Name: Madara
Alias: The Saviour (救世主, Kyuuseishu)
Race: Human | Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 150+
Birthday: December 24
Height: 179 cms / 5’8”
Weight: 71 kgs / 157 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purple
Physical Description: Madara is a fair-skinned man with spiky, black hair that had a slight blue tint to it. He lets his hair grow to waist-length with shoulder-length bangs framing the sides of his face, covering most of his right eye. His casual attire consisted of a black shirt with a high-collar left slightly open and the clan's crest on its back, accompanied by blue pants and bandages around his shins. Around his waist he had a belt, adorned with pouches and various weapons. He also wore another sash strapped across his shoulders, which he used to hold his swords. Although looking still relatively young, more prominent creases has developed under each of his eyes. At times, he wears crimson armor with numerous metal plates, forming protective guards along his chest, waist, shoulders and thighs. Most of the time, however, he continues wearing the same basic outfit: a blue high-collared, long sleeve mantle that splits down the lower half and a simple, light-brown obi and a belt.

Professional Status
Affiliation: Clan Dragonborn
Occupation: Dragon
Team: Clan Dragonborn

Strength: Vast
Speed: Great
Endurance: Vast
Durability: Immense
Magic Power: Overwhelming

Dragon Slayer Magic (滅竜魔法 Metsuryuu Mahou): As one of the first humans who entered the Dragon Civil War, Madara was also among the first Dragon Slayers brought into existence. Over time, however, as he slayed many Dragons, he himself was, eventually, turned into a Dragon due to the extensive overuse of his Lost Magic. When Madara employs his Dragon Slayer Magic, it grants him the ability to reap the very souls of Dragons, allowing him to become even more powerful.
Dragon's Roar - Like all Dragons and Dragon Slayers, Madara can perform a Dragon's Roar, incorporating his respective element into a massive breath attack. While, as mentioned, which element Madara employs is currently unknown, said blast, while he was a Dragon, was potent enough to "completely eradicate" the entirety of an island and imprint a giant crater into the ocean.

Shape-Shifting: Madara and the Clan Dragonborn, contrary to the legends surrounding them, did not entirely became Dragon and have retained the ability to enter and exit their extremely powerful Dragon Forms at will.

Flight: As a Dragon, Madara possesses the ability to fly, using his large wings to travel great distances, maneuver high up in the air, and perform aerial assaults on those below him.
Augmented Durability: Madara, while a Dragon, is capable of shrugging off attacks from extremely powerful Mages, whereas all their Magics having absolutely no effect on the Black Dragon. Later on, it is shown how even other Dragons have high difficulty harming Madara in any noteworthy way, him taking the full force of powerful dragons’ attacks and emerging unscathed as if nothing happened.
Augmented Strength: Given his immense size, Madara, in Dragon form, is easily capable of reducing a substantially sized area to rubble by simply landing on top of it. Truly attesting to the form's immense brutish strength, Madara can engaged in a head-on physical confrontation with other dragons and still easily gain the upper hand.

Dragon Supremacy Magic (操竜魔法 Souryuu Mahou): Dragon Supremacy Magic allows the user to dominate the will of a Dragon, effectively making them their subordinate, a remarkable feat, given that most Dragons think of humans as little more than food. However, a Dragon can, with a strong enough conviction, overcome the effects of this Magic, acting, once again, of their own free will. Also, if large amounts of Dragons are present, the user will have difficulty maintaining their control over them.