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    "That makes him sound like some kind of masochist. Like Bloodborne on waste of flesh..." mentioned Miki with some understanding. A distraction was just what she needed, to forget her lack of new pet and the fact that she'd been squeezing to death some random person she didn't know. What a shame, she'd actually have appreciated the little slime as a pet. Maybe, she was simply not meant to have a pet? She could deal with that... putting the thoughts away for some other time. The mention of the little slime's online handle made Miki's brow raise. She'd seen that name around somewhere... but which game? Ah... it was somewhere in her mind but lost to her just the same.

    It was mentioned by the little slime that she shouldn't let the details stop her all before some strange transformation, which left him with a humanoid appearance with blue hair and golden eyes. He was even fully dressed, good for him. "Rimuru... huh? I'm not apologizing. You should have just said something. You should apologize for giving me hope," she said seeming to be slightly cross, in the moment her face fell back into its normal less than happy disposition. And it was with this that the black haired young woman received true confirmation about the identity of this lass. She reached the group and gave a gentle pause. "He's a bit of handful, and a tiny bit childish... There are many with such social deficiencies." mentioned the woman as she looked directly from Miki to Kou, but for some reason Miki found that comment biting and slightly familiar. "I'm... Kuroka. I've been partnered with him since my descent." she said strangely, making it sound as if this avatar wasn't her first and it wasn't her first choice either. Having introductions being made in such a way, Miki felt it was only right to introduce herself as well. "I'm Miki..." she said which brought a raise to the scantily clad woman's brow. How unusual, a name so close and yet so far away from either of her normal ones.

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    "... Eheh~ yeah..." Kou laughed in a nervous fashion, agreeing to Miki's assertion while withholding just a bit of information. In truth, he had played the aforementioned game called Bloodborne, and had done so once using that very character type. Surely they could just move on without him having to admit that. This Slime introduced himself as Rimuru after the unveiling of a very familiar online ID, and there was a brief exchange between the lad and Miki about apologies. The blonde's demeanor returned to its normal state as a result, and Kou nearly found it laughable that such a thing occurred. However, there would be another individual entering the fray. Dark hair, dark wings, and the queerest of introductions marked the new woman's approach. Most specifically, Kou took an interest in her exchange with Miki. "Kou desu. Hajime...mashite," he stammered, staring at this newcomer with curiosity. The things she spoke were too odd, too specific at certain points. Her descent? This was the highest point the world could have offered, by his own approximation... aside from the sky. Her level seemed normal for a landlocked person, but it could have been a simple matter of a secondary Avatar... which seemed to be the case as well. Why did she have such a reaction to hearing Miki's introduction, as well? Too many questions, too easy an introduction. "If you're looking for a way back, a friend would be the best thing to confide in. What happened to the original?" he blurted out, only partially on purpose.

    Rimuru, on the other hand, had no questions at all. What he did have, was an argument offered to the blonde. "Iia, iia! You're the one who gave me hope and snatched it away! If anyone should apologize, it should be me! I mean... you! Besides, you're both gonna die here if you just walk around looking like that─ no fake horns, tail, anything! You could at least offer a little more before you end up deleted!"

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    Kou's nervous laughter was acknowledged by Miki in a strange way. Mostly, given the situation, she didn't want to be found out for undertaking such a playthrough herself, she knew exactly how much of a masochist one would have to be to choose such a thing. She'd done it herself. Whatever the case, they could both be spared from too much thought, as the introduction of the Tengu lass seemed to put a different spin on the conversation. As Miki tried to figure out why this lass seemed so familiar, Kou introduced himself and questioned things much more directly. The raven-haired woman's eyes widened. She hadn't expected such a question, more over, for such a thing to come from a boy in the company of this lass, he had to be someone particularly special. She began piecing together information about him, while answering his questions in ways to illicit more information. "A friend would be nice. But I am not sure all use that word so freely," she said knowing that the girl known as Ashikaga Kimiko didn't count many among her friends and likely wouldn't see her as such. "As for the original, I deflected a finishing blow against a raid boss. And fell with them... doing so righted some wrongs and allowed me to dispatch a greater evil," she mentioned calmly. "But that form was lost to me in the process, I was only able to preserve it with his help," she said of the slime. "So, I used this form to help him, while locking away a piece of the evil I fought before," she mentioned touching the necklace she wore. No matter, it was a fair bit of information.

