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    On the eastern side of a giant floating city, as the there was a great deal of hustle and bustle there was a young woman standing beside a large throne within the major castle of the area. She had dark short cut hair and large golden eyes. Most of the skin of her body was exposed, but there were lace and see through bits of clothing over various pieces of her skin, including a sash around her waist which held up a couple of different golden artifacts. Her look itself was completed by long Runic gloves which seemed to blend into her skin. Even so scantily clad she didn't seem to have a care in the world for the temperature. Instead she found herself staring into a book with the clock face on the front glowing and the hands moving rapidly. Her golden eyes glowed quite a bit and the head piece which kept her hair in place seemed to glow with a strange blue magic flickering off into the air. "I don't mean to alarm you, but Gugalanna has been reborn in the world," she said with a great deal of deference. Whoever was on the throne this lass respected a great deal, enough that she was sharing information with him.

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    Sat atop the throne, the figure to whom this woman delivered her information, was a male who was none too pleased by the mention of a single name. Tall and tone of muscle, he sported a head of silky golden locks. Crimson lenses set in his face gazed from the throne across the long corridor, viewing the dimming light of the sun as it made its way toward the horizon below. "H'oh," he spoke in a voice devoid of joy for the time being.

    This man was scantily-clad as well. Aside from golden armor adorning his right hand and waist, his clothing consisted only of a crown-like turbin, a small vest with a collar that rivaled the rest of the article's size, baggy trousers which exposed about as much of his legs as they covered, and a light pair of shoes to match. He sported a few unnecessary gems set in gold, but the most outstanding thing about the man was truthfully a book-shaped stone tablet which radiated with the power of a thousand Artifacts to those keen enough to sense the Mystic Codes held within.

    Gugalanna. He knew the name, and he knew it well. That singular name, that one identity, held the memory of an unpleasant past in this world. How could it truly be here now? He dreaded the thought of what could be connected to Gugalanna's return, yet he didn't seem at all surprised that it was reborn. No, he instead seemed disappointed for some strange reason. "I had hoped to be wrong. Just once. Tell me, Belris, is that whore the reason Gugalanna comes to pester me again?"

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    The lass standing beside the throne was apparently known as 'Belris' and she shrugged for just a second in response to the man's question. She was obviously quite used to his antics and didn't even seem disturbed when he spoke the way he did. She even maintained just enough information to know of the 'whore' he wished to avoid. "I can probably get that information... one second," she said calmly. The hands on the front of the book she had hovering just above her palm seemed to shift an entire hour. The strange blue glow that raidated from the top her head appeared at the tips of her fingers as well. "This one is different. Not the one who sent Gugalanna to pester you before," she used his own choice in words because it seemed most suited to the situation and didn't involve her using the term whole. "This new person, I can't tell you much more about them until they are closer, but... they are someone whose name isn't one I know," she said. The name associated wasn't one of the major gamers as she would have expected. And a feat such as summoning Gugalanna should have belonged to someone of a high tier, unless it was a fluke. "It could be a fluke some random person summoning it back to this world." She mentioned as she closed her book. With so little information to work with it was all she could say.

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    One second of eternity. If that person had returned to this world, and if she were the reason behind Gugalanna's return as well, there was a very real chance he was in for a period of annoyance in the near future. Moments after Belris began using her abilities to seek information, she produced an answer that was nothing short of pleasing to the ear. "Someone else managed to create that beast? An unknown person, even?" he wondered aloud, seeming as if he'd even experienced a moment of shock. Well, at least the culprit wasn't that woman. She was the bane of his existence for a time, and he dreaded the idea that she might one day return while also returning to her old, vindictive ways. Even to this day, he suffered because of her.

    All that aside, the blonde male rose from his throne and descended the set of stairs which led up to it. Onward he went, down the corridor-like throne room and toward the light of the setting sun. He wore a forlorn expression as he spoke again, addressing the idea that Gugalanna may have been an accidental summon. A shake of the head was all he needed to preemptively make his thoughts known. "No mere fool could accidentally summon Gugalanna, of all things. That beast was sent to kill me, and without help, it may have stood a chance. It wouldn't lend itself to the likes of a mongrel. Where is Artoria? I have need of her."

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    Belris had been around this man enough to be able to read his mood a bit. In this case, he was pleased that this wasn't the original person who'd summoned Gugalanna and with that knowledge she was allowed to release the breath she'd been holding. "It does seem that way. I don't recognize the name. Who ever it is, doesn't fall into the normal circles," the raven haired lass stated with the utmost calm but there was a bit of light in her golden eyes. As this man stood and approached the falling sun, the lass bowed her head only to follow after, taking note that the man shook his head no to the idea of the summoning being a fluke. She would have liked it to be, it would be less problematic if it was... but she supposed there was always the possibility of another decent player being out and about in the world. "Hai, if that is what you say I'll believe it. It is a little concerning though..." she said, having information was rather important to her, and she didn't like the idea of someone with unknown motivations wandering around in the lower world with it. Her mind would have wondered further but the man before her claimed to need someone by the name of Artoria. She stopped the sigh that would have escaped her and gave the likeliest answer while beginning another scan. "If I was forced to guess, I'd say she's at one of the training grounds giving someone an unnecessarily hard go of sword practice..." she said calmly, as she turned the pages and used her ability she was able to confirm this information. "Did you wish to go on a walk, or would you rather I get her to come here for an audience?" she asked of the man with a soft tone.

