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    "I understand," Diva said, having found a new resolve through their brief discussion. It was after this, though, that Miki fell silent again. This was the second time she looked as if something was amiss. When scanning the surrounding area with both eyes and Mana however, Diva found nothing odd. Strange though it was, maybe there was a larger difference between his Atlantean heritage and her Druid one, resulting in her experiencing something far beyond what he could comprehend. Maybe. "Is everything alright?" he asked. "You're making a strange expression again. If the cleansing is too much for you, I could try helping somehow. I can replenish your Mana for you as well." Diva truly had no idea what perturbed the young Druid, but his assistance was offered nonetheless.

    The ghastly figure never stopped moving, though his stride was slow. Barely managing to remain on this plane of existence for longer, he began phasing in and out upon stopping beside a large tree and fully facing the blonde. He would not move, but his mouth would once again open as if he were speaking. Yet again, no noise escaped him.

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    As she stared this moving stranger seemed to pause by a large tree. He opened his mouth once more but she heard nothing and then he vanished. As she continued to stare off into space, Diva's words reached her ears. He seemed to be worried about her well-being and the face she was making. She looked stunned for a second and then rather quickly seemed embarrassed being caught off guard in such a way. "Sorry. I make all kinds of weird faces. I didn't mean to make you worry," she said quickly averting her gaze but wondering why this vision kept appearing before her. "I was thinking... mostly. Anyways, ah..." she thought about it for a second. She felt fine even after the cleansing and she'd soon be returned that which she'd given up before leaving this place in game so, she had nothing to worry about. "Thanks but, I'll be fine. I'm about to get the rest of my Mana Pool back in a moment or two and you guys are about to see something awesome for the first time," she said of Diva and Fiona.

    She started in towards the Ethereal Archway and led the way inside if followed they'd find themselves walking up a path which looked onward towards a different place. Unlike the forest at noon, the sky here was a vibrant violet color, the magic of nature vibrated across the wind. A large tree with orange leaves bent over a development which looked to be made of bright white stones. All around Rune Stones glittered with magical light. Blue fire lanterns lit the way up a path which was surrounded by lush vegetation. The water that ran beneath the opening bridge was the purest of any seen so far and beyond all of that there were mountains far and near. Miki took in this entire view for the first time in person. She was awed but also felt at peace. She turned around and gave a flourishing gesture towards this place, a genuine smile normally saved for special occasions managing to form in spite of her most recent feelings outside of this place."Welcome to the Migrating Vale. Homeland of the Druids."

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    "Alright. The offer stands... if you ever need it," Diva replied. Miki certainly had a strange way of 'thinking' as she put it, but each person had their own quirks. Diva would go on assuming this was just one of hers. Taking up the rear of their group, Diva followed into the arch Miki paved the way through. Upon stepping beyond the arch's border, he felt as if he'd been transported to a new realm entirely. The vibrancy of this place was unparalleled, and it was dense enough in Mana for said Mana to be visible. There was no need for sensing here; everything could be felt without intention, even seen with the naked eye. This was about what he expected of Fairies, yet somehow beyond even those expectations. Even Atlantis in its prime may not have compared to what Diva witnessed here.

    "This is... the Druid land?" he said, his words possessing an upward inflection not at all intended to offer a query. Diva stepped out ahead, slowly turning to take in as much of the surrounding area as he could. In this state of awe, he was taken aback by a sudden voice, which even he was rendered capable of hearing as it echoed into the minds of all present at the gate. "Welcome, Little Flower. I sense that you have come because... it is your time. Come. You must part ways with your travelling companions, for they cannot yet join you in reaching enlightenment."

