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Thread: The Argo & Desolate Sands

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    Of all the things this man had said today, his plucking at her leadership ability was by far the most annoying. He claimed that they should take care of each other as leaders of this group it was the way on his ship. Of course, he'd believe something like that. He thought she should have offered herself, he had no idea how much higher she thought herself above these random people. He called this desert the real world, but Kolin knew better. This land was just lawless... she'd had so much to say about this, but now, she was in pain again. He'd let go of her throat only to aim a swift kick at the fault in her side once more, she cried out. Spitting more blood and nearly fainting from the immediate pain of it. She fell to her knees clutching her side. She wasn't allowed dignity here, but she still had some even as blood dripped from her mouth. He had just said that either one was food for the crew or food for the Wyrms. Those creatures were no joke at at her current level of injury and power, she had no hope of slaying one alone. Hell even with Lot, Leorio and Nerys she might not be able to take more than one down. Whatever. She'd offered Nerys as food for the crew, if that was happening she could take solace in not being the only woman put through the ringer. All those other girls always acted like they were above such acts, but when faced with life and death situations they always caved. She on the other hand... was very different. Whether this was a positive or a negative was an entirely different thing. "I've lived way too many lives and seen far too many things. I have never put some man's cock in my mouth and I don't plan to start now. I agreed to have sex with you... that's not included." That was her stance, even as she clutched her side, even as writhed and screamed in agony there were things she never intended for herself and that was one of them. Technically speaking looking at the man's package she wouldn't really mind having it inside her. In fact without all the extra violence of this day, she might have even enjoyed it. But right now... the idea of putting her mouth on anything that wasn't actually food was disgusting.

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    Kolin had such an obvious personality type after a few minutes of conversing, Jason truly believed she would find difficulty in surprising him with anything at this point. He was... quite wrong. As the self-proclaimed queen clutched her wounded side and let blood run down her chin, she refused his most polite offer to take his phallus into her maw. What? Was he hearing her properly? Physically, she was designed with one purpose Jason could think of. The point of her entire being, was to be a sex object. What did that all mean, if any part of her was off-limits? Jason couldn't fathom the idiocy of that claim, nor how she thought she had a say in the matter.

    "You've never done what? Wow," he said with a sigh, well and truly shocked by this information. Stepping forward, Jason positioned himself in front of the kneeling Kolin. His foot rose, resting over the hand which held her wound. It was but a simple threat with no applied pressure at the time, but he was more than willing to make his point by force, if necessary. "I wasn't clear enough? That's my fault; heroes shouldn't be so indirect. Listen close." A deep inhale preceded the remainder of his clause. His eyes narrowed, and since only one of his hands was occupied with the vial of Phoenix Tears, he decided the best use for the other was to slap the woman's face with the back of it. Then, and only then, could he speak to her sensibly. "As long as you are on the Argo, you are a fuckhole. You know what fuckholes do? They get a chunky rod in every corner that fits one, and they treat it real nice. Bad fuckholes don't get the sort of happy treatment I've been giving you. If you're gonna be a bad one, you'll have to ask real nice for the good shit."

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    Was Kolin a sex object? The answer was yes. In fact, it could be said that every face, worn by the woman originally known as Kujaku Mai was a sex object, including her original one. Even so, she had standards, and that was what set her apart. She alone in this world was unattainable in certain ways. She alone refused to be treated as trash by men. What happened in sex was meant to please her, not the man in question alone. Why should she do something degrading like making sure a man got to finish, when such a thing would happen regardless of where he stuck his phallus in the first place? Why should she have to work extra to make some man happy when all that was going to happen was the same dribbling explosion that always happened? Well, she was about to find out.

    Jason stood and lorded over her. As if he was well and truly in charge here. He aimed his foot over her wounded self in that same place he'd continued to nudge throughout their conversation. Her eyes widened, and she softened ever so slightly. Though the pain of this was something that she expected, she still did not really want to feel the fracture of her body in such a way. He came down to the level of her face and spoke in an oddly calm manner. Wasn't that a bit frightening. He managed to be surprised by her admission but then slapped her across the face with the back of his empty hand. Her entire face flew to the side and then she found herself looking back at the man who was now speaking calmly. According to him, this part wasn't her choice. She'd either do it, or get worse treatment. All she had to do was get across this shitty desert... and once she was there nothing about this man would matter anymore. He was definitely on the list of people she would murder now, right beside the other blondes who crossed her. This face was dying regardless, degrading it in this way would mean she'd never take it again. She'd never want to experience being this person who fell to a desert ship captain on her weakest day. There was fury below the surface of Kolin's visage. Nothing she would have done could happen. He wasn't fawning all over her trying to kiss and adore her. He was abusing her physically and mentally, dominating her in every aspect of her life. Even forcing her to cross lines she'd never have crossed of her own accord. He wanted her broken for him... more than she already was, disgusting. Her goals were bigger than this moment, she'd hadn't spent this many human life times trying to get back her status to be felled by one stupid man's short-term desires. She could take solace in knowing she wouldn't be the only one to know this treatment. Everyone woman and slave she ended up with would be worse off than this if she had anything to do with it. No man would ever treat a woman kinder than her in her presence again. Never would she allow such softness to appear again. And how would this go for her now... what did she want to do now? Well obviously appeasing this man would get her a bit farther away from all of this physical tyranny. "Fine." Still she wasn't about to risk more physical damage to her person just because he wasn't sure how much control he needed over this situation... she do what he asked, though she wouldn't be happy about it.