    In the meantime, Miki and Rimuru were busy having a seemingly cross but cordial discussion. She listened to his words and frowned at him. He seemed to understand he was somewhat wrong, but still managed to complain, about things that didn't really make sense. "What hope did you have in us? And I didn't figure the faction war was far enough along for the to need to assimilate. I just figured out where this is exactly, we weren't aiming for here when we landed. Besides... I'm a Druid... we are always neutral in wars and can go where we please without issue," she said hands on her hips, she'd chosen such a build for exactly this reason. Still it was a bit disturbing. "Still, I'd rather not risk it, what do you know... maybe we can help each other out." She offered in an open ended manner. At the very least, getting an ample amount of information might make everything easier.

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    Answers came, and with them came all the information Kou needed to finalize his thought process. Given what she had to say about friendship, he could only surmise that she did, indeed, know the one called Ashikaga Kimiko. "Sou ka. So, a not-so-friend associate you know counts just the same, right? Assuming you and said associate aren't on bad terms, I think they might end up being a person willing to help you out." There wasn't a question left in Kou's mind that this lass was a familiar face to Miki, whether she'd come to that realization or not. Since she hadn't clearly greeted the Tengu, it only further solidified this existence as a secondary Avatar. When Kuroka next spoke, she explained the situation surrounding this Avatar's birth, as well as information regarding the fact that her original self was not yet gone for good. "So, which one is it? Is the evil part of this Avatar, locked away with the other one, or something else entirely?"

    The Slime sighed. He didn't have hope in them per se, but rather in the situation he had been introduced to. On the other hand, there was yet hope to have in a couple more players to help with this area's... issues. "You're the one who put me in the best situation! Oppai, oppai! I have standards that I hold this world to know, y'know?" he griped. Moving on, he chose to address her second and third clauses in unison. "Druid or not, we're way past that point. None of the Night Parades here care if you're neutral. Just the chance that you could be a type of power nobody else can have, is enough to make them kill you so the other factions can't get you even by brainwashing. They won't even take you in themselves, since you could be a spy. I get by because I'm a Slime; I can just pretend to be weak. Kuroka is a Tengu, and they're all over the place. There are four Kings here in Ryozanpaku, and it's going to take strength to keep them all from destroying each other over the idea that one of them could be ruler of all four corners."

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    Kou seemed to take quite a bit from the words spoken by Kuroka. It seemed he was indeed clever, with a mind that pieced together even minute details. "Sou ka, that is a very active brain you have. It can be just as much of a hindrance to think about so much from so little given information," she said, pointing out his tendency to over think from such a simple moment of interaction. "Still, that insight is very intuative and oddly diplomatic. I understand now..." she said, though the last bit wasn't for him. Initially she didn't understand what the girl behind this blonde Avatar might have seen in another individual. But he had some skills that she lacked not in game, but in personality, though they still managed to be quite similar by her knowledge and this very brief observation. But there was more to discuss than just this, when asked about the nature of her Avatar and the evil she stopped she thought to clarify. "My first one was injured... almost dead. I made this one out of a piece of something I claimed from the evil, if only to keep her from being able to reclaim it herself. There are still other methods she could use to rise again, but it won't include all of her former abilities. Neither of my Avatars is... that," she summarized the situation. By using a function from the PvP aspect of AoE, she'd managed to keep something vital to the formation of another Avatar. "It might be a bit much, but can you mention to her that she knows who I am and that I can't say. It would be much faster that way." Her statement finalized she was more than prepared to wait.