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    Diva was less versed on the intensity of social awkwardness. This was indeed a saving grace for Miki as she was able to push off being too awkward in front of him. "Hai, I'll keep it in mind~" she said further trying to put him at ease, and distance herself. Of course, upon entering the Migrating Vale everyone present was able to witness the beauty and splendor of this unsullied land. "Yep, this is where the Druids are from. It's a great place..." Miki said happily. One of the reasons she'd chosen to start her life as a Druid was because she enjoyed the look of this place as a background image. A bit of a chuckle was all she could manage afterwards, a voice entered her mind and though she'd never heard it in this form, she knew who it was and what was needed of her. "Yes, I'm home. I know... I'm on my way," said Miki to the voice. "Hm, someone just spoke in my head..." said Fiona as she looked around. "Iie, he's not here, he's waiting for me. It's nothing to worry about, Youko..." she said to her companion animal who stood at attention before her. She placed a hand on his head. "Assuming my dwelling still stands, could you hang out with them and show them around while I complete my tasks?" she asked of him, the wolf simply nodded. "Yes, it still stands... I will make sure they enjoy their time here," he said Miki turned and looked at the group at large and smiled.

    "Diva you should have a pretty easy time communicating here. And everyone is really nice and relaxed. I'll be back a bit later to help out though. Feel free to use anything at my place or ask Youko if you need something," she said to him. And with that she was off towards the sound of the disembodied voice. They would have to part ways for a while, but Miki figured they could still have a bit of fun together enjoying the Migrating Vale while she finished off her character. She knew Diva had his own reasons for wanting to come here and figured he might have an easy time exploring and finding his answers. Miki's dwelling was on the Eastern side of the settlement built fairly high up with several rooms and a full housing layout. It wasn't the palace in Atlantis, but she'd spent quite a bit of time making it a place worth traveling back to. Though she didn't intend to go there herself for sometime yet, moving right along she floated atop her transformed pillow towards the voice which called to her.

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    "I will be waiting. The Trial of Interpretation is ahead of you," the male voice added. He wondered which path this girl would take, knowing there were multiple ends she could have when reaching the final point of the first path. She was to approach a structure known among Druids as the Sealed Cave, which could be either an arduous journey, or a very simple one. The man who communicated with Miki had the pleasure of overseeing the trials of many Druids, all of whom began here after coming of age. In a way, he found it to be his purpose in life, seeing these young Druids discover themselves along with nature through their journey in this home land.

    Meanwhile, Diva nodded his acknowledgement to Miki's send-off. This place was so very inviting, he had trouble keeping his focus on a single area; he felt almost compelled to explore it all! That was not his purpose here, though. Well... it almost was. In simply being here, the lad would feel the very essence of the Druids' home, incorporating a small portion of it into himself while sharing his own aura with it. Something great would come of this exchange.

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    Everyone she left behind seemed to be finding their own form of amusement. She couldn't really wait to see what they gleaned from this experience. But for now she had to find her own path and this path lead to the sealed cave. Strangely, this place was where she'd started her adventure, and in coming here, she could undertake the Trial of Interpretation or she could simply deviate and interact with her Dragon Hourglass. Her first time here, she'd chosen just one of these options, but being here now she had to choose both. She approached a cave which seemed to be rather ominous appearing from the outside. Within no light shown through and it seemed to be a bit void of all the energy which funneled around the whole of the Migrating Vale. 'Hm, this place is a lit creepier than I remember...' she thought to herself. Regardless there was a certain depth she had to reach in order to find the spot which housed her Dragon Hourglass and a certain amount of movement through the cave, she needed to accomplish in order to have access to the abilities she wanted. Given this she floated forward before allowing her feet to touch the floor of the cave. As soon as this had happened with her hand firmly grasping the pillow, the whole of the cave went dark and the light behind her disappeared.

    "Great, its super dark and scary now... whatever. At least I don't have to worry about that weird guy popping up in my vision if I can't see anything," she muttered as she walked forward. This cave seemed void of anything for quite some time. She had no sense of her own depth within it, but soon she felt a characteristic hum. A glowing warmth and a slightly fluttering buzzy feeling. A breeze of warmth moved by her face, trying to guide her towards something. As she turned fully to her right. She felt it. Two cave entrances within a large gap of opening. One, with a visible glowing with warmth seeming to be inviting. The other, still dark and thus unknown. From here she had a choice to make. Follow the warmth and finish here, or follow the darkness and continue searching. She turned to the opening at her left and continued hearing a voice lightly protest. "Oi, we could have been done already. I know you felt me... why do you want to stick around in this cave anyway..." she heard from the voice with the utmost impatience. "Gomen... I know its difficult, but patience is necessary. Not all things can happen instantly..." she murmured. This was fine, and that little bit of warmth let her know she was on the right path. Spirits of Fire were impatient and happily served those scared of the Dark, only if they had the power to face their fears. Though she could not see it, she could at least hear it, and that was a start. Having done this the whole of this cave seemed to have a bit of its fog lifted. It wasn't an all consuming darkness, she could make out the shape as she headed further down what appeared to be a very narrow passage way. Was the next leg of this trial just around the corner? And what of the green haired man she'd seen when trying to enter the Migrating Vale, was he part of this somehow?

