Madoka hadn't really considered that her build might not be the best for the way she was playing until it was pointed out to her. She'd originally made every choice presented to her, based on the offerings of the Nexus. It would figure that the CPU itself would instead of optimizing builds for solo adventures, give newer players options that made them more suited to group play. "Sou ka... I'll give it a try!" said Madoka, beaming. She didn't know why this Amakusa managed to be so nice to her, perhaps she'd been wrong in her desire for a Knight, this personality seemed much more agreeable. Beyond this Miki found the whole speech to be a great deal of information presented to the lass known as Madoka. Perhaps there would be hope for her yet.

Hikari's return though would herald a few more words from Amakusa who claimed they would all return to Eonis only a few moments after their departure. "Umphf, I don't know how you managed that, but whatever, there is a Kingdom to Save. With me!" Aerona said. Perhaps stately adventures and proper ruling weren't yet her thing, but she was at least a warrior who knew how to command a battalion and thus a large number of Demi-Humans were following her through. Madoka skipped her way through as well happily joining up. The last one through in this case would be Miki, who had been quiet and deep in thought about the coming events. The fight itself didn't scare her too much given all the pieces they had in place now. The aftermath would be a bit annoying but nothing she couldn't handle. No, right just now only one thing needed saying, "Hoh? Bending space-time in this form seems like cheating!~" she teased Amakusa as she went on through as well, she might as well have a bit more fun if they were about to head into a war zone.