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    "Sorry to disappoint," he quipped, still seeming decently amused by the situation as a whole. Moving on to her 'Sith Lord' reference, he found his laughter renewed, though gently enough that he could comfortably remove his hand from his mouth. "I'd sooner say a Jedi, considering," he said in reference to the very same media Miki spoke of. "To say 'only a Sith deals in absolutes' is sort of... well... ignorant, isn't it?"

    Soon enough, Miki managed to preserve the balance in the Underworld by taking something from it. No, that wasn't quite right; she created something by interfacing with the Underworld itself. Of course, that very thing wound up being a cage. As if Enkidu needed more proof of the bond they would one day create, which had already been initiated; this item was the solidifying factor in its own right. "Sou... ka. Yes, it's certainly for you. Suba..." He said nothing more, choosing to follow suit on Miki's route to the exit. He'd spent more than enough time here, and though he wasn't worried about the friend he mentioned, he was still keen to reunite.

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    It seemed that Enkidu was at least amused by this whole situation, and though Miki would have wanted to be mad, she couldn't be. He was willing to talk nerd stuff with her and that was amusing. She even held an opinion similar to the one he seemed to have. "Ah, well yeah. Jedi have their own problems, bureaucracy being what it is. They could have let that boy have his title, with the self-fulfilling prophecy problem. It would have saved thousands, but no," she sighed reigning in her rant. "That is what happens when people hold onto ideas too long, they get all stuffy and stupid," she said having a very strange opinion about the whole thing. Showing more neutrality in her nature than even she realized. Soon after, she attained a new object, a golden cage she was left to stare at for quite some time after getting it. With no way to currently attach it to her person, she held it in hand while her pillow floated behind her and then she took her first steps out of the Underworld. "Whew, that's a relief." she said turning to Enkidu. Though she'd planned to fix up everything present in this circle, fixing the bottom and fixed the Runestone circle at the top. Beyond this there was just the grass, the sky and the peace of nature. And once they were both across the portal to the Underworld would disappear as if it'd never been there.

    "Ah, I think I might have done enough adventuring for one day... if this is where we part, do you need anything to help you along?" she asked of the man with her. She'd enjoyed his company but didn't want to keep him from anything else. She also didn't want to send him out into the world without things he might need to make his journey more comfortable. After all, she'd held him up in the Underworld, the least she could do, is make sure he had what he needed upon reaching the topside again.

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    "It worked out fine in the end, at least. Sort of," he said, recalling a few technical positives to take from the overall situation. The imaginary world they spoke of never had a consistent period of pleasant times, though... but he'd seen far worse. Oh well; it was time to move on. Moving forward was exactly what they'd do, returning through the very gates they had so recently passed to reach the Underworld's center. Soon enough, they reached their starting point, and Enkidu breathed the air of the Overworld for the first time since... Actually, now that he thought about it, he didn't realize how long it had been. He should really get back, but first came Miki offering something he might make use of on his own journey. He could have laughed once again, but he didn't. Instead, he merely shook his head before turning away. "Iie. These hands can't hold anything. We'll meet again, Miki."

    No further words needed sharing. Without another moment wasted, Enkidu took his leave of Miki, oddly enough by taking flight. Did he sprout wings? No. He did, however, seem to possess some form of levitation and high-speed movement to escape the Migrating Vale within moments.

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    "Well, sort of is all anyone can ever hope for in those situations..." Miki concluded. It was fun chatting with this lad. And beyond that she'd enjoyed their minor adventure together, even if it had started out as a frightening ordeal. Soon enough though the lad was keen to take off, as she figured he would be. At her offer to supply him with anything he might need he said a strange sentence which caught the attention of the lass. "You can't hold anything..." there was a strange amount of confusion in her face, mostly because she heard that sentence before. Regardless he was off and she didn't want to tarry too long herself. "Ja ne, Enkidu." She managed her last speech before watching the boy take off by some weird method of flight. Still, it was amazing to see, she did hope to run into him again. He was good company.

    "I guess it is time for me to get back as well..." she mused. "I'm on my way back..." she said aloud to the overseer who she had faith without question would be waiting for her. Her weapon now beneath her she leaned over it, floating through the forest path she'd taken to arrive. She took in the sights of the forest returned, no longer darkened by evil magics instead the kind of peaceful she enjoyed. And she rested easy as balance returned to the world. She would soon enough arrive in front of the flower once more, that Cage she'd gotten from the Underworld sitting beside her on her pillow as she lowered herself to the ground. She looked towards the flower in the room and announced her arrival. "I'm back!"

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    The overseer had been waiting. He'd lost track of Miki since her time in the Catacombs, until she emerged from the Underworld with an unknown... creature in tow. Whatever that individual was, it did not belong among the living... yet not among the dead, either. Alas, with Miki soon upon him, he would be able to address the mysterious identity. "How quickly you have grown into your petals, Flower. It warms my heart to welcome your return as one I can call kin. You, my sister who treads the line between life and death, have achieved enlightenment. I wish to know your Truth, and..." He paused, recalling the brief glimpse of a face he had of Miki's temporary companion. "I have a curiosity. If you would indulge me, that creature who accompanied you out of the Underworld; was it the phantom you spoke of?"

