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    A chortle. It was all Miki could manage at this slime's apparent outrage. Of course, girls played video games. It wasn't as if this wasn't an actual fact of real life, he'd obviously just gone a bit over the top while having is go. Actually, in a moment like this, she was reminded of the Demi-Human back on their ship. She wondered if this pair would get along and then immediately wanted absolutely nothing to do with the pair if they did. Hikari was already quite dangerous in her own right, adding this lad to the mix would spell a special form of disaster that Miki wasn't at all ready for. "You are saying a lot of words, to clarify further that you're a cross-dressing masochist and an internet pervert," Miki said curtly with a roll of her eyes.

    Soon after an introduction was made between this group at large and the Tengu who was in fact a young professional from their own world. "Hai, nice to meet you... properly. And thanks, even with multiple Avatars I can't say my own name," she said with a nod of happiness. It seemed that Kou was prodding for information or at least, that is what it seemed like to Miki, even so, she had little to say about it so she was content to hold off for a bit. The raven-haired lass gave a casual shrug about the comment related to her and playing video games. "Everyone has hobbies. Without breaking any oaths, several of my patients mentioned this game, and I was looking for an activity to share with my brother and friend group. It ended up being this, I am still not entirely sure how long I've been here," she said in a clear explanation. It wasn't as if being a practicing medical doctor and psychiatrist took up literally all her time. And she had enough knowledge of the human psyche to know the importance of leisure activities. Still this knowledge was strange, because she was certain she'd not missed any of he appointments with this Doctor which meant she had to have gone missing the week prior to Miki ended up here... or sometime way after. Miki's face gained an intense look of concentration, which doubled as seeming a bit ornery.

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    The insistence upon him being some sort of perverted masochist was about all Rimuru could handle. He huffed again, but instead of turning away, he used his abilities as a Slime to morph. He didn't look much different, but his eyes became green. His hair shortened and acquired a ponytail almost likened to the shape of a pineapple, and of course, his face became a bit sterner by way of expression. This was the lad's true form from their original world, created solely from the memory within the Slime. "There. Happy now? I ain't some fat, ugly pervert, and I ain't a cross-dresser either. Just a kid who plays card games and video games," he explained before returning to his previous form.

    Now that the Tengu's identity was given, and the discussion progressed a bit further, Kou could keep a regular countenance. There was still the important matter regarding their time spent here in Ryozanpaku, and how they would go about it. If nothing else, Kou thought this to be the perfect time for revealing a bit of knowledge to Miki. "You know, we could roll new Avatars. That thing you got from Dreyfus? I can't be totally sure, but I think it's a Divine Artifact. If it is, you could source the code and become a Miko or something... and I'm pretty sure I can figure something out for myself," he said, having nothing more to speak regarding Kuroka's grand reveal. So long as he moved on from that topic, he could keep his memories from clouding his mind.

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    Miki was soon witness to a change in form by the blue haired boy in their presence. Apparently, he'd had enough of her biting commentary, and decided to reveal what his actual self looked like. Her eyes shifted over his form and his more stern face and she sighed. She wondered if her own face often looked like that, it was quite strange but this kid was kind of growing on her as a person. "Hai, you're a pretty cute kid. I'll concede that and really good at Card Games... you were a pretty fun doubles partner online, when I branched out a little. Loosen up that face though, you'll get wrinkles..." she teased only to shift her attention afterwards. Her words made Kuroka chuckle, she'd never thought this lass was quite this nice, but perhaps she simply didn't have the sort of people around her, that she could be nice to. That was a thought worth considering, whatever the case, the conversation was soon shifted to some new forms for the pair of them so that they could explore this place without issue.

    Kou's words to Miki about the thing she'd taken from Dreyfus made her left brow rise. "Hm... Really? It felt pretty hefty but I don't have the room for Appraisal in my current lines so I couldn't be sure. I guess if it is something like that, it will help me decide between Nekomata and Kitsune, or maybe it'll choose something different," she said finally expressing her lost thoughts about her future build. Actually a Miko was about the sort of thing she'd had planned for her Youkai anyways, given her desire to not have one of pure brute strength but rather some sort of magic instead. "Alright, we can roll some new characters then. If you'll do me the honors of cracking open that object for me first..." she said. That plan was about as good as any. "Did you want anything in particular for your build... I have, a lot of stuff I picked up from Dreyfus..." she said freely offering the lad access to her current stores so that he could help them both create their new characters. This conversation, being had aloud made Kuroka's left brow rise again. She'd not seen this sort of thing before... this sort of sharing, was most uncommon... what could it mean?

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    "Ho─" Rimuru quirked a brow. This one claimed to know him through a card game experience, and there was only one card game he could think of in which it could have happened. Through eyes that glittered with the light of the Nexus, he found her name to be something very familiar. Upon seeing it, a wide grin spread across the lad's face. "Ah! Fusion School, Moonlight! Sick combo back then between Death-Toy Daredevil and Moonlight... uh..." He seemed to have forgotten the name of whatever card Miki used in that particular match. Assuming she would fill in the blank, he moved on right away. "You're one to talk about a disposition."

