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Thread: Migrating Vale

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    Why had she awoken? She seemed rather startled in the moment of her regained consciousness, as if waking from a nightmare... yet it was far too soon for something like that in a natural sleep cycle. At least, she was on her way back to him. The overseer could assume there would be a tale told about her sudden waking, and though it was a simple utterance of 'I saw him again' escaping her lips, it was more than enough to answer any questions he had. It did... create another question, though. In the very next breath, she spoke of helping this apparition. How absurd. How... unnecessarily kind, as some would put it. "Someone comes to you from the Underworld, and it is your instinct to... help them? Little Flower..." he seemed to have become amused by the girl's antics. He knew not how she could actually help; that much was beyond him, and required knowledge of the spirit. He could perhaps, though, offer some comfort. "In that regard, I cannot guide you. However, if it is truly within your heart to aide this spirit... you may try communing with it when its connection is strong enough. Careful though, Flower. You walk a dangerous path."

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    By the time she'd gotten to the overseer, she'd figured he'd want more information about why she'd woken so quickly. After all, usually at least a cycle of REM sleep was required for anyone to dream and as such she'd not woken from a nightmare. Her words about the situation, while curt, seemed to amuse the man in the flower. "Yeah, I know it's a little weird, but I don't think I could sleep properly if I stopped working on something halfway through," the lass said. And this was true. Even of the girl known as Ashikaga Kimiko. She wouldn't outright leave someone be if she thought she could help them in anyway. This spirit reaching out to her was a bit strange and very scary at first. But given she came from a different world herself, she'd feel bad if someone else like her was stuck in the Underworld instead of simply shifting Avatar.

    What she got was not a way to help directly, but instead something she could try. This idea though came with a warning about how dangerous such a path was, she looked at the overseer and nodded. "I get that it's dangerous, but the connection is already there. And getting stronger..." she said thinking back to the first time she'd seen this lad past the fear of it to what actually happened, a logical thought pattern. "When he first appeared to me he looked different and was really cold. He felt so much farther away, like he was barely there," she said thoughtfully. "But now he woke me up. I could have sworn I felt his hand on my shoulder a second ago, I almost caught what he said," she mentioned frowning. "I am not going to say I'm not a little scared but I feel like it might be worse for him. And if I am the only person who can see him... it'd be wrong to abandon him," she finished. "So, then what's next?" she asked actually a bit in the dark about what should come next as she'd gotten distracted by side quests before finishing this part of her journey.

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    "You would lose sleep over failing to help a lost soul?" he questioned. This child was becoming more and more intriguing with each passing moment. He found himself briefly entranced by her aura, her pure intentions even for one who called themselves a Druid. Even with the human aspect tainting an otherwise unbridled connection to nature, she showed elements of one more accepting of the natural balance than any of their kin he'd seen thus far. It was... marvelous. As a proper smile finally reached this man's face, a tear descended from his left eye, cascading down his face quickly until it fell onto the flower below. In that very moment, additional, smaller flowers began to sprout nearby from a sudden influx of natural energy to the land. "Little Flower, you move me. You are a blessing to the natural order," he said. It had been ages since one with this girl's ability could be counted among their kind, and longer yet - perhaps an eternity - since one also had such a heart. "Go; you must continue achieving enlightenment. What awaits you in the catacombs is the passage of life, and the Underworld's influence. Remain steadfast, my child, and you will discover more of your Truth."

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    His question to Miki made the girl look a bit sheepish, still she was honest and as such answered. "Basically... yeah." she said and it was true. She would indeed lose sleep if she didn't help this lost soul. More so than that, her own work ethic would have her coming back repeatedly to try and right the problem if she let it stand. No, best get it out of the way while there is an easy opportunity to handle it. In response to what she'd said, a smile spread across the Elder Druid's face. This was good, she'd never actually seen him smile before, but beyond this a tear fell from his eye. 'Wait? Why is he crying?' she didn't really have time to consider it. A burst of natural energy caused the spawning of several flowers in the area. The sight of it was rather breathtaking. "Sugoi!" she exclaimed taking in the sights. According to this man she'd moved him, such that he thought her a blessing to the natural order. Miki's face went an intense shade of red, and she immediately turned her head. "You can't just spring stuff like that on a girl... I haven't even done anything yet," she said showing that strange inability to take a direct compliment. Whatever the case, it seemed she was to undertake the next leg of her journey via the Catacombs. Such a place had an intense connection with the dead and she wondered if she might encounter that man there. "Alright, to the Catacombs, I'll be back!~" she claimed making a move down one darkened area and towards the far mountains which housed the bodies of the dead.

