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    "Don't say anything, then. Nod, or shake. It's really easy," Kou quipped while exhaling a deep breath. Indeed, the lute had been reconstructed with legendary traits. Kou now found it much easier to craft Artifacts, considering his body had become more capable of using a greater quantity and quality of his Mana. He could easily create legendary Artifacts of this tier, at least. Moving on, Jaskier chose to accept the offer in a roundabout way. First, however, he had a desire to play the song he'd written. Kou said nothing, merely leaning back in his chair to watch as Jaskier strummed and gained the attention of tavern-goers. As a point of inspiration for the song, Kou listened intently. He was quite surprised this bard was actually... good. Of course, in this world, bards were story-tellers, as opposed to what one could expect of music where they came from. This was clearly the issue Jaskier had been having up to this point. Now, though, it seemed he was garnering a great deal of attention with... a very interestingly entertaining song.

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    The strumming continued. He'd been told to shake or nod, but he needed to know this lad was actually alright with the song he'd created before he allowed himself the luxury of joining him permanently. He wouldn't want to be annoying to the man if he could avoid it, especially not after he'd done so much for him already. With this in mind his song continued through strums of his instrument and the musings of his rather mellow voice.

    "Toss a coin to your Witcher♪
    Oh, valley of plenty♪~
    Oh, valley of plenty, oh♪~~
    Toss a coin to your Witcher♪
    Oh, valley of plenty♪~"

    It was a rather straightforward hook. Aiming to say that the Witcher deserved his pay for the thoroughly good job he'd done. And further worked towards framing him to be a good thing in humanity. It was a rather interesting take on the days events. Hikari for what she'd said earlier of him being pretty good, was actually a bit surprised the song had come together so well, it was definitely the case that the lad had simply been missing content from his earlier works.

    "At the edge of the world♪
    Fight the mighty horde♪
    That bashes and breaks you♪
    And bring you the morn, oh♪

    He thrust every elf♪
    Far back on the shelf♪
    High up on the mountain♪
    From whence it came♪

    He wiped out your pest♪
    Got kicked in his chest♪
    He's a friend of humanity♪
    So give him the rest♪

    That's my epic tale♪
    Our champion prevailed♪
    Defeated the villain♪
    Now pour him some ale!!♪~~~~~"

    Over the course of this entire story, the whole of the tavern seemed to go into stillness. All were in awe of what was happening here. Beyond that, at his last words, the barkeep had moved to pour some ale for the lad who'd obviously been doing this place a great service that none of them had given him a chance to do. For all his troubles, several patrons began passing him a few coins here or there, whatever they had that they didn't need. A few silvers would soon become many more piled up on Kou's table. Especially as the tale reached its climax and went back to the hook which had the same message. Pay the man for the work he does.

    "Toss a coin to your Witcher♪
    Oh, valley of plenty♪
    Oh, valley of plenty, oh♪~~
    Toss a coin to your Witcher♪
    A friend of humanity♪~~

    Toss a coin to your Witcher♪
    Oh, valley of plenty♪
    Oh, valley of plenty♪
    Toss a coin to your Witcher♪
    A friend of humanity♪~~~

    Toss a coin to your Witcher♪
    Oh, valley of plenty♪
    Oh, valley of plenty♪
    Toss a coin to your Witcher♪
    A friend of humanity♪~~~~"

    At the end of the song, Jaskier's fingers stummed to a lul and then, the crowd erupted in to cheers and also tossed a coin or two the bards way for completing a proper epic tale. He was able to achieve the final push towards level 30 in this moment and sighed his contentment as the light of the Nexus struck him in this moment.

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    The song continued, and its chorus saw to it that Kou was provided with a mug of ale, and more coin than he could readily count. He had been content with the idea of leaving after only receiving a meal at the farmhouse, but now, he was looking at enough currency to feast for... quite a long time. Valley of Plenty, indeed...

    "Sugoi─" he muttered as he picked up the mug of ale. For one who was originally perceived as an annoying, useless bard, Jaskier was proving his abilities quite succinctly. The disgust these locals had for Kou was gone over the course of a single song, replaced with adoration and offerings aplenty. Who could complain about that? Kou wouldn't, for certain. Sitting back still, he sipped his ale and kept an ear open for the remainder of the bard's tale.

    ... He could definitely afford to keep a singsong in his Cavalry. He could even resign himself to making a bard the first of its members.

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    Soon enough, Jaskier returned to the table and gave a simple bow. Hikari laughed a bit but had nice words for him. "Congratulations, for becoming the least annoying bard to another player in history!~" she said with the same general but biting snide attitude she treated everyone to. With a great deal of coin thrown to the man's table he sat across from him with a satisfied smile on his face. "I hope I can accompany on many more adventures. I really can't say I'd be any good at fighting, but I am sure I can find a decent use for my skills tagging along..." he said with an outstretched hand towards Kou. Given the lad hadn't expressed any outright anger at the song of his creation, he assumed the offer to join him was still on the table.

    'Go on Nii-san. Add the bard, show us all how soft you've become~' the Demi-Human teased, within her own mind. While she did this, she had a look of supreme devilishness within her eyes and an almost cat-like smugness on her face. She knew her brother wasn't known for grouping up, and considering such a gesture a positive development for him. With this aspect of the adventure taken care of, all they really had to do, was go back to Kaer Morhen, gather Karna/Arjuna whichever face he was currently wearing and head towards their meetup with the rest of their group. It was all pretty much a done deal, "Come on, gather the coin, we can post up in a nice place on the way to the meetup!~ It's been more than a week!" the girl said, she'd had a great deal of fun on this adventure, but there was always more to see, and she was quite interested in seeing the Sky Islands as mentioned by Kaiba Seto.

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    "You can say that twice," he said regarding Hikari's assertion. As Jaskier explained again that he had little to no use as a combatant, Kou busied himself collecting coins. He wasn't bothered about combat ability; he could see the uses for a bard using even just a bit of magic. "It's nothing to worry about. You could always be a Corner Horner," he explained. Now that he'd put that information out there, he was ready to move on. Jaskier would be added to the Band of the Hawk, as Kou named it, and they'd be on their way to retrieve Arjuna from Kaer Morhen before heading to the rendezvous point to find Miki and the others.

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