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Thread: Migrating Vale

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    No apparition would reveal itself to Miki as she trekked onward to the water-related section of this trial. At least, there would be nothing of the one that had been 'haunting' her for the duration of her Migrating Vale visit thus far. She did have an attempted visitor, though. A purple-haired knight from the land in the sky, had finally arrived at the end of his trail. He landed at ground level some time ago, and had only just reached the forest outside. Alas, he could not bear witness to the arch which gave way to the Migrating Vale itself. As far as he could tell, his target had simply vanished upon reaching the forest. Where could she have gone? "Tch! Trail's dead," he mumbled. "Yare yare. Am I going to have to scan this entire forest like some sort of hunter? Should've brought Tristan..."

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    Miki went on, unaware of the Knight who trailed her path. At the very least, at least the forest he'd find himself in was peaceful and without blemish. Whatever the case, Miki's own path took her along, the constant drip of water being something she was now dealing with. Every step or two, a single drop would land on her; on her face, in her hair, and when she looked up once, even in her eye. 'Ugh, that's going to drive me insane...' she thought. But there were worse things she supposed. As she made her way down this dank pathway she'd eventually find herself in a strange place. There was no where for her to go. No path for her to follow only a room round and airtight aside from the way she came in. 'There was only a straight path and this was the only way to go... why?' she question. Still the dripping, but in this room it was more plentiful. It felt like a gentle rain shower below ground. How was she to sort this exactly? Where was all this water coming from? There was only one real answer, and it'd been looking in her face the entire time. Directly above her head in this room there was a large pool of water. She looked up into it, and it seemed most endless. This was apparently the only way she could go from here. Beyond the darkness she could see but a single sparkle.

    "Hm... I guess this is the big plunge one. Water is a pretty frightening element. It's also in everything. It would be really easy to back down now..." she said softly. Noting that even though she'd come all this way it was still possible to go back. "It figures that people get scared a lot and don't want to drown. But I don't think they'd really give us a trial we couldn't pass," she thought through gently aloud, beginning to pace even as she began to be rained upon. "Yosh! I understand," she said. Her spear in her hand she willed it upwards along with herself. Though she didn't have to swim at normal speed, the weight of this water as it tried to flow downwards was oppressing. Still she went forward. More and more, as her face went red from the struggle to breathe. Still she had faith but what was this out of the corner of her eye.

    A sparkle, she turned herself towards it to find an air pocket. A grin spread cross her face as she took a much needed breath or two and then she continued. Up further and further stopping at each of these little glints even as the water flowed ever downward. Until there were none left to find and she finally broke the crest of the water. What she found here, was strangely the part of the cave she'd first spawned in when she'd come here. A deep watery crevice which she'd been told was too swift moving to traverse. Now was all but calm given all the water which had spilled below. She pulled herself out up onto the shore and stood wringing out her hair and tilting her head from left to right as she approached a small bubbling pond. She peered into it, but still it bubbled but she could hear a rushing sound in her ears. Closer and closer she leaned until her face was almost parallel with this glowing pool and then, "Pppfft!" A splash of water right in her face as a small crystal landed beside her. "That's for you, a gift for coming so far to see me. Is it enough?" she heard the words of this timid spirit. And strangely felt better after being splashed by these waters. "Hai, water is in everything with you I am complete," there was a certain amount of hubris in this, as she pulled the crystal into her hand. It was a strange thing and seemed to be kindled with Spirit Energy, though not particularly water.

    Upon taking hold of it the bubbling water, moved flowing over into what looked like a pipework meant to hold it. As water touched crystals and traveled forwards Miki was led into a forest like clearing. Once there the water surrounded the outer edges kicking up which which broke open the ceiling. Sun rained down from above in an opening just big enough to properly illuminate the area. Here she assumed she'd find two things. The first of which was the Overseer of this trial and the second was her Dragon Hourglass. Here was the only place in the Sealed Cave to receive natural light, and it'd taken quite a bit of work to make it so. Apparently, the flower in the middle of this room was in the lore as one which did not bloom very often. It always seemed to be closed up aiming to reach new heights probably waiting for more light. The first time she'd seen it, Miki had wondered if there was a hidden treasure within, and maybe she'd find out soon enough.

