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Thread: Kaer Morhen

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    Kaer Morhen

    Kaer Morhen (Elder Speech: Caer a'Muirehen, meaning Keep of the Elder Sea) is an old keep where witchers used to be trained. The name is a corruption of Caer a'Muirehen, revealing that there used to be sea around it, which is further indicated by the presence of fossilized sea creatures embedded in the stones on which it was built.

    In older times, witchers trained and underwent mutations here, but fanatics who considered witchers an abomination attacked the keep and killed most of the teachers and students. Few witchers live in the keep in modern times, although other witchers sometimes rested here between their assignments, often during the winter, after which they set out on The Path again.

    The castle can only be reached by "The Witchers Trail", which is easy to miss, and encircles the keep. It is often given the nickname "The Killer" by young witchers.

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    "Are you sure you know the way? This place is super fucking sketchy..." these were the words spoken to a lad by his younger sister. The girl, who had raccoon like ears and a tail seemed to be walking around carelessly, but this simply wasn't the case. She was in fact, putting forth a great deal of concentration to watch her step as she ascended this hellish trek. She had no idea what she'd done to deserve this, but if she didn't love her brother so, she likely would have opted for some down time in a magical space with gorgeous weather. Or at least, that was what she assumed the Druid Homeland was like. Still, she seemed amused a devilish light in her eyes as she took each careful step, this was a potentially exciting trip at the very least, if she wasn't into whatever was going on here, she could always leave whenever she felt like it.

    In the meantime as this lass ascended with whatever group she was with, a woman stood at a tower atop a castle. She could see inhumanly well down the path, well enough to know that she would have visitors soon. Volunteers for this order were quite unusual, perhaps there was more to it than met the eye. Regardless, she'd wait a while longer before descending and moving to greet this group.

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    "Of course I know the way!" retorted a white-haired young man with starry eyes. Kou, as he was called in this form, had few abilities to make use of along this trail. He had recently given himself a new form, but he knew he could not take it. No, this path was all part of the journey to become a Witcher. If he wanted to do it properly, he had to do it in the form that needed the Witchers' abilities. "Well... kinda. Alright, so don't bark down my throat or anything, but I sorta have no idea where I'm going. That's all part of the journey though, right? Have a sense of adventure!~" With only his sister from their original world in tow for the moment, he seemed to have become capable of being more like his original self. He was always going to be an excitable, puzzle-loving, game-loving delinquent nerd with an attitude problem, as a certain other individual had once called him... but this was his more natural state.

    One other was with them, in the most technical sense. Arjuna, the brown-skinned Holy Archer, decided to use his abilities and scout the area from far behind. It seemed, even in this form, the one known as Karna was destined to be an aloof member of the Party. That was fine; Kou was content to take the journey by foot with Hikari, the demi-human lass in his company. "... Fine, fine. It's fucking annoying, alright? I'll admit it, but I don't have any other options if I want to keep this Avatar. I need this one, so this is where I'm going. I'll make it up to you for coming along."

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    A scoff. That was all, that escaped Hikari's lips as the lad claimed to know the way. She'd gone along with him on a few occassions in her life and she knew when he was sure of things and when he wasn't. Right just now, he knew what he was looking for, but he wasn't one hundred percent certain of the way their adventure was presently taking them. "Uh-huh... totally believe you," she said in response to his first sentence. And then as if by magic the lad asked her not to bark down his throat. Oh the truth was coming and the lass could taste it. And there it was, the man admitted he had no idea where he was going. "I fucking knew it!" was the exclamation from the lass. "I am all for a keen adventure, but you're lucky you're my brother. Or I would have abandoned you to go hang out with peaceful, flatland loving Druids," she said stomping with new fury. She wanted to say she couldn't believe that he would drag her along without being certain of where he was going, but she also knew better. "Miki-nee seems like the type to have a whole house setup for guests, probably weird tea too..." she commented in a manner that was both meant to instigate and agitate.

    And soon she'd get what she wanted. A promise that he'd make it up to her for dragging her along. "Good good, it's all I really want anyways. Though, I pick the next place we go and all snacks," she said as a condition, following her brother and his not girlfriend around was great, but there were still things that interested her as well. "Plus, I don't really have a problem with the adventure. I do like spending time with you, even if you are a fucking Nerd, who is in all honesty way too excited about what is supposed to be really fucking brutal training. Do I even want to know what you did to this Avatar to fuck it up so bad?" she asked him with a raised brow. She was still curious about his Valentines/White Day Fiasco. She'd been told gently that he'd passed out and that Miki was looking after him, she didn't worry about it too much but found this sudden need for weird training to be strange.