    "Uh...huh, I'm not even concerned about that. Do what you like... we all got a free chance to start over on missed opportunities. I probably won't just cuddle you anymore though, it's weird knowing you like it," she said turning her nose up at the young lad. In the meantime, Rimuru gave Miki a quick rundown of the situation taking place in the Youkai subplot of the world and it was worse than she thought. If they were killing people already, it meant that the factions were already trying to out themselves as leaders. Given what she knew about the way such things worked, it also meant that there had to be at least a few players already attached to the different factions. "Ugh... this is going to be a pain in the ass, I just wanted breakfast and a taste of home. I didn't think it'd be necessary to quell a war before then," she said rubbing her forehead. Her mind already began to work, but this wasn't just her own thing. She and Kou worked together on such problems and it would likely take more than just their bodies to get this whole thing done.

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    "It can be, and it always is eventually. Diplomacy begets solitude in the long run," was Kou's retort. He'd seen first-hand the issues of politics in all forms; none were without major faults to at least one end of the spectrum within. No matter. He couldn't exactly undo the way he was, as much as he hated the premise of it. Either way, he wasn't going to teeter around that topic. There was a tale to be told, and it was of Kuroka's original Avatar. She spoke of a very nonspecific evil that had been felled, but not by either specific method he questioned. Luckily, there was nothing tying that evil's existence to the fall of the Avatar he spoke to. If she truly came from above, such an entity would be quite troublesome to deal with, should it return. Ah, but there were still methods of return, it seemed... though Kou could assume such a thing to be manageable without fret. "The way you say she wouldn't have all of her old abilities, I'm guessing she should be easy enough to deal with. Anyway, why not mention it yourself? You could easily tell her what you just told me, right? That is, unless..."

    Rimuru's arms were quite... all over the place, flailing wildly as he contested Miki's argument. "So it's fine if I don't like it?! That would be rape! Hentai! HENTAI!" he yelled, pointing a judgmental forefinger at the lass while his other arm continued its unnecessary movements. He even followed it all by crossing his arms, huffing, and turning his head away as if he were ashamed to even look at her. Even doing that, he continued to discuss matters of importance. "Anyway, Hentai-neesan, it's not that big a deal. Just make yourselves blend in, and you can get your breakfast or whatever. You're not required to help out everywhere you go, just 'cause you're Adventurers. Well... unless you're in that Guild─"

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    The boy's thoughts on politics and the nature of being truly diplomatic came to the forefront with a single sentence. Kuroka looked at the lad, her red eyes widening for just a moment. "That is oddly melancholic for one so young..." she said. It was a bit sad, but it was far from the first time she'd heard such a disposition from a young teen. In fact, the last time she'd heard anything like it, was in her last session with the girl being the blonde lass. The likeness between the personalities of Ashikaga Kimiko and this lad before her was uncanny. But perhaps she'd get to see more of that in action later. On the matter of that old evil once felled who might rise again, she had little to say. "Physically, it might be possible. Maybe even easy. But the problem wasn't the evil, but the ideas it spreads. If that portion still exists... it won't matter what abilities are present, the influence on the minds will become the problem," she said that sounded oddly ominous. But it was how she saw the future, quite literally in this case. But futures weren't set in stone, they could still be altered and changed. As for why she couldn't simply share the same information that she had with Kou with Miki she shrugged. "I cannot..." was all she said to the point. It was very important for a reason she couldn't explain, but it had to be Miki who recognized her and named her of her own volition. Anything else was an ethical violation of her code and that she could not tolerate.

