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Thread: The Grandcypher

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    A restful night's sleep had not been known in such a way for quite some time. Alas, waking was not fated to be as sweet. There was a great rumbling in the captains' quarters, which seemed to rouse Kou from his slumber in a way it shouldn't have. Perhaps it was his Instinct Skill as a Saber which was triggered, or perhaps it was something not the fault of the Avatar Kou at all. Either way, he sprung into action immediately, releasing his hold on the blonde to hop out of bed. Ah... he was still quite exposed to the world. No matter; he was able to begin dressing with haste as the room itself shook. In his mind, there were only two potential explanations for this. Among those potentials, they could have encountered a storm. Well, that certainly wasn't the case; he would have seen it through the massive window of this bedroom. What he did see, though, was clouds shifting by at an incredible pace, and... rising? It was the second option, then. They were crashing, or just about doing so.


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    Sleep was good. Maybe too good... and the universe didn't like things being too good. As day broke, eventually, Miki felt the movements of Kou. And beyond all of that, the movements of the ship. Her first move was to cling, to well... anything as being tossed around in such a manner wasn't at all what she expected. At first, the warmth of Kou, then he was gone. "Ugh..." slipped from between her lips. From comfortable to conscious and feeling as if the world was falling apart all within seconds. She was wearing... lingerie and looking rather unsightly. It didn't matter. She stretched and used her telekinetic abilities to summon her clothes into this room with her and threw her legs over the edge of the bed to begin dressing. She hadn't even really opened her eyes yet. And was barely able to register what was going on. She tossed her worn garments off her body to begin dressing. Bra... unhooked and falling off her skin. Panties? Dropped off her hips, in seconds. She began dressing more actively. Slipping into the clothes granted to her by her connection with the Dragonoid Akashi.

    "Are we... crashing?" Miki asked as she slipped into her clothes in the following order; panties, bodice, and then shoes and arm sleeves. The last thing to be added to her person, would be her cloak.

    In the meantime, Bulma had at least managed to ease the descent a little, but it was still coming at a rather rapid pace. She could now see the land mass which had caused this strange desire of the ship's. "Oi, it isn't going anywhere come on now... you're gonna hurt yourself." she mentioned, as they'd skid over a small lake only to come to a screeching halt over a grassy like filed surrounded by several mountains with... lanterns floating between them and ominously shadowy. "Such a weird place." Bulma mentioned it was only a matter of time until she was joined here, so she waited. Finishing the cigarette she was smoking and wiping her brow.

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    On a positive note, Miki was rising as well. Good; they could approach the situation together. With that in mind, Kou turned to face Miki with every intention of informing her of... What was it again? The moment he looked her way, he seemed to lose track of it all. In spite of what the pair had gotten up to during the previous night, he had yet to see the lass in anything shy of her undergarments. Looking now, though, she was brazenly discarding those very same articles, baring her full birthday suit before him. It took the words of Miki herself, and another shake of the ship, for him to snap to reality. "Huh─ Oh, yeah. I think we're crashing," he said in the end, taking up his sword to prepare. What a sword would do, he didn't know, but he wouldn't be without it in case there was a beats of some sort to blame. With a nod to Miki, he was off toward the deck. Little did he know that, by the time he reached it, they would have landed in a very... very strange place.

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    Miki might have had the grace to hide herself from the lad's direct gaze a bit more, if she'd woken up normally. But waking in a manner which seemed so much like an emergency, was a bit too familiar to her. She'd forgotten completely about the idea of modesty, in favor of dressing with haste. Though she had little to hide from the lad. If asked she'd clear it up later... but maybe it was fine this way. She didn't really care if this lad saw her naked, though she might have enjoyed being a bit more conscious to tease him about his reaction. "Hai..." she said in response to the idea they were crashing, and finally managing to open her eyes to meet Kou's and see the nod he gave. Perhaps she was a bit too used to crazy things happening now... or maybe, she'd had such a relaxing night she didn't really care if the world burned down around her right now. Whatever the case, she was fully dressed and with her pillow in tow she headed for the deck as well, prepared for a potential battle. She'd done it with some urgency, and even suppressed a yawn to see... nothing at all, at least not by way of potential battle. "Well... this is, um.... different," she managed finally seeming a bit more like herself.

    Bulma was stepping out onto the deck and lighting a new cigarette to boot. "Gomen, we were initially aimed higher than this... it seems something at this altitude caught her eye. I couldn't make the landing any smoother..." she said offering up what she knew to be the best possible answer. The Grandcypher, apparently really wanted to be in this place and now that it was, it had no intention of lifting off again. "From the initial scan of the ship, it hasn't suffered any major damage. I'll be able to fix it up no problem," she mentioned so as not to worry them. Still, they were now in a strange place and it was apparently the ship's choice for them to be here.

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    "... Very different," Kou said, also thinking something was odd about this landing after such a bumpy ride getting here. There were no monsters, no storms, and this area seemed a bit too mountainous to be one of the lands in the sky. Rather, it felt too low in the atmosphere. When he imagined those areas, he pinned them as something above any natural atmospheric boundaries. This seemed more like a massive settlement at the height of the known world, than an impossibility far beyond perception. It did seem more like a place he could easily get acquainted with, though, the more he looked at it. There was much obvious Japanese influence, even if a bit old-school as it were.

    Bulma joined them on the deck to explain a bit of the current situation. It was true; this wasn't where they were meant to be, but instead where the ship itself thought to take them. If that was the case, he imagined there was something here worth their attention as well. "Damn TARDIS boat," he quipped in the midst of a yawn. "Well... if there's no damage, and we're here until we're able to take off again... may as well check out the spot, yeah?"

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    It seemed that Kou also took in the look of this new place. Miki could appreciate it to, as a Japanese native. Imagine the food to be found in a place like this! It was as if thinking about food alone was enough to make the blonde lass' stomach growl expectantly. Miki managed to look a bit embarrassed but settled into floating atop her pillow after hearing the words of both Kou and Bulma. "Hisakawa let me know if you need anything for the repairs..." she said to that young woman who gave a quick nod. "Hai hai. This might be as high as you can go right now... I'll let you know if I figure anything out," Bulma responded. She looked at where they landed and it seemed to be a small island stranded in the middle of a lake with a large bridge leading into something which looked a bit more like a city.

    In the meantime, Kou's words to Miki registered in her ear and she began floating towards the downed ramp of the ship, only to eventually take up on foot. Knowing that, as a Druid a connection to the land could potentially help in diagnosing this area. "Hai, sounds like a great idea. Besides... if the ship is a TARDIS we probably need to do something while we're here. We can at least get some breakfast before work~" she mentioned in a jokingly sarcastic way. A new bit of adventuring together couldn't really count as a date without downtime. And she didn't expect to get any downtime really until whatever was going on here was resolved. Still there was no reason for them not to enjoy the time here while they had it. Actually, there was something kind of exciting about this new place. Or maybe she was just still left over a bit pleased from the night before and it was spilling over into her proper wakefulness.

    Continued Here.

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