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    At long last, Miki reached the end of her first - or technically, second - trial. At the very end, or even the beginning, the girl came across a flower that would not bloom under any normal circumstance. Rather... it would bloom for one reason alone, and Miki had produced that reason! Larger and larger that flower grew, spiraling upward until its bud unfolded. Within it was no treasure, but instead the form of a man whose shoulder-draped hair shared the same pale green as the flower's stem. He wore a red robe which, paired with his cross-legged meditative stance and elongated earlobes, made him look similar to a Buddha. His eyes were even closed, only opening ever so slightly to set their dark irises upon Miki. "You have done well, Little Flower. Soon, you will bloom into a magnificent flora the likes of which our vale has not seen in generations. You can go far, young one. Will you continue along this path of enlightenment?"

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    Soon enough Miki received the answer to her mental question. That flower bud grew and grew until it opened. When it did, it revealed a green haired man in red robes. He looked a bit like a skinny statue of Buddha. it made the lass wonder if that was what this man was based on. Regardless he had nothing but congratulatory statements to share with the blonde lass, who seemed a bit sheepish even to the praises offered by this strange man. "Hai. I mean... thanks. Yeah, that's the one," she stumbled through this reply but it was really nerve wracking. She really wasn't used to dealing with this sort of praise at all. Still, apparently there was much she could do with a build like the one she'd started on. It was claimed by the man she could go far indeed and he asked her if she intended to continue along the path. She smiled looking up to meet his eyes which though barely open were indeed about as comforting as she expected them to be. "This path may have chosen me, or I might have chosen it. Either way... I will continue until I see its end," she said seemingly pleased with the whole of the experience. Her eyes soon traced the room expecting to find her Dragon Hourglass. When she'd visited this place in game, it'd been right beside the flower, though it hadn't bloomed that time, she still expected it to be here. This was her starting room after all. 'Where did it go?' she wondered with confusion moving across her face, souring her expression quite a bit.

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    This man had no need of thanks, nor did he acknowledge Miki's gratitude at all. He had one purpose here, and it was a sworn place among Druid kind. All he needed from Miki was an answer, and he received it in due time. The lass stated that she intended to follow through with this journey. There was one particular thing noted by her that he took interest in, though. She spoke of how the path may have chosen her, or perhaps that she had chosen it. This way of thinking was interesting. Some small semblance of a smile crept onto the older Druid's face as he took in these words, readying himself to send Miki on her way again, should she need nothing of him right away. "Then your next trial will begin. Do you seek knowledge before embarking on this journey, Young Flower? You seem troubled."

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    It seemed that Miki's troubled expression had once again given her away. Maybe that didn't matter so much though, this time around. Instead of harping over this fact, she tried to think of a good way to phrase what she had to say. "I started my journey from this place, right in front of this very flower. My Dragon Hourglass should be there," she said pointing to an empty space to the right of where this flower had bloomed. "But I don't see it... I am just confused..." she said honestly. It was a bit problematic to not be able to find and interact with the monument considering she was currently stuck at level 30 until she found it. It would be more problematic if it had moved. Especially seeing that she couldn't share this information presently with the other person she'd taken the first leg of her journey with. She supposed while she had this man's attention she could ask him about the other beings she kept seeing. "Also, I keep seeing a vision of someone, but no one else can see them... is that normal?" she asked. Since he offered knowledge she figured he'd either know what was going on with her, or he wouldn't and that would be a bit frightening. Either way, some answer was better than walking blindly through all of this. She'd calmly await an answer while trying to fight off her own obvious confusion.

