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    Jason snapped at Kolin again. She still didn't really understand why he was so upset with her. Was she presuming to tell him he was wrong? No... well yes, but not really. She just didn't like the idea of being compared to another woman. She was the best, she was the pinnacle of appeal... she shouldn't be compared to others in a negative way only a more positive way. Why didn't anyone get that? "No, of course I wasn't questioning you..." she said immediately becoming subservient. Nerys heard her, and though she was quite busy taking in the man's rather girthy member, she also figured out a lot about Kolin in her following response. This woman was truly incapable of telling herself or anyone else the truth. She was also vindictive and spiteful if she was still upset about what had been said in response to King Arthur's questions. Regardless he had words for Kolin that both these ladies heard, Nerys internalized them, realizing exactly what kind of woman Jason was looking for. Too bad she was currently in the position she was... they could have had fun together as friends before this... and maybe they still could some day. Kolin on the other hand looked some mix between frightened and excited! She was going to be punished probably... but how? Would she be included? Could she take over and make sure that virgin bitch knew her place? Ah.... well virgin was a bit of an overstatement now... Kolin soon made her way within arms reach of Jason and waited for whatever he planned to do to her for her transgression.

    In the meantime, from what she could interpret by his reaction, she assumed that Jason at least was fine with this choice she'd made. In fact she caught a glimpse of his face as he sighed and she was quite sure she'd pleased him... this made her happy and her body tensed internally as a reflex stirring herself and his manhood simultaneously. Nerys moaned, in that moment a cute and small sound which she hadn't expected in a moment like this but after finding a point of relaxation again... Nerys was quite sure she could continue. "Ah~ This cock feels better than I thought it would~ Please let me know if there's something I can do to make this dance better for you, Captain~" she said with a teasing wink. She meant this as well, she aimed to please and wished to know if there was anything she could do beyond what she planned. Of course, she wouldn't want to distract him too much and she also wanted to give herself a bit of time for a proper adjustment to being filled in such a way... so her movements began with the gentle gyration of her hips. Much like she'd swung them around the stripper pole, she seemed to have a pretty decent understanding of movement and pacing. The chair they were in, would begin to rock gently as she found a pace she could work with as she began moving in a way which was much more relaxed than her initial descent. All the while she seemed to become a bit more confident, because once again she could feel Kolin's eyes on her... and Jason.

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    How could she think she wasn't questioning him? Of all the dumb things Jason heard from Kolin this day, that might have been the most moronic of all. He was beginning to detest any time she opened her mouth, if it wasn't for the purpose of taking his tool into it. Now, Kolin was on her way toward him. She was excited, and she was fearful. Good; that was about what he wanted from her. She should have been thrilled for the chance to accept his punishment, and she should have been afraid of that punishment not involving his touch in some way. What he had in mind should make her quite satisfied then, shouldn't it? As for what it was, he cut his eyes toward Kolin while extending his hand. "What should you do?" was all he asked as his hand was held out, palm-down with his wrist left limp.

    Nerys' decision was already paying dividends, as far as Jason was concerned. This strange position seemed somehow like a new form of penetration entirely, as if he wasn't even within the usual orifice, but a pleasant mutation of it instead. Just the same, it seemed to be doing wonders for Nerys, who came around to enjoying the penetration of herself far more quickly than Jason anticipated. "That so? Keep telling me about it, and tell the sow what she's missing," demanded the Argonaut. This odd form of movement Nerys chose was, much like all other things thus far, very new to Jason. What was its purpose? Well, Jason was quite satisfied with the feeling, though it didn't seem capable of building toward his release. Surely, it was to be considered yet another tease, albeit functional as a form of servicing as well. It was quite good regardless. Perhaps he would have further instruction for her, but that was only likely to happen when his mind finished processing the goings-on.

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    Having approached, Kolin remained both a bit excited and a bit scared. She wasn't sure why this was, but it had to be related to that oath she took. Beyond that, she was even able to mostly ignore her current feelings towards Nerys who got to be everything she would have wished. She was riding Jason! How as that fair?! It wasn't, she caught glimpses of that form moving about and it was exactly what she expected, a virgin shifting her hips about chasing her own finished. Jason surely wouldn't like that... he'd be mad when she came and he didn't allow it right? Kolin could take solace in that right? Nerys would get punished too and she wouldn't be alone. But his limp hand hanging out near her face and him asking her what she should do made her eyes widen. "I beg you to punish me Jason! I want to learn to be the best fuckhole for you... I'll accept it happily!" she begged for bad treatment and seemed like a puppy. Too bad Nerys had far too much on her plate to give much concern to Kolin. 'If she's gonna be basically the girl version of Leorio she might as well not be mad about anything...' Nerys thought.

    Ah, but that thought was cut short. She'd started to move and her whole body was full of tingles. It was a slow building sensation, akin to the movements and slow rocking her hips took. Each time she moved, more and more of them spread out. She was quite sure there was a permanent blush on her face. The entire surface and her pouty lips being bitten down on. Those tingles led to a sharp increase of feeling as that slight gyration of her hips grew as she became more comfortable but the pacing of it didn't change. Her nether became more and more tight as she felt strangely something building that she'd never felt with anything buried so deeply inside herself. This wasn't good at all! Shock crossed her face in the moment as she became more certain of what was coming but from what she saw of Jason she wondered if he'd be alright with this... she'd need permission right? Nerys wasn't stupid, a man this dominate wanted to be served and people got what they got from it only when a certain level of satisfaction was reached. She'd need to beg for it. Ah, Jason gave her the perfect opportunity though. He wanted her to speak on this experience... to share it with the class so to speak. She could easily work her begging into that. Nerys wasn't outright as subservient as Kolin (mostly because she knew she was worth more than just a lay) but... but a life of cowardice and prepared her to be capable of begging a bit. "It's so big it's touching so many new places inside me~" she started those hips of hers still rocking along with the chair more and more. "I really don't want to stop at all. I'm so confused by how it feels my body acts like it hasn't ever felt anything so deep, so good!~" she exclaimed. "This cock is so amazing... I don't want to stop myself Captain!~" she was working up to something important. Begging was coming. "Please Captain, tell me... if you want me to stop, I really want to cum but I don't know if I'll be able to wait. I need permission... Please tell me I can cum on this excellent cock of yours for the first time?!" These words were so honest and sincerely Nerys was trying to avoid doing this without permission but... she didn't know how long she could hold out when she could feel that literally from the tops of her ears to her feet.

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