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    Miki's mention of the 'weird guy' she'd seen twice since arriving at the arch, as if on cue, heralded his appearance once more. He could have been visible even in this darkness, yet he wasn't at all. That is, until Miki stepped along the narrow passage toward her next milestone. He was out ahead of her, facing the direction in which she moved. In previous moments, he had turned to face Miki. This time, he did not. His appearance had adjusted once more, skin lightening again, and the green roots of his otherwise white hair spreading further. His eyes went unseen this time, but there was a bit more green in them as well. Stepping forward into a darker path, he vanished once more.

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    Her thoughts of the green haired man brought him back into her vision. She jumped backwards, taking note that he looked somewhat different than he had the two times previous. She couldn't see his face, but even in this narrow space she saw him. Within the Migrating Vale nothing truly malevolent could properly enter. At least that was the lore. 'Maybe, I'm still just seeing things...' Miki thought to herself. She said pausing and rubbing her eyes. She was trying not to be afraid, but it was hard to keep calm while things you didn't understand where happening around you. Once more the lad disappeared from her vision. 'Alright, get it together!' she thought to herself, slapping her cheeks soon after until she felt she'd knocked out any residual fear and she could continue forward into this darkness.

    This narrow path lead twisting and turning down this corridor until it reached another open space. This one was much smaller than the previous one and was quiet. No dripping water, no shifting rocks... simply nothing. She'd almost forgotten what she was here for. The appearance of that strange person kept dragging her thoughts. 'Maybe, he'll be able to tell me what that is when I get there,' she thought of the man who oversaw these trails. In this small space she turned with her eyes closed and her calm returned. She was waiting for something, anything to hint to her the right way to go. "Tehehehe~" A small giggle could be heard. Carried, echoing down one of the pathways. But which one? 'Concentrate. Only one path will lead to the next one... how do I figure out which one it is...' she tried to think through the situation. It wasn't exactly clear, the noise had stopped completely but then from her right side, she felt it. A gentle caress of the wind. 'This way?' she questioned turning in place until she was facing the right direction, her eyes still closed to allow her other senses, including her magical ones to try and decipher the right direction to go in. But there was nothing. "Oh, I get it..." she did an about face, turning in the exact opposite direction of the one she was facing. The sound itself was traveling down wind. "Tehetehetehe~" the giggling returned hinting that the lass had taken the proper direction.

    "Hai hai, here I come." and with that she traversed a path that was technically to her left when she entered this room, walking down walls which were almost slotted, with small gusts of wind coming in and out and the entirety of this path sounding like the inside of a musical instrument. But here she could feel this new breeze against her skin and understood exactly what it was she was looking for, by the time she was allowed to make another choice, it was very simply right or left. To the right, was full down wind, and take her to the place which housed all of the wind based power she'd been feeling. But to the left there was nothing once more. "Hm, I guess it's for the best," she turned left and began to walk a swift breeze chasing her down and caressing her face again. "You don't have to keep going, I can help you. Aren't we enough?" asked the spirit which danced around moving locks of the lass' hair about as she fluttered about her hair. Still Miki couldn't see this entity but she could hear it clearly. "Well, I have a lot to do. The challenges ahead are still uncertain. Bare with me..." she asked politely. The air of this place felt immediately less dense. And though everything was still somewhat numb, Miki could feel Mana again a bit more finitely than before. Wind Spirits were gentle creatures who knew goodness from evil and good intentions from negative ones. They respected those who pushed ahead, even in the face of uncertainty. How much did she wish to gain from this journey? How many times would she avoid stopping? The ground down this path was unusually soft... each granule seemed to shift even under Miki's gentle steps, such was the difficulty of the next phase she would undertake.