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    'Fine' was the only thing Kolin had to say, after what seemed like an eternity of deliberation. The look on her face wasn't pleasant at all. This woman was far too used to getting her way─ so much so, that even her agreement did not lead to further steps along the proper path. Even though her singular word implied compliance, there was hatred deep within those eyes. Oh, what would he do with such a vindictive target? "Don't 'fine' me," he demanded. Jason had already spoken the facts of life here on the Argo. It wasn't enough that she agreed in the end like the petulant child she was at heart; one must fully submit to the Argo's captain. "I told you, you've been bad. You have to be good now if you wanna be happy. And we... should all be happy here, shouldn't we?"

    All things considered, Jason had long since become a bit... crazed. Kolin had the self-inflicted misfortune of waking that segment of the old hero's mentality, and she would suffer for it. All that plotting she did─ none of it meant a thing to him. The simple, mental decision of adding him to her kill list, would only make things worse for her. There was no getting around the whims of the Argonaut while aboard the Argo itself. He could feel the threat to his life, even though it was presently no more than a thought. Inspiration struck him as a result of this, by law of his very existence. Before Kolin did anything further... that inspiration would have to take its course. "Let's be happy now, alright? Beg. Announce what you are, and put it on your name. I want you to swear," he said, essentially demanding an oath from this woman. He was quite sure how this would go when it came about, so he remained prepared to cease any further action to... 'clarify' things once again.

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    Kolin was truly a petulant child at heart. She was used to getting her way, using force and violence to produce the outcomes she wanted in this world. Here and now she was doing nothing but thinking ahead to a future she desired and it had nothing to do with what this man wanted in the moment. A single moment of annoyance and degradation and she'd be free of him. And once free of him, she could end him so as to never have to hear of this moment again. That was how she operated. She had her standards and she'd live them, and if she couldn't live them, she got rid of what was stopping her. All was right in the world, except... when it wasn't. He didn't like her answer, of course. This man had some strange ideas about forcing a particular mindset on people. Doing what he wanted simply wasn't enough for him... the audacity. Of course, Kolin had this same kind of audacity and it was completely lost upon her that she was worse than this man before her.

    Still he wanted her to swear on her name to the sentence he'd spoken before. He was exactly the type of person she hated most. "I Kolin, while aboard the Argo, am a happy fuckhole." she said, it was an oath she'd take, for this stupid journey. When it was accepted it would come into being and likely change her own actions, even so it was only this face, she'd already decided she'd never take it again. It didn't matter, he needed only to accept to get this over with. Granted there was no begging in that oath she doubted she wouldn't beg once it took effect. How low.

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    Ah, the first step was taken. Good. The face of Kolin would be a content and complacent little toy while aboard the Argo, and yet... that tingling in Jason's mind was unaffected by her oath. He'd been around quite a long time, and he'd seen many things in more than a single world. As he said before, he knew Kolin's type; that wasn't so specific to her personality. "That's good, that's good! But..." he interrupted himself, raising a finger while raising a point. "That ain't enough, is it? Now, make another one~"

    With his next clause, Jason applied just a bit of pressure to exacerbate Kolin's injury yet again. It wasn't much, but he would apply it until she felt his seriousness through her own body. "I don't care about Kolin, and I don't care about specifically being on the Argo. Swear on your other name─ on your soul. While you're at it, you like offering up all the people who serve you too, right? Go on; throw them in too! On the Argo, off the Argo, any time you and your people are in my presence. C'mon. Willing, begging, dribbling sluts for the great Hero, Jason!" He wouldn't be leaving room for debate. Now that Kolin had given her oath, he anticipated enough complacency to grant his salvation. How this man, who now bore the grin of a jackal, had ever been a legitimate hero... could be considered a mystery to many. Alas, he'd lived a long life. His identity as a Hero would never fade, but he had undoubtedly been twisted by the acquisition of it.