    Her journey to this place took a bit longer. Still the aura of it was a bit creepy. it was a dark cavernous place built into the mountains, with dozens of burial chambers lining the walkway. Some were just holes built into stone to house bones, others had more care taken with them but all did the same thing. 'If I was any easier to creep out, I'd regret my choice to be a Necromancer...' the girl thought. She didn't know what exactly she was expected to do within this place but she seemed drawn towards a certain depth. As she moved about the area around her gained an unnatural darkness and the cold chill of death moved across her skin. "Oh? Someone died recently then..." she murmured to herself. Eventually finding her way into a new chamber with a relatively fresh body. It seemed to have a dark aura surrounding it but otherwise it just seemed normal. And standing over this body, was its spitting image a young Druid with blazing red eyes and pointy ears. "You have to help me get back in my body. I want to go back... I wasn't done yet!" He exclaimed, but something didn't feel quite right about that.

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    "You have done more than you may understand," he said, shunning Miki's notions of self-doubt. To him, it was not a matter of one's physical actions that determined what had been 'done' by them, but instead decisions that were made with the intention of taking action. These were the things which created greatness. Said greatness could only come with time, though. That time... Miki would have to spend it waiting for the natural order of things to take place, rather than giving in and accepting the temptation of spirits.

    Speaking of spirits, Miki would indeed be joined by one... and then another. Only the second spirit making its appearance here would be recognizable as the green-haired male of previous encounters. This appearance came next to the corpse Miki approached, and watched with eyes of longing as it decayed. He seemed disheartened in this observation, though there was a certain warmth radiating from him when his gaze found Miki instead. In fact, he even hazarded a gentle smile.

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    The overseer of her trials claimed she'd done more than she knew. Perhaps at some point, Miki would understand this for herself. But for now, she was confronted by the spirit of the boy who'd died within the Catacombs and the spirit which had been appearing to her since she made her way back to the Migrating Vale. The young boy claimed to want to go back to his body and this made Miki sigh. Even as she watched the green haired lad who seemed to exude warmth and something else maybe? "Iie, I can't do that... you must take steps forward in life... you can't go back to be as you were," the lass said. Immediately after this the lad's face changed becoming demonic and he let out a scream and disappeared into a nearby wall. "Sou ka, it's like that huh? I suppose it wants me to break some taboo and die here too..." she said softly seeming to gain a pretty decent understanding of her purpose here. "So, no rushing death along, that'd be bad. No communing with demons or ritual sacrifice of other Druids, and I guess just waiting for this to finish should tell me all I need to know..." she murmured. She watched this corpse a bit more and noted that it seemed to be decomposing at its own rate. Having speed up a bit after her denial. "Time based I guess, or reaction based. Slower if I make a bad choice, faster if I make a right one..." she mused. Given what had happened she could expect a few more interactions with the little demon boy before her time in the catacombs were done.

    Eventually, her eyes would be brought back to the green haired man. "You can't be part of this though, huh? I've been seeing you too much for that to be the case... you seem friendly enough for someone who has been scaring the living hell out of me," she said crossly, making the assumption that he'd either disappear once more or that he couldn't hear her properly. She'd had a tough time interacting with him, and assumed it went both ways. Regardless of the fact that she had every intention of helping him, she still needed to complete this trial to figure out potentially what to do about him. And she'd been doing this under the pretense that he didn't know exactly how she could help him either, and they hadn't been able to speak up to this point so what did it matter? Well, she supposed she'd figure that out while within the catacombs.

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    The departed had faded away, and the green-haired man seemed to become slightly more tangible as this happened. He had a greater deal of longevity here in this cave, and as Miki spoke, he seemed to be listening. There was little problem hearing her from his plane of reality, even though that clearly was not the case the other way around. Oh well; he still seemed content. Even though their interaction was limited by their existence across separate realms, he was visibly fine simply sitting near the blonde. Her speaking to him warranted no verbal response; there was no point if he wouldn't be heard. He did, however, react to her. Her mention of him scaring her clearly spared remorse in his visage, and in response to this, he lifted his right hand and offered it to her, palm upward.

