Personal Information

Name: Oliver Williams | Ozzy
Online ID: God-King
Age: 21
Gender: Male


Name: Ozymandias | Ramesses
Race: Human | Demigod
Level: 90

Strength: C
Endurance: C
Agility: B
Mana: A
Luck: A+
Artifact: EX

Major Class: Ruler

Alpha Skill: (LV 10)
Beta Skill: (LV 20)
Gamma Skill The Sphinx of Abu el-Hol: The Lion-Bodied Beast of the Hot Sand: A skill of Ozymandias that allows him to summon forth a number of Divine Beast sphinxes. The legend transmitted in ancient Egypt of a lion-bodied beast with a human face, which is the incarnation of the Sky God Horus, and feared by everybody as a manifestation of wild winds and fire. Even in modern Egypt, its existence is left behind in their language as the “Father of Fear (Abu el-Hol)”. In addition, inside the Great Temple Complex, there is a specimen belonging to the king species that commands the rest of the sphinxes, the Sphinx Wehem-Mesut, lying dormant within.
  • Sphinx Wehem-Mesut is the king species that commands the rest of the sphinxes. It is given the alias Cosmos Sphinx.
  • Unnamed Sphinx: The Sphinx that is claimed by Ozymandias to possess enough power to defeat three Heroic Spirits, even though one such as Queen Artoria has shown herself able to slay it. The Sphinx is able to cover itself with flames, instantly melting the materials its body comes into contact with. An example of this would be concrete, which became similar in shape to melted candy upon coming into contact with it. It can also adjust the temperature of its claws specifically, turning them into red hot blades.
  • Sphinx Awlad are clones of the Sphinx Wehem-Mesut, created by Ozymandias through supplying his magic to it. Their size and mannerisms are quite similar to that of a lion cub. They are rather cute and it possesses quite a giant figure when grown up. The number of years it takes for a cub to grow into an adult is unknown.

Delta Skill - Mesektet: The Solar Ship of the Dark Night: Ozymandias, who was regarded as Ra himself, is using the ship spurred on by the Sun God as his own property. It radiates towards the surface a powerful magical light referred to as “the serpent that slaughters serpents (Uraeus)”, embodied as the might of the sun, and it burns not only the opponents, but even the earth itself. It is able to fire several beams of light or one large powerful one. Ozymandias is also able to summon just parts of it if he chooses and it is both sturdy and large enough that just causing the front of it to appear is enough to demolish a sizable portion of his Master's workshop. The destructive power of this vessel is such that it is touted to be able to destroy all of Tokyo in a matter of hours.
Omega Skill - Ramesseum Tentyris: The Shining Great Temple Complex: The Great Temple Complex, the might of the Pharoah Ozymandias, embodied within a massive Bounded Field. It is the manifestation of how the glorious Pharaoh contains within his body the various Egyptian gods, thus it contains a number of mystics. It appears as a giant complex consisting of temples and corridors, and the central pyramid, the Ramesseum Great Temple Complex, acts as the main temple and throne room. By joining together and mixing several and more “bodies of temple complexes composed out of several temples”, such as the Great Karnak Temple Complex, the Great Dendera Temple Complex, etc., as well as by combining many great temples and mausoleums, such as the Ramesseum, the Great Temples of Abu Simbel, etc., it is transformed into a grotesquely large temple complex that cannot exist in reality. It is possible for Ozymandias to give arbitrary divine protections and curses associated with the deities enshrined in each and every temple towards the targets that trespassed into his domain. The main temple’s external walls are covered by the Hittites' divine steel, capable of withstanding and rebounding average Anti-Army abilities without a scratch. There are also Anti-Purge defenses around the complex.

Minor Class: (LV 51)

Alpha Skill: (LV 60)
Beta Skill: (LV 70)
Gamma Skill: (LV 80)
Delta Skill: (LV 90)
Omega Skill: (LV 100)

Support Skills

Support #1 - Charisma: A composite Skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the natural talent to command or unify an army or country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. For Ozymandias, this Skill is sufficient to lead a nation as its King. The morale of military forces he commands is extremely high.
Support #2 - Imperial Privilege: An ability that, due to the insistence of the owner, Skills that are essentially impossible to possess can be obtained for a short period of time. In cases when the owner is potent enough, even the "burden to the body" can be acquired (such as Divinity).
Support #3 - Protection of the Sun God: Ozymandias is one who receives the divine protection of the sun god Ra.
Support #4 - Divinity: At the same time that a ruler is one that controls the people and reigns over the land, a pharaoh is also someone who reaches the gods. A pharaoh has his divinity change in accordance with factors such as the era, etc., but Ozymandias is regarded as a child of the Sun God Ra, as well as one of its incarnations.
Support #5: (LV 75)

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Skill #2:
Skill #3:
Skill #4:
Skill #5:




Primary Weapon:
Offhand/Secondary Weapon:
Accessory #1:
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