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Thread: Kaer Morhen

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    "Pretty big difference between working for somebody, and swearing an oath of servitude to them," was Kou's retort to the Demi-human. With that, he looked over the hay bail to gaze upon the group of conversing enemies. What he saw in doing so, was quite disturbing. Lithe frames and narrow faces were joined by long, pointed ears... Elves? What were Elves doing on this continent? He could see how they reached this land, presumably by boat, but why bother?

    "What even-" he started, pausing as he heard Hikari repeating the words of these Elves. His eyes widened over the course of a chain-reaction in his mind, linking segments of each statement together toward a single clause. "Creatures, specimen, bard not good enough, scrapped idea, scrapped idea... scrap. Human scrapyard. Break it down, piece it back... Fuck! They're using the Human Mystic Code to create Chimera. The code accepts every race, every species, every attribute that can be made. Get a strong enough human specimen, and you could make an A-Class monster like it's nothing. Time to move," he said. Even if Jaskier was nothing more than a bard, he could make a very powerful Chimera. What's more, if they were already in possession of another... Things could turn sour rather quickly. As such, Kou leaped over the hay bail right away, loosing his sword as if it were a javelin toward the torso of a single elf in the group. He may have been undoing his own invisibility shroud to do so, but he felt it necessary to make a point right away. "Oi. Where's the bard?"

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    "Naw, it just means they won't see the betrayal coming," she said of vows of servitude and all else. If she really wanted to do something so sketchy, she likely would have just created another Avatar not sworn to anyone and used it to deliver the killing blow she sought in such a situation. That being said, she wasn't that type of person at all, most times. Their speech patterns and looks were being identified from the current distance apparently this group of raiders were 'Elves'. That was an annoying thought to Hikari as Elves were definitely post main story content, this was going to be a tough battle.

    Beyond the particular aspects of battle, her brother figured out their plan pretty easily. He moved to stop them, stripping himself of his hidden cover before Hikari could voice her opinion on it. "Wait, but... Baka-nii!" she exclaimed but as he was already moving she'd decided to do the same. 'You're a prime target for that sort of thing, then you go and show yourself like a fucking Nerd with a Hero Complex...' she thought to herself. Actually, that was pretty good, she'd need to remind herself to use that one later... Whatever the case, she remained hidden. She would instead move about the group waiting for the chance to sneak attack someone or spot and free Jaskier.

    In the meantime, Kou's sword was launched into the gut of a single Elf, who was so surprised to be attacked he'd not moved out of the way of it. He looked down at the sword sticking out from his gut and gave an outraged cry. "You dare attack me?!" This one was lithe, with pointy ears and golden blonde hair. His eyes wide apart and a piercing shade of gold as if the sun bloomed within them. "Attack? If you let lowly scum attack you... you deserve to die!" These were the words of someone apparently a bit higher on the ranking scale in Elf Society who present used magic to blow a larger hole in the abdomen of the injured Elf and aiming to send Kou's sword rocketing back towards the hay bale at his feet. "The Bard is ours... as you will be. You seem to be of better stock than him. You'll make a decent creature together!! But I truly detest dirtying my hands with human scum..." said the same man with snobbish disgust in his visage. He had eyes like lavender which shown even in the darkness with an eerie glow. He whistled gently, magic rippling across the breeze and bringing down from the skies, a creature which looked a bit like a horned and hoofed griffon. It's front legs hoofed its back legs clawed, with a head like a majestic eagle. "When he's received proper punishment for his insolence, grab him too!" proclaimed this man as he stood off to the side completely unafraid of the goings on.

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    Of course... there was no answer to his question. He knew he'd become a target of the Elves' plan immediately, but he also knew he would actually be of little use to them at all. That is, unless they happened to have developed enough to be capable of splicing Witchers. More to the point of ongoing things, was the matter of the first Elf falling to his blade. Even with a sword through his abdomen, he spoke with undue arrogance, much like the higher-ranking Elf who went on to... do exactly what Kou didn't want at all. "Fuckin' stop..." he said with a mighty sigh. Damn. This was going to be quite an annoyance, but... where was Jaskier?