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    Miki noted that with the other spirit gone, the one who walked with her seemed to be a bit more solid. That was good, maybe it would be helpful in getting him out of the place he was stuck in. Even so, he seemed content to sit with her through this aspect of her journey and if she was being honest, she didn't mind the company. Still, it was a bit of a drag to not be able to properly communicate with him. He seemed at least to understand what she'd been saying and strangely showed remorse at having scared her. "Ah, well, I mean... don't worry about it. I was bound to freak out a bit knowing I could see you when everyone else couldn't..." she mused softly, apologizing for her own rudeness and seeming to forgive any misunderstanding between them. She reached for his extended hand and aimed to touch it, finding it to be there enough to make contact. "I'm Miki, by the way," she offered in passing, not knowing if she'd even be able to hear this lad's name but knowing that offering her own was about all she could do. Her face seemed a bit lighter than it had been, and she offered the lad a smile. Though not the kind of brilliant one she offered Kou, it was still something.

    Soon after this, a certain little boy appeared once again. This time, he seemed to be crying. More than that he was upset. Miki prepared herself to deal with whatever thing he tried to have her do, and in between his tears he seemed to want her help. "Please, don't let me lie there like that then. At least, if you aren't going to help me go back, do something about me rotting away there... I don't wanna watch myself waste away," said the lad. Perhaps this was painful for him, watching the outcome of whatever situation had lead to him being dead here. "One cannot rush the advancement of time. Some things have to happen in due course... I cannot do as you ask," she offered the lad. Strangely a smile came to her face. "If you wanted, instead you could... face me. Then you wouldn't have to look," she offered in counter. This was the business person in this lass she wouldn't give in to his temptation, she'd still give him peace if she could. The more evil spirit in question wasn't sure how to react and simply disappeared. Once again his corpse would rot more leaving the girl to simply wait his next arrival.

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    The male shook his head with a smile and closed eyes, thinking nothing of Miki's rebuttal. His approach was frightening; he could see that now that it was brought up. Alas, he was quite rushed at the time. Her introduction came as she took his offered hand, and though he could not audibly return the favor... he could do something. He hesitated to offer his identity, but... perhaps it was fine for this one to know that dangerous name. She was, after all, somehow connected to him across the dimensional gap. With this in mind, and with much consideration given, his lips parted. Exaggerated movements of the mouth ensued, syllables separated enough to leave ample room for reading his lips.



    The final syllable could not be offered, as there was a return from the darker spirit in this cave. The green-haired one phased out, but he knew this was coming. The final syllable wasn't mouthed at all, until the other spirit disappeared so he could return to visibility. At that point, he offered the last part of his name.

    ... du.

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    It seemed they were on fair terms now. Moving on, after offering her name, she started to receive one from this spirit. Strangely, he seemed a bit apprehensive about giving up that information intially. It made Miki wonder if it was for some specific reason. Still, he seemed to come to terms with it, mouthing his own name though there was a brief interruption while she chased off the spirit of the fallen from this place. 'En-ki-du. Enkidu?' she thought. There wasn't anything familiar about it. But... what if it was important in a way she didn't realize? "Sou ka, nice to meet you. It's really strange that we can't really talk, but maybe, it will get better after I clear this place..." she mentioned with a smile. "I want to help you... if I can. It has to suck being all alone and not really being able to reach out," she offered, knowing well herself the complications that came with loneliness. She didn't repeat his name aloud, taking it as one of those confidential pieces of information. She didn't want to potentially endanger him, she also didn't know what kind of enemies he faced nor why he was attached to her particularly.

    It was time again, the cool of death approached once more and she saw the young boy druid standing before her once again. He was doing as she suggested and facing her, such seemed to be cementing his place in the Underworld but apparently he wasn't quite settled yet. "I mean... I could tell you my name, Tir'gon. You could call it outside and help me rise again. I mean, you'd have to sacrifice a single other person, but would that really be so bad?" the boy questioned. Which made Miki's left brow raise a bit. "I mean I know what I want to do, what's one listless life compared to mine?" he asked wanting to now earnestly. "That isn't a decision for me to make. I'll perform the proper rights when your body is ready. I'll leave you an offering but I will not... exchange your life for one unknown. That is against the natural order..." she told the lad, tears streamed down his face and he disappeared again. When this happened Miki sighed. "I wonder how often they expect me to tell a little kid I won't help him. It feels unnecessarily cruel..." All the same the lad's body was almost just bone and just below the surface of his flesh there was a jewel glowing a strange green. One which corresponded to the color her Mana appeared to be.

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