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Thread: The Argo & Desolate Sands

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    A frown crossed Kolin's face. In fact, the entirety of this conversation made her look perpetually discontent. She couldn't believe the audacity of this man. Did he realize what she was? Didn't he know he should be groveling and begging her attention? What did he think... that she would change and demean herself just because she was close to death? That was hardly something she'd do. She'd use every breath she had to kick, scream and argue about everything until it was her way. "A ride is one thing... if I hadn't sent my more capable people ahead I wouldn't even care to do this at all..." she said and she was quite firm about this. Getting across the desert with the large group had been a problem. Getting across it safely with a small group was bad particularly because those she had for combat weren't prepared to face big monsters. At this point they could move on but not properly.

    Kolin winced falling forward, several copies upon several copies of the maps on this table wobbled in and out of her vision multiplied by a great number. She snapped her eyes shut and still heard the voice of this captain. He still spoke to her as if he thought he would get away with it. "It hardly matters who you stick your dick in so long as your satisfied. She'll do whatever I say because I said it. And even if she doesn't I'm sure there are many among you who don't care so much how willing or unwilling said participant is. A deal between us was offered you're the one who has a problem accepting it. And I unlike most am completely of my word. I'd deal with you personally just because you physically look my type but only if you behaved yourself... " she said. And this was true to some extent. Particularly when Kolin decided to do something for the sake of her own ire. Right now... barely able to stand, feeling the wetness of her lungs and knowing that the inside of her mouth tasted of blood she was quite certain she'd die here. But... what was this? A man claimed to have a cure-all for her. Something like that would prolong her existence for this ridiculous trip. Then... when she was ready she could take the next form she wished to. Ugh, but he had to be like this didn't he, she couldn't well accept his actions as they were. No... she simply had to be contrary. "Phoenix Tears? Has anyone even seen one in the last 300 years? Doubtful, no one's seen a mermaid in equally long a time period. Regardless... I am marked for death and will die. This body would have shattered apart and only didn't because I returned to being flesh..." she said. She was quite mad and in the moment revealed the entirety of her torso, from the spot her flaw was hidden in her diamond form near her ribs all the way down her right side, cracking rivers of blood pulsed visbly beneath the surface threatening to break skin. Normally porcelain skin disfigured beyond belief and she was bleeding inside so much she barely had any left in her brain. All she wanted to do was get across this shitty desert and make her next face. "It matters not... I won't beg for my life on some ridiculous man's idea of dominating me. It doesn't work. You aren't superior... and you shouldn't walk around thinking you are!" Kolin exclaimed. Yes she was near death, yes she'd had a bad day and yes she was still throwing a veritable fit. Someone would do what she wanted this day, and she didn't care who. In the last few days all had seemed to be going so well except for a few minor details and now suddenly she was stuck on a boat in the middle of the desert with pirates and a man who normally she'd bed but now she simply wanted to act better. She'd been spoiled by Knightly behavior. By those bound by a code of good will and doing the right thing. Never had she bartered from a position of weakness so she didn't understand it as a concept. Would she have, just tried to take that potion from him if she was in better condition... maybe. Probably but right now... everything was near fading.

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    "Well, that's bad for you, isn't it? You fucked up, and now here you are, trying to bitch your way into getting whatever you want," Jason stated with utmost nonchalance. This tantrum-throwing girl who called herself a queen, was essentially asking to be broken in, as far as he was concerned. Continuing to try pawning off her servants to the man would not end well for her; it would only direct more of Jason's attention her way. Maybe she would be humbled if his crew had a go at her as well. Maybe he would reduce her to the only remaining member of the small group she'd come with, or maybe she could be reduced to the Argo's new chamber wench.

    Oh, but not in the condition she was currently in. After questioning the Phoenix Tears' reality, Kolin made the grave mistake of revealing her weakness. Whatever did her in, did so for good; there was no natural healing method in this world that could repair such a thing. Phoenix Tears, however, could... if enough were ingested. For that kind of wound, he figured she would need an entire vial. Thus far, she'd managed to talk herself into getting none at all. "Looks like shit," was all Jason said about the woman's injury.

    Kolin could have been wrapped into a long conversation, in which neither party was willing to give any headway. She could have kept things going peacefully, but a few specific words would be her undoing this day. He wasn't superior? He shouldn't walk around thinking he was? This was his ship, his crew, his hero's journey, and therefore... Kolin was a mere blade of grass atop the face of his world. What a pity. Jason would have enjoyed complacency, but he supposed that sort of thing did become boring after a few instances. Well, whatever. Jason's sandal-clad feet were sliding off his desk, but they were not removed entirely. With one foot, he kicked the desk. A slight rotation of the structure would occur, leaving its top along a path toward Kolin's torso. This was far from the first time Jason had kicked his desk at someone; he believed he'd done so frequently enough to have a proper angle, which would leave his target pinned beneath it. "You're one of them, ain't ya? Got the nerve to jump on my ship, need my help to get your pitiful, dying ass across my stomping ground, and you somehow don't get that I'm the one in charge here? We could've had a nice fun time, you and me. Well... that sucks for you, doesn't it?"

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    Was Jason correct in his assessment of Kolin? Absolutely. Would she admit that? Never. Kolin was far beyond normal amounts of crazed, being injured only made it worse. She'd stated a few moments prior that she wouldn't beg for her life, and she meant that with all of her being. That is the case, but she'd been spoiled. Not just by the idea that she was important enough to make demands of a perfect strange. But she'd been spoiled by her previous tactics. She'd dealt exclusively with knights and royal guards, kings and nobles for her own reasons. She needed men of means and men of means came with etiquette. Men like Knights, came with chivalry and Holy Knights came with extreme amounts of honor. They would never hurt someone while they were down. They wouldn't take advantage of a lady in need... even if they'd witnessed that lady being horrid moments before. Kolin was spoiled into the idea of thinking she could talk anyway she wanted, do anything she wanted and even be anyway she wanted an always get her way. But she was about to learn something new...

    In addition to learning that even good men like knights had limits to the abuses they would take from her, especially on behalf of others and honor. She was about to learn what it was like to properly deal with a man who was no Knight. One not honor bound to be kind or nice in anyway... and how would she find this out? A swift kick to that desk before her. Even in her prime, she wouldn't have been able to dodge it, only defend. And right just now, she couldn't even do that. That desk pinned her and slammed directly into her weak flaw. The thing barely being held together after the magic that Nerys applied definitely ruptured from impact. Her mouth sprayed blood and that vicious cracking of her person immediately got worse. Those blood red lines making their way up her side and arms. Peaking even up to her neck. She was definitely done for... Actually this man's attitude wasn't half bad... if he hadn't just kicked this desk at her... she might have given a little more. Ah, but she'd returned to calm as she usually did when getting to the point that nothing was working. Getting hurt, finding out that you couldn't kill someone. Having a man actually take charge of a situation... all these things seemed to make Kolin not a more pliable person for a time. Too bad she never truly realized this sort of thing for herself... "I already mentioned I wasn't going to beg. If this ship and this desert are your claimed accomplishments so be it, but I want more and I'll have it. So whatever you're going for here... you're going to need to speed it up. I'm going to die regardless, then you'll be yelling at a corpse." Kolin's statement was said and she was already plotting. If she died she didn't want to respawn on this ship. She was far too weak to move herself from this desk... Actually she had no feeling in the side of her body that was covered in that terrible bruise anyway. Huh... this wasn't an ideal way to die, but she imagined there were worse ways as well.

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    Pinned and beaten further into a near-death state, Kolin continued her moronic ways. It wasn't begging that Jason wanted, in spite of what the woman thought. What he wanted, was for the despiteful queen to submit. Actually, since she still refused to know her place, since she was being so defiant and insisting she would have more than what she got, perhaps begging wouldn't be so bad as well! Ah, but there was one issue. It was abundantly clear that the one called Kolin was dying here. He couldn't be having that before he got his use out of her, right? "Hmm. You're right; that shit looks pretty painful," Jason said, stepping forward and hovering over the desk which pinned Kolin. His free hand reached out to jab at the blood line in her neck with its forefinger. "That's no fun at all. If you just up and die here... that would mean I, a great Hero... wasted his time even letting you on the Argo."

    That was it. He refused to waste his time and get no enjoyment out of it. Still holding that vial, he pulled out its cork. Jason's thumb covered the bottle as it turned upside-down, wetting his fingerprint with Phoenix Tears. With that done, he lifted his foot again before stomping the desk atop Kolin. If needed, he would grind it in a bit more─ whatever it took to make her scream, curse, or anything that would get her annoying mouth to open again. Whenever it did. he'd be jamming his moistened thumb into it. He wouldn't let his new toy die, nor would he grant her enough of that magic liquid to put her at full capacity. "Shishishi~ you still think you can pretend you're in charge? On the Argo, there is only one voice that matters! Mine!"

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    Jason was content to watch Kolin suffer. And Kolin from her position was simply ready to embrace death while being spiteful. Ah but it wasn't just that, a finger touched that blood spot on her neck as it aimed to overtake her face. Kolin had thought that she felt no pain but that finger came with a burning sensation as the might of that sword blow from Excalibur continued to try and shred her existence. She whimpered aiming to turn her head away from this attention but that likely would amount to nothing really. He spent a lot of time talking about himself, did he relaly think she cared if he was a great hero. Him and every other man this stupid world had to offer were just playthings. To be used and discarded at her leisure. It didn't matter that the positions of that were changed now, she was... without question still going to do what she needed to. But she wouldn't be allowed any reprieve.

    The stomping on the desk came next. Still it wasn't more painful than what was already happening. Not until of course he ground it down. A searing pain shot through her body and a mangled scream left Kolin's throat, along with flecks of blood from her obviously shattered insides. It was a wonder she'd even made it this long, she figured she'd die at this point but the man's thumb found itself wedged in her mouth instead. Phoenix tears coated that finger as disgusting as it was, seemed to give her a great deal of revitalization. Those cracking wounds of hers receded a great deal. She didn't feel like normal, she knew that flaw that was pierced was still throbbing within her but her life was no longer in danger. Even so, that wasn't really a grace in this case. No... this man simply wanted to use her. As they all did. He needed to feel important. They always wanted that. His ship his rules, she couldn't be in charge here. According to him she couldn't pretend to be in charge here. This amount of arrogance was almost unheard of on this level of the world... still she could only imagine with this man intended after saving her, even as much as he did. The pain of this day subsided, but she wondered what fresh new hells it would bring. "You've made your point, now get off of me..." Kolin said, admittedly less defiantly than she would have otherwise. She was still scheming, maybe this man was one of those who'd try her now. She could enchant him and go on about her business never taking up a proper copulation while she used her mostly healed body to start on her next face.

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    Surprise, surprise. Kolin's scream managed to be more satisfying than all the yapping she spewed from her mouth earlier. Now, she was healed enough to be out of danger... and to begin their proper business discussion. He was to get off her now, was he? Sure, a bit of complacency would do well. "Hoho─ I guess I could. Kindness is as kindness does, right?" he said. He would get off her indeed, but only after reaching out to grab her by her hair. Kolin did need the desk removed from her person, lest she take further injury. What better way to do that, than to drag her from underneath it, from her roots no less. His men, who'd heard the commotion from outside, had already set sail. Jason felt the Argo's movement, and thought it the perfect time to bring negotiations to a close.

    "We're on the move, little lady," he stated while tugging her along, fully intending to slam her against the bookshelf and pin her via a hand to the throat. "I haven't been paid yet, and you ain't being very friendly. Look, I even shared some of my special stash. I think you owe me extra─ don't you? Song and dance might not do the trick by itself now." Jason had many ideas, and none of them were to be considered pleasant. This woman was a nuisance, so clearly used to getting her way in all walks of life. None of that would happen here. Jason would have his way, and that coming in exchange for another's loss of their own way, only made the victory that much sweeter.

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    Kolin had indeed screamed and she'd noted the fact that the ship had begun moving. Strange though it was, she knew there was no way this man didn't have this planned all along. Kindness is as kindness does? He did remove himself from her person, but managed to drag her out from under the desk by her hair instead. Another scream left this woman's throat, this was far too rough. Beyond that point she was soon enough slammed against a bookshelf. Of course, this sort of thing was about expected given the man's apparent temperament. A hand was soon against her throat after she made contact with this bookshelf. It hurt but she'd been hurt worse just moments ago, it barely registered as proper pain. What did this man have to say now. They were moving and he hadn't been paid. This wasn't the trip she'd intended to make... nor did it have all the pieces in place she would have required. She'd planned to make an offering of several young women and some coin. "You want extra... I'll agree you might be owed it. I am still alive after all," she said it seemed she was being reasonable for a moment or two. Maybe it was the throat on her neck and the impending potential doom which kept her this way. Maybe she actually liked this sort of thing? Whatever the case she was considering what to do. "I already offered what I had. More is possible but only once I reach my destination. Admittedly, coming here like this wasn't my plan, but shit happens," she said. She could imagine this man wanted something strange from her, and she might end up having to give in to reach her goal. Luckily enough she was quite goal oriented and if what he wanted ended up being too much for her psyche to bear... she'd add him to the list of people she'd target once she was whole again. It wasn't as if after living as many human lifetimes as she did, and doing all she could to raise her Kingdom, she would let a little something like the cost of travel stop her from reaching her goal. If all else failed... there was always Charles... though she should probably find out if this man was immortal or not before calling for him.

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    At long last, there were some sensible words leaving Kolin's mouth. How strange it was, that he had to take her by the throat for such a development, but Jason didn't care either way. "Yes, Captain; whatever you like." These words spoken were a simple correction to the woman's own statement. She'd been far too unbearable for him to settle for mere complacency at this point. Still injured, she was far too vulnerable to dare offering him resistance, he thought. Perhaps she would get the point as he pressed his knee into the wound she boarded his ship with. Whether she did or not, he was doing just that. "You haven't offered me shit from what you've got. You threw your little mage slut under the bus, but that's about it. Where's the dance? Why aren't you still singing? Captaining a ship across this desert is hard, you know; a Hero needs someone around to keep his spirits high!"

    With that final statement offered, Jason retracted his knee from Kolin's torso, only to ram it forward once more. If he brought her to the brink of death again, he had plenty of Phoenix Tears left in his vial to keep her from escaping life for the trip's duration. "By the way, dealing with some entitled bimbo wasn't my plan. I was gonna relax today, y'know? Kick back, have a nice drink. You've already enjoyed more of a drink than I have since getting here, and I haven't gotten shit. Where's your offer to fix all my problems?"

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    Jason's correction to her sentence hit her ears and she managed to look unamused. He really thought she'd say something like that? He obviously had no idea who she actually was... he was about to find out. Kolin would have opened her mouth to correct him about that statement with words, but before she could offer the kind of resistance she normally would have, this man's knee was pressing into her wound. Yes, it'd receded but the flaw itself was still there. She felt it spreading from the pressure, full of stinging fire, her legs moved as her body tried to shift away from the pressure and she let out another scream. A couple more by the time he asked about her still singing. "Why would I offer me? She's literally here to be a sacrifice for this ship. I only had her brought along for this," she said, still unable to keep such thoughts to herself. Nerys didn't even know what the blonde former queen had planned for her, she'd come along to help... how foolish. Kolin wasn't up for this. She didn't expect to be relegated to punching bag, but here she was. The nerve of him. He acted like she should have offered herself like some common whore, she was queen here, those beneath her were tools, what about this was so hard to understand. Nerys wasn't even useful as a distraction for this man, in this case. This man claimed to be a hero, but here he was, abusing her physically, torturing her mentally and for what? Because she didn't bow out to his stupid wishes? Because she was strong enough even while half-dead to look him in the eye and give him orders. Men truly were disgusting creatures.

    His need finally removed she breathed a sigh of relief only to immediately scream again as his knee hit her exposed flaw. Unlike in her diamond form, it wasn't tucked behind anything, it was literally onto of her ribs being pounded repeatedly. It'd already begun to spread again. Further up and up setting her body aflame. Beyond the physical pain of it, he had the nerve to call her an entitled bimbo, like he wasn't the one who was currently torturing her for what she saw clearly in her mind as no reason. He wanted an offer to fix all his problems, it seemed like he was already fixing them by beating her within an inch of her life again. Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth as she spoke, more internal bleeding she could feel as warm pooling beneath her skin. "You want your day fixed and haven't said how..." she coughed out. "I didn't plan to offer myself here at all... obviously you plan to do what you want... I won't resist," was all she had left to say. Obviously, this man would do as he pleased regardless of what she said, but that didn't mean she'd allow him to think for one moment that she was at all willingly part of this. She'd do what was necessary to get where she was going, but she wouldn't enjoy it, nor would she be helpful during it. Hell, she was barely interested in doing anything other than being pleased herself to start with... why the hell did this ship's captain think he'd get more out of her than those who aimed to please and make her happy?

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    Why would she offer herself? Jason could ask why she thought it wise to offer her servants. There were dozens of men aboard the Argo, and though Jason would not weep for their deaths in the sea of sand, he would never offer them as sacrifice of his own accord. "That's just shitty leadership. Don't worry; we'll take care of her too. That's just the way things work out here in the real world. Leader to leader, though, it's our jobs to take care of each other. That's the Argo way~" he said, seeming rather amused. More pain was in store for Kolin, but her resolve was mightier than any he'd seen before. Oh well... everyone had a breaking point, and he was having an interesting time finding out what Kolin's was. He'd seen flashes already, so perhaps it was time for another push.

    She gave in, though not fully. Dignity was not a thing permitted to guests of the Argo─ particularly those who offered no fair trade for the passage they received. "Crew food, or Wyrm food. That's how we treat stowaways here," he explained. "You bring your own payment to get a pass for you and your crew, or you're a stowaway." He would retract his knee again, simultaneously releasing his hold of the woman's neck. In stepping back though, he kicked out at Kolin's fault; a bit more blood from her mouth would paint her face nicely. Afterwards, he would prop himself against the map table at the room's center. An open gesture with both hands was then aimed... at Jason's own crotch, which bulged through the veritable undergarments he used as coverage. "I'm gonna do what I want, but that ain't easy. Dealing with your prissy ass winds me up. C'mon, stowaway. If you're caught stealing a trip, you gotta do what it takes to get where you're trying to go. Maybe earn yourself some more hospitality, and more drink than what's coming out of the hose you're gobblin'. Looks like you need a few swigs again."

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