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Thread: The Grandcypher

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    Kuroka agreed to taking the West as her place of travel. With this setup, and the information they had, Giyu imagined they would have a relatively easy time. Kuroka was an especially useful piece, not just for this event, but for their group as a whole. If they could manage, solidifying her as a more permanent resident to the Grandcypher would be ideal in Giyu's mind. "That's settled then. Good luck," he said to the Tengu. Now, at last, they could begin the movement properly... except, there was one additional piece. . .

    This additional piece was not upon the board by Tamamo's volition, but instead simply appeared because it needed to be there. How very curious. Oh well; if Tamamo believed this mysterious figure was on their side, he would agree with her without question. A simple nod was all he gave. Whenever the time was right, that person would make themselves known. "Weird maps, askew memories, and four corners to conquer and liberate. Sounds familiar," he mused. Meanwhile, one of the males within the room seemed a bit spaced-out. Diva, who could usually fit such a description, had a sense of suffering. Something was wrong nearby; he could tell. Was it a very big deal? Well, it wouldn't be to the others, but perhaps it would be in his best interest to investigate.

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    A nod came from Kuroka it seemed they had come to an agreement and everyone who would move, knew where they were going. Before she got up to leave though, she heard the minor bit of discussion about the extra piece on the board. It appeared that Tamamo hadn't put it there but the lass felt it needed to be there. Whatever the case, she knew that the young woman before her, in any of her forms wouldn't do anything carelessly. As such, she had no problem taking her leave. "Hai hai, I'm off then... if there is nothing else," said Kuroka as she stood and left the room. These two were pretty quick about what they did and she had no problem doing what they asked.

    Tamamo on the other hand, was made to feel something very strange. An unquestioning faith in her abilities. She'd said she didn't know why the piece was there and felt it belonged and Giyu much to his credit simply nodded his understanding. One of the things that Ashikaga Kimiko liked most about this lad was that he didn't leave her second guessing herself all the time. A smile crossed her face as she settled into his lap, wiggling just a tad. "It really does doesn't it? Oh well, I guess we'll find out why soon enough. Have fun out there," she chimed as she shifted herself out of the lad's lap, but not without giving him a final discrete squeeze. Which was all well enough as her eyes crossed the table. She looked to every face present as she stood seeming to become ready to leave. "We'll all be back when we learn anything of great importance, or if the plan changes in general," she said to the rest of the group. In the meantime, Shuten would also seem to become excited. "Yesh! Also you guys are in charge of looking after the ship, Nii-san! Let's go... liberation is one of the best parts of these adventures!~" she said seemingly amused.

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    Kuroka was content to take her leave right away, and all in due time. From the looks of things, they could all be on their way. "Nothing I can think of," said Giyu, who was soon enough offered a subtle squeezing from Tamamo─ prior to the lass' own extrication from his lap. He rose then, while the new Slime of their group huffed and hopped away after Kuroka. Giyu set his sights on Shuten while waiting. "Back to reclaim what's ours? I guess that classifies as liberation, in a way. Let's go."

    Ah, but there was one other who would be joining this group in leaving the Grandcypher. As Tamamo moved, Diva stepped closer to her. The thing he sensed happened to be in the same direction she was headed. He knew he wouldn't be easily accepted here, but did that truly matter? The Atlantean reached out, tentatively taking the Kitsune by her sleeve to halt her progression briefly. "I... need to... that way. . ." There was something calling to him, and he knew not what it was exactly. The lad wasn't going to let a lack of knowledge stop him, though. Perhaps he could get by, simply by being in a Youkai's company until he found what he sought.

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    The group made its break, and though Tamamo received no reaction from the lad when she squeezed him, she was content nonetheless. It seemed it'd gone unnoticed by most if not all in the first place and after she removed herself from his lap, Giyu stood and waited with his sister. They seemed content to converse just the same, Shuten began walking away from the group headed for the outside of the ship as if she knew where she was going. "Yes! It's ours! We are liberating it from the hands of a thief!" she exclaimed as she walked off. Truth be told, her morality was little askew in this form, she might have thought better generally of stealing something from someone else, even if it belonged to her initially. Whatever the case, she was content to have another adventure with her brother.

    In the meantime, Tamamo called her mirror back to her person, and it seemed to absorb the image on the board along with the beads on the table without issue. She could take this little map set up with her, in case she needed to show it to anyone else or if they had to set up an impromptu meeting somewhere else. Everything she needed was tucked away on her person and she turned to leave only to stop as she felt a gentle tugging on her sleeve. She looked at him strangely, she was a different person right now, but the base was still the same. In the time since meeting him, she'd grown quite attached to the Atlantean and had learned quite a bit about him. Even though it wasn't through the eyes she current possessed she couldn't see the harm in helping him find whatever he was looking for. Especially since she knew the sort of things that called out to him. "Hoh? Something caught your attention, hm?" she asked in a way which was mostly rhetorical. Though this place wasn't friendly to non-youkai, Tamamo maintained the ability to hide the lad from plain sight for a while. Her eyes had a familiar friendliness within them and the gentle glow of magic which she'd adjusted to casting recently "Ara ara, we really can't have you wandering around alone or anything~ Come along then. Don't wander too far away from me, and people will be too busy looking at me to see you~" she said explaining the magic she used and beginning her walk. She'd exit the ship and head towards the neutral territory which would allow her to go towards the south.

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    "Yes. Just like I'll liberate his head from the rest of him," Giyu said, managing to let a bit of spite leak through from his source. With that, he was off in the company of his (now in two ways) sister. They would go East in satisfaction for having each other's company again, and their journey would be... quite the epic one indeed.

    Ah, but there was another epic journey beginning between two members of this growing group, even if they didn't realize they would be embarking on it together. Tamamo took a moment to react to Diva's approach, but she seemed accepting of his request in the end. He was resolved to find whatever reached out to him. Luckily, Tamamo had a method for him to follow along without attracting undue attention to himself, at least according to her. He could do as she asked; he could easily keep the pace without straying too far. "A...rigatou─" he managed to say. What was ahead of them, though? They would both be finding out soon after departing. Just along the path Tamamo herself needed to travel toward her chosen faction, there was... what appeared to be a simple boar with fur of ash, was struggling itself to death in an alley just within the city. This creature was exactly the one Diva sought, and exactly the thing that sought him.

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