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    "Manako!" the boar lad exclaimed, seeming irritated by the repetition of a name. As for his obvious arrogance, what did the fox mean? Of course there was room for others to compliment him; there was always more to be said about his awesomeness! Inosuke was no simple beast, but a great boar, the ultimate creature! He'd headbutt anyone to death and flay them with his mighty tusks, he'd eat first and most, and he'd back down from nothing! What more could one expect? Either way, being hailed as an honored guest was something he could accept. Was it a trap? Likely. Again though, he would back down from nothing, and that included walking directly into a trap and emerging as the victor. Steam erupted from the boar head's snout as Inosuke steeled himself, staring down the older Kitsune. He was ready, for any and everything these people would throw at him. "I'll drink five times more tea than the rest of you! Start serving!" he yelled while pointing at the fox in blue once more.

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    "Ugh, I am starting to believe you are doing this on purpose... Tamamo," were the only words of actual frustration spoken by Tamamo. Soon after within this tea room she was seated at one end of the table while tea was being served. According to Inosuke he planned to drink more tea than everyone, this was fine with Tamamo considering she didn't even need to drink. A cup of tea in fine chine was sat before her, and one before Inosuke before the tea pot itself was sat on the coals in the middle of the table. Tamamo sipped the first of her tea, only after watching the older Kitsune do the same, the sip was enlightening, with a mix of citrus and floral flavors, similar to lotus tea but ever so slightly different. "Nice tea, so do you want to explain that little light show outside, Nee-san?" Tamamo asked gently as her eyes flickered over the top of the cup.

    "Yare yare, forgive me. I am Kurama Kuono and I thought you might be the enemy. I've had some strange people come here lately and none of them want anything good. I also... lost something very important to me. I might have been a bit hasty in my assessment here though," she said softly. Tamamo waved off her apology and grinned as she reached for a single lotus shaped tea cake also found in the middle of the table. "Sou ka, well no harm done or anything... I'm not the kind of person who cares about that sort of thing. Who did you see that made you afraid and what did you lose?" she asked softly. A woman of her tier shouldn't have many problems, even while missing her Hoshinotama. So, her explanations here would be how Tamamo determined if she would help her. "A Jorogumo came here, she claimed she wanted to work. But... she really just wanted to take over and turn it into... well, a house of ill repute," she said settling on the most old fashioned reference Tamamo had heard in a while. "I told her no, sent her on her way. And my clients started going missing, the mountain pass became dangerous and people stopped coming except for her ambassadors trying to get me to turn this place over," she explained the situation in typical quest starter fashion. Tamamo heard it out, and could smell a fetch quest on the horizon.

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    "... Tama─" Finally, the time had come. Was Inosuke prepared to speak the true name of the Kitsune he accompanied? It certainly seemed so, and only after half a dozen attempts or so. On second thought, though, perhaps it didn't matter at all. Such would be the state of mind belonging to Inosuke when he finally gave up, huffing as he spoke further. "Who cares anyway?!"

    Into the teahouse he went nonetheless. Inosuke had a plan, and he intended to stick to it. Once he was seated before a collection of tea cakes, he aimed to have at as many as possible. In fact, the first one he snatched at happened to be the very same one reached for by Tamamo, along with another taken up in his free hand. Inosuke shoved an entire cake into his maw at a time, and each time grinned arrogantly in either Tamamo or Kuono's direction before he inserted another. The ongoing discussion was no concern of his, bar one specific thing. Spiders? That sounded quite interesting, he had to admit. Perhaps he'd soon have something worth attacking after all. . .

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    Hope! For a moment, there was shining, glittering hope... that the lad known as Inosuke was about to say her name properly. Ah, but then he foiled it. Dashed were her hopes and dreams as the lad questioned who actually cared about such things in things in the first place. Tamamo in the moment, visibly deflated. It seemed there were many kinds of wars she could win, and this simply wasn't one of them. "I care, because..." there was a gentle pause from the young woman. "It is my name." Moving right along, the tea cake she'd reached for was snatched up by the lad while they spoke with the elder Kitsune now known as Kuono. She watched as Inosuke shoved the cake she'd reached for into his mouth and then immediately took another. Perhaps the now pig lad was truly hungry. Tamamo's desires and hungers in a general sense were very different, she didn't need to eat. Beyond that she definitely didn't intend to get into any kind of eating contest with a pig of any sort. "Well, if you're hungry why don't you just eat as much as you'd like, hm?" she asked him pushing the plate across so that he could take his fill. She had no intention of munching on them happily if he was going to interrupt.