    Disregarding the exact location of the bard, Kou decided to address the mightier of the Elves. How he did so was, oddly, a simple mockery. "Nah, I'm bad stock. My stonks are high as fuck, though," he quipped. The sword returned his way was met not by a normal magic associated with the Avatar Kou, but instead with an odd hand sign applied to the hay bail beneath him. It was a Witcher Sign, called Yrden, with the ability to slow time within a radius of himself. The sword's return was nearly at a halt, stranding it in midair to be grabbed by Kou. "You're a real piece of shit if you bring an entire small army of Elves, and a Chimera. Fine, fine. Bring it on."

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    "Stop? He was a weakling... I refuse to tolerate anything less than excellence. He knew this when he came here to work for me. He was always expendable. Admittedly, less expendable than humans but expendable nonetheless," said the high tier Elf. "Besides, he was a little Dark Elf Halfling, I should have known he would come up... lacking." the man seemed to exude the arrogance of Old. Old Breeding, Old Money, the Old Hierarchy. Whatever the case, the boy's magic was at least interesting to see in action, this man found his speech strange. "I will not entertain this nonsense" He uttered in a commanding and condescending tone, clearly not getting the reference. "Human speech barely counts as speech to start with, don't muddle it further..." the man said, clearly not getting the joke. Hikari on the other hand, was giggling hysterically still under the cover of her magic. Where the hell was Jaskier? Well, he was being dragged up by a group of scouts, ready to begin moving him, they loaded him into a nearby cart as they'd been ordered to before. "Please! Do what you want to me, but careful with that lute it is my life!" the man said seemingly distraught. A swift kick was aimed at his face and spun around on one foot to also trash the entire lute in the same moment. The situation was dire, and Jaskier lost a bit of the light in his eyes. "That is good, bugs should scuttle about the world. Grovel on their knees or sit silently and wallow in their squalid filth." This leader was deranged at best.

    The last of the words Kou made this Elf look at him with just a raised brow. Did he think him bad for bringing with him a small army? Did he think he brought this creature with him, well he supposed that was par for the course. "I had high hopes, but it appears you are only human..." he said seemingly disappointed by the lad's logic. "I brought a small set of hands with me, it isn't like I intend to dirty myself with something as menial as collections. I don't like dirtying my hands with you scuttling little insects. As for the Chimera... well, he was made here. And many more like him if humans ever looked out for their neighbors. It is quite a shame, I heard human communities were full of hovels and closeness, but we landed here, where so few want to lend a hand..." his words sounded like a sinister speech from a villain but that was par for the course in this world. "That poor farmer must think himself wretched for having so many go missing around him..." he said with a wicked smirk. "I even took the youngest of his off-spring, but that brought too much of a search, I learned from that experience. Made my footwork more complicated, my plan harder to follow. He still doesn't even know how many people we've taken that he's hired to help him, BWAHAHahahahahaha!" Maniacal laughter escaped him. Humans were hilarious groveling stupid creatures, barely with the thought to be more than cattle. They couldn't complain. They wouldn't escape. All the while the Chimera was approaching the lad, flying forward aiming a swift beak downward to his face as if it intended to peck his eyes out. It was still an animal after all.

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    Kou stared endlessly at this troublesome Elf, his brow twitching as the Sign he'd cast faded. At the very least, Jaskier's location was finally discovered. What a shame, the bard intended to write a song based on this adventure, and his lute was crushed in the same movement that struck his face. During this time, Kou merely continued seething over the Elf and his disgusting beliefs. Kou himself did not enjoy cooperating with others, but even he could never sink so low. "Kisama..."