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    "Your hourglass has never been here, Young Flower," he said, speaking with absolute certainty. For a moment, he wanted to question himself. For just a fragment of a second, he did believe that there was once a Dragon Hourglass within this very area, but no, such a thing never existed here. At the very least, one could have never belonged to another Druid younger than himself. "I do not believe you are mistaken; there are no lies coming from you. However, perhaps yours is not truly of this world..." His statement was left open, not intentionally, but because the man himself did not fully understand. Miki seemed something like an anomaly among Druid kind, and he couldn't quite place the reason. Her missing hourglass may have been connected to this. As for these visions she claimed to see, he was no less lost for a proper answer. "I do not understand. What you see here, should be seen by all who can reach this realm. There are no secrets among our kin."

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    Miki's eyes widened at this man's response. According to him, her Hourglass was never in this place. But it absolutely was, she knew this as a fact. That was beyond confounding. Where could it have gone? "Kuso! I'm going to be stuck at level 30 forever," she exclaimed pouting an exceptional amount for someone who normally took care of herself. Whatever the case, after her outburst she was quiet again. And after his pause he claimed that perhaps hers was not here because she didn't truly belong to this world. She supposed that would make sense, but that didn't solve her problem. Still it was strange that this was a problem she was encountering such a problem. If he couldn't help her with this problem perhaps he could help her with the strange being she was seeing.

    No. No he couldn't.

    Miki's eyes widened at the claim that this Druid about her confusion. Apparently, he didn't know what she was talking about. Maybe if she explained a bit it would clear it up. "Ah, well. I keep seeing this green haired man, not you. But he keeps disappearing before he can talk, but he keeps appearing," she said softly. "It started in the forest on the way here, but... he was in the cave a bit ago too," she said earnestly. "My friends didn't see him before but..." she paused needing actual confirmation. "You really didn't see him at all while you were observing?" she asked. This was very problematic, if the other Druids didn't know what she was talking about, she might actually be crazy.

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    Sadly, Miki being incapable of advancing in level was of no consequence to the male she faced. So long as she could complete her development as a Druid, the extent of his concern could not stretch to anything else. It was concerning though, that she seemed to be suffering multiple issues all at once. There were only two problems here, but the largest of them by far was this phantom figure Miki spoke of. No one saw it but her, and in spite of observing her entire journey, he had not seen it either. It was quite disturbing that this figure even made it into the Migrating Vale. Perhaps... there was more to it than one could realize without additional knowledge of the situation. He could make a few assumptions, but nothing so solid. "You speak of an impossibility. If I cannot see it here, it should not exist. Enlighten me, Little Flower... What truths has your journey given you thus far? The things you speak of, they have no place in the Old Ways."

    He had become infinitely curious. There was a potential explanation, but that which made it possible was... not something generally accepted by the Druids as a whole. Whether he accepted it as reasonable or not, was hardly a matter of importance. At this point, he simply needed to know if he was to be of any assistance to the lass.

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    Miki was now without the ability to level herself for the foreseeable future. 'Alright. One problem at a time...' she thought to herself. She could deal with this. Technically speaking her build was functional as it was, not at maximally efficient though. No to reach that tier she needed to be at least level 45. Or all the work she'd just done with the Spirits was completely worthless. Alas she had to put such thoughts to the side, obviously there were more problems with her right now than she knew how to deal with, strangely she was looked at by the Druid from the flower and asked about her truths. When speaking he made it sound as if he was looking for some anomaly in her build, one which would justify her seeing things he couldn't see. "I didn't really do too much out of the ordinary. I leveled regularly, took the rogue and manipulation skills," she said thinking about in order. "I learned Rune Inscription from the master in Dwargon, got the pieces for my Lance from the Sacred Tree in the Fairy Forest," she said softly. "Beat that Necromacer Shaman Lizardnewt, raised a Filolial. Went to Atlantis... Realigned the Rune Stones there and protected their Leylines, picked up a smidgen of Holy Magic... I've hardly done anything that should be a problem. Definitely nothing that should have me seeing people that aren't there," she said seeming to miss something important. She'd beaten the Sharrkan, true enough but she'd also been collecting the pieces of the Lich King's Crown. She had advanced Necromancy. So advanced, in fact that she had Divine Rebirth.

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