    Kuono for her part, laughed at this interaction. It was surprisingly light-hearted for the sorts of things that had been happening around her business lately. "I could of course, hold the spiders off myself, without all the show, but the thing that was lost to me, was my Hoshinotama. I don't have to tell you how important those are, and mine had the meditation and memories of my last 600 years within it. It was really stupid of me, but I've only been able to track it to the Orochi Temple, but that place is full of booby traps and well guarded, I can't simply enter it. If you could bring it back to me, I could deal with this problem myself..." she said, pausing in a way which let Tamamo understand there were multiple quest options in this case. Beyond that she internally scoffed, she knew all about the Orochi Temple and it was already empty, not that it mattered much. "Or, you could take care of the Spiders as a whole. Their consorting with the Orochi is a problem for us all, not just me. He'd see all power claimed for himself, selfish jerk!" she said softly, giving more context clues for the mind of Ashikaga Kimiko to work with. "Sou ka, I was wondering about those options. You'd trust me to get back something so precious to you?" she asked of the elder Kitsune who hadn't trusted her at all upon her arrival. "Well, truth be told, if you actually managed to find it, and your intentions were anything but positive towards me, I'd know about it instantly." said Kuono who looked at the pink haired lass before. "Still I see it as a non-issue." she concluded. "Sou ka, so either I prove my allegiance and strength, by dealing with your pest problem. Or I prove it and my cunning, by returning something valuable to you..." Tamamo said aloud, obviously she'd be doing both things, but she had no intention of letting on. At least not yet. "And how do I know you won't just turn on me and try and wipe me out if you get it back?" she asked one last question to put all necessary information out on the table. "If you can return it to me, I'd consider you a trusted advisor, I wouldn't act without at least consulting you. You have my word. Besides you are Daji, or rather her newest incarnation, if I cannot have faith in you, then all is truly lost..." Kuono said, and there was a great deal of honesty in her eyes when Tamamo met her gaze.

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    It was her name, she said. Well, that was as terrible a reason as anything else he'd ever heard. Moving on, it was time to demonstrate his vast superiority by consuming the most cakes. Alas... his plan went awry when Tamamo opted for an approach of... kindness. Disgusting. Every bit of displeasure showed in the bulging vein upon Inosuke's forehead. In a fit of rage, he flipped the entire tray of cakes in Tamamo's direction, flinging the pile toward the fox's face. What followed was the male looking away, chewing as angrily as such an act could be. How dare she present him with such a conundrum. Where was the fight? Where was the challenge? Where was his opportunity to prove he was the ultimate being?! These happy-go-lucky rebuttals were repulsive, and he would be having none of them!

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    It seemed the friendly approach was the exact opposite of the one which Inosuke wished her to take. It ended with the lad tantruming and flipping the plate of cookies towards the face of the pink haired Kitsune. Well, she didn't really intend to be hit in the face with confections. Besides, she could see herself sharing them later. Her reaction speed was just enough that she opened a portal before her own face to capture the confections before giving the lad she was with a playful wink. She could open these portals with the speed of her thoughts, and that was just a little bit much. Ah, but that was a thought for another time. "Ara ara, that's a bit too lively for so early in the morning. Keep it up, you'll have to ake a nap~" the pink haired lass teased the lad before her, accusing him of childlike crankiness. In the meantime, Kuono chuckled and nodded her head. "I'd agree with something like that, if you'd like to sleep... I can prepare rooms for you~" she said happily. "A strong young man like you has to keep his strength up!" she added seeming to aim to entice the lad. Beyond that joking conversation, another portal opened before Kuono and out of it emerged her Hoshinotama. The pulsing glass baseball which fell into the hands of the pink haired fox lass. She felt from the lass immediately a purity of spirit which she couldn't deny, and more over, she knew that there was no one before her more trust-worthy than this girl. She could feel her divinity through her touch of the object connected to her soul. "You... already got it?!" she exclaimed seemingly shocked. "Hai hai, I had an exciting morning, and an even more exciting breakfast~" she mused in a manner most teasing. "I'll return this to you. I'll also take care of your pest problem, but we do things my way until I am ready to leave. Deal?" she asked of the golden fox. Kuono wasn't expecting any of this, if this lass had truly already done something so great, she deserved the benefit of the doubt, she'd trust her words. "Alright, whatever you want to do. I'll support completely." she said. And with that the object would pass back from Tamamo's hands into Kuono's. "Good. We do this on my terms, no making decisions until I say so. Also, I'm in control of our outer dealings, I'll fix up your tea house business as well. My group is probably busy setting up similar arrangements so we have some time to work on it." Tamamo said content to gently sip her tea, while the Fox woman before her radiated the power of her returned item. The barriers around this place strengthened as did the Leylines. She was no longer only drawing power, now it was an exchange.

    At the same time, the lass known as Shutendoji was making her way in the company of her brother towards the encampment of the East where all the Oni were known to be housed. It was a steadfast military encampment with high walls and a sturdy structure. It was backed on three sides by steep cliffs but within the crater there were houses, open spaces and a large circular ring. All around there were mighty weapons being clashed, hand to hand fighters sparring and military formations being practiced. Noticeably to the lass there was no magic being used or practiced. "Eh, Nii-san, does all this practice just seem, hollow to you too?" she asked of him her noting of this land made her more disgusted than she had been previously.