    Miki mentioned not having room for the Appraisal ability, but if Kou was correct in his assumptions, it wouldn't be necessary for anyone to have it. He had all the necessary skills besides Appraisal itself, so if he could simply make do with something else, he could develop his own method of awakening these Artifacts. "I can give it a go. After what I dealt with before, and seeing how Dreyfus does it, I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem for me. As for what I want..." He gave it a moment of thought, and considered quite a few things. What sort of creature would he be? There were so many options, so many combinations that could fit his preferences. He wanted something physically capable, with less of a magical inclination than his normal go-to options thus far. "I haven't done ninja shit in a while. Got kusarigama?"

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    It seemed the recognition was there for the taking, as she'd played a few good rounds in a card game with this lad before. They had indeed turned two completely different types of decks into an aggressive combination that mowed down their opponents. It was quite a thing to see, and in turn, he'd become one of a few she'd enjoyed playing with while she played that game. "Moonlight Panther Dancer!" she filled in finding the whole thing really amusing. Moving along from this point, he claimed she had no room to talk about disposition. This was very true, anyone who was familiar with the lass at face value, knew she has a surly disposition in general. "Yeah, yeah, but it's way too late for me, it's been years. I'm set like this... you still have a bit of time," she advised in a somewhat joking manner. It would be Kuroka who added to this for the first time in a while. "She isn't lying, her face is basically stuck like that..." she chimed in. "Oi, oi... I didn't need you signing off on that," Miki mentioned seeming to be cross.

    Kou and Miki then continued their conversation he claimed that he might be able to do something about the artifact of hers, and claimed he didn't want much of anything except perhaps a Kusarigama. Miki's left brow rose, as she considered the things hidden in her secret room which she'd tagged as 'Weapons'. She'd collected dozens and knew herself to have what the lad asked for. In this moment, she'd learn something strange about the item she'd figured out the day before. Since it was on her person presently, it connected directly with her space as she shuffled through the items she had. Doing so opened two shimmering portals, one of which produced the still covered artifact they'd been discussing. The other, produced a long chained Kusarigama of decently high quality, with a heavy weighted chain. While these floated out of the portals, Miki's eyes widened. "I was just thinking about them... the... did you?" the question wouldn't formulate properly and Miki was unsure of even how to ask what she had in mind. Surely this lad didn't create a manner in which she could pull things from within her hidden space without the need of entering it without having to establish a place for the connection. Or... did he?

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    Moonlight Panther Dancer; that was the name. Rimuru remembered it as a rather annoying card, but quite useful in a cooperative sense. He counted that event as one of his most successful matches in team play. If he had the ability, he'd return to playing that game here in this world. "I miss my deck," he mused in a moment of nostalgia. Miki claiming her face was stuck as it was, yet having something to say about Kuroka agreeing, prompted a tilt of the lad's head. "You do seem about the 'permanently bitchy' type. You know, like you'll get into a huff because I just said that sentence too."

    Kou awaited the arrival of the tools he was to work with, and soon enough, they appeared via portals. The white-haired Saber took hold of the kusarigama, having expected this sudden appearance based on their ongoing conversation. Also fitting within the realm of expectation, was Miki's surprise at the goings-on. Indeed, yet another mystery surrounding the puzzle sphere had been unveiled. Reaching out with the intention of claiming the sealed Artifact, he offered his explanation in a roundabout way. "Every treasure chest needs an emergency key, right? This key just needed to be unlocked in its own way~" he said. In truth, this was possible only because Miki solved the helix puzzle he had stored inside her storage space during its creation. Now, so long as she was in possession of that puzzle, she could bring forth any object she had a proper vision of, so long as she kept it in that realm.

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    The lad seemed to be experiencing a moment of nostalgia and Miki was as well. She counted their interaction as one of a very few she had enjoyed in her cooperative gaming life. "Um-hm... though..." Miki gave pause. As she though about it, and given the types of materials in this world, such a thing as a card game could be very easy to make. In fact, she had access already to a great number of people who could help make that happen, including this blue haired lad. Besides being a very fun experience to be had, it could also be quite profitable. "Oi oi, I'm not taking this type of attitude off you, Gaki!" Miki exclaimed, she only didn't huff and turn up her nose because she was actively trying not to do so. It was a shame to have her personality understood at such a level by such a bratty child. "Resisting your natural mannerisms used to be exceedingly hard for you, you've been practicing," was all Kuroka had to say which made the lass' eyes widen as she turned away. "We're not doing this..." and just like that her pattern of behavior fell back into its normal setting.

