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Thread: The Grandcypher

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    Oh, if only he knew they were both daydreaming of those accidental situations. It was rational to think though, right? They were of the same mindset most times, like a pair of dice continuously rolling the same numbers at a ridiculous frequency. If they were doing that now, things could be very interesting. Regardless, it was a known fact that Miki... or rather, Kimiko, was a restless sleeper. It was surprising, but not too much so, when her backside was eventually against him during their sleep attempt. Kou had been on his back, his eyes closed. This press of skin against his own was something inviting, comforting, but also... something which woke him up in numerous senses of the word. Was she fully asleep doing this? If she was, could he get away with pretending to be physically responding in his sleep? It was possible, and seemingly a good idea... so he did just that. Hesitating for only a moment, he soon rolled to press his front against Miki's back. Of course, this also resulted in his crotch pressing itself against her backside, but... if she was asleep, that would hardly matter. Kou himself even managed to feign a little snore while matching his breathing to that of a sleeping state. It was a poor attempt for how he actually slept, but it would have been quite spot-on otherwise. Oh, the curse of not being able to see oneself from an outside perspective. Either way, the two were pressed quite firmly against one another, and Kou's right arm was even draped over the lass' midriff beneath the covers.

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    Was Miki asleep? Not... deeply. Her movements were unconscious but her mind was still racing. It was a strange state, somewhere between proper wakefulness and sleep. And it was fine given she'd managed to properly nestle herself against Kou. What was more... the lad responded to such a movement?! His body turned, and soon he was fully wrapped around her. If she had been fully asleep, her mind would have woken by now, his crotch was pressed against her backside, his torso against her back. This was warm, and comforting to an extent she couldn't have explained. Even, his arm was wrapped around her torso?! How was she to take this and continue to sleep? The answer was of course, she couldn't. And what was more, he didn't seem to be, as asleep as she'd initially suspected. There was something ever so off about the sound which came from him. And normally she wouldn't have prodded him about it. But... this scenario was a bit close to the one she'd imagined for her self-exploration. Knowing how close this was to the sort of thing she'd thought of, set her mind ablaze and had her absently making movement of her body that fulfilled that fantasy. Her hips shifted back just a tad, rubbing along his manhood. She was unafraid of his bulge in a direct sense, and could always use the material later to work out any frustration she gave herself. Hell, if she shifted her position a little, she could work it out, even in this proximity.

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    Everything seemed to be working just fine, and the comfort found in this moment could not be understated at all. This was what he'd been missing out on? He could punch himself for his negligence! Ah, but there was even more to come. Miki not only settled, but... moved? Specifically, her rear moved against his crotch. It was actually nothing more than a natural reaction that he moved in response to produce something of a grinding motion between the two. Alas, this was quite the dangerous scenario. If he moved too much, his manhood would undoubtedly erupt from his boxers. Did he really care, though? If that happened, it would just be another... 'accident' after all. As such, what he did was more than a simple, single grinding movement. He pressed his bulge rather firmly against the girl's backside, and it responded by pulsing repeatedly. Despite this being a natural and unintended motion for Kou initially, he seemed to have no intention of stopping it. It was almost as if he were purposely chasing the sensation after only a few moments.

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    Kou really was the most comfortable wall. And said wall was coming with more and more perks as this moment evolved. Though it wasn't initially a conscious effort, the movement of her hips backwards managed to illicit a response from the white haired lad. He ground himself against her bringing an added bit of motion to her body. What a strange evolution they were taking, a time before now, she'd accidentally touched him and freaked herself out about it. Right now, she was pretending to be sleep and enjoying the feelings of their bodies rocking against each other. In fact, the pulsing of his bulge as he pushed it more firmly against her backside, was met by the shifting of her person ever so slightly. It would have been almost as if she was uncomfortable, trying to find the exact right way to line them up.... but it would never be that simple. No, she aimed to put the arm she slept on, in position to allow her to feel the press of her hand against her womanhood on the opposing strokes that she rocked her hips against his manhood.

    Oh but this was a fresh kind of danger, there was nothing separating them, and she didn't trust herself to properly stifle a noise which could come from her mouth. But was an 'accidental' moan a problem if he thought she was sleep? She'd already practically admitted to being a bit of a pervert... one could only assume the kinds of dreams she had... and would have if she chased this particular line of thought to fruition. Of course, it was also always an option to undertake this whole thing from a point of wakefulness... ah but this state came without obvious embarrassment for both parties, an opportunity which couldn't necessarily be wasted. Whatever, she was fully committed to this, and as such her hips moved against his in a seemingly natural way, and her pearl was ever so gently brushed by the hand beneath her. Her body broke out into goose flesh, but that only made it more believable that she'd huddle closer, even as her face burned red and her breathing labored ever so slightly.

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    Indeed, there were benefits to both of these teens feigning unconsciousness. From Kou's perspective as well, if Miki thought he was asleep, he could go quite far without things being awkward at all. And so, his reprehension faded away with each almost thrusting motion, while his arm wrapped a bit more tightly around the lass it held. In doing this, Kou's efforts could almost seem to be something done with purpose. They were, in truth, but that was neither here nor there for the lad at present. He was chasing that ever-building sensation in his groin now, and he could hardly be stopped in the hunt. It didn't take very long for just the development he anticipated when this all began. His member protruded from the hole in his boxers, and when it did, he felt both lace and flesh against his unfiltered manhood. The sensation was new and exciting, but also far rougher with more friction than what he felt through silk undergarments. The longer this went on, the more his heart began to race, pounding through his chest against the blonde's back. It was perfectly fine if this were to continue, right?

