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    Ah, the farmer at last! Kou was prepared to meet the portly male, though it was clear he took immediate notice of the hole in his house. Sheepishly rubbing the back of his head, Kou cleared his throat. "Yeah─" he said. The job had been done, but at what he imagined was not a low cost at all. "You had a sort of... Elf problem. It wasn't your livestock they were after, either. They were doing all that stuff to you, just so they could bait out anybody you hired to take care of the monsters you thought you were dealing with. One of them might have been... kind of a demon. Not important. Job's done now." Deciding to spare the finer details to the farmer, he sighed. He could only hope letting the straggler Elves go free would not come back to bite him in some way, but for the moment, all was fine in this valley. "Anything else you need a Witcher for, or are we good here?"

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    The lad known as Kou explained to the farmer what had been taking place around his residence. He was shocked by this. Who could have assumed that asking people for help would end in their untimely demise? And what would Elves possibly want with lowly humans anyways? It seemed like exactly the sort of thing a man of humble means like himself should have been able to avoid. "Well, I guess there isn't much to be done about any of that... I don't think I need anything else. I'll be sure to put in a good word if I ever hear anything else about ya'. Thanks..." he said holding out the remaining 4 of the silvers from the gold he'd offered the lad for the job. He'd taken what was necessary for his family to get food and shelter the previous night. He wasn't truly bothered about the damage to his house, it could easily be fixed up, now that they wouldn't be having any more problems. "For a job well done..." he said to the lad allowing him to take what was left from his hand. Whenever this exchange was done he'd move right along, he had work to get back to.

    Hikari and Jaskier just watched, with the latter holding his still broken Lute. There wasn't much he could do, but he was glad the old man kept his word at least.

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    It seemed the farmer wasn't too worried about the state of his house. He had every reason to follow this train of thought; his farm was now as safe as it could be. Kou was to be paid, a sizable four silver coins at that. In a reasonable economy, he knew the price of a night's stay at an inn was a single silver. Four total pieces had bought this family a room, one or two meals, and a bit of insurance to restore the farm's quality? It made sense. When they entered, there was a sign welcoming travelers to 'Luxury Valley' as it was called. Of course, luxury was the key word here. Everything he'd heard about in the area thus far had been ridiculously expensive. Perhaps that was why the farmer initially offered him a gold piece for the job, but... this farmhouse was so poor.

    "Right, my pay. Damn shame you spent it all," he said, his eyes traveling to the farm's crops. It had to be tough, running a farm of all things in an area like this. The house repair alone might take most of what Kou was offered. "Guess we'll just have to take a meal for the road. That, having a house to sleep in last night... I guess it'll have to do. Make it a hearty meal, yeah?"

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    The farmer looked very confused for several moments. "But I..." he looked at the lad, then back at his house. The words about the meal was something which made his eyes widen quite a bit. This was a very rich area, and everything was about trade and costed a great deal. Even so, this lad was willing to exchange his work and near-death experience just for a meal and the fact that he stayed in a house with a hole in it the previous night. "Thank you... truly..." he said happily he looked back to his wife who had all the children running around behind him. "Woman, you heard the man. We're cooking for an extra three! Let's make it something good." he said with excitement in his tone. "Alright... I'll get right to it," she said heading past the group.

    A hour later and the group at large was being presented with a large meal. It included fresh baked bread, roasted lamb and several different veggies. The wife of his farmer was quite the cook and each of her children had a plate as well all of them settling down around the house to eat and speak with each other. "Here you are. I hope you enjoy it. And take as much as you like..." she mentioned to this group of adventurers. They'd done a lot for her and her husband and had done it basically for free. A well cooked meal was the least she could offer them before they left her.

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    "No clue what you're talking about," Kou said, closing his eyes and turning his head from the farmer. He wouldn't further acknowledge the man's words of thanks, instead only taking the offering of food the lady of this house would provide. One hour later, he'd finally have a decent meal set before him. It... still wasn't a burger, but there was something sorely missed about a home-cooked meal. The warmth of it all, the weight of the plate itself. This was no simple tavern food; there was far greater substance to it. Kou stared down his plate with a grin, snatching up a chunk of lamb with a single word of offering. "Itadakimasu~" he chanted before his teeth tore into the lamb. Several chews and swallows later, he was looking across the table at Jaskier.

    "So? Did you get the song you were hunting for? Don't make me look like a loser for taking all that damage─"

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    As the group settled down to have a home cooked meal, Hikari managed to eat very quietly. It'd been a while since she'd had such a meal herself. She enjoyed the look of this family as well for a couple of different reasons. With that in mind, she was sitting with the children having chats with them and making grand gestures. This was her way, after all.

    Jaskier looked up from the meal he was enjoying with wide eyes. "Of course, I got it. And I wouldn't make you look bad. I think I have the right song that encompasses the whole of the adventure... whenever I get a new Lute. I'll make sure to play it for you," he said, offering reassurance that he didn't intend to make the man look bad given his noble actions. "Actually, I should thank you properly, I think it might be one of the best songs I've ever written... it's the right amount of catchy and exciting..." he said with a bit of confidence. He would eventually be able to play the song of the lad's adventures for him. And he'd make sure that everyone understood the greatness that was Kou.