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    "Urusai!" he exclaimed, wishing to silence Hikari's verbal judgement. His head wobbled, and his mouth mimicked the girl's words as she spoke further, referencing Miki's potential commodities and the like. "Myeh myeh myeh, I'd take Miki as a sister before you as a brother~" he mocked. A pause came soon enough though, as even he began considering things from a different perspective. Knowing Miki, she did have those things. He wondered what joining that trip would have been like. Surely he'd have been able to, if he didn't hinder himself the way he did.

    Speaking of his hindrance, Hikari thought to mention it directly. She didn't know the details of what he'd done, and wondered aloud whether she even wanted to know or not. More imperative to receive a response though, was her backhanded compliment toward him. "I ain't a nerd, Loli Bait," he quipped. A sigh ensued, as Kou decided to share with her the information regarding his earlier unconscious state. "I... made an Artifact. It's a puzzle sphere with Time Lock Magic wrapped inside a dimensional transcendentalism mechanic. Basically, it's an infinite storage box... plus."

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    They were... bickering. That being said, it seemed to be the most natural state of both individuals. While, Hikari carried on about potential lodgings and fun to be found had they been able to take the other trip as well, Kou mocked her speech pattern, seeming to summarize her points in demeaning way. "Maybe not over you as a brother, you have your niche abilities and all. Combined though is the best possible outcome~" she said sticking her tongue out at the lad. And from her own perspective it was the absolute truth. The pair of slightly older teens was indeed better taken as a unit and seemed to pick up any slack provided by the other. His heralded insult brought the lass to a halt before she launched herself at the man's back clinging to him like a small child. "Nii-san!! I am not loli bait!" she protested, but if she was being honest, she kind of missed this sort of biting conversation and the things they said to each other with love of course.

    As she would have clung to his back he sighed, explaining what he'd actually done for the lass on his White Day end of the week. A puzzle sphere, infinite storage box with Time Magic Lock and transcendentalism. Apparently, this was what he'd been working himself to death over all week and how he'd ended up unconscious. "So, you're going to deny being a Nerd while giving a girl the nerdiest fucking present I've ever fucking heard of... alright. Keep your denial. Any blind person could see she likes you, so what did she do to get you to see it and did she solve it?" she asked, also a matter of curiosity. Miki appeared to her to be her brother's nerd match, which was very strange considering the girl was quite beyond the actual need to be that way. It was refreshing for an attractive rich girl to show such earnestness in her activities. Strangely, Hikari despite her meddlesome nature, and left the teens to their own devices so she was actually in the dark about their progress to gifting each other. This was technically another check she intended to do, to make sure that Miki was a good match for her brother, what had she done for him, reciprocity was important after all.

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    What could he even say to that? As far as things happening in this world so far were concerned, she was right; that rich idol from Shibuya was an existence which, when filling in the holes of his own, seemed to create something magnificent. If they had met online through the video game, they'd have undoubtedly destroyed all competition while simply... having fun. That was always the missing piece to the proverbial puzzle of Geno Killer's gamer life. He had participated in multiplayer numerous times, yet it always became so... stale, so boring. How long had he been adventuring with Miki, though? Weeks? Months? Time itself seemed to have gone through a blender, resulting in its very consistency being lost to him. Regardless, they had so many adventures thus far, and he hadn't once felt bored. Could the fact that this was all so real have had something to do with it? Sure, but... he knew it was only a minor factor.

    As he gave this a great deal of consideration, Hikari was suddenly clamped onto his back, refuting his claims against her and providing evidence to her own against his. Moreover, she wondered what he had been given by Miki, to have made him go to such lengths. "It was... chocolate," he admitted, stopping his forward movement for a moment to speak further. "It wasn't just that, though. She basically sent me on this whole scavenger hunt through Atlantis, with a cipher puzzle to figure out where I needed to go last. The last place I wound up was where she was waiting, with the chocolate."