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    Both of these teens seemed to gain a bit of 'boldness' from the idea that one or the other were sleeping. As it stood, Miki was taking quite a few liberties and enjoying the sensations being created by the boy's grinding motions. She was also permitted to rock her own hips quite a bit, even as the lad squeezed her just a bit tighter than the norm. Oh? That sensation was much different and she was in for more surprises yet. Kou's member eventually found its way outside of his boxers. Because of their positioning she knew he hadn't done it on purpose, but she felt a sudden change in texture, not simply two pieces of cloth rubbing against each other. She didn't mind this. In truth, it was quite the opposite. Her body was shifting, her body rocking against the thrusts he pushed forward and each time, her own tucked hand managed to stimulate her. At this point, it was enough that she could feel that gentle wetness building in her undergarments. She almost yearned for something more direct, at his most recent motion, she was given just enough sensation to let out a gentle moan, almost a whisper... it might have been mistaken for a sleep noise, if... she hadn't already been heard making such noises already. "Ummh~" softly fell from between her lips. This was torturous, was it fine to continue like this?

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    How long could this go on? How long would it go on? Would Kou continue this motion until he ejaculated right there, under the cover? It seemed that was becoming the case over time, and still, his efforts only intensified even as the grind remained somewhat slow-paced. Well... the pace was slow until he heard that utterance of Miki's, which set his mind and loins ablaze in unison. Was she awake? If so, it was fine so long as she believed he wasn't. Perhaps it didn't matter either way. Perhaps there was a chance that both teens would discover they were each awake, and this entire thing could continue simply the way it started. That would be lovely. Speaking of lovely, there was a second source of moisture beneath the covers, and it came from the groin of Kou. A repeat of that same speck of moisture occurred, but as it was without something between it and the next source of flesh, the end result was a bit... different. That otherwise slightly rough rubbing became lubricated more each time his length glided along Miki's buttocks. If he had a mind to, and the boldness to boot, he would have done away with her undergarments for the sake of slipping between her cheeks. That was maybe an idea to be tucked away for later, unless the gods smiled upon him this day. For now, so closely pressed against the lass' backside, his hastened breathing was repeatedly creeping its way through her hair, onto the back of her neck even. Maybe... she still believed he was sleeping, in spite of it all.

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    How long could this go on, indeed? Miki's movements were continuing as well, she didn't have it in herself to stop. Was Kou awake and using sleep as an excuse? Maybe... she couldn't be sure. But since she was doing that, she wanted to assume he was too. It'd be pretty strange otherwise... and she couldn't believe their likeness deviated at a place such as this. Whatever the case, the noise that escaped her mouth seemed to bring about a slight increase in pace, and something seemed to create an easier movement for the lad. Both of these were good things as far as she was concerned, at this exact angle and pacing she could prod herself with her index and middle fingers which both slipped inside the fabric giving her much more direct access to herself. But this had a strange effect, as it caused a gentle pull on them from the other side. This might not have been much, but the sensation of this lad's breath, trickling across the back of her neck, caused a slightly more intense movement than she meant. It did shift her panties around, just enough that between movements, the lad's member would make contact with the full flesh of her bottom as her underwear were shifted up over her hip. This wasn't something she intended, but strangely not something which she was at all upset about, still her hips shifted ever so gently as her fingers worked as well. Her breath became labored and another sound escaped her before she gently bit down on her bottom lip. "Aah~"

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    As far as Kou was concerned, it seemed as if this would continue as long as necessary. Maybe one or both of them would pass out, and maybe it would carry on even then in some way. Only time would tell, but at the moment, there was a certain amount of progression which led to Kou's leaking member slicking even more of Miki's posterior. Had her undergarments moved? Yes, that could be he only answer. Something seemed very off about that, though. It was no movement of his which caused this shift, and physics alone dictated that such a shift should have been impossible. Ah, but then... what was she doing that he couldn't see? The girl moaned again, and there was no way this simple grinding motion was enough to elicit that much of a response. He had a burning desire to test how awake she was, but an equal desire to ensure that he seemed asleep still.

    Kou's hand seemed to be in a reasonable enough position already to make another move. His body maneuvered itself in a manner akin to simple sleep-shuffling, and the result was his arm rising until a hand rested upon Miki's bosom. "Hm... mrph─" he uttered as if he were only repositioning. Much to the contrary of that, though, there was a light squeeze to the girl's breast while this odd form of humping made more and more progress.

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    Maybe, just maybe, Miki could actually fall asleep. But now that they were engaged in such a way, there was only one real way for her to sleep now... so it was imperative that she chase it, even at the risk of exposing herself. This lad was far too good at tracing clues for her act to sustain her for too long, she knew this. What she didn't expect though, was how quickly he'd catch on. His moves confirmed a bit how awake he actually was. Kou was awake enough to question her movements and not want to give himself away. She couldn't really know that, though... instead it seemed like coincidences were piling up beyond a reasonable doubt. 'This almost seems too good to be true,' the lass' mind mentioned as he seemed to be repositioning himself. Ah, that might have been sleep but...

    His hand now rested upon her breast. This wasn't a motion she minded. And if she was being fair, that access she'd given him to her body earlier wasn't at all limited to the moment, whether he realized it or not. The gentle squeeze that went along with the movement, combining itself with all the other things going on was tantalizing. Her breath came out of her opened mouth quickly, and it took all she had not to moan from the attention. "Haa...haa...haa..." this didn't bode well. Or maybe it was excellent? She couldn't really tell. She didn't know if he'd stop, if he knew she was awake, but she definitely didn't want them to stop until they both reached satisfaction. As such her other hand continued its activities and her hips met each of the lad's thrusts. This was a dangerous game they were playing, but, it was well past the point she would have turned back.

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