    Only human, the Elf called him. At this point, Kou wasn't actually sure how much humanity was left in this form. Something was very off about the Elf, though. Elves were normally pompous, bigoted individuals, but this one was something well beyond. Even the high society of Elf-kind refrained from absolute abandonment of their fellow Elves. They may have shunned their less-skillful citizens, but even those Elves were capable of proving themselves useful. "Alright. Guess I'm killing you today. Being a general piece of shit, using kids for your fucked up practices, and not even getting my memes? You've gotta go, bub." It seems he could retain a bit of his joking side. Perhaps the Grasses made this scene just a bit less irksome, partially due to the recency of the transformation.

    Whatever the case, there was an encroaching Chimera that needed to be dealt with. Kou imagined the Elf leader was going to be a much bigger threat, so he dared not waste too much time on the servile beast. His reflexes felt... good; incredibly so. The coming beak was evaded with a step to the right, and an accompanying counterclockwise turn while Kou used a different Sign to trigger a telekinetic thrust from his left hand. That wasn't all, though. "Trace on," he chanted to make use of his most versatile and powerful skill, albeit in a lighter form than he'd used previously. This usage created a single long sword in the air above the Chimera, sending it down toward the beast's beak, wherever it happened to be after his most recent Sign application.

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    As Kou continued to assess the situation, the showing of Jaskier gave Hikari an actual job to do. She was working towards making her way over to him, when his lute was broken and the Lone Elf Scout who acted in this way would be handled pretty quickly. She rather easily used her, First Light technique to cast a large ball of light directly in front of this creatures eyes. As it was blinded she used her weapon to swipe his legs out from under him and as he fell, she slammed the hilt of her sword against his prominent brow, rendering him unconscious. She'd become visible but that part didn't really matter, with the immediate threat around her dealt with, she cut Jaskier free of his bindings. "Eh, you wanted an adventure, you can't go all sad eyed now," she mentioned hastily. He seemed to see the lass in a new light as she encouraged him so gently. He'd fallen for her, just like every other male she seemed to have dealings with, such a kind heart Hikari had in the man's eyes. "For you, I can try this..." he said softly. "Iie, not for me... do it for you. Can't have you spaced out, what if he does something bad ass, you need to include in your song?" she said of her brother. Jaskier looked confused, without his Lute he couldn't properly compose a song. But she still had hope, how could he do anything but place his faith in this lad and his abilities. With Jaskier in tow, Kou could fight with relative peace and they would disappear under her First Hiding spell once more.

    "Killing me? You presume you have the power? BWAHAHAHAHA~ the nerve," the Elf said once more. It seemed that he was quite powerful and pompous. He still had at least minor faith in his servile creatures, or at least he would have. If another of his Elves hadn't been felled by a little raccoon girl and the creature he'd sent to maim Kou had been knocked back by magic only to have a weapon slammed into it from above by the lad. It met its beak right where it was near his face pinning it to the ground. It couldn't move and couldn't even open its mouth to caw properly. "I'm surrounded by idiots. Fine I could always employ you, since everyone seems so useless by comparison. Before I dirty my hands with you insects, become my hands so, that I don't have to exert myself..." this was an offer of employment? This Elf was capable of combat did this kind of speech work on others? Obviously, he had a whole army behind him. An army which was being picked off scout by scout by the magically inclined scamp of a Demi-Human. And Jaskier was safely hidden away.

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    While the Elf busied himself with his own arrogance, Kou was able to witness the freeing of Jaskier. Good; he didn't have to worry about a movie-style hostage scene from that moment on. He'd managed to at least subdue the Chimera for the time being, so he could focus fully. If the Elf wasn't repulsive enough, he had the gall to carry out his little recruitment effort, all to bring the Adventurers under his wing and avoid having to dirty his own hands. Kou sucked his teeth, and clicked his tongue. There were so many things wrong with this Elf, he couldn't even begin to count them. "You don't get it, huh?" he questioned. The pieces were falling together, forming a complete image of why he had to eliminate this Elf as soon as possible. "Alright, pointy-ears. Either we're fighting right now, or I'm doing something I don't really wanna do to wipe you out. Which one's it gonna be?"

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    If Kou thought this Elf repulsive, it was about to get much worse. At his refusal to join up, and his proclamation that he'd either put up a fight or he'd be wiped out by some form of attack that the lad didn't really want to do. "Ugh, all of you are so foolish... it's truly an annoying aspect of your species," the Elf mentioned. Once lavender eyes began to glow a demonic orange with red rings forming around their outer edges. Atop his forehead, two horns sprouted from within his very skull, curving outwards and seeming to glow light orange with power. Each finger on his hand, became like a claw with strange scaling and as he moved, the clipping sound of hooves could be heard, but only for an instant. This man would move at a speed incomprehensible to many and find himself directly in front of Kou. He had made himself out to be a magician of some sort, but here and now, it would seem his power was physical. He aimed a concise kick directly at the center of Kou's body by flipping himself onto his clawed hands, his back bent over in an arch and kicking outward with enough force to break bones and send the young man reeling. "I might still be in a forgiving mood... surrender or perish?" There was an evil power radiating off this man, as if his very existence was meant to coerce others into doing what he wished. Such a power is how he gathered his followers and a gentle demonstration of his power compared to others was usually enough, though he detested such physical violence, perhaps humans required firmer hands than the Elves he normally recruited.

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    "Well, it's good to know that. I'm not even sure what species I classify as anymore, so it's good you could tell me something about them," Kou quipped with a flippant wave of his left hand. It became apparent that a fight would be taking place, and one hell of a fight at that, as the Elf began to take on a new form so clearly influenced by demonic energy. Kou scoffed externally, even though he wanted to do nothing more than sigh. "Fucking. Knew it. Ugh..."

    Before he could say or think another thing, The demonic Elf quickly encroached upon him with an immediate strike. First, Kou saw the Elf in front of him, and then... he saw that same visage gaining distance. He was flying back from the demonic being, and he'd yet to even feel the causing blow's impact yet. By the time he even felt the pain of a shattered rib cage in his chest, he was... inside the wall of the farmhouse, quite far from his starting location. He coughed, and blood spewed from his mouth. This wasn't good at all, but he managed to begin pulling himself from the wall rubble. "Ugh- Fuck!"

    Surrender, or perish; these were the options he was being given? How ludicrous. He wouldn't give this Elf the time of day, much less his submission. It was already seeming like he wouldn't be able to rely solely on his Witcher abilities in this fight; a Demonoid in the making was far too powerful for that to be alright... he thought. Maybe there was a way, but he definitely had to do everything possible. He'd start right away by conjuring another sword in his left hand, and six more that floated behind him. These new blades seemed to have been made with silver's qualities in mind, as opposed to the usual steel-like structures he conjured. It took a bit more of him mana-wise, but he had it to spare. "Option three: You go fuck yourself."

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    "You think you're clever don't you?" asked the Elf who was now giving off all the vibes of a demon.He stood straighter as the lad went flying away from him and let out something akin to a giggle. All the while Hikari watched with wide eyes. 'Damn that looks like it hurt... should have dodged!' she thought with a bit of a snicker. She figured he'd be fine, advanced healing and the like being what it was. It seemed the human had a bit more of a physical resistance than the Elf thought, he eventually managed to stand and even reply to the options he was presented. "Ugh, vulgar little human..." said the Elf who watched as he created a great number of weapons. "Hoh?! Is that meant to intimidate me, weapons made by human hands aren't useful against me..." he proclaimed, he moved forward once again, this time aiming to ram the lad directly shoving his horned head towards the lad's torso, aiming to further batter him while causing himself no physical strain. "If you won't be controlled, you'll be culled."

    All the while Jaskier watched with wide eyes. There was much to be taken in here, he'd been inspired... oh if only his lute wasn't currently in pieces. Imagining the epic he could have written brought a tear to the blue haired lad's eye. This white haired lad's antics were definitely worthy of a good song, worthy to be told.

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