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    Another path complete, another spirit of nature met for the young Druid undergoing her second trial of life. The overseer was quite interested by this leg of her journey. Many Druids of her age and exposure would have ended this trial with the wind spirit, if not earlier. Would she be one of few to go the distance? He wondered...

    Onto the path of loamy soil. What would a new trek be without another visit from a dear friend? Yes, the lad with his shifting features became clear again as the ground around him shifted, almost as if it wished to react to his presence even though it couldn't truly do so. The figure wasn't standing during this appearance. No, instead he was crouched low as he reached out to the soft soil beneath his bare feet. His expression was forlorn, tears just about producing to the point of cascading down his face. Again, he didn't look Miki's way; he instead turned his head to look farther down the path ahead before he faded.

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    This softer soil was harder to move across. Miki's steps became measured and she tried to concentrate on moving her weight about and not letting herself sink too deeply nor shift too suddenly. 'Alright, I know there is no one else here, but still don't fall...' she thought to herself. After all, the Overseer of this trial was still watching, she didn't want to make a fool of herself.

    And yet, she would.

    As she walked along this new path, in the loamy soil the green haired man she'd been seeing was stooped over. He wasn't looking at her this time, but he was still creepy nonetheless. He seemed to be on the verge of tears, and though freaked out, Miki still didn't like seeing someone so upset. "Hey, are you..." this figure looked out into the distance and then, disappeared. 'Fuck me. Why am I trying to talk to a ghost or imaginary creature, whatever the fuck he is. It's fine. It's cool. I'm fine.' She muttered to herself. But she'd stood still too long and sank into this loose soil up to her ankles, she moved once more, pressing onward. She wondered what kind of thing she should be looking for but felt nothing. Upon entering the next opening there were literal dozens of tunnels leading out from here. How was she to decide? Some were stacked high upon others, some so low to the ground they needed to be crawled through. What was she supposed to do to know which way to go? 'I guess it can't hurt...' she murmured as she got down on on the ground. Here she sat her legs crossed and eyes closed. She placed her hands and bare skin against this constantly shifting surface. And there were a few moments still of silence. Deep unknowable silence but then she felt it. Not the breeze or warmth against her skin, but the vibrations across her person. Sitting so still her body began to hover just over the ground and turn of its own accord.

    Only when it stopped did she open her eyes. Her hands pointed towards a low tunnel. One which could have been missed if you were walking. It lead not straight ahead, but down, into the depths. More loosely shifting loamy soil to be traversed. Miki had no choice. Here with no one else around, she crawled forward on her hands and knees, her bottom up in the air as she magically dragged along her spear. 'Ugh this would be really embarrassing if anyone else was along.' she thought a red tint coming to her face. Still the more she moved this way the more comfortable her movements became. The softness of the soil in her fingers reminded her of building sand castles and playing on the beach as a child. 'Actually, it's pretty fun though,' she thought as a simple slip of her hand left her to tumble down what was built almost like a slide. There was no increased friction only a giggle or two once the shock wore off. "Hahahaha!" her laughter rang out as she stumbled to a stop. More stand followed a path straight forward of where she'd come out. And she could feel it. The magnetic pull towards the end. Something she could tangibly be done with. Behind her, more darkness and unknown things. She giggled and turned standing and ridding herself of loose soil, it had been fun. "One more then, huh?" she asked aloud as she stepped towards the more adult sized opening. "Aww, we could stay and have more fun. You really don't have to be such a drag..." she heard the words of a new spirit and chuckled. "There is always fun to be had... it's even sweeter when all the work is done," she said truly meaning it. This spirit seemed to be a bit impish, but the earth spirits favored fun and toil. They liked to see the fruits of their labor and enjoy the simple things. They had no problem with anyone who did both. With that in mind Miki moved on, assuming one more challenge lay ahead of her as she headed down into a new space which seemed to drip with water.

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