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    It seemed that he couldn't refute her statement about the pair of them working out as at least a team. When she'd first seen her brother traveling with the lass she'd been a bit skeptical but she found their combined styles to be magnificent for creating the best possible outcome. The fun of it was, neither of them, seemed to be doing anything different from what they would have been doing normally, they both just seemed to make weird decisions that worked out in the end. That was worthy of a bit of praise, though not in a traditional sense. "Know I'm right. You've been having fun... that's not a diss either. It's pretty clear," she said happily. Still there was a the matter of Valentines' Day and White Day and she was in for quite a surprise when it came to that information.

    "Chocolate? You hate chocolate..." his sister said with confusion all in her person. But as the lad came to a stop she was in for an explanation the likes of which she couldn't imagine. Apparently, not just chocolate, but a Scavenger Hunt and a Cipher Puzzle. What a strange set of things for an idol to know. She could have learned to make chocolate while in Atlantis, at the very least, Seriri was good for that sort of thing and had several others on hand to help any of the women within the palace who wanted to learn such a skill. But the ability to put together a Scavenger Hunt and a Cipher Puzzle were a bit beyond the norm for any random person. "Ciphers are pretty rare. Understanding how to do them is one thing, but being able to make one even combining it with something else in a way that keeps your Puzzle-Happy-Ass interested, that shows dedication," Hikari said. "That sort of earnestness from a girl is weird, from one who has no real reason to be like that is almost unheard of..." she said going on to shrug. There was one final conclusion to be had here, and it probably wasn't what one would have assumed. "You're both Nerds. Gambare yo!~" she said encouraging the lad to continue, and giving him a firm rub on the head and a gentle squeeze. She'd decided a while back to stay out of it, as they seemed to get along fine even with no one else interfering directly. Miki or rather Kimiko was one of few people that Hikari could accept had genuine interest in her brother, not just for what he could potentially do for her, but for the same kind of reasons she loved him. With this in mind, she was content to carry on.

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    Of course he hated chocolate. Naturally, no one knew this better than the girl he was presently conversing with. Still, he'd eaten it. Whether it was the source and deliverance of the confection, or simply its quality... it was far from the worst chocolate he'd ever experienced. Hikari was right again, as well. Ciphers weren't so simple a task as far as puzzles were concerned. The simple fact that Miki had created it while blending it concisely into a scavenger hunt, was something beyond expectation for... well, anyone other than himself, really. "Yeah... It doesn't really make any sense, huh?" he spoke in rhetoric, chuckling at the thought. Either way, moving forward was necessary. The quicker he finished his Witcher trials, the sooner they could rendezvous with Miki and the others. It was odd enough that this was his point of consideration when thinking of the journey ahead, but it remained suitable motivation to keep him going forward up the hazardous path. Soon enough, they would be capable of seeing the place known as Kaer Morhen just up ahead. "I wonder how much Arjuna is doing from back there. That trek was annoying, but not too bad."

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    The lad's rhetorical question made his younger sister laugh aloud. It was actually quite ridiculous for him to find someone who suited his personality so well. "Not a bit, better keep striking while the iron is hot!" she said happy enough with that gentle nudge to leave it alone. She also took the time to abandon her perch atop her brother's back and instead took up walking in her same relaxed pace at his side. As the castle of this place came into view the young Demi-human's eyes widened quite a bit, "Hm, this place is scary big," she said with wonder. She'd not been sounding as if she cared for this leg of her journey but, she was still shocked and awed to see something new. As for Arjuna and what he may or may not be doing to help them out she shrugged. "Eh, he'd find it pretty easy to slay a few monsters. And the way he is right now, he'd do it without saying anything..." she added only to come to one conclusion. "So, probably a decent bit, but you should enjoy the break while it lasts, you're probably about to get your ass kicked hard~" she mused seemingly excited by the prospect. Not that she enjoyed her brother getting beaten up, but she figured he'd rise to the challenge since he chose this particular path himself.

    In the meantime at the front gates of the Castle there stood a woman buxom with red hair and a scar over one of her eyes. She had a gaze of battle hardened tension but a light of something less stern beyond. She stood with a pair of blades strapped to her lower back which seemed to be about the size of machetes but with a much clearer curvature. "OI, coming here of your own volition means only one thing. Are you sure this is a path you want to take?" she asked of the approaching pair. Hikari shrugged the whole thing off, she didn't need this sort of thing and had no intention of becoming an even stranger being than she already was. "I'm cool, just waiting on him~" she said which made the woman's brow raise slightly. Most people tried to sell people off to Witchers. She'd expected the boy to be giving away the girl, but it seemed nothing of the sort was taking place here.

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