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    Everyone had won, apparently. The Adventurers had accomplished their mission, Jaskier had created his song, and the farmer's family could go about their normal lives unhindered again. The only loss was of Jaskier's lute, but Kou had a plan for that. First though, came the meal in front of them. They'd eat, they'd talk, they'd have a general good experience with the farmer and his family before moving on, out into the valley during the afternoon.

    This brief journey led the trio into the same tavern they began in, where Kou sat at a table with Jaskier's fragmented lute laid out as if he intended to reassemble it. With the ring of his craft on his finger, he did indeed work his Mana to slip the pieces back together, along with a lump of bronze he'd been carrying around since his craftsman training. As the segments pieced themselves together and drew from the bronze while taking on the metal's unique magical properties, Kou spoke for the first time since the process began. "Jaskier, you're not planning on staying in this expensive town forever, right? What's your plan?"

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    They had their food, enjoyed their meal and even managed to have a nice experience within the farmer's home with his children and wife. And when it was all said and done the three adventurers headed back to the tavern they'd started this journey in. At a table the lad known as Jaskier watched in awe as Kou began the process of repairing his lute. He apparently used magic, metal and a great deal of skill, but still managed to ask the blue haired lad about his plans. "Oh? Well... I don't really know. To be honest I ended up out here fleeing a particularly ominous situation in one of the mountain Kingdoms," he said not being too specific about what he'd done exactly. "I just ended up going broke out here without much combat potential..." he finished up with the smallest of upturns coming to his list. "To be honest, I just wanted to be the most famous bard in existence... sing songs I could be proud of," he mentioned. "You're setting me well on my way to that, actually..." the lad said. But in truth, he could use more experiences to sing about and would absolutely love to get away from the expensive living of the area he'd ended up in.

    Hikari at the same time sat to the side. She was wondering what this bard would do with himself. He seemed like the kind of lad who'd get himself into trouble if left on his own for too long. Perhaps her brother thought something similar. She managed to look upon him with a bit of softness, and respected him just a little. In the face of something which was quite frightening he hadn't run nor completely given up hope. A bit of grit had to account for something in a world like this.

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    A bit of tinkering here, a bit of adjusting there, and the lute was beginning to take on a slightly new shape as pieces connected by bronze. Jaskier told his tale. Kou didn't need to look at Jaskier's information; he knew this lad was from their world based solely on the decisions he made, and how out of place this Avatar was in Luxury Valley. He wasn't simply some gateway into another quest-line, or anything. With this in mind, he had something interesting to say about the information Jaskier... conveniently left out of his tale about running away.

    "Hope she was worth it," he said. "It's good you're on your way and all, but you might want to consider making better choices. You're not in any sort of Guild, are you? You don't seem like you belong to the Bards' College or anything, so─" His sentence trailed off, as an azure glow encompassed the lute before closing in on it. The craft was complete, and he'd reconstructed the instrument as an Artifact. "Here. It's a bit different to what you had, but there was no saving that damage. Take this, and an offer to be on a Holy Knight's Cavalry."

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    A bit of bashfulness came from the bard, as it seemed his vague explanation was understood completely by the lad known as Kou. "Well, of course... I am just a man after all," said Jaskier. He rather obviously loved women and would flirt uncontrollably and playing music meant that he got a level of affection out of women that most did not. Beyond that, he was from their home world, which meant he had a more modern understanding of music, which would only become more obvious once he could actually play again. Beyond this, it was stated by Kou that he thought the young bard should make better choices and he came to some rather... succinct conclusions about the lad's current affiliations. Jaskier was soon presented two things of great value to him. His lute restored well beyond what it had been previously and an offer to join this lad's Holy Knight Calvary. "But this is... it's..." he gave a serious bit of pause looking at his reconstructed instrument. "This is legendary quality. I... really don't know what to say," the boy said seemingly both excited and unsure of how to accept such a gift. "I really don't have much fighting potential, but I am willing to learn and help with group composition if you'll have me..." he said. It was quite true, that he'd gotten really caught up in a single aspect of game play and as such hadn't developed or learned any skills that could be considered useful. "Before that though... you should hear," he said calmly. He'd finally done it. He began running his fingers over the lutes strings, he found them to be perfectly in pitch already. He began to strum gently the music drifting across the loud tavern and beginning to lull the locals into quiet to hear what new drivel the lad had come up with.

    "When a humble bard♪
    Graced a ride along♪
    With Kou of Kaer Morhen♪
    Along came this song♪~"

    There was a quiet rumble as if they'd never really heard a song which sounded as such. Whatever the case, it seemed as if this bard had been on an actual adventure, thus even his normal hecklers managed to be quiet enough to at least hear out his tale.

    "When the White Wolf fought♪
    A silver tongued devil♪
    His army of elves♪
    At his hooves did they revel♪~"

    What kind of adventure had this lad been on. The White Wolf was the lad at the table, but a silver tongued Devil here? That was madness surely, but all were quiet. Lulled by the soft tune of the now legendary lute and entranced by the gentle pull of its strings.

    "They came after me♪
    With masterful deceit♪
    Broke down my lute♪
    And they kicked in my teeth♪
    While the devil's horns♪
    Minced our tender meat♪
    And so cried the Witcher♪
    He can't be bleat♪~~~~~"

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