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    Back before the Overseer, Miki stood with a relaxed posture. His greeting was about what she expected and she couldn't help but smile with a blush coming to her face. "Hm, thank you. I feel like that was pretty fast, but I also had a decent idea of what I needed to do. It's nice to face you properly... I'm Miki." she said with a small incline of her head given. This man was likely older than she could imagine and being honored as a sibling of the Druids was a strangely satisfying accomplishment to Miki. He asked to know her truths and had a personal curiosity about the man she'd been with during her travels. He called him a creature, and that was strange to the lass. Maybe she realized he was likely not the same kind of organic being she was, but he was at least familiar with her own world. By that logic, he didn't seem so foreign to her, "My truths are pretty simple. I helped calm that spirit within the Catacombs and watched the cycle of nature come full circle. Gave burial rites to the young Druid who died, and encouraged him to go about his way. While in the Catacombs I felt a bit closer to the phantom and he seemed a bit more solid so we got to know each other. He seemed pretty sorry about scaring me so I let that part go..." she said softly. "After that the last path opened to that forest with the circle within it. There was Dark Magic being performed there, so many sacrifices by a Shade no less..." she said. The thought of a head to head fight with such a creature was rather ominous but she'd not had to do anything of the sort.

    "I managed to contain his movements pretty easily using my innate skills, but he'd already opened and contaminated that portal to the Underworld. I stepped inside the portal because I felt like it would help the guy I was with. But once I was inside, I was compelled to go deeper. I offered to take the other guy back, but he agreed to see the rest of my journey with me. I passed all Seven Gates in the Underworld, by giving up things which connected me to the World. And when I was down there I found that the fires of the Underworld were being constrained and that the souls below were being stifled a bit. So I fixed the Underworld fires. Doing that gave me this Cage..." she said motioning to the Artifact at her side. "Then I came back up. The world is full of mysterious things. But... fixing things that are wrong and enjoying good company are important too..." she summarized her adventure, specifically the parts that might have been less obvious. Then she remembered he'd asked about the man she'd been with. "Oh and that guy, his name is Enkidu. He was pretty nice... he left me to find his friend, but I'm pretty sure we'll run into each other again."

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    Before beginning her tale, Miki greeted the man in a strange manner. He did not understand her inclined head, but he greeted her on equal terms nonetheless. "And I, am Virqen. Here." With her story beginning, Virqen produced two large leaves, each acting as cups filled with a very thin sap meant for drinking. One of these leaves was carried by vine to Miki, while Virqen himself drank from the other. In consuming this liquid, Miki would find herself experiencing a tale told to her very soul. In essence, it was the very existence of Virqen, or at least that which made him all that he was. "An excellent path lies behind you. I look forward to seeing that which is ahead, as well. Drink. Partake of my essence, and you will gain further enlightenment: my Truth."

    Indeed, Miki would find her abilities affected by this sap as well. Her connection with nature would become akin to Virqen's own, and it would be no temporary effect. Expecting her to partake of the liquid, he voiced his understanding of the one called Enkidu. "Enkidu... Then your path is more interesting than even I anticipated. You've even forged some form of bond with a weapon of the gods..."

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    Miki noticed that the man looked upon her strangely. Thus she began to ponder if she introduced herself to others in a strange way. She didn't have that much experience doing such a thing, and doing it in a new world was a bit more taxing than she would like. Even so, he was content to return her favor and tell her his name, which was a bit of information she'd been lacking, both in her play-through and since coming here. She smiled then, it was indeed something she'd commit to memory, in case she ever managed to make it back to this place. Moving right along she conveyed the entirety of her story soon sitting atop her pillow with a vine carrying a leaf headed towards her. Knowing this place was safe she had only curiosity about it. She found it to be filled with strange sap and after commenting upon her adventures he offered her a share of his truth by virtue of this sap which contained his essence. "Really? It seems like a lot to offer of yourself..." Miki looked stunned, the offer of further enlightenment and the essence of the man before her was a bit strange. She truly felt it was something she didn't necessarily do anything to earn. All she'd done so far, was try and better herself.

    Even so, she wasn't rude enough to turn it down, "Thank you..." she said moving on to partake of this. The liquid was about as sweet as she would have expected sap to be. Beyond its taste though there was something more. It was like being told the life's tale and journey of an entirely different being. She understood in the moment much more about nature than she'd ever known before and felt the formation of a new kind of bond between them. "Wow... you've traveled a very different path from my own, but it's been so full..." she said softly. It was a very strange sensation but something about it was a different level of satisfying. She felt empowered by her most recent knowledge. As if things couldn't get more surprising this day there was the matter of Enkidu who was the weapon of the gods according to this man. "Hoh? That's lore friendly?" she said strangely. It seemed a bit odd to her that something from pop culture made such an impact on the world itself. She'd simply been toying with the idea that the man was friends with the World Champion Player and designed his character accordingly. Soon after she spoke she rubbed her head. "Sorry, that probably didn't make sense... I didn't expect to run into anyone like that. I don't really know what's ahead. Well aside from the plans of my group in general, but I feel like it will be interesting." She concluded. Having finished her leaf of sap she sat atop this pillow willing to enjoy this man's company for a few moments longer, to be fair though she'd only laid eyes on him a couple of times, she had gained a strange attachment to him as a guiding force to her on her journey.

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