    Artoria as she was being called was indeed at the training grounds on the far end of this vast place. Golden hair tied up in a ponytail she wore light armor and a peasant style dress that appeared to be made of high quality material. It was a stunning shade of royal blue overlaying white frills which brought out the blue tones of her eyes, which seemed nearer to green in most cases. There was no hint of magic from her being, what she did now was simply a matter of skill. She stood with her sword raised and called into the open air. "Next! Step forth, hone your skills and test your mettle." These were words which were most commanding and to some intimidating but surely someone would step up. These practice sessions were common place around this lass, she'd raised many a knight to be handy with a sword and good in combat. Surely someone would give her enough skill to practice her own against eventually.

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    "Then the sensible thing to do would be finding out what circle they do belong to. That is why I need Artoria; one of her men will prove useful," he said, knowing the woman called Artoria had a certain someone sworn to her service, and that someone could easily do some reconnaissance if needed. As for whether he preferred the idea of approaching Artoria, or having her brought to him instead... his choice was clear to him. Knowing where she was thanks to Belris' ability, he could assume he was in for an interesting time during the moment of meeting. "I've already risen from my throne, haven't I?" he questioned. As the apparent king that he was, he hardly ever moved from his throne. He especially didn't care to go out of his way for the sake of meeting with others directly, most specifically when he could have them brought to him instead. This Artoria was one who commanded enough respect to make him act differently, it seemed. He stepped forward once more, intending to meet this woman in the training grounds.

    Meanwhile, at said training grounds...

    "My Lady," said one male in particular. Stepping forward in the face of Artoria's challenge was a male with sleek red hair, and a visage denoting an interesting amount of... depression, to say the least. He approached the blonde woman with a respectful bow, flaring the fur-lined cape he wore to unveil a bow with six strings at his left side. "If I may attempt it, I'd like to try giving you as much of a challenge as I can. I understand it's not the same as swordplay, but I believe I could at least convince you to move a little more than normal."

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    It seemed the king of this area did indeed have an idea of what he intended to do about the less than stellar news of the re-summoning of a certain Divine Beast. One of the men of his allies was apparently going to be useful in gathering information. "Sou ka," she said softly. This girl was feeling a bit under utilized at present, after all, simply by getting closer in range to the person she'd be able to tell more about them. Perhaps there was a nuance here she was missing. Whatever the case, according to the king his already ambulatory state was proof enough of what he intended to do, as such she followed along as she always did. After all, she was in general responsible for making sure the king's ideas were presented in a way that was easily digestible to the public at large. "Hai, I'm right behind you..." she mentioned content to follow along.

    At the training grounds...

    Artoria was approached by a face she recognized and one she valued as skilled in his own ways. A mane of red hair sleeked back came into her line of sight and his sad visage was unmistakable. He bowed before her causing her left brow to quirk slightly. His speech was an interesting one, Artoria couldn't remember the last time she'd faced this individual directly. A smile came to her face as she still stood proud, confident but not necessarily demeaning. "I'd appreciate a challenge of any sort, but if convincing me to move is your aim... You'll need to raise your head, Tristan!" she readied herself to face this new challenge head on. She stood with her sword clutched in her right hand her left gently touching the hilt, ready to shift her position at any moment. Her knees were lightly bent and she waited for the first sign of movement from this man.

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    The blonde woman carried with her an air of supremacy, of pride, and of regal radiance. The male named Tristan could do nothing but bow in her presence, even as she addressed him directly. At least, this was the case until the moment she spoke of him raising his head. Right away, he felt as if his chest gained an excessive amount of weight, almost as if he did not want to make a move. Among the other traits boasted by Artoria, there was a pressure that told him he couldn't truly stand a chance. And yet... he had a burning desire to be of use to the woman in whatever way possible, and it was presently his wish to aide her in acquiring the training/exercise she so clearly sought.

    She was ready for combat without hesitation, and there he was, still bowed. No more. He would not dishonor himself and disrespect the woman by wasting another moment. "... Hai. Onegaishimasu." Tristan leapt in that very moment. He moved back instead of forward, placing a great deal of space between Artoria and himself. Bow at the ready, he initiated combat by pulling all six strings, loosing a virtual storm of arrow-like vacuum shots toward the blonde woman and the area surrounding her.

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    It seemed her words were enough and even as she stood at the ready, Artoria's eyes were trained upon this man. He was going to attack soon and she knew this to be the truth as surely as she knew most any truth in life. Her eyes never left him, even as he put a great deal of space between them. This was the most appropriate step to take after all. His advantage as an Archer was great, and keeping her at a distance was the proper course of action. She respected his thought to keep the distance and in creating such a space between them he'd done what he'd set out to do. She'd need to move to attack him directly. Beyond this he would release a torrent of arrows upon her, using all six strings of his bow to accomplish the feat. "Six..." she said but her tone was bland. Was she impressed? Did she respect his moxie or was it a simple acknowledgement of what had been done? It didn't seem to matter, as Tristan's storm of arrows rained upon her, Artoria moved forward, her eyes locked on the lad. Every step she took at high speed, seemed to lead her out of the pull of one of these vacuum arrows, and into the pull of another. She strangely moved in a way to allow these various arrow shots to propel her forward at maximum speed. Seeing a clear road to her victory in battle, by taking these steps within a second of the start. She danced across the training ground in this way, following the path so radiant before her, only to draw her sword aiming a straight jab at Tristan's fore when she was within range. The movement itself was shallow but skilled, aiming to stop just under his chin, while trapping his bow arm below it. A gentle smile appeared on the woman's face, as she stared at the lad from a swords breadth away. "I have moved quite a bit more than normal... what will you do now?"

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