wanted him to offer a genuine apology? What would he apologize for? If anything, he owed an apology to the divines in the near future, for sending such a petulant creature to them before its mental maturation. Though... looking at this one, he could see many uses, should he keep her alive. "You'll make no form of leader here, I assure you. Or is that your way of proposing to me? You're pretty small, but that might actually be more fun than I give it credit for. I'll test you out when we're done, if you live~" he proclaimed. With that, he drew one of the katana he wielded from its sheath, holding onto it with a reverse grip as the crimson blade was unveiled. The smell of fruit struck his nose while a small amount of fire encased his blade. He didn't appear willing to assault the girl at all, whether it was an effect of her ability or not, though he also made no steps toward her. No, he was far more willing to stare her up and down, as if viewing a fine meal presented to him. "I'm in a good mood. One more chance, we can test you out and see if you're concubine material."

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    Gozen, as she was being called was indeed always different from the others. But she also wasn't of this world, she had no intention of binding herself to one with a personality like Rengoku's in such a personal way. No, her own preferences were too much of a difference. But of course, like all men of his type, he seemed to take her lack of interest as some sort of challenge instead of as the rejection it was meant as. This was both positive and negative given that her continued existence without having to fight and assume control of this place was dependent upon this oni's graces currently. "I am sure you think so, whatever the case... one step at a time," mentioned the white haired young woman. In the meantime, it seemed that Rengoku was content to explain who he thought he was, claiming to be the strongest Oni since the famed Shuten-Doji. He claimed to he'd prove himself superior even to that person which made a look of surprise cross the purple haired lass' face. She giggled in response to this assertion. "Fufu, that's funny, you're talking a lot for someone who doesn't know what my name is," she mentioned in an off-handed kind of way.

    "I am a better leader than you..." she said firmly with no doubts in her skills whatsoever. It could be noted that this man hadn't actually made the move to attack her, and that his words came with more passes made at her person. These were so obvious she couldn't ignore them and what was more there was an extreme malice which developed from her person. Was it because she was a girl and found such things disgusting coming from complete strangers? Or was it instead because she was Shuten-doji and found any pass made by this runt to be offensive? The answer was simply... yes. And for this exact reason she moved forward. Whether he would attack her himself or not no longer mattered. She wouldn't give him anymore chances because he no longer deserved them, her aim would be to immediately remove the bone from his left knee, the small plate to be flipped around in her fingers if he was without the proper equality in existence to resist. If she succeeded in this he'd be brought to his knees before her and she'd look at him with outright disgust. "Never in a million years will someone like you, lay a hand on me."

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    Some very interesting words were shared with Shuten. Of course, by interesting, Giyu would mean something more along the lines of... atrocious. He just about regretted not assaulting Rengoku himself, but alas, he knew the demeanor of his own sister. When capable, whatever she did in response to such an approach would be far worse than any beating the lad himself could deliver those deserving punishment. As such, Giyu was content to continue playing the role of an observer.

    Ah, the name of this young maiden was a mystery indeed. Rengoku couldn't fathom why her name mattered after his reference of Shuten-doji, but he didn't seem to care either. Her claim of being a superior leader to himself was laughable, but one thing he would soon experience was just the opposite. Rengoku's eyes widened as the purple-haired Oni became... taller? No, she wasn't getting taller; he was getting lower. Not only that, but Rengoku's angle was shifting at the same time. His left leg had given out? Rather, a very important piece of his knee was missing, and being toyed with by the girl in front of him. As quickly as possible, he had to support himself using his right leg, all to remain standing. Given his positioning at the time, he actually needed to jab his sword into the ground for added support. "Kisama! What the hell sort of magic do you think you're bringing to the land of Oni?" he asked as the flames on his blade grew in intensity. At present, the flames themselves would swarm around both Rengoku and Shuten, aiming to burn her to a crisp with heat boasting great intensity even for Oni who retained an affinity to fire.

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    Gozen watched with wide eyes as Rengoku was brought to one knee before the coming Oni. Her words, though slightly cryptic were very clear. It was obvious enough to Gozen that this lass was the current incarnation of the once legendary Oni, Shuten-doji. But apparently this wasn't as obvious to Rengoku. The man was reduced to stabbing his sword into the ground holding himself up, she chuckled aloud only to turn her head and cough quickly to cover it. 'That's a girl I can get behind, actually...' she gave a gentle pause and viewed this lass under her Nexus vision, alas she wasn't the individual she was reminded of, but that was fine too. Whatever the case, the pink eyed Oni stood at her side in awe, her eyes shining in this moment. She'd not seen anyone actually stand up to this man, it only further cemented her ideas about this new duo. She moved closer to Giyu gesturing at him as the flames increased around the pair in front of him, wondering if he would defend the lass.

    A smile came to Shuten's face even as this man aimed to burn her to a crisp while asking her a question. She waved her hand about through the flames aiming to slap the man hard with her right hand across his face, which he definitely deserved at this point. If nothing else, he'd stop speaking to her like the boorish brute he was presenting himself as, this attitude was absolutely unacceptable. Unlike many others, his flames weren't nearly as effective against her. If only because she maintained a certain state of being known as Divinity, increasing her magical resistance by a great deal. An Oni without Divinity, could barely make her uncomfortable, much less deal any real damage to her physically. "Fufufu, is that all you have?!" she asked of him disgusted by his current showing. The entire time the look on this lass' face hadn't changed, there was something devious in her eyes, and menacing. She was now making an example of him, if only because he'd spoken so rudely to her in the first place. "I am bringing nothing new, this is something old... older than you. No other Oni past or present possesses this skill, I'm sure you've heard of it, Bone Collector~" she said as she aimed to rip the bones from the hand which held his sword, not bothering with the precision of her previous use of the skill, her aim this time was to make him rue his behavior and extract that genuine apology. If she succeeded in taking these from him, she'd ask a very simple question. "Who am I?"

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