    Miki watched with wide eyes as the lad before her, waved his arms about like a madman. Calling her a Hentai and accusing her of rape due to the phrasing of her previous statement. She looked completely aghast, he couldn't seriously think that was what she meant. She now remembered fully where she'd seen this lad before, and if he hadn't already proven himself to be reasonable, she'd have assumed him to be some kind of troll. "Baka-shounen!" she exclaimed rolling her eyes and crossing her arms over her chest. "Absolutely no one would have interpreted that sentence that way. I just didn't want you getting the wrong idea about me keeping you around or anything..." she said seemingly huffy. A cuddling, spoiling and coddling a pet was one thing, but she wasn't Akaru Chiyo or anything, she didn't give people she had no romantic feelings for what she considered romantic attention. Potential friends were very different creatures as well, which was more likely where this lad would fall. "Don't call me that..." she snapped. "Ugh, I don't really have a way to hide myself besides my hood and I don't really want to go through having a secret breakfast just to have to wonder if I am being poisoned, mind-controlled or led into a trap," she mentioned her reasoning behind not immediately just wanting breakfast. "As for not having to help, that is very true, but you can't leave large groups of people to fend for their own interests. If this is my life now, I'll live it on my terms and, I'd rather not come back to some find of massacre, genocide or actual Demon influence because I didn't feel like dealing with something in the first place. Besides, we have plans beyond joining another guild, and it's better to have contacts and the like beforehand anyways..." she stated. It was overall much more beneficial to them as a group to deal with the problems of this world as they presented themselves for a plethora of reasons. She'd just hoped, neigh imagined, that she might be able to have some fun on what she had planned in her mind as a breakfast date, before anything crazy happened.

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    Kuroka's assertion was noted, but it was nothing surprising to hear. He'd heard it before, yet not so directly spoken to himself. Regardless, there was a spark of hope, as well as one of dread regarding the aforementioned 'evil' previously quelled by this Tengu. An intimidating force to do battle with was one thing, but one which affected the minds of those around them... was an entirely different problem. Hopefully, they wouldn't have to encounter this threat at all. As for Kuroka's 'introduction' to her associate, Miki, she claimed to be incapable of doing it herself. The reason why was a total mystery even to Kou, but he'd offer a show of good faith at least.

    Rimuru's arms unfolded, all for the sake of him pointing another accusatory finger at Miki. This time, he even gave it a wag as he chastised the young woman. Oh no, he wasn't having any of her nonsense! She was an abusive pervert, and he was onto her! "You were just disappointed because I had a brain! You like taking advantage of the incapable, don't you?! I bet you're one of those fat, smelly guys with... with... with square glasses and a bulldog mouth that's always drooling over kids on the internet! If this world has CPS, I'm calling them on you mister!" he said, going on a bit of a tangent. All in all, though, the blue-haired young male didn't seem all too serious underneath. "A hood probably won't do. Wearing one of those'll just make you look suspicious. If you wanna get by, you'll have to look like an ayakashi or something. Or... I could eat you, and you could just hang out inside me. That works too."

    In spite of all he just said, he let such a statement fall from his mouth so casually. As Kou approached the pair, he seemed taken aback by the little bit he managed to hear from the Slime, but thought not to speak on the matter. "So... yeah... the Tengu knows you, by the way," he interjected in the most casual way he could manage. This introduction caught the eye of Rimuru, who stared with a furrowed brow at the white-haired male. "Why's a guy so damn pretty? My Avatar is androgynous, and I don't match up!"

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    Kuroka was content after speaking to wait for her introduction. Even so, it seemed that Miki was getting along with Rimuru about as well as the raven haired lass could have expected. To be fair, it was going much better than she originally thought it would. Perhaps, the girl behind that Avatar didn't give herself enough credit when it came to her own ability to deal with people, or maybe she'd been here long enough to learn the skills she'd lacked in her life. "Baka! I am an actual girl, this face is my face!" she said still seeming to be huffy. Whatever the case, they didn't seem to be having a very serious disagreement. It came off more like a sibling spat than anything else to Kuroka. This lad claimed that the hood alone wouldn't work and would make her more suspicious and she could instead either make herself look like an Ayakashi or be eaten by him. "You just said you could eat me? And you think.... that is somehow, less sketchy than me just walking around. How do I know you aren't one of those creepy internet pervs just waiting to get your hands on someone like me? Huh? Passing yourself off as a harmless little boy when you're some kind of sick deviant?!"

    Ah, but there were things actually worth discussing coming up. As Kou mentioned in the most casual fashion that Miki knew the Tengu who'd accompanied the small smile. "I had that feeling talking to her... but I can't quite place it. So, you had him tell me you knew me, because..." she paused looking at Kuroka. Yep, nothing about that face seemed familiar at all, but her words and mannerisms were, so a process of elimination was necessary to get to the bottom of this one. "You can't tell me how you know me, without giving something away," there was a pause from Miki. "No one that works for me directly is under any such contractual obligation. That removes you from my main team. None of the lawyers hired by me fall into the category of one who would get sucked into a video game world. Sou ka..." she looked at the lass for several more seconds. "You... look nothing like yourself. I'd have expected something different from you..." Miki said frowning slightly. "Second Avatar," she said calmly. "But you really didn't just say what you were, it would have been so much easier. You still think such a thing still applies?" she asked frowning deeply. "Hai, as long as I am myself it will always apply," she said Miki looked to Kou and didn't really care. Something like this was a strange case but it wasn't really worth being so secretive about. "Well, I don't really care. Hisakawa and Kaiba are already with us. Would you like a proper introduction?" she asked of the lass she now recognized completely. "That is something you should do at your own discretion. Though it is interesting that both of them are here as well..." mentioned Kuroka. While Miki had a chuckle at the idea that Kou was indeed prettier than the androgynous slime, actually it was something she noticed often, not that she'd be mentioning that aloud, only a slight blush crossed her face as she turned her head away.

    This Tengu was someone of previous high status in their own world. A high-level genius of a different sort from the ones already seen and mentioned, though with just as many feats of her own. With someone like this in the world, more than a few things could be shifted. Miki chuckled. "This is Kitera Ume, Shibuya's youngest practicing Psychiatrist. MD and Ph.D. She's around the same age as Kaiba and Hisakawa and is known for being 'the Doctor to Young Professionals'. Who apparently takes Confidentiality Agreements even more seriously than lawyers."

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    "My ass you're a girl! Everybody knows girls don't play video games!" he retorted. Interesting that he'd say such a thing, considering he was found wandering around with a woman, but these were simply his mannerisms. "I'm not the one to be questioned here; you are! Trying to throw the blame on me is exactly what an online pervert would do! Just 'cause I look a little girly sometimes, doesn't mean I've got the parts for your weird, lesbo fantasies, buster!" Oh, he was really having a go now. Adding the realization of how Kou managed to be 'prettier' than himself merely sent him to a new level of fit.

    Speaking of Kou, he was content to just be past this strange introduction for two people who already knew one another. Why the woman couldn't introduce himself, he still wondered. Perhaps he would understand in a matter of moments. In fact, he would. Miki went through her own process of determining who Kuroka was beyond the Avatar, and soon enough, she reached the proper conclusion. Kou would have rather not been left with the Slime staring him down during this time, but it didn't take too long. In mere moments, they were returned to a group discussion, and a proper introduction of the one called Kitera Ume. Kou could not fend off a wide-eyed reaction. Those titles were entirely unnecessary for him to know who and what she was; he'd met her once before. During a time in which she had not yet chosen to pursue being a psychiatrist, he had seen her as a doctor. Of course, that time had long since passed. It was the efforts of his father which led him to her during a sickly time, and the absence of that very same father which rendered him incapable of getting his sister treatment by her. Kitera Ume, the name alone, was the reason he sought jobs. She was the reason he stepped outside of his comfort zone for his sister's sake, because her reputation led him believe she could be of help.

    It was all troublesome to think of here and now; he had to move on. Nothing could be done about the past, and at the very least, all was fine now in this new world. Still... there seemed to be an odd pattern of very capable youngsters appearing in this era. As he recalled, Age of Eternity was a game which featured a timeless world, boasting as close of a lifespan as possible to their own Earth. How were they all here, now? How did they all play this game, or any game at all in the case of some? "Kitera Ume, a gamer? I'd never have thought that possible..." he said, if only to test the waters and see if anything happened to be amiss with her situation.

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