    Still, there were things beyond Miki's teasing, like for instance, the opening of portals which granted her immediate access to the things she'd been thinking of. Her almost unmentioned question to Kou was answered in a roundabout way that did indeed imply it was his doing by virtue of his extra present to her. "Sou... ka," that's what he'd meant when he said she'd find it more useful than the puzzle itself. But knowing the lad, she couldn't just trust that this was all there was. He'd done way too much already and just for her. How could she feel anything but adoration for something like that? The answer was she couldn't. Her expression immediately softened, replaced by sheer wonder and affection. And the smallest upturn of her lips. Kuroka watched this mannerism shift with the observant eyes of someone who was much older than her appearance let on. She'd been seeing this girl as a patient since she first became a doctor and had never seen such a positive change in expression on her face. "Maybe the conclusion was too hasty." Kuroka said, of her diagnosis of Miki or rather Kimiko's surly exterior. Perhaps it really was just a facade and now she could plainly see the crack that caused it. Such a thing made Kou or the boy behind him a person of interest and more observation was required.

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    "Hehe! I totally won that duel!" Rimuru said with an inflated chest. Miki may not have done exactly what he predicted, but he could all but see the same reaction based on her words so filled with poorly-hidden bitterness. Kuroka adding her own two cents, so to speak, even furthered this. Satisfied as he was, this group's time here was somewhat limited. These two newcomers needed forms to blend in with the general populace, and they needed them before fully entering the city... or being seen by anyone randomly out for a walk, even.

    Progress was, however, being made. Kou had both necessary items in hand, though the kusarigama would soon be affixed to his hip for later use. There was something he needed for his own new Avatar, and going out to take it would probably be a necessity. He could at least use the current time to aide Miki in her Avatar creation, though. He first attempted to interact with the object by funneling a small amount of Mana into his ring, forming from it a pin needle of sorts out of his energy. Sadly, this didn't do a thing. It was a strong Artifact indeed, and actually required a great deal of Mana compressed into a small form─ one that wouldn't damage the thing inside the casing. In truth, he had to approach it in a similar way to how he'd carved the treasure sphere. Luckily, having the physical body of a Witcher let him more freely use his Celestial energies for such a task. "Hm. This thing's really strong," he commented.

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    "Urusai!" this was all Miki had to say. She didn't actually argue whether he'd won or not, because in her own mind he had. It wasn't a matter of simply being able to push her a bit which made her think he'd won, it was the fact that the follow-up statement by someone unrelated had left her mood the same. Still, there were worse things than a random kid having good enough skills to access her mental status. And she didn't dislike him, so she could let all of that fall to the side very easily. She could almost count the lad among her friends with his understanding of her being so high. Almost. Or perhaps, she did. There was always that little bit of mystery in the way Ashikaga Kimiko worked, so essentially, only time would tell how she classified this blue haired boy.

    For now, Kou's work on her object of choice began. And as it did, he had some strange commentary to offer. The softer expression she'd gained stayed, and she floated atop her pillow watching his work with large eyes, curious as she'd never seen him work on such a thing. "Hm, it seemed like it. Even in that other form, which lets me use any ability I can, I had to devote extra power and concentration to move it. It felt like it was resisting..." she said thoughtfully. Something that aimed to resist her form as a Ruler was likely something strong indeed. So, she couldn't really wait to see what this object actually was and figure out what kind of character to make out of it. All the while, Kuroka's interest shifted to Kou, for some reason, she began to make several assumptions and stared at his face with quite a bit of intent. His face was rather close to someone else's. One she'd seen before and looked at with her medical expertise. Was he a patient? Yes... that had to be it. But from when? Her mind began working backwards... deconstructing this avatar to find the person she recognized.

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    Miki's order of silence gained nothing but the younger male's satisfaction. He was grinning from ear to ear as he toe-tapped with his right foot, and placed his hands behind his head. "Hehe~" he chuckled. This was about as satisfying as a victory in the very card game they so recently spoke of, but for entirely different reasons. He was having fun, simple as that. In some twisted way, he imagined there was a certain amount of fun being had on all fronts. Friends and the like behaved in such a way frequently, right? If one couldn't take a bit of almost-insulting behavior from a friendly face, the world was nearly destined to destroy them.

    Speaking of destroying things, Kou received an interesting bit of information from Miki. The fact that she struggled to acquire this object using her ability as Ruler, was quite the interesting reveal. With that in mind, he was almost certain he could get away with much, much more. The Artifact was placed on the ground. Rising to his feet thereafter, he pointed his forefinger down at the object, and the Mana of his Celestial origin swarmed around his body until collecting at his fingertip while his otherwise free hand grasped his own wrist. "If it's like that, then this thing inside has to actually be really strong. In that case... REIGAN!" Unnecessary though it was, the lad chose to call out the name of an attack he did not possess. Regardless, he channeled the Mana at his fingertip, and unleashed it as a continuous, piercing shot at the center of the sealed Artifact. He intended to literally drill through the shell, which was something he managed... if only very, very slowly. That was fine, though; it taking a while meant there were cracks appearing around that center point. When he finally made it through, he imagined the rest would be a simple feat.

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