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    Madness. How dare this fox think herself fit to avoid being assaulted by confections as he saw fit? To then be offered refuge in this pompous city was infuriating, even enough that Inosuke huffed and puffed as he kicked the chair from beneath himself. He wouldn't be having any of this. If nothing else, he would simply storm off and find a pile of hay, or something similar worth resting his head on. Or... perhaps he'd do no such thing, and choose instead to sharpen his tusks for the afternoon.

    Meanwhile, the new Assassin Avatar of Aiba Yugi walked along in the company of his 'twice sibling' for a bit of a... special quest of their choosing. High noon was nearly upon them as they set foot in the quadrant of Ryozanpaku inhabited by Oni, and those the current leader of Oni considered worthy companions. How repulsive. Giyu's origin remembered this area, and it had been nothing like this. Shuten was right as well; something seemed very off about the area. "It's not just hollow; it's purposeless. Where's the fighting? Nobody cares to even train anymore?"

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    Shuten found herself looking at the area and she had to agree. It didn't seem like anyone cared about strength, not in the proper sense anyways. She didn't know when Oni became so... docile but she definitely disliked it. Well, that was the wrong word, she was disgusted by it. It repulsed her, to the very depths of her being the core of this new individual and this old individual didn't like what they were seeing. "Eh, you aren't wrong about that... the might of Ryozanpaku, definitely isn't here," she said only to have her face shift into a much larger smirk. "Fufu, or rather it wasn't before we stepped foot here!~" she said with a devilish giggle. There were a few movements here and there which caught her eye, but they still didn't seem to be what she would have expected of the once great Oni Empire. "So then, what do we do?" she asked, though her former self would have made an example of the leader without question, striking fear into the hearts of all present. This current version of the young woman, had a slightly softer approach, though the end would be just as vicious. Still this pair walking through was starting to gather attention, a girl who looked mostly human was walking about with a piece of bamboo stuck in her mouth. She had radiant pink eyes and seemed to scurry along without stopping, but the aura of these two made her pause those eyes of hers narrowing, her claws sharpening. Her instincts telling her that this pair of individuals were worthy of her attention, she would have snarled if such a sound could have passed her lips.

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    "If it's not here, it's not anywhere. Nothing to worry about; we'll get their shit together," Giyu proclaimed. These lands had become sick, and were in need of healing. What better place to start than here, where its unbridled strength should have been? The only question now, was one involving what they would do now that they had reached this quadrant. There were a few reasonable options in the mind of Giyu. What he chose, however, was up for debate for reasons other than usual selectiveness. That irksome sense was beginning to bother him again, prompting the male Oni to stop in his tracks as if suspicious of something nearby. He was hornless in every right, bar the singular horn on the skull plate of a mask he wore. By that simple fact, he should have been considered weak by the current standards of Oni; he could tell that much just from the obvious changes in modern times here. With that being the case, why were there eyes on him? No, that wasn't right... there were eyes on both of them, but none more intensely than one set. "What we do... is make our Great Lord notice us," he said, waiting where he stood. If the current leader received a challenge, he figured it would be just an ordinary day, something rejected by virtue of perceived 'weakness' in certain potential opponents. If they drew attention, however, there could be no such cop-out by the man in charge; it would already be public knowledge.

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    "Hai, of course we will~" the purple haired lass mentioned. Her horns were small and slender judging by the looks she was being given, this probably made her look weak as well. In fact, her horns were fleshy extensions of her body, not the boney outcroppings which seemed to have become the standard of Oni kind. As her brother came to a stop, looking around she caught slight of a pair of pinkish eyes. A young woman also showed no signs of horns seemed to be marching her way towards them. Each step being taken came with a none too gentle stomp in the ground. The girl was only a bit bigger than Shuten who was quite small by all appearances. And she stood before them with a silent stare and a meanacing visage. "We should probably start with this one!~" she said looking at the girl. Shuten felt no animosity towards this person, in fact, she found it all too strange. Why was a girl with such a human looking demeanor being gagged by a piece of bamboo which kept her mouth from being able to properly open or close.

    "Rengoku-sama noticing you won't end well, unless you have a really good reason to approach. He noticed her..." said as an arrow was shot between the black haired girl and Giyuu meant to stop this pair from coming to close together. "I've told you before not to immediately approach strangers with that kind of aggression. You give off the wrong impression," she said to the black haired girl, whose visage softened just a bit. She shrank down in size and ran over to the white haired lass instead. Her eyes lost their sharpness and she still looked back at this pair and then made a strange set of gestures, her arms flapping inside of her pink kimono, which was interpreted by this white haired Oni. "Sou ka, well, if you think so..." said this lass who was now eyeing the two strangers with a familiar twinkle within her eye. They widened immensely before she turned her head. "Carry on," she said to the younger lass who ran back over and grew back to her previous size. The white haired young woman for her part in this took a meditative seat underneath this tree, and waited knowing that she couldn't interfere too quickly.

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