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    Her oath and been sworn and accepted, and now Kolin felt a deep tingling in her loins and beyond that heat building up in her body. Beyond all the pain of this day all she wanted now was to have sex with Jason, as terrible as that was for her psyche at the very least she could enjoy it for the duration. Even the things she didn't normally do. All this was done and he still wanted more?! She supposed he was a hedonist and they always took more than they gave, but what he wanted was beyond ridiculous. If she agreed to such a thing, she'd bind herself and every face she wore to this man's desire. She'd become a slut for him anytime he was in the vicinity. How disgusting? Everyone she worked with as well... he wanted her to swear this... she literally couldn't, except... this oath overrode her madness. The suggestion was greater than her protection against mental manipulation. Besides that she really wanted to have sex with this man right now. Her body was demanding it. She wanted to please him... not just sexually just in anyway he wanted. She wanted to say no, to stop this but her mouth didn't agree with her brain. She was being dominated. "I, Mai Valentine <3," when speaking the last bit that same symbol appeared in her eyes. How terrible, how much was she being locked into this thing she was saying. "And everyone who serves me... is a willing, begging dribbling slut for the Great Hero Jason. Anytime we are near him. I swear on my soul.~"

    It was such a happy sound. This lass was absolutely defeated. What was more, anyone attached to her, would have this oath applied to them once they accepted it. Such was the nature of the oath. No matter what face she wore, no matter what she did. If Mai found herself in Jason's presence she'd be reduced to this. She had many regrets in this moment. She should have died. She should have planned better. She should have... brought better security. None of mattered now though, her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, she was so open and ready for Jason. She fought all this time, to lose so much of herself to a single man... she gave up everyone she worked for... everything. For this man so long as he was in her presence. It was well and truly disgusting. And now she couldn't even get revenge against him... because no one who worked for her could attack him.

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    As if the grin of a jackal could intensify, it did on the face of Jason when he achieved victory. Finally, that annoying sensation in his mind was disappearing. There was a sharp inhale from the man, as if breathing in the air of success itself. "Ahh, yeah. That's the good shit," he said, fully content and removing his foot from Kolin's hand and fault. Bar only a few situations, this could be considered his crowning achievement. That hedonist Jason could freely walk into the city of Dis, and receive the treatment of a god from all its inhabitants─ including its reigning monarch. Life was... good.

    Ah, and things were already taking effect. Shortly after binding her soul to him through the world itself, Kolin left her mouth agape with a protruding tongue, as if awaiting insertion. He stepped away from her, though, propping himself against the map table once again. His arms crossed, his brow raised, and he stared down at his new dog. What would he do with this little pet? Well, he'd given an order already, and he was keen to see it taken properly. "Now that the itch is gone, I can relax. Oh─ what was all that shit you said you weren't gonna do again? All this hard work makes a guy forget, y'know?"

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    After giving this oath, it seemed Jason was pleased. This was good. Outwardly and overriding her personal feelings Kolin was also pleased. She'd just sold out everybody who worked for her. No one who was attached to her was safe from Jason. This was the exact kind of servitude she wanted from her followers and now, in a turn of divine karma it was also forced upon her, by her own hubris. And the most upsetting thing was, there was no way for her to get out of it. Short of the death of Jason, there was literally nothing to be done to free herself from this servile nature she'd sworn in this man's presence. Disgusting.

    Even as she would have thought this, her body wanted nothing more than to be filled by this man. That waggling tongue of hers, seeming to demand to taste his skin. Disgusting. He moved away from her? Why?! She wanted to please him... she wanted to taste him!? She'd even go on to say this... how very out of character for her. "I said I never had before, but now I want nothing more than for yours to be the first cock I taste!~♥" What a gross sentence. One never spoken by Kolin before this moment on any face she'd ever lived with. And yet, this was what she was reduced to, as she crawled across the floor to meet him. She waited for him like a good dog for him to tell her to do it again, so she could. Why had she ever said no. All the while... there were hearts in her eyes and she had no more fight left in her. How very sad.

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    The moment Jason's arms unfolded, one hand reached up to scratch his temple. The other, in the meantime, toyed with the open vial of Phoenix Tears. He didn't really care what happened with Kolin now; he'd won. There was no need to be concerned about whatever her power was like when she was without injury, since she'd sworn herself to a very specific form of servitude. Now, that dastardly woman crawled across his map room's floor and begged like an actual hound, yammering about how she wished to taste his manhood. Given her inexperience, he doubted letting her do so would even be worth it... though perhaps the overwhelming desire alone would make up the difference in skill. It would be rather interesting to find out, but whatever the case, Jason would be finding a way to enjoy this trip through the desert. "Nothing more, huh? That's funny," he said. "I still ain't hearing any begging. You want the fancy little potion too, don't you? I don't think good fuckholes chuck blood on the cock that's stuffin' 'em." As he spoke, he made sure the vial was in a clear line of sight, placed between Kolin's eyes and his groin. He definitely wasn't going to deal with the fact that her mouth could suddenly spew blood, but... her agony was something that had been amusing him thus far.

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