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Thread: Ashikaga Tokiomi

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    Ashikaga Tokiomi

    Personal Information

    Name: Ashikaga Tokiomi
    Online ID: Ziusudra
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male

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    Name: Hassan-i-Sabbah
    Title: King Hassan | First Hassan | "Old Man of the Mountain" | Ziusudra
    Appearance: His main outfit consists of a thick purple and black helmet with a skull shaped visor, hiding his face behind it at almost all times and showing nothing but empty blue pupils. He wears a bulky purple and black cuirass with a skull on it, with eerie blue flames pouring out of the eyes. His plackart is designed to represent the ribs of a skeleton. He has large, durable faulds protecting his hips from damage, with a design that represents a skeletal hand wrapping around his waist. He has black and purple cuisses with glowing blue lines running through them, and spiked poleyns on his knees. He has extremely durable graves protecting his shins, and thick sabatons protecting the boots he wears. He has large, skull shaped pauldrons on his shoulders with infernal blue flames coming from the eye sockets, black rerebraces, purple vambraces with large spikes and blue lines running through them, and purple spiked gauntlets. On his back is a seemingly ancient mantle, with a cape that looks just as old and worn.
    Race: Human | Wraith
    Level: ???

    Strength: B
    Endurance: A
    Agility: B
    Mana: E
    Luck: E
    Artifact: A

    Type: Warrior
    Major Class: Assassin

    Alpha Skill: (LV 10)
    Beta Skill: (LV 20)
    Gamma Skill: (LV 30)
    Delta Skill: (LV 40)
    Omega Skill - Azrael: The Angel That Announces Death: Though the broadsword that he bears is perfectly commonplace, it has been stained with the faith of its wielder in the course of his lifetime. Being a sword borne by a man who walks the boundaries of the Valley of the Shadow of Death, its edge can potentially impose the termination of life with the slightest cut. Though the probability is low, the imposition of death can affect an opponent of any strength or stature. Those who walk within the Valley are as one with Death and familiar with its ways -- resistant to its instantaneous imposition, and as well as the effects of charm. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Decapitation with an ordinary large sword. It is ingrained with the faith that this individual continued to believe in, and spent a lifetime wielding. For those who lose their lives to this sword, they say there is fear, but no pain, there is dread, but no suffering, there is repentance, but no regret.

    Minor Class: (LV 51)

    Alpha Skill: (LV 60)
    Beta Skill: (LV 70)
    Gamma Skill: (LV 80)
    Delta Skill: (LV 90)
    Omega Skill: (LV 100)

    Support Skills

    Support #1 - Battle Continuation: This swordsman who is no longer certain whether he is alive or dead, even if he receives a fatal wound or loses half of his body for example, will keep snapping at the enemy as if he was in perfectly good health.
    Support #2 - Protection of the Faith: A Skill possessed only by those who have sacrificed themselves for a religious view. Despite being a form of divine protection, it is not a blessing from a higher existence. It is the absoluteness of one’s body and mind that was born from their beliefs. But if it is too high, it causes abnormalities in the personality.
    Support #3 - Evening Bell: The swordsman of the Evening Bell is without agency in his choice of opponents. He brings salvation to those who have lost sight of their mortality in the place of God.
    Support #4 - Uncrowned Martial Arts: To the opponents, the rank of one's sword, spear, bow, Riding and Divinity appears to be one degree lower than what it actually is. If his True Name is revealed, this effect will be terminated. In the case of First Hassan, the Skill additionally makes the attributes of his skills and weapons be displayed as the exact opposite of what they are, and that his parameters shown in his profile are one rank lower than they actually are.
    Support #5: (LV 75)

    Skill #1:
    Skill #2:
    Skill #3:
    Skill #4:
    Skill #5:




    Primary Weapon:
    Offhand/Secondary Weapon:
    Accessory #1:
    Accessory #2:
    Accessory #3:

    Mystic Code - Zabaniya: The name of the Mystic Code of all the people who have taken the title of Hassan-i-Sabbah. Each one of the sect had to earn their title by proving their piety through obtaining a divine miracle bearing the name of Shayṭān that met the criteria of that which could swiftly and reliably bring death to its target. They all keep their original core abilities as concealed "ultimate techniques", all with the new name Zabaniya, for the purpose of being able to act as a singular Hassan with no true identity. A new Hassan can be created only by the original, as his Mystic Code is a single line capable of copying itself onto another. From a gaming perspective, this is considered a "cheat" likened to hacking and stealing accounts, while also uniquely overlaying